Are Baby Monitors Necessary?

Last Updated On June 10th, 2020

There are so many things that you feel you need to buy for your first pregnancy. For the vast majority of parents, a baby monitor is on that list. However, whether or not baby monitors are necessary will depend on the circumstances of each new family, and there are definitely times when it is better to put the baby monitor away.

Some Families Need Monitors While Others Do Not

All families will have different parenting styles, and houses come in all manner of shapes and sizes. You will have little problem hearing your baby from anywhere in a 400 sq ft apartment, whereas a 2500 sq ft home with multiple floors will need monitors placed in various parts of the house.

The Pros of Baby Monitors

The biggest advantage of monitors, especially video a baby monitor, a mug and a bookmonitors, is that you can gauge the urgency of the noises that your baby is making. It can be hard to tell if the baby is hungry or if its leg is caught in the crib from a few rooms away, so it is definitely nice to be able to know exactly what your baby is making noises about. This also spares unnecessary trips when it is obvious that there is nothing urgently wrong.

Baby monitors are ideal for large homes. If your baby’s room is on a different floor from your den, then a baby monitor can give you peace of mind while you relax with a movie. The same holds for when you need to be out in the yard or on a patio, allowing you to do important or enjoyable things while your baby naps.

Baby monitors are also extremely useful during sleep-coaching. The parents who use the no-cry sleep coaching method may not have to worry, but those who use some type of cry method for sleep training will want to be able to monitor their baby’s cries.

The Cons of Baby Monitors

The best part about baby monitors, being able to observe your baby’s every cry, is also the worst part. During the newborn stage, you will doubtlessly discover that your baby will make many little sounds through the night. The baby monitor will amplify all of them, and every sound that your baby makes will likely interrupt your own much-needed rest. If it gets you up to check your baby, you might inadvertently wake them, which no parent wants to do.

As a baby gets older, you may decide to sleep train your them to help them sleep through the night. While a baby monitor can help with sleep coaching, it might also interfere. The baby monitor amplifies the cries of your child, which makes it more difficult to ignore, especially when you just start the process and attempt to wean yourself off overreacting to each sound.

A Baby Monitor Is a Tool

Ultimately a baby monitor is just another tool available in the parenting toolbox. It is not the tools themselves that are right or wrong, but how you as a parent decide to employ them. If a baby monitor is keeping you up and night and making you overreact to every sound, then perhaps it is not the best idea. On the other hand, you may find yourself in situations where a baby monitor is an absolute necessity so that you can do things around the house. Just remember that it is up to you to find the right balance.

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