Best Axe Reviews UK 2021 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On July 15th, 2021

An axe is a handy tool to have in your DIY arsenal. It has multiple uses and the best axe can be used for much for than simply chopping wood. Axes are great for camping and survival training. Also, they can be used in various DIY projects, and for removing pesky tree roots.

In this guide, we are looking for the best axe in the UK, and have selected ten suitable tools in total. This includes small hatchets suitable for campaign trips, up to heavy-duty two-handed axes for tougher tasks.

Best Axe Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Fiskars Chopping S X10 (Editor’s Choice)

Fiskars Chopping XS X7

Our choice for the best axe in the UK is the Fiskars Chopping Axe S X10. This camp axe offers fantastic build quality and is also a joy to use due to the way the handle and head have been designed.


This is a universal hatchet that has some excellent features. For example, the head is made from hardened steel and has a special protective coating. Also, the handles are made from impact-resistant materials.

There is also a textured grip, and the stock handle is moulded directly onto the head which gives a more durable connection and should remove the problem of breakages. This type of log splitting axe also gives excellent balance and offers enough momentum in the axe head when swinging.

This is our best log splitting axe but it could still have some issues. For example, you could find that the blade chips. Also, the handle is relatively short which some users may not like.

  • Has a hardened steel blade
  • Handle made from weather-resistant materials
  • The handle is moulded directly to the tool head
  • Non-slip textured grip for a comfortable hold
  • You may find that the blade chips
  • Some could find the handle too short

2. GARDENA 1000 A (Best for Small Resinous Trees)


The GARDENA Axe 1000 A is a great felling axe that offers a balance of power with a lightweight and small design. The special coating also offers extra blade protection.


For splitting wood and logs, this tool will work fantastically. It can also be used to fell trees but the way you do this will require additional effort as it does have a shorter handle.

The components are aligned perfectly which help guide your balance when you swing. Also, this product has a non-stick coating so you can easily pull it out of chopped wood or logs without too much effort.

This splitting axe may have a few issues, however. For example, some people have found the axe to arrive blunt, and the plastic handle could be difficult to adjust, too.

  • The blade has a special non-stick coating
  • Also, the handle is made from glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • Has a reverse pommel hammer surface
  • Relatively small in size and weight
  • Some customers may have found this felling axe to be blunt on delivery
  • You could find the lightweight handle difficult to adjust

3. Roughneck Fibreglass ROU65640 Axe (Best with Alloy-Steel Blade)

Roughneck Fibreglass ROU65640 Axe

The Roughneck Fibreglass ROU65640 Axe is a quality, compact tool that could be used around the house, or for camping trips and survival expeditions due to its smaller size.


This Roughneck product is one of the smallest axes in this guide and is highly portable. It weighs only 1.1lbs and is also the lightest product featured in our guide.

The axe is made from moulded material to offer a stronger bond. It also has a great rubber grip and you will notice a difference when you use the axe – it will feel firm and secure in your hand.

This hatchet is a great buy, but it may not be perfect. Firstly, some users have had to sharpen the steel head before usage. Also, due to its small weight and size, it may not be suitable for tackling larger items.

  • A compact and lightweight camping axe
  • Has a shaped handle for a firm grip
  • Drop-forged alloy steel blade
  • Uses industrial grade epoxy for a stronger bond
  • You may find that you need to sharpen this camping axe before use
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty chopping

4. Camillus Ravenous Tomahawk (Best Titanium Bonded Axe)

Camillus Ravenous Tomahawk

The Camillus Ravenous Tomahawk is a great item for camping or for survival trips. It has a small stock handle and is made from lightweight steel to make it easy to carry.


This stylish tomahawk will tackle wood and logs easily. It has a sharp blade and also comes with a nylon sheath for protection.

The grip is made from glass-filled nylon, and it has a cross pattern which offers excellent grip. The overall length is 13.5″, and this product weighs 430g.

This is a good quality axe but it could have a few problems. Firstly, it is relatively small and more like a hatchet. Also, because of its design, it may not be suitable for chopping larger items.

  • Includes a durable nylon sheath
  • The handle has a cross-pattern design for a superior hold
  • The cutting edge is made from titanium bonded stainless steel
  • Has a useful reverse pommel spike
  • May not be suitable for chopping larger items
  • Some may find this type of axe too small

5. Bulldog BHATCHETFG 1.5lb Hatchet (Best Value)

Bulldog BHATCHETFG 1.5lb Hatchet

The Bulldog BHATCHETFG is a quality tool but also great value. It is one of the best hand axe products in this list and is also highly portable to use for camping trips and outdoor adventures.


This axe has a weight of just 1.5lbs, and it also has a lightweight fibreglass handle. Also, the head and handle are both resin-bonded for greater strength and resistance.

For chopping wood, this camp axe has an ideal length and it can be used one-handed. You can still gain a decent amount of momentum from each swing, however, and the length of the axe should be ideal. There is also a larger version of this product available specifically for felling.

This small hatchet is a great value buy, but it may not be perfect. Firstly, for anything other than chopping wood, it may not be large enough. Also, some people have reported the blade may become blunt quickly.

  • Incredibly lightweight and compact
  • Has a durable fibreglass handle
  • The head and handle are bonded with resin
  • This forest axe weighs just 1.5lbs
  • May not be suitable for cutting larger items
  • Some customers may have found the blade to blunt quickly

6. Ruthe VPA/GS Hatchet With Hickory Handle

Ruthe VPA/GS Hatchet With Hickory Handle

If you prefer a wooden axe, make sure you choose something like the Ruthe VPA/GS Hatchet. This is a small but stylish tool that has a durable steel head and hickory handle.


This quality tool can split logs with ease and you can use it for felling and clearing brush too. When used with a chopping block, you should be able to get great power in your swings.

The axe has a fully forged head that has also been hardened and annealed. The hickory handle is treated and is shaped so that when you use it, it fits comfortably in your hand.

This traditional wooden axe is not perfect, however. You could find you need to sharpen the blade before usage. Also, the wooden handle may leave splinters so be sure to wear gloves.

  • Has a solid hickory handle
  • The axe head has been forged, hardened, and annealed
  • The handle is curved for a superior grip
  • Has protective varnish for superior durability
  • Some customers have found this splitting axe needs sharpening before usage
  • You could find that splinters come from the handle

7. Fiskars IsoCore Builder’s XXL

Fiskars IsoCore Builder's XXL

The Fiskars IsoCore XXL is the best axe for chopping wood due to its larger size. This two-handed log splitting axe allows you to get some serious power in your swings for chopping even the toughest of logs.


This is one of the best splitting axes due to its large design. When you use this axe, it should be two-handed. For cutting wood, these axes will chop with ease and the length of the handle allows you to get a powerful swing.

For splitting, you can also use the reverse pommel hammer. This hammer can also be used for other tasks too and it makes this product a versatile choice.

This log splitting axe has a heavy weight and some customers may find it difficult to lift. Also, some customers have received a damaged axe on delivery.

  • Excellent as a log splitting axe
  • Has optimised blade geometry for better penetration
  • Also has a reverse hammer pommel
  • Great tool quality
  • Some customers may have received a damaged axe on delivery
  • You may find this splitting axe too heavy

8. Fiskars Splitting SX11 (Best for Splitting)

Fiskars Splitting SX11

The Splitting Axe SX11 is a solid tool made from hardened steel and offers a great compromise between comfort, size, and power. It is our choice for the best splitting axe.


This type of axe could be considered a hatchet due to its smaller size. It has a flat blade edge which means you strike a larger area of wood with each swing. The handle length also offers good balance and weight-to-power distribution.

You also receive a protective sheath for the blade, and the grip has a hole through which you can attach a wrist strap. We also like that the blade has a high-quality coating to help reduce the rate it blunts.

These camping axes are a solid choice, however, for anything greater than splitting wood, you may struggle. Also, some customers have found the blade to be blunt on delivery.

  • Axe head made from hardened steel
  • Offers a great balance between the axe head and handle
  • The handle is made from quality impact-resistant fibreglass
  • Has a fine cutting edge for heavy-duty work
  • May not be suitable for anything larger than logs
  • Some customers have received a blunted axe on delivery

9. Fiskars Splitting XL X25 (Luxury Choice)

Fiskars Splitting XL X25

The Fiskars Splitting Axe XL X25 is a large but durable log splitting axe that is slightly larger than other products from this manufacturers range. It can still be used one-handed but offers much greater power and purchase.


The XL X25 is a medium-sized axe that has a strong head made from hardened steel. These products also have a special coating to help the durability of the blade.

The length of the axe is larger than most on this list but it can still be used one-handed with a chopping block. Also, the handle is moulded onto the tools head to give better strength. To provide a firm hold, the rubber grip is also textured and has a non-slip coating.

This tool is a great hand axe, but it could have a few problems. For example, some people have found the storage case missing on delivery. Also, you could find that the blade needs resharpening often.

  • Has a great balance between the head and handle
  • Suitable for chopping larger and thicker materials
  • The steel blade is made from hardened material
  • Has a moulded fibreglass handle
  • Some customers may not have received the storage case
  • You could find that the blade needs resharpening quicker than expected

10. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp (Best with Carbon Steel Head)

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp

The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp is one of the best splitting axes and has a gorgeous wooden handle. It is also manufactured to industry-recognised DIN standards.


Spear & Jackson tools are known for their quality and these splitting axes have a long grip which allows you to get greater power behind your swings. It also offers excellent balance and an ideal weight-to-power ratio.

For wood, the large head and carbon steel cutting grade will make the task easy. The wooden grip is also fully coated with varnish and resistant materials which should reduce its wear.

This traditional wooden axe could present a few issues, however. For example, some customers have found the advertised blade guard missing. Also, others have found the wood to be split on delivery.

  • Has a solid hickory wood handle
  • The hickory shaft has a curved grip for a comfortable hold
  • The axe head is made from heat-treated drop forged carbon steel
  • Manufactured to DIN standards
  • Some customers may not have received the blade guard as advertised
  • Some customers have found the wood split on delivery

How to Choose the Best Axe in the UK?

man chopping wood

As you can see there is a good selection of axes to choose from. But how can you make sure you get the right product? When choosing an axe there are several considerations you should make.

Before looking at these, however, consider what you intend to use the axe for. Do you need an axe for splitting wood or logs? Or do you need an axe to tackle tree roots or for felling trees and branches? Maybe you just need an axe for camping trips?

Once you have looked at the purpose, also consider the four factors we have listed below:

Size and Weight

Firstly, look at the weight and size of the axe. Some axes are single-handed and much smaller. These may not be suitable for heavy-duty cutting.

Alternatively, some axes are much larger and need two hands for usage. These will tackle heavier items like thick logs, but may not be suitable to use as camping axes. You also wouldn’t want to choose an axe only to find that it is too heavy for you to swing it. Consider how much you can manage and who else will benefit from using it.

Handle and Grip

Next, look at the handle and grip. If you intend to use this axe regularly, it should have a comfortable handle with a firm grip. The best handles have a rubber or textured grip but are also bonded to the head to form a solid unbreakable connection.

Shape and Material of the Blade

two blades on top of wood

The shape and material of the edge are also important. Some axes have a flat head, whereas others have a curved head. Generally, flat blades are better for cutting wood and logs as more surface area hits the impact point.

Also, you ideally want an axe that is made from a durable material like carbon steel, stainless steel, or forged steel. This way, you shouldn’t have to sharpen the axe regularly.

Ease of Use

Finally, how easy is the axe to use? Does it have a good balance between the head and the handle? Is the shaft comfortable to hold and provide a secure grip so you can use it safely? Does it have a storage case or protector to help prevent dulling? All of these are factors you should take into consideration to ensure you find an axe that will not only be easy to use but will be comfortable too.


Regardless of if you need to chop wood for a log fire or not, an axe is still an invaluable tool to have. For camping trips, DIY jobs, and even for axe-throwing, you will find a use for these tools.

Any one of the ten axes we have listed will make an excellent choice for a variety of tasks. However, our top choice and what we consider to be the best axe in the UK is the Fiskars Chopping S X10. This is a durable and well-made quality hatchet that you can comfortably use for wood cutting. With an impact-resistant coating on the handle and a hardened steel head, this axe will see you through any task with ease.

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