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Best Acoustic Guitar in the UK 2020

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Yamaha F370

Yamaha F370

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Martin Smith W-100-N-PK

Martin Smith W-100-N-PK

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Mad About MA-CG02 Classic

Mad About MA-CG02 Classic

The acoustic guitar is the original type of guitar. Primarily called just a guitar, the acoustic retronym was added so it could be distinguished from the modern electric guitar.

Acoustic guitars sound wonderful and can be used for a variety of musical styles. They can create soft, smooth melodies, or deep bassy overtones depending on the body design and wood type. They sound completely different from an electric guitar, too.

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, an acoustic model is a great starting point. Alternatively, you may want to invest in an acoustic guitar to experiment with different sounds or add to your instrument collection.

Either way, we have found the best acoustic guitar models available in the UK including a range of different body types and sizes – enjoy!

Best Acoustic Guitar Reviews – Top 10 Picks

The Martin Smith W-100-N-PK is considered the best mid range acoustic guitar on this list. It offers excellent balance with its design, choice of solid wood, and other components. With maple back and sides, it gives a fantastic sound and is easy to use.


The Martin Smith W-100-N-PK uses rosewood and maple for the various components. It also has a wonderful high-gloss finish. As a result, it looks fantastic and also performs well.

Additionally, it features a truss rod so that you can adjust the natural shape of the wood if it distorts or expands over time. The package also comes with access to free online lessons, a spare steel string set, a strap, and a plectrum.

This Martin Smith guitar is a brilliant product but it can have a few issues. For example, the wood may get damaged during transit and result in scratches. Also, the tone is great, but it is not 100% perfect and could definitely be improved.


  • A full-size acoustic guitar made from maple wood
  • Includes a guitar strap and plectrum
  • Suitable for use for ages 12+
  • Includes access to free online lessons
  • Available in six stylish designs


  • Some customers may have reported receiving scratched wood
  • The tone is good, but may not be pitch-perfect
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The Yamaha F370 is a classic model and the best sounding acoustic guitar on our rundown. It is a popular guitar and is crafted from high-quality wood. If you want superb sound quality with great balance, tones, and volume, this is one of the best acoustic guitars to choose from.


The F370 uses a combination of spruce and rosewood to give a high-end finish and a durable guitar that will last. It is also covered with a thin layer of lacquer to provide additional protection.

The overall length of the guitar is 104cm and it should be comfortable to use for teenagers and adults. Also, it is available in three different styles including sunburst, natural, and ebony. In terms of quality, this instrument gives superior sound quality and a fantastic playing experience.

Although this Yamaha model is one of the best acoustic guitars today, it can have problems. Firstly, some owners have broken the strings when tuning the guitar. Also, the product packaging is quite poor and could result in the guitar being damaged in transit.


  • Crafted from high-quality woods
  • Offers low string action and excellent intonation
  • Has quality tuning gears for simple tuning adjustments
  • Available in three different finishes
  • Has a thin lacquer layer to ensure clarity in sound


  • Some customers may have reported broken strings when tuning
  • Poor product packaging could lead to damage
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The Mad About MA-CG02 is the best value acoustic guitar and an excellent instrument for children to learn with. It has a simple design and has a 3/4 size body that is suitable for children aged 9 to 11 years old.


The Mad About MA-CG02 is the best small acoustic guitar on this list. This one measures only 3/4 of a full-size model and is a fantastic product for children to learn to play. If you just want a reliable instrument for your kids to learn the basics, this is a top option.

Also, the gloss finish is vibrant and it is available in three bold colours – red, blue, and pink. You can buy a 1/2 and 1/4 size version, too, for smaller children. The basic package comes with a carry case and a strap so that your budding musicians can easily carry the instrument to their lessons.

As this is a guitar for children, it has a low-quality build when compared with other models on this list. It doesn’t particularly feel well-made. Also, it is quite difficult to tune. We feel this is because it is only meant for basic training and not for professional use.


  • Small design perfect for children
  • Durable nylon strings and a wide fretboard
  • Includes a carry case and straps
  • Available in three sizes, and three colours
  • Strings have been tuned for use by kids


  • May have a relatively low build quality
  • May not be the easiest guitar to tune
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The Yamaha F310 is an excellent traditional guitar and is made from great components such as a rosewood fingerboard, and rosewood back and sides. It is a hugely popular choice due to its style, and the reliable sound it allows the guitarist to create.


The F310 is made from quality materials and has a spruce top. It also has rosewood components. The wood is also finished with a thin layer of lacquer which offers additional protection whilst maintaining the sound quality.

The slim neck design means that it is comfortable to use and hold. Also, as it has a slightly shorter neck, it is easier to play the strings without making a noticeable difference to the sound. The tuning gears are also easy to use and not too tough so that you cannot turn them. Overall, this is a well-made guitar that has a traditional design and could be suitable for beginners or experienced players.

This full-size guitar is a great choice but it isn’t perfect. For example, some owners have received the instrument damaged, with scratches in the wood. Also, you may find that this guitar needs to be re-tuned regularly, as it does not have the best strings setup.


  • Full-size body with steel strings
  • Uses top quality woods such as rosewood
  • Has a comfortable slim neck and a shorter scale length
  • The fret positioning is even and accurate
  • Available in two stylish finishes


  • Some customers may have received a damaged guitar
  • May not be the best setup and could need regular re-tuning
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If you want a simple tuning operation and advanced controls, the Tiger Full Size is the best electro acoustic guitar available. It has a GT2: 3-band Cherub EQ and tuner so you can tune the guitar as you play. This electro-acoustic guitar offers great flexibility and versatility in your lessons.


The main feature of this high-end acoustic-electric guitar is the GT2: 3-band Cherub EQ and tuner. This makes tuning that much easier and is a great tool for beginners. It also provides advanced control and a softer learning curve.

This Tiger acoustic option allows you to manually adjust the bass, middle, and treble which lets you develop a sound personal to your tastes and playing style. It also features a phase button to give more balance to the tones when playing this acoustic-electric guitar. Additionally, this full-sized acoustic guitar comes with a storage bag, adjustable strap, and a set of spare steel strings.

It’s worth noting, however, that its tuning pegs are not incredibly durable and can break. Also, this guitar set should have accessories, but some customers have not received all of the items on delivery.


  • Includes a gig bag, strap, and a spare set of steel strings
  • Has a built-in EQ and tuner so you can tune as you play
  • Made from durable linden-tone woods
  • Available in seven stylish colours
  • Has a great cutaway design for ease of use


  • Some customers may have reported broken tuning pegs
  • Some may have received incomplete guitar accessories
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Gibson is well-known for its Epiphone acoustic range and the Epiphone DR-100 is a fantastic, high-end instrument. It is one of the best dreadnought models available for beginners. But seasoned guitarists will also appreciate its style, durable components, and the deep sounds it offers.


The DR-100 uses various materials including a spruce top, and solid mahogany sides. Combined with the dreadnought shape, you get one of the best acoustic guitars that create excellent sound. For classic, folk, and indie music, these acoustic guitars are a perfect choice. Plus, they are also versatile and can easily be used for many different music genres.

The tuning machines are tough but still easy to use, and the neck and string position is perfect. Also, this instrument is available in three stylish designs – ebony, sunburst, and natural. Its overall dimension is 106.7 x 47 x 14cm, and it is considered a full-sized guitar.

This dreadnought acoustic guitar is a quality product but it can have a few problems. For example, it is not uncommon for the strings to break after just a few times of playing. Also, the guitar is not impervious to damage during transportation and you may receive an instrument with cracks in the wood.


  • Has a classic dreadnought mahogany body and top wood
  • Features mahogany back and sides
  • Provides a balanced sound and volume
  • Relatively easy to play and comfortable to use
  • Great for beginner usage


  • Some customers may have reported broken strings after initial playing
  • Some may have received the guitar with cracked wood
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The Ibanez V50NJP-NT is considered the best acoustic guitar for beginners due to its simple operation and comfortable design. The dreadnought construction is great for first-time users and it is relatively lightweight and easy to hold or play whilst balanced on your legs.


This sturdy wood guitar features a solid spruce top and a durable high-gloss finish. It will last for years and should not easily get damaged from general daily usage. Also, the strings are made from durable steel. With this guitar, you receive an extensive set including a chromatic electric clip-on tuner, a gig bag, plectra, adjustable strap, and an accessory pouch.

Also, you get a manual with info on tuning the instrument and basic playing lessons. The sound this guitar creates is brilliant and the dreadnought style is perfect for beginners who want to create balanced tones from a comfortable playing position.

However, this Ibanez product is not without its flaws. Firstly, always check the product thoroughly upon receipt as some customers have reported damaged goods and scratches on the wood. Also, you may find the fretboard a little too sharp and it has been known to cut fingers.


  • Ideal for first-time users
  • Made from solid wood with a traditional dreadnought design
  • The basic pack includes a tuner, gig bag, guitar strap, and plectrum
  • Features Ibanez advantage bridge pins
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up


  • Some customers may have reported damaged product packaging
  • Some users could find the fretboard to be too sharp
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The 3rd Avenue Acoustic Guitar is easy to play and offers great sound quality. It also has an excellent finish and the wooden body is durable without compromising sound quality.


This is a full-sized guitar that is suitable for ages 11 and over. It is made from durable solid wood and has a high gloss finish for additional protection and to prevent scratches. The strings are made from steel and it features a mid-sized neck that beginners will find comfortable to play. The scratchplate is black and made from durable metal, and the tuning machines are also robust.

Included in the basic package are a gigbag, spare steel strings, several picks, and an adjustable shoulder strap. It is also available in several designs including sunburst, natural, and blue.

This 3rd Avenue instrument does have a few drawbacks, unfortunately. Firstly, the durability of the neck is questionable which could eventually lead to the strings breaking it due to over-tension. Also, the tuners, although durable, are quite difficult to turn as they are incredibly stiff.


  • A full-sized acoustic guitar for ages 11 and up
  • Has a high gloss finish and a stylish rosette design
  • Suitable for beginners or students
  • Has durable steel strings
  • Comes with a nylon bag, shoulder strap, and pick


  • The tension of the strings could eventually break the neck
  • The tuners may be quite stiff
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The Stretton Payne Full-Size Guitar is one of the top dreadnought string guitars and offers a balanced sound with rich tones and a mid-range volume. It is great to use and a beginner or expert would love to play this guitar.


This full-size guitar is made from Indian Rosewood, but it also has a solid spruce top. The combination of solid wood provides a beautiful melodic sound that is also bold and rich in its tones.

The basic package of this instrument comes with a guitar bag, digital tuner, several picks, spare strings, and a strap. You gain access to a set of useful online lessons, too, that teach you the basics. The strings are made from steel, and the body is a dreadnought. It is also available in eight different colours including black, natural, white, sunburst, green, and cherry burst.

This Stretton Payne guitar can have a few problems, however. Firstly, the carry bag it comes with has no padding. This means you must be extra careful when carrying the instrument as it could easily get damaged or knocked. Also, some customers have received broken strings on delivery.


  • Has a spruce top and a rosewood fretboard and rosewood bridge
  • Includes handy guides on tuning and basic playing
  • The dreadnought shape produces a rich, balanced tone
  • Available in a variety of styles
  • Has durable steel strings


  • The carry bag may not be padded and could lead to damage
  • Some customers have received broken strings
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The Fender CD-60-V3 comes with a mahogany top and neck. It features a high-end finish and is made from durable components. The C-shape design is comfortable to use and gives the guitar a traditional feel. This could be a suitable choice for both beginners and those looking for a more advanced instrument.


The Fender acoustic is made from solid mahogany (including a mahogany neck), but it also has a walnut fretboard and bridge. The tuning machines are made from chrome die-cast that makes them incredibly sturdy. It also features a laminate back and sides, and a laminate top which helps protect the guitar without compromising the sound quality.

The robust design and C-shape mean that it produces a powerful but pristine tone with great tuning. It is likewise available in three different finishes – sunburst, natural, and black. For beginners, this is a great instrument and a good entry-level model.

Although the Fender CD-60-V3 is a reliable option, the quality of the strings could be improved. Some customers have reported the strings rusting and rotting after a period. Also, the pickguard appears to be low-quality as some customers have reported that it has eventually peeled off.


  • Has a laminated back and sides made from mahogany wood
  • Walnut fretboard and bridge, and a mahogany top
  • The tuning machines are made from chrome die-cast
  • Available in three stylish top board designs
  • Has a comfortable body shape and solid mahogany neck


  • The strings may not be the best quality and can rust
  • Some customers have reported that the pickguard may peel off
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Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

Now that we have looked at a range of acoustic guitar reviews, you must understand how to choose the best product for your needs. As you can see, there is a great variety of guitars available – it can be daunting, therefore, knowing which is the best for you.

In the sections below, we look at the different acoustic guitar body style options. We’ll also discuss some important factors to consider when picking a solid top acoustic guitar.

Understanding the Different Acoustic Guitar Bodies

Firstly, acoustic guitars come in many different shapes and sizes. As a result, you should have a basic understanding of the body style types of guitar you can buy. The best common body types include dreadnought, parlour, jumbo, auditorium, and baby acoustic. There are also sub-categories for each body type like a grand auditorium. You should also look if the guitar is right-handed or left-handed.


string musical instrument

The Dreadnought shape is one of the best and widely recognized acoustic guitars. It was originally created by CF Martin and named after a warship. The shoulders are rounded, and the neck joins usually at the 14th fret. This body type offers a great balance of volume, size, and playability.


The Parlour acoustic guitar is much smaller, and one of the smallest body style options for acoustic guitars aside from the baby acoustic. The shoulders are typically more sloped, and the base is much narrower. Also, the neck generally joins the body at the 12th fret. This body style is suited for low-key music such as indie and folk.


As you would imagine, jumbo acoustic guitars create a much louder and bold sound due to the increase in wood that allows the sound to reverberate. Gibson created the first jumbo acoustic guitar in 1937. And since then, it has remained a popular choice with notable guitarists like Bob Dylan, preferring the deep bass sounds they create.


Auditorium acoustic guitars are another balanced style that sits somewhere between a dreadnought and parlour model. It has a shapely hourglass design and is comfortable to play on your knee. As a result, it is often favoured by folk music artists. It offers a great balance of comfort and playability and creates a beautiful melodic sound.


One of the first acoustic guitars many people will use is the classical design. This style originates from Spain and is highly associated with Spanish music such as flamenco. They usually use a nylon string and can produce intricate and technical sounds.

Small Body or "Baby Acoustic"

In modern times, manufacturers like Martin and Taylor have produced a travel guitar – the baby acoustic. This is essentially a shrunken dreadnought that is much smaller and highly portable.

What to Look for When Choosing An Acoustic Guitar

So you now understand the basics of acoustic guitar body shape. This is just one consideration, however. There are several other considerations you must make which we have listed below including size, material, and connectivity.

Your Level of Playing Experience

Firstly, before anything else, you should consider your playing experience. Are you learning to play the guitar for the first time? Do you know how to tune a guitar? Do you have experience with other string instruments? Are you an experienced player looking for a more technical model?

Defining your own level of experience will greatly help narrow your choices and understand which type of acoustic guitar is suitable.

Size and Volume

father and daughter playing a musical instrument

Next, consider the size and volume of the guitar. Size plays an important role in choosing an acoustic guitar as it directly affects the sound and volume. Big-bodied guitars usually produce a louder, bolder sound whereas smaller guitars like the parlour create quieter, but more precise sound.

Think about what type of music you typically enjoy playing, and where and how you will use the guitar. This will help you choose a suitable size and body type.

Material or Wood Type

The wood type used for the acoustic guitar body is also hugely important. Different woods can produce different sounds. For example, a solid spruce top is possibly the most common option as it provides great balance and clarity, whilst still offering a good dynamic range.

Other wood types include mahogany, cedar, maple, and rosewood. Each has its pros and cons and it is a good idea to understand what each wood type offers.


It is also important to look at pickups and connectivity. You may never want to plug your acoustic guitar into an amp, but it may be beneficial to have the option there. Some acoustic guitars even have an onboard pickup or amp.


Similar to other musical instruments like pianos, maintaining your acoustic guitar is a hefty task in its own right. It is therefore important to look at how easy the guitar is to clean, maintain, and keep safe. Most guitars, for example, need to be kept away from extreme temperatures to avoid warping the wood.

Also, you should consider things like string replacement and maintenance, and what (if any) cleaning solutions you can use on the body and neck. Maintenance could also include transportation and storage. Does the guitar come with a gig bag or a high-quality storage case?


We hope you have benefited from this list of top 10 acoustic guitars. An acoustic guitar is a fantastic musical instrument to have and it can create a beautiful melodic sound that is quite different from an electric guitar. It is also a great mid-range guitar that beginners will find easy to play.

Any of the 10 guitars listed above will make a great option, regardless of your experience. However, we feel the Martin Smith W-100-N-PK is the best acoustic guitar. It is ideal for kids above12 years old and could also be suitable for first-time users or seasoned guitarists.

It has a stylish maple body, adjustable guitar strap, and also includes an extra set of strings. This dreadnought body guitar will allow you to create amazing balanced sounds and is comfortable to use, with a robust design.

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