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Best Bean Bags in the UK 2020

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Icon Kenai Faux Fur

Icon Kenai Faux Fur

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Beautiful Adult Highback

Beautiful Adult Highback

Relax in comfort and style with one of the best bean bags in the UK. Bean bags automatically adjust to your posture providing you with support and snug restfulness no matter how you choose to recline. 

Whether you enjoy reading, watching films, or gaming – settle down for maximum comfort levels with a model from our top-rated bean bag reviews. 

Not sure which bean bag is best for your home? Don’t worry, we’ve scoured the market to find the top-rated options you can choose from. Check out our bean bag reviews below to find your perfect match. 

Best Bean Bags Reviews – Top 10 Picks

One of our favourite bean bags has got to be the XXL Bean Bag Chair by Lumaland.


Thanks to its generous dimensions, 140 x 180cm, it’s large enough for anyone to relax in comfort. With its separate inner liner and double zip, you can easily remove the machine washable cover, making this an ideal choice for homes with children or pets.

The cover is also water, stain, and dirt-resistant, so you can use it to enjoy reading, relaxing, and entertaining both inside and outside. With 17 different colours to choose from, you’re sure to find one to match your decor, or to stand out. However, bear in mind that you may like to air out your bean bag before its first use to get rid of any plastic manufacturing odours. 

While this giant bean bag is highly comfortable, after a few month’s use, you may want to top it up to keep it feeling plump. Also, bear in mind that while the outer fabric is fantastic at repelling moisture and stains, its treatment means that it is not breathable, so using it in very hot weather can be a little sticky.

However, given its great size, versatility and easy maintenance, this XXL bean bag is by far one of the very top options if you’re looking for the best bean bag chair on the market.


  • XXL size - 140 x 180cm
  • Removable, washable cover for easy cleaning
  • Water, stain & dirt-resistant
  • Separate inner liner & double zip
  • 17 different colours to choose from


  • Fabric doesn’t breathe - can feel hot in warm weather
  • Better with a little extra filling after several months
  • May need airing before use to eliminate chemical odour
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If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, both in terms of looks and comfort, then the Icon Kenai Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair is most definitely the one to go for. With its cosy looks and soft, enveloping touch, this bean bag is a highly popular choice.


Available in four light coloured shades, this model features a double zip as well as a fire retardant treatment to keep your family safe. This bean bag is highly ergonomic and moulds itself perfectly to your shape for a highly comfortable lounging experience. 

When new it can smell a little for a day or two so usually best to air it out before use. Also, bear in mind that it is surface clean only, so less suitable for homes with young kids. While there is no inner liner, as you cannot wash it, this isn’t actually too much of an inconvenience. 

All in all, this is one of the best luxury bean bags that will instantly make any room appear more appealing.


  • Cosy faux fur outer is very comfortable
  • Double zip is durable
  • Fire retardant protection for extra safety
  • Easily moulds to your shape to support your body
  • Available in four light shades


  • No inner liner
  • Strong smell when new, so will need airing
  • Surface clean only
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Looking for a bean bag that works well for both indoor and outdoor use? You won’t find much better than the water-resistant Adult Highback Bean Bag Chair by UK-based Beautiful Beanbags. 


Thanks to its high-back form, it’s much more comfortable and visually appealing than your average bean bag. It is also prefilled, so it’s ready for use straight away unlike other models.

While there is, unfortunately, no inner bag, this model does have a double zip to ensure the filling remains securely inside. Depending on how flexible you like your bean bag to be, you may want to add in some extra filling or not, especially if you find that this bean bag chair doesn’t hold its shape too well when not in use. 

Available in 11 different colours, if you want our best value, comfortable beanbag for indoor and outdoor use, then look no further.


  • Large size 110 x 90 cm high-back bean bag chair
  • Water-resistant against spills
  • Available in 11 different colours
  • Double zip closure keeps the filling secure
  • Ready filled for immediate use


  • No inner bag
  • May prefer to add extra filling
  • Doesn’t hold shape when not in use.
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The Panelled Classic Bean Bag Chair by Bean Bag Bazaar is our top lightweight choice. 


As it is manufactured with a durable water-resistant fabric, it’s also a great choice for using both in- and outdoors, as well as carrying up and down stairs as needed. Its comfortable retro design is not obtrusive, however, the fabric is a little shiny for use in a more traditionally styled home.

While it is very lightweight, unfortunately, there is no carry handle on this model. The double zip makes sure your beanbag filling stays inside and also makes it easier to top up. Something which you’ll probably want to do after a short period of use to ensure that it remains comfortable.

All in all, the Panelled Classic Bean Bag Chair is the best outdoor bean bag thanks to its lightweight, low profile design and comfortable, supportive shape.


  • High-quality retro beanbag chair design
  • Durable, water-resistant exterior
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors
  • Lightweight design
  • Double zip


  • No carry handle
  • Very shiny looking
  • Needs filling up after short use
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If you are looking for a high-quality bean bag for gaming bean bag, then be sure to take a look at this model by Bean Bag Bazaar. 


Thanks to its high back, this gaming bean bag gives you plenty of support when gaming, watching TV or reading. However, it is less supportive for very tall adults, who may find it a little on the small size.

Available in 15 different colours, you’re sure to find one to suit your tastes and home decor. While the fabric is highly durable and water-resistant, it can look a little shiny and when new, there is a slight chemical smell. 

Ideal for use both indoors and out, it is easy to wipe clean thanks to its durable water-resistant outer. The double zips keep the filling securely inside, while the overlocked seams ensure this bean bag will last for a long time even with highly regular use.


  • Available in a choice of 15 different colours
  • High-back supportive shape is comfortable
  • Durable, water-resistant outer
  • Double zips and overlocked seams
  • Great choice for TV, reading, or gaming


  • Chemical smell when new
  • Looks a little shiny
  • Less suitable for tall adults
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If you are looking for an XL bean bag, then the Bazaar Bag by Bean Bag Bazaar is most definitely worth considering. 


First of all, this is one giant bean bag, measuring approximately 140 x 180cm, plenty large enough for one adult to relax on. As this is a “flat” bean bag, you can mould it into the position that suits you best, whether you want to lie back, prop yourself up, or a combination of varying degrees of both. 

Lightweight and easy to move around, you can use this bean bag outside thanks to its 100% waterproof outer fabric. However, while this is great for wiping clean, bear in mind that it is fairly slippery, with no plush softness to snuggle into. Also, when new it can smell quite strongly. 

Available in 15 different colours, if you are looking for an extra-large bean bag that you can easily adjust to any position, then the Bazaar Bag is a very popular, robust choice.


  • 100% waterproof fabric
  • Very large size - 140 x 180cm
  • Lightweight design
  • Can be moulded into various different positions for comfort
  • Available in a choice of 15 colours


  • Cover not very soft
  • Takes a while for the smell to dissipate
  • Slippery finish to fabric
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Lightweight and easy to move around, this large bean bag recliner by Maxi Bean is a great choice if you’re looking for the best bean bags in the UK.


It also provides good back and head support thanks to its high-back design – ideal for leaning back and reading, gaming or watching TV. However, in order to get maximum support, you will need to add in some extra filling. 

The outer material is both water-repellant and fire-resistant, however, the finish itself is fairly slippery and shiny. Also, the seams are not the most robust, making this model less suitable for highly regular use. 

On the whole, a good choice if you are looking for a high-back bean bag that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • High-back design
  • Water-repellent outer
  • Lightweight & easy to move
  • Fire-resistant


  • Needs topping up with filling
  • Slippery finish
  • Seam stitching could be more robust
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This gamer bean bag chair by Loft 25 is available in 11 different colours, giving you plenty of choices.


Thanks to its water-resistant polyester outer, you can simply wipe it clean and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With its high-rise supportive back, you can gently recline and relax, however, it is a little on the small side for your average sized adult.

Filled with UK sourced fire-retardant micro beads, this bean bag chair is safe and moulds to your shape for comfortable levels of support. However, note that there is no inner lining. What’s more, the seams are only single stitched, which means that if you snag your chair or use it heavily, they can easily come apart causing you to lose your filling.

For light use, this high-back bean bag chair is a good looking model available in plenty of colours for a look that will really enhance your decor.


  • Water-resistant polyester outer
  • Filled with UK sourced fire-retardant beads
  • Supportive back section
  • Wipe-clean, easy maintenance
  • 11 different colours to choose from


  • Seams not double stitched
  • No inner liner
  • A little small for adults
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If you are looking for a highly durable bean bag chair for both indoor and outdoor use, then this model by LazyBag is one of the very best.


Featuring a waterproof and dirt-repellent nylon outer, you can simply wipe it clean or, thanks to the inner liner, easily remove the outer cover for a full machine wash. This makes it a good choice for homes with pets and children.

While this is a very large bean bag, it does not quite live up to its 180 x 140cm dimensions, often being several centimetres shorter. Its strong seams and zip and velcro fastenings make it extra robust, ensuring a long lifespan. 

However, the extra-strong velcro can make filling it up unnecessarily tricky. Despite this, the main inconvenience with this well made bean bag is its chemical odour when new, although this should completely fade within several days. 

In short, a highly durable model that’s one of the top washable bean bags on the market.


  • XXL 180 x 140cm
  • Removable machine-washable cover
  • Inner liner
  • Waterproof & dirt-repellent nylon outer
  • Highly durable model


  • Slight odour when new
  • Strong velcro makes filling difficult
  • Actual dimensions can be several centimetres smaller
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Recline in style with this matching bean bag chair and footstool combo by Bean Bag Bazaar, available in seven eye-catching colours.


The high-back bucket seat form provides you with back and head support, although it could be more flexible, so you may want to remove some of the filling depending on your preferred position. 

While the outer fabric is fairly slippery, it is water-resistant making it easy to wipe clean and suitable for outdoor use, too. The reinforced seams make this a durable product with a good life span, however, the footrest is on the small side.

All in all, this is a good matching set, featuring an easy to maintain, highly durable outer complete with a supportive back and head section to keep you from falling back.


  • Bucket seat bean bag with matching footstool
  • Wipe clean outer
  • Reinforced seams
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Available in seven bright colours


  • Could be more flexible
  • Small footrest
  • Slippery finish
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Are Bean Bags Worth it?

Nothing quite beats a bean bag chair for relaxing, making them a great purchase for any home. Here are some of the benefits of treating yourself to a bean bag chair.


One of the main advantages of bean bags over standard chairs is their low weight. Want to change rooms, take it outside, upstairs, downstairs? No problem, simply pick it up and easily carry it to wherever you want to relax.


a couple sittingUse your bean bag while you’re on the phone, lie back with a good book, sit back and watch TV, or sit up for intensive gaming sessions. Whatever you use your sofa for you can also use your bean bag for. Only you’ll be much more comfortable with a seat that adapts to your posture.

Most bean bags are also suitable for outdoor use. This makes them an excellent option for summer relaxation, especially as garden furniture is often fairly restrictive and uncomfortable. 

They are also a great choice for bedrooms, as well as playrooms, and they can also double up as additional seating for visitors in your living room.


sitting togetherThanks to the thousands of micro-beads inside of your bean bag, it truly adapts to your posture for an ergonomic shape that’s a guaranteed perfect fit. 

Snuggle down and shuffle about to get the support where you need it. No matter what position you choose to sit, recline or lie down in, with a bean bag it’s so very easy to get comfortable. Chair beanbags are an excellent option for long term use, as they are particularly supportive.

Promote Relaxation

There’s something about bean bags that simply draws people to them. After a hard day’s work, it’s important to find time to relax and get comfortable. 

Most people are surprised just how much use their bean bag actually gets. Try one and you’re sure to spend more quality time relaxing in comfort. This could even help to reduce your stress levels.


Now we have concluded our list of the best bean bags UK stores have to offer, it is obvious that there are plenty of excellent bean bag chairs to choose from. If you’re still stuck deciding on which is the option for your home, then we recommend going with our top choice, the XXL Bean Bag Chair by Lumaland

Highly durable, this giant bean bag is water, stain and dirt-resistant – ideal for busy households. Its removable, machine-washable cover makes it easy to clean, as does the inner liner that keeps the filling separate. 

With its comfortable, extra-large dimensions and choice of 11 different colours, this exceptional bean bag is sure to win everyone over. 

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