Best Ankle Weights Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On June 3rd, 2022

These days, many people have been getting creative with their home workouts, often looking for ways to amp up their home gyms and stock up on useful exercise tools. If that sounds like you, then you need to check out ankle weights.

These simple exercise equipment pieces are weighted bands that secure around your ankles to add a bit of resistance to your movement, whether you’re running a mile or performing pilates. You can use them as wrist weights, too.

If you’re looking for a way to take your exercise sessions to the next level, check out our list of the best ankle weights in the UK.

Best Ankle Weights Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. REEHUT Adjustable Pair (Editor’s Choice)

REEHUT Adjustable PairIf you’re someone who enjoys a good cardio session or even just walk to boost your heart rate, the REEHUT adjustable ankle weights could be excellent for you.


These easy-to-use bands weigh two pounds each, for a total of four pounds. The light weight is just enough to give each exercise a boost without adding too much strain or stress.

The adjustable Velcro closure allows you to tighten or loosen the pair for the perfect fit. This adjustment feature also lets you switch from ankles to wrists in an instant.

You can count on the premium material, which includes mercerised cotton that absorbs moisture and feels great.

Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the weight of these wrist and ankle weights. The light weight may be ideal for beginners, but there’s no way to increase intensity as you get stronger.

  • Adjustable closure
  • High-quality construction
  • A lightweight design ideal for low-impact exercise
  • Strong Velcro stays in place
  • Comfortable to wear against the skin
  • No adjustable weight, so you may need to buy additional later on
  • May not be ideal for strength training

2. Adidas 1Kg (Best with Iron Ore Fill)

Adidas 1KgWith a classic design and a brand name that you simply can’t ignore, the Adidas wrist and ankle weights might be the perfect pair for any fitness lover.


With the Adidas wrist and ankle weights, you get the choice between 0.5kg and 1kg. Each option is made from the same durable neoprene, featuring an iron ore filling for a comfortable and conforming fit.

The weights use a tough Velcro design with a plastic loop to tighten and close, keeping them in place throughout your workout. The inside fabric is soft and comfortable, with rounded edges that won’t scratch or irritate your skin.

These wrist and ankle weights are compact and simple. They are the ideal ankle weights for dancers, Pilates instructors, runners, and more.

However, these are not considered waterproof, and the iron components may rust if they become wet. Finally, the plastic loop closure could be more durable.

  • Simple, easy-to-use style
  • Soft, cushioned comfort
  • Strong Velcro for a secure grip
  • Rounded edges are soft and durable
  • Not waterproof, and iron may rust if wet
  • Plastic loop closure may be more prone to breaking

3. York Fitness Soft Pair (Best Value)

York Fitness Soft PairYork Fitness offers a clean-cut, simple design but supplements its simplicity with comfort.


If you’re someone who appreciates comfort, then the York Fitness ankle weights could be a good selection. These extra soft pieces of equipment are highly comfortable, featuring contoured padding for a snug and secure fit.

The straps with Velcro loops easily through a metal ring for a custom fit, ensuring these weights don’t go anywhere. The weights come in five different size options, ranging from 0.5kg to 2kg, for a total of one to four kilos per pair.

Although this is a great product, we wish that these weights were adjustable and had a longer Velcro strap.

  • Wide range of weight options
  • Very soft, comfortable, and contouring
  • Easy to use Velcro system
  • Sturdy construction
  • The strap may be too short for larger ankles
  • Weight may not be adjustable

4. Reebok Women’s (Best Compact)

Reebok Women'sThis Reebok fitness model is the ideal ankle weights for women. It’s a compact option that offers some great features for use at home.


At 0.5kg per band, these ankle weights are great for enhancing basic workouts. Their small size offers a convenient option, allowing you to carry them to and from the gym. Additionally, their elegant design is attractive and appealing, while the Velcro fastener provides a snug, comfortable fit.

A moveable filling allows these weights to form to your ankles, giving every individual a customised fit. The soft neoprene won’t scratch at your skin either.

We wish that these ankle weights were adjustable, but their predetermined filling is sealed in for good. Likewise, the simple Velcro strap makes it difficult to adjust for sizing.

  • Comfortable, conforming materials
  • Cute design, appealing to women
  • Compact size is easy for travel and storage
  • Easy to put on quickly with no hassle
  • Weight may not be adjustable
  • Velcro may not remain strong throughout rigorous use

5. Sportneer Adjustable Set 0.54-3.20 Kg (Best for Newbies)

Sportneer Adjustable Set 0.45-3.15 KgIdeal for fitness beginners, this set is excellent for adding resistance to a cardio exercise or even physical therapy. Its assets demonstrate why we’ve chosen them as our luxury option for all of your home workouts.


Perfect for burning more calories, the Sportneer adjustable ankle weights come stocked with five small weight bags each. These removable bags allow the users to adjust the weight as they see fit. Each bag weighs 0.6 pounds, for a total max weight of 3.5 pounds for each band.

Their one-size-fits-all design uses adjustable Velcro straps to offer a comfortable and secure fit, even as wrist weights. The neoprene material on the outside is durable, combined with reinforced stitching to handle even intense workouts. Meanwhile, the inside features a cushion for extra comfort.

It’s worth noting that these bands may not be suitable for those with smaller ankles and wrists. Plus, inserting and removing the weights bags can be a bit difficult.

  • The sleek design is attractive
  • Well-made with reinforced stitching
  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • Removable weights for adjustments
  • Comfortable internal cushioning
  • Weights may sit loosely on smaller ankles and wrists
  • Users may experience difficulty removing and inserting weight bags

6. Sportneer Adjustable Set 1.8-5.8 Kg (Best with 5 Bags)

Sportneer Adjustable Set 1-4.5 KgFitness enthusiasts would do well to try out the Sportneer adjustable ankle weights. If you’re someone looking to improve and increase strength, this is a great set for you.


Each ankle strap in this pair ranges in weight from 0.6 to 3.5 pounds. The set features an adjustable option that allows you to remove and add 0.6-pound weight bags.

The neoprene exterior combines well with the cushioned interior. These materials make the pair both comfortable and durable. The adjustable velcro straps come with metal loops, letting you tighten and loosen the weights easily. It features an extended strap length, too, for a perfect fit.

However, this set is not suitable for wrists as it is too big and can be difficult to tighten. Plus, you may feel them rubbing against the back of your ankle.

  • Velcro strap and loop make tightening easy
  • Adjustable weights are great for increasing training
  • Comfortable internal cushioning
  • External trim and stitching are sturdy
  • May not be suitable for wrist wear
  • Materials may rub uncomfortably at your ankle

7. Gaiam 5lb Set (Luxury Choice)

Gaiam 5lb SetGaiam is a well known, reputable fitness brand, and their 5lb set of ankle weights has earned them a spot on our best-of list. These ankle weights could be the right choice if you are looking to level up your yoga, pilates, barre, or other exercise routines.


Gaiam makes their ankle weights in two different weight options, one with two 2.5lb weights and another with two 5lb weights. As the name suggests, both options come in a set of two. They feature pockets filled with sand to create weight and reinforced stitching for improved containment.

These 5lb ankle weights come in one size and are designed to fit most ankles comfortably. They have breathable mesh panels and thick velcro for an easily adjustable fit overall.

They may have a slightly lower quality when compared to some of the other top options on our list, and we think the velcro could be a bit stronger, too. In addition, these ankle weights might not be ideal for thinner sized ankles as it is possible they will not tighten enough to avoid slipping while you exercise.

  • 5lb or 10lb weight options
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Mesh panels for breathability
  • Reputable Gaiam brand name
  • One size fits most design
  • It could be less durable than other top options
  • The velcro could benefit from being stronger
  • They might slip on thinner ankles due to larger size

8. Vailge Fitness Set (Best for Muscle Recovery)

Vailge Fitness SetVailge ankle weights offer an adjustable solution for anyone looking to enhance their overall fitness through simple workouts and training sessions.


Perfect for walking, jogging, treadmills, bikes, and more, the Vailge ankle weights come in five different sizes with adjustable weights ranging from 1kg to 6kg per pair. Aside from choosing your initial size, the adjustable weight bags allow you to switch things up as you go.

The extended Velcro strap lets you adjust the sizing as you need. You can establish a firm, secure fit to last throughout any exercise.

Also, the material includes moisture-wicking fabric to help pull sweat away from your body. It is soft and breathable for ultimate comfort, and the rounded edges ensure there’s no scratching.

On the downside, these wrist and ankle weights are bulkier than others, which can pose issues for some individuals.

  • Wide range of weight selection plus adjustable weights
  • Breathable, comfortable materials that are moisture wicking
  • Easy-to-use Velcro
  • Reinforced stitching for long-term use
  • Some may find the weights inaccurate
  • May be too bulky for wrist wear

9. RitFit Fully Adjustable Strap (Most Comfortable)

RitFit Fully Adjustable StrapThe RitFit ankle weights add a level of comfort that is almost unmatched in the industry. They make a great option for athletes who value comfort.


One feature we love about the RitFit is that their weight is sorted by colour. Various colours represent different weights, so eventually, you could build up a set – much like you would with dumbbells. The weights range in size from 1 pound to 5 pounds, allowing you to adjust as you increase your strength and endurance. They also make excellent wrist weights.

The weights include a wide ankle strap that loops through a strong metal ring. This strap boasts industrial strength Velcro. Plus, the soft, padded fabric is comfortable and durable at the same time.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase all of these weights as a set. So, if you want all the weight options, you have to buy each one individually.

  • Soft, comfortable padding
  • Secure Velcro closure with wide strap
  • Lots of weight options available
  • Durable and well-made
  • May not be able to buy as a set
  • Weights may not be adjustable

10. Xn8 Adjustable Fitness Strap (Best Skin-Friendly)

Xn8 Adjustable Fitness strapWe love any product where you can adjust just about everything. The Xn8 weight sets give you options across fit, colour, and weight.


Aside from five vibrant colour options, you get to choose your weight as well with this Xn8 set. Ideal for both wrists and ankles, the set comes in weight increments from 0.66 pounds to as much as 5.51 pounds, with two different size options.

It also boasts an adjustable hook and loop Velcro strap so you can achieve the perfect, snug fit for a secure workout. In addition, its cotton material is durable, breathable, and comfortable – three things you want in a workout session.

Unfortunately, you may see the Velcro slip a little during workouts when you use the heaviest weight adjustment. They are also a little on the bulky side, which may be a negative trait for you.

  • Fun, stylish colour options
  • Adjustable weight range
  • Easy-to-use Velcro strap
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Users may find the product a little bulky to wear under their workout gear
  • Velcro may slip under heavy weights and intensive use
  • The strap may not tighten enough for smaller wrists or ankles

Your Ankle Weights Buying Guide

If you’re new to the fitness world or are looking to try ankle weights for the first time, you might be a little lost on where to start and what to look for. Our buying guide can help you understand a little more about the exercise equipment and what features are most important for training cardio and muscles.

What to Look For

jogging on a rugged terrainSo, what features are considered key when you’re shopping for the best ankle weights the UK stores have to offer? Let’s dive a little deeper and explore areas of durability, reliability, quality, and performance for an ankle weight. Whether you’re looking to build up muscle and tone or use them for physiotherapy, consider the following points for optimum benefits.


One of the most vital features to consider when buying your first pair of ankle weights is their weight. These are available in a wide range of weights, most commonly ranging from one to ten pounds. However, some more intensive models can reach as much as 20 pounds.

When determining the right weight for you, you need to consider two things: your fitness level and the types of workouts you want to participate in.

The most common range chosen by intermediate-level fitness participants is the one to five weight class. If you’re performing workouts like walking, running, pilates, aerobics, or yoga, these lighter ankle weights are ideal.

Keep in mind that the goal, much like resistance bands, is to make your muscles work harder rather than inhibit proper form. With this, you can begin to burn more calories, challenge yourself, and build up your muscle tone.

Heavier ankle weights are best used for strength training workouts. You can wear heavier weights for more resistance during exercises like leg raises, kickbacks, and hip extensions.

If you’re unsure of your ideal weight range or plan to use them for various exercises, you might consider ankle weights that are highly adjustable to reap the benefits.

Secure Fit

For your weights to be effective and safe for your muscles, they must fit your ankle and wrist securely. You should expect a snug but comfortable fit, and they shouldn’t slide around much when you move.

The most common closures on ankles weights are Velcro bands and belted loops. Most people find that a simple Velcro closure is adequate for low-impact workouts, while a belted one is preferred for more intense activities.

Durable & High-Quality

a woman wearing heavy wrist bandsGym equipment tends to see a lot of activity and takes a heavy beating. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure your ankle weights are durable and made with high-quality construction. In addition to being tossed and jostled around, your weights may also come into contact with sweat and moisture.

Many of the most durable ankle weights use water-resistant materials such as nylon and neoprene. Additionally, you can find many brands that sport moisture-wicking material to soak up extra sweat.

You should also keep an eye out for secure stitching and reliable closures on adjustable weights. Adjustable weights feature small pouches that hold miniature weights or sandbags that you can add and remove. To keep these weights in place, they must have a high-quality closure system.


Whether you’re using your ankle weights on your legs or attaching them to your arms, they must be comfortable.

Some ankle weights come equipped with durable yet stiff material. The longer you move around in them, the more likely you will suffer scratches, irritations, blisters, and abrasions on your skin.

Good ankle weights have smooth edges, a contoured design, and a soft inner lining to prevent discomfort.

Choosing the Right Pair

Finding the best ankle weights in the UK shouldn’t have to be a difficult feat. Our reviews and buying guide should serve as a helpful resource during your buying process. But, if you’re still stuck, consider our top choice, the REEHUT Adjustable Ankle Weight Pair.

The premium material is moisture-wicking for optimum comfort and will feel great on your skin. These ankle weights are also easily adjustable, so you can move them from your arms to your legs quickly and easily. Plus, they can be tightened to fit your wrists perfectly.

Best of luck finding your perfect ankle weights!

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