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Are you fed up with running out of bags for your vacuum cleaner? Then it’s time to treat yourself to a new bagless vacuum that won’t run out of suction! These convenient models are easy to use and effortless to empty, without any of the mess or hassle of traditional bagged vacuums.

To help you find the best bagless vacuum cleaner, we’ve scoured the market and shortlisted ten of the top models that money can buy. Today’s new high-efficiency bagless vacuums often outperform older, higher-wattage models – showcasing advanced cyclonic technology and filtration systems for a superior clean.

So what are you waiting for? Read our in-depth bagless vacuum cleaner reviews and find the perfect match for your home.

Our Favourite Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Compared

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Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Philips PowerPro Expert (Editor’s Choice)

Philips FC9729_69Our best bagless cylinder vacuum recommendation is the Philips PowerPro Expert – our editor’s choice. With Philip’s exclusive Power Cyclone 8 Technology, this 650W vacuum maximises airflow, separating dust and air for outstanding cleaning results.


The allergy filter, which filters out and captures 99.9% of dust – thanks to the Perfect Seal, makes this an excellent choice for added hygiene – especially if you or your family suffer from allergies. The one-handed, quick emptying system also ensures efficient and fast dirt removal, without getting your hands dirty. Likewise, the practical onboard accessory storage means you’ll have all the tools readily available when you need them.

Thanks to its innovative TriActive nozzle, this model cleans both carpeted areas and hard floors with ease, making it an excellent choice for all rooms in your home. Just bear in mind that the hose can be a little inflexible. It is also rather bulky to store, and the filters will need replacing several times a year to ensure the highest levels of hygiene.

However, given this hoover’s powerful and reliable vacuum cleaning performance, outstanding design, and excellent manoeuvrability, we think it is the one to beat.

  • Power Cyclone 8 Technology – 650W
  • TriActive nozzle
  • Allergy filter
  • Easy empty with one hand
  • Onboard accessory storage
  • Unwieldy hose
  • Bulky to store
  • Filters need replacing several times a year
No products found.

2. Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog (Best For Pets)

Miele Blizzard CX1If you are looking for the best bagless vacuum for pets, then take a look at the Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog. Our top pick for homes with furry friends, you can count on this popular and respected model to pick up lint and pet hairs from both carpets and hard floors.


The powerful Vortex Technology built into this 890W vacuum ensures powerful suction power which you can easily adjust via the rotary dial. Maximum air sanitation is assured, even if you own several pets – thanks to the HEPA AirClean lifetime filter that captures even the smallest particles of dust.

Complete with rotating brushes, the Miele Blizzard Cx1’s turbo brush is a tried and tested way to get even the most stubborn pet hair up from carpeted surfaces. Unfortunately, there is no quick-release mechanism to remove the brushes though. So, if you have any long-haired pets, you may need to spend a certain amount of time detangling the head after a few uses.

You may also find that this model is fairly heavy and that the hose could be a little more flexible. However, on the whole, the Miele Blizzard CX1 is the best bagless pet vacuum that makes a popular and trusted choice.

  • Powerful Vortex Technology – 890W
  • HEPA AirClean lifetime filter
  • Turbo Brush
  • Hygienic emptying
  • Rotary power control
  • Fairly heavy
  • Cannot remove brush for fast fur removal
  • Hose fairly rigid
No products found.

3. Kealive Cylinder (Best Value)

KealiveAnother worthy contender in this lineup of best bagless vacuum cleaners comes from Kealive.


This 700W high-efficiency cylinder vacuum makes use of an innovative four-stage cyclonic filtration to separate dirt from airflow. A feature guaranteed to ensure excellent cleaning results and impressive hygiene levels, with constant powerful suction. For added hygiene and reduced maintenance expenses, both the filters and dust bin are washable. The two-litre dust canister is also extremely fast to empty with a simple one-touch button removal.

Lightweight at just 4.7kg, you won’t struggle to move this model around your home – even up and down the stairs. However, note that it can be a little tricky to push it over carpeted areas. Likewise, the short power cord means you may have to change plug sockets several times during a full house clean.

While this bagless vacuum is not the best choice for pet hair, if you are looking for a great value model for a pet-free home, then this makes an excellent choice.

  • Four-stage filtration
  • Lightweight – 4.7kg
  • Two-litre easy-empty dust bin
  • 700W high-efficiency cyclonic technology
  • Washable filters and dust bin
  • Short power cable
  • Difficult to push over carpet
  • Not the best option for cleaning pet hairs
No products found.

4. Vytronix Compact Cyclonic (Budget Choice)

VYTRONIX CYL01If you have better things to spend your hard-earned cash on other than a vacuum cleaner, or are looking for an inexpensive bagless model as a spare, then check out our budget choice – the Vytronix Compact Cyclonic.


The 800W motor powers highly effective cyclonic technology for a great clean at a low cost. It is also an excellent choice if you suffer from allergies, thanks to its four-stage HEPA filtration process. Complete with a two-litre, easy clip-on dust container, this cost-efficient model is extremely user-friendly and quick to empty.

Thanks to its low weight of just 4.3kg, you won’t struggle to put this hoover away or getting it out and carrying it upstairs. However, bear in mind that with its low weight it does tend to fall over onto its side easily. Although this doesn’t alter its suction capabilities.

What’s more, the power cord could be longer, and you may need to switch plugs several times if you have a large home. You may also find that the attachments are a little challenging to get on and off.

All in all, considering its low price, this model really can’t be faulted on its cleaning capabilities and it comes with a one-year guarantee.

  • 800W cyclonic technology
  • Four-stage HEPA filtration
  • Lightweight at 4.3kg
  • Two-litre clip-on dust container
  • One-year guarantee
  • Short power cord
  • Attachments are difficult to remove
  • Tends to fall over
No products found.

5. Kärcher WD2

Kärcher WD2If you are looking for one of those bagless vacuum cleaners capable of tackling both wet and dry spills, then the Kärcher WD2 could be just what you’re looking for.


Boasting of a powerful 1000W motor, this bagless vacuum makes an excellent choice for DIY projects, your garage and home. Thanks to its generous 12-litre capacity dust canister, you can take on large cleaning jobs without having to stop to empty. You can use the wet to dry floor tool to remove liquids, as well as to ensure excellent dirt pick up.

With its 1.9m suction hose, this vacuum has all the reach that you’ll need to tackle all cleaning jobs, both high and low. Furthermore, the onboard storage ensures that you’ll always have the accessory that you need on hand. Unfortunately, the main drawback of this option is that it can easily topple over if suddenly tugged.

Also, bear in mind that it is a little noisy and that the side locks could be more durable. However, if you need a robust model with strong suction that can tackle a wide variety of messes, then this bagless vacuum could be your ideal choice.

  • 1000W cylinder vacuum
  • Large 12L container
  • Wet and dry use
  • Onboard accessory storage
  • 1.9m suction hose
  • Topples over if suddenly tugged
  • Noisy
  • Side locks not very durable

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6. Vytronix Animal

VYTRONIX AnimalIf you have pets but are looking for a lightweight and compact bagless vacuum, then take a look at the Vytronix Animal. Complete with a turbo pet hair attachment, this 800W vacuum effectively removes hair from both carpeted and hard floor areas.


With its substantial three-litre dust canister you can go for longer between emptying, while its low weight design makes it easy to lift and carry up or downstairs. Thanks to its four-stage HEPA filtration system, you can benefit from a more pristine, dust-free home – capturing over 99.9% of allergens and microparticles. This bagless machine makes a great choice if anyone in your family suffers from allergies.

This popular bagless vacuum has a handful of slight drawbacks only. You may find that it is quite bulky, which can make it a little challenging to manoeuvre in very tight spaces. Also, the hose is a bit short, which restricts access to hard-to-reach areas, and the attachment clip is a bit flimsy.

However, given this model’s minimal weight, effective hair removal feature, and low price – it makes an excellent inexpensive bagless vacuum cleaner for homes with pets.

  • Turbo pet hair attachment
  • Four-stage HEPA filtration system
  • 800W motor
  • Three-litre capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Flimsy attachment clip
  • Quite bulky
  • Hose is a little short
No products found.

7. AmazonBasics Cylinder

AmazonBasics CylinderAre you planning to get one of those cylinder vacuum cleaners for your small house or apartment? Then take a look at this low-cost model from AmazonBasics.


While it only has a small 1.5L dust canister, this makes it an ideal size for use and storage in a small living space. The 700W cyclonic motor effectively cleans, separating air and dust for maximum suction. Thanks to its HEPA 12 filter, you can be sure that over 99.5% of particles will be removed from your air. All the more important if you have allergies and live in a confined space. The filter is also washable, making this vacuum cleaner even higher value for money – as you won’t have to worry about stocking up on replacement filters.

While the short 1.5-metre power cord may not suffice for large homes, it’s quite ideal if you have a small flat. However, we feel that the short crevice instrument could do with a few extra inches of reach.

In short, this vacuum is an excellent low-cost choice for any small home. It also comes with a range of accessories and has a practical, easy-empty dust cap system. So, for an inexpensive bagless vacuum cleaner for your small home, this is the one to go for.

  • 700W cyclonic cylinder technology
  • Triple action nozzle
  • Washable HEPA 12 filter
  • Easy-empty dust cap
  • Includes multiple accessories
  • Small 1.5L capacity
  • Short electric cord and crevice tool
No products found.

8. Hoover Breeze Pets

Hoover Breeze PetsLooking for the best bagless hoover? Whether or not you have pets, you should definitely take a look at the Hoover Breeze Pets.


This 700W cyclonic vacuum comes complete with a mini turbo brush to remove even stubborn hairs. So, whether a friend’s dog is visiting or you have a furry friend, you won’t have to struggle to get your home spotlessly clean. This model’s telescopic extension tube makes hard-to-reach areas much easier to get to. Likewise, the tool allows you to adjust the working height to avoid stooping and prevent subsequent backache.

Lightweight at under 4.5kg, this cleaner is one of the bagless models that are easy to move around your home. There is also a secure carry handle, essential for easy storage and lifting it up and downstairs. However, you may need to stop to change plug sockets occasionally if you have large rooms, as the electrical cord is a little on the short side. Likewise, the hose could also be a little longer. But our main issue with this model is that the lid is hard to open, making it awkward to use if you have arthritis or lack hand strength.

In spite of the drawbacks, this Hoover is an excellent option if you are looking for a machine that weighs less than the average vacuum cleaners.

  • 700W cyclonic vacuum
  • Includes mini turbo brush
  • Lightweight – under 4.5kg
  • Metal telescopic extension tube
  • Secure carry handle
  • Short electrical cord and hose
  • Hard to release lid
No products found.

9. Vytronix Upright Stick

VYTRONIX CSU600This 600W upright vacuum cleaner by Vytronix is also a handy 2-in-1 handheld vacuum cleaner. Ultra-lightweight at just two kilos, it makes a great choice if you’re looking for the best upright bagless vacuum cleaner.


You can use it as a handheld to get into small corners and other difficult-to-reach areas or attach the tube to clean larger spaces effectively. It also comes complete with a HEPA filter for maximum cleaning performance. Thanks to its compact design, this machine is easy to store and makes an excellent choice for anyone looking for an upright bagless vacuum cleaner.

Given its high utility and low price, you can forgive its slightly flimsy build quality. Moreover, the Vytronix upright vacuum cleaner lacks in automatic cable retraction. Thus, you’ll have to wrap the power cord around the machine’s body manually.

Offering a small one-litre capacity, this stick vacuum cleaner is better used as a secondary model in large homes. However, if you have a small living area it should more than suffice. There is also a one-year guarantee for your peace of mind should anything go wrong.

  • 2 in 1 – stick and handheld 600W vacuum
  • Weighs less than the average at 2kg
  • HEPA filter
  • Compact for easy storage
  • One-year guarantee
  • One-litre capacity
  • No automatic cable retraction
  • Poor build quality
No products found.

10. Beko Orion 6

Beko Orion 6If you’re looking for a bagless vacuum with excellent cleaning capacity, take a look at the Orion 6 by Beko.


Equipped with impressive PerformCyclone Technology, this model comes with an amazingly powerful suction which could be a little too strong and less suitable for carpeted areas. Fortunately, thanks to its adjustable suction dial, it is possible to reduce power levels to get better results.

Other advantages of this model include a DustSeal HEPA 13 filter which is essential for allergy and asthma sufferers, an easy to empty dust bin, and an adjustable telescopic pole. With its multi-surface brush head, this popular vacuum is fully equipped to take on a wide variety of cleaning tasks.

On the downside, it can be quite tricky to attach and detach the accessories from this model. The crevice multi-purpose tool is also a lot bulkier than that of other vacuums. Thus, you may find it challenging to get it into any narrow space.

However, on the whole, this is a popular bagless model that is lightweight and easy to use with fantastic powerful suction.

  • PerformCyclone Technology
  • DustSeal HEPA 13 filter
  • Easy to empty
  • Adjustable suction dial
  • Telescopic pole
  • Difficult to attach or detach tools
  • Bulky crevice tool
  • Very high suction less suitable for carpets
No products found.

How to Choose a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s a rundown of the most important features to bear in mind when looking for the best vacuum cleaner.

1. Design

vacuum designWhen you are shopping for a new bagless vacuum cleaner, take the time to consider which type of vacuum best suits your home and the functions that you are hoping to get from it.

Some people like to push upright machines, while others find pulling cylinder vacuums more comfortable. With a multitude of competing brands, resorting to reviews to find which are the best vacuum cleaners on the market today will lead you to the latest or cutting edge design that might appeal to your preference.

2. Cyclonic Technology

Cyclonic technology is like having a mini-tornado inside your vacuum cleaner, which is perfect for thick carpets that tend to hold onto grime. By forcefully rotating the sucked fine dust, the dirt is separated more quickly – thus improving suction. This allows the heavier dust and dirt particles to be trapped and collected much more efficiently, before passing the cleaned air back into your room.

3. Filtration System

The best bagless vacuum cleaner offers superior filtration capabilities. Filtration plays a significant part in ensuring that your vacuum keeps your home hygienically clean.

Many bagless vacuum cleaners will make use of HEPA filters or similar. HEPA stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air”. These filters effectively trap and remove an extremely high percentage of tiny particles, that would otherwise be recirculated into the air inside your home.

Essential for allergy or asthma sufferers, we can all benefit from the cleaner, purer air provided by a high-quality filter in our vacuum cleaner. When making your purchase, be sure to check on the availability of replacement filters, as well as how often they should be changed. Some machines may feature lifetime washable filters, which can be a great way to cut down on maintenance costs.

4. Wattage

Most bagless vacuum cleaners are in the range of 650 -1,000W. Thanks to the latest high-efficiency models, you can purchase vacuum cleaners at over half the wattage of previous models without suffering a fall in suction performance. So, if you have not purchased a new vacuum for some years, don’t be alarmed. In many cases, these new energy-efficient models often outperform higher-wattage vacuums of yesteryear.

5. Weight

While reading our bagless vacuum cleaner reviews, weight may not be the first criteria that springs to mind – but it is essential to consider. This is especially true if you will need to lift and carry your vacuum up flights of stairs. The more comfortable you are grabbing your vacuum cleaner and getting started, the less of a chore it will be. If you are looking for a model for elderly relatives, bear in mind that they may struggle with some of the heavier vacuums.

That said, lighter models do come with their own set of limitations, such as smaller dust bins or fewer features. Some may also tend to topple over easily. On average, a lightweight cylinder bagless vacuum cleaner will be around the 4-5 kg mark.

6. Dust Bin Capacity

miele dust binUnless you have a tiny home, you’ll probably want a model with a decent dust bin capacity. To keep bulk to a minimum and to improve weight and manoeuvrability, the two-litre capacity has been the most preferred option. If you have a large home or one with pets or children, you should opt for a larger size.

7. Power Cord Length

Be sure to pay attention to the power cord length before making your purchase. While this is by no means a deal-breaker, if you have a large home with sizeable rooms, you may be inconvenienced by a hoover with a short cord. Most vacuums have cables at around five metres long. However, some manufacturers have increased cord lengths to 6-8 metres to ensure that there is an adequate length for more vast rooms and open plan living areas.

8. Accessories

Before you hit buy, take a second to verify just what exactly comes in the box. Whether its a pet hair turbo brush or a telescopic pole, if you need a particular attachment, it’s always best to double-check if the tool is indeed included. It’s better than relying on any photo that could be misleading.

Pet-focused vacuums aside, you can expect to find a narrow crevice and a soft brush attachment with the majority of vacuums. Some may also have a separate head for hard or carpeted floors (if they do not feature an all-purpose one) or one that can be adjusted to the surface as required.


Bagless vacuum cleaners are a great way to a healthier, cleaner home – thanks to their improved suction power, excellent filtration systems, and easy-empty design.

Our bagless vacuum cleaner reviews offer excellent choices – but if you’re still struggling to make up your mind with all the pros and cons, take another look at our Editor’s Choice – the Philips PowerPro Expert. This model, with exclusive Power Cyclone 8 Technology, provides unbeatable all-round cleaning. So, whether you have predominantly carpeted or hard floors, your home will be spotlessly clean.

Its high-performance allergy filter means you can rest assured that 99.9% of fine dust and particles will be eliminated from your home. The one-hand emptying feature makes this model easy to use, while the innovative onboard storage ensures that you won’t lose any accessories.

In short, we’re sure you’ll agree that this is the best bagless vacuum cleaner for any home!

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