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When you want to keep yourself looking pristine and well-groomed, as a man, there are few things more important than the best beard trimmer. Trimmers and clippers ensure that you can maintain a beautiful looking beard, some light stubble, or even just keep your hair at the perfect length without visiting a professional salon.
Of course, just like any other personal grooming product, beard shavers are available from many different brands, in a variety of styles, and not all of them will be suitable for you. Finding the ideal shaver means figuring out what kind of device will give you even and attractive grooming, without the risk of cuts, nicks, or a patchy uneven beard.

With so many different options on the market today, we decided to save you some time on the search for the ultimate clipper, by browsing through some of the beard trimmer reviews on your behalf and checking out a handful of the latest models. We’ve checked for stunning accessories, excellent performance and more, to ensure that you can make an informed decision before you buy a new shaver.

Our Favourite Beard Trimmers Compared

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Best Beard Trimmer Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Philips Series 5000 (Editor’s Choice)

Philips Series 5000Let’s start with a fantastic choice for anyone in search of the best stubble trimmer for absolute precision.


Designed to give you excellent grooming every time, the Philips Series 5000 offers an innovative “lift and trim” solution that allows the machine to guide the hairs towards the blade for a more effortless performance.
The Series 5000 runs for about 60 minutes on a full charge, with 17 lock-in lengths, adjustable zoom, and a fantastic skin-friendly performance. What’s more, the machine is 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about using it in the shower. The dynamic beard guide system and self-sharpening steel blades offer a precise trim – wherever you look.

Of course, this device isn’t perfect. Sometimes, it can take a little longer to achieve the ideal trim with this tool than other blades, and it comes with a push-fit charging connector rather than a handy stand. However, it’s a great item all around.

  • Dynamic performance for an effortless cut
  • Double sharpened blades
  • Even trim at any length with 17 lock-in settings
  • 60 minutes of cordless run-time
  • Waterproof
  • No charging stand
  • Easy to cut yourself when you take off the guard
  • Can take a little longer than other trimmers to finish your clip
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2. Hatteker RFC-598 (Best for Hair and Beard)

HattekerIf you’re hunting through our list of the top 10 beard trimmers, looking for something that you can rely on to make both your hair and beard look great – this is the most excellent option for you. As an all-in-one multi groom device, the Hatteker beard trimmer comes with a range of attachments to help to shave, trim, and detail your beard, head, and body.


The self-sharpening steel blades are excellent for high-quality precision with every use. The machine is fully washable whether you’re using it wet or dry. What’s more, you get 60 minutes of cordless performance with the Hatteker after just 90 minutes of charging. The LED display shows you how many minutes you’ve got left at a glance.

For extra peace of mind, you’re also offered a 1-year warranty. Just keep in mind that some of the attachments are better than others. The body and nose clipper, for instance, aren’t as effective as they could be.

  • All-in-one grooming performance
  • Self-sharpening skin-friendly steel blades
  • Easy to use wet or dry
  • USB charge and 60 minutes of power
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Body grooming accessories not as good as a dedicated trimmer
  • Clippers sometimes need extra hard pressing
  • Nose clipper isn’t excellent
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3. Philips Series 7000 (Best with Vacuum)

Philips Series 7000If you’re looking for a good beard trimmer that’s going to get the job done without creating a huge mess, then the Philips Series 7000 could be the perfect option.


Designed to keep mess to a minimum, this digital beard trimmer comes with a built-in powerful vacuum which collects your hair as you go. There are even 20 lock-in length settings to choose from, so you can have the perfect style with precision.

An hour of charging gives you around 75 minutes of cordless use – which is enough for most men. Additionally, there’s a quick charge option when you’re in a rush. Just plug it in for five minutes, and you’ll have enough charge for a full shave. Furthermore, when you’re done using your device, all you have to do is give the head a quick rinse in the sink to clean it.

For simplicity and less mess, the Philips Series 7000 is an excellent choice. However, it’s not as versatile as some trimmers. You won’t be able to have a lot of detail with this clipper and cleaning the inside can be tough with the small supplied brush.

  • Vacuum included to suck up hair
  • Excellent pro trimming system
  • 20 lock-in length settings
  • 1-hour charge for 75 minutes of cordless use
  • 5-minute quick charge
  • A brief clean is easy, but more comprehensive cleaning is tough
  • Not great at detailed trimming
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4. BaByliss for Men XTP (Best in Precision)

BaByliss for Men XTPThe BaByliss for men “Super Stubble” device is an excellent choice for men in search of an accurate and precise cut. If you’re looking for the best value beard trimmer that’s going to give you an excellent finish every time, this is the grooming machine to buy.


Intended for short beards and highly precise stubble detailing, the BaByliss comes with a floating contouring head that can track the curves of your face as you shave, providing greater comfort and accuracy on the go. There’s a skin-friendly comb and precision blades included for smoother cutting. Additionally, this grooming device is 100% waterproof so that it can be used in the shower.

The BaByliss gives you 70 minutes of use for an 80-minute charge. There’s a countdown lock on starting and stopping that seems annoying, but it does stop the machine from being turned on in your bag accidentally. It’s also worth noting that the shaver’s speed is quite slow.

  • Excellent for ultra-precise stubble trimming
  • Floating contour head for comfort and accuracy
  • Precision blades and a skin-friendly come
  • 100% waterproof – can be used in the shower
  • Superior 70-minute power from an 80 min charge
  • Countdown lock on starting and stopping
  • Clipper speed is very slow compared to other models
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5. Panasonic ER-GB80 (Best for Long Beards)

Panasonic ER-GB80If you’re searching for the best beard trimmer for longer hair, then you may have found exactly what you need. One of the best budget beard trimmers that we’ve found on the market so far, the Panasonic ER-GB80 specializes in longer trimming.


With an excellent range of 40 different cutting lengths to choose from, you can groom just about any part of your body with the same clipper.

The Panasonic works in wet and dry conditions, with three attachments to help you obtain more precision out of your results. Additionally, the trim attachment ensures that you can adjust your beard to your perfect style. To keep irritation to a minimum, there’s a 45-degree blade for efficient and precise cutting, without any damage to your skin.

Unfortunately, the Panasonic does begin to run slowly after you use it for a little while, and the heads can be awkward to turn on and off. Other than that, it’s a great shaver anyone can buy.

  • 3 Attachments for multi-use options
  • 45-degree blade for efficient cutting
  • Wet and dry performance
  • 40 different cutting lengths to choose from
  • Cordless performance
  • Starts to run slowly quite quickly
  • Smaller detailing attachment isn’t great
  • Heads are awkward to turn on and off
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6. Remington Barba MB320C (Best Cheap Option)

Remington BarbaJust because you’re looking for the best electric beard trimmer, doesn’t mean that you want to spend a fortune on your new grooming tool. The Remington Barba gives you the finest of both worlds with a budget-friendly machine you can rely on to give you a high-quality result.


The clipper comes with nine length settings to choose from, and a zoom feature so you can have better control over your trim.

The battery doesn’t last quite as long as some of the other options on this list, but 40 minutes should still be enough to give you the results that you’re looking for. You can also add the cord if you run out of battery when you’re trimming to provide you with some extra charge.

There’s a 3-year guarantee included with this device for additional peace of mind, and it’s great for sideburns and even performance. You won’t achieve a 100% clean shave with the Remington, and the plastic length regulator feels quite flimsy, but it’s excellent value for money. Our best cheap beard trimmer on the list.

  • 3-year guarantee included
  • High quality ceramic coated blades
  • Convenient pop-up clipper function
  • Nine length settings to choose from
  • Excellent zoom performance
  • Not the longest battery life
  • The plastic of the length regulator is quite flimsy
  • Not the closest shave
No products found.

7. Philips Series 3000 7-in-1 (Best Budget Choice)

Philips Series 3000Sometimes, you want the right balance between something that’s budget-friendly and a beard clipper that’s going to give you great results. While we were browsing through beard trimmer reviews, we found the Philips Series 3000 – which seems to be a great balance of both value and results.


The self-sharpening skin-friendly blades ensure a great trim, any day of the week and any length of beards.

You can enjoy up to 60 minutes of cordless performance from a single charge. When they’re ready for a clean, all you have to do is detach and rinse the blades. With 7 tools to choose from, there’s plenty of great ways to maintain and upgrade your look. The Philips kit even comes with an ear and nose shaver attachment, too. You won’t have to buy more grooming device.

The on switch is a little difficult to move – it has a lot of resistance, and the charger is bespoke, which means it’s hard to find a replacement. Nevertheless,  the machine itself is very good.

  • Affordable
  • Self-sharpening blades; prevents skin damage
  • 7 Tools to choose from, great for grooming
  • 60 minutes of cordless performance
  • Detach and rinse blades for easy cleaning
  • Tight on the switch, doesn’t move easily
  • The bag is poor quality
  • Charger is bespoke, so difficult to replace
No products found.

8. Wahl Aqua Blade (Best Waterproof)

Wahl Aqua BladeThe best beard clippers for your needs will be a set that you can use in any environment, without having to worry about reduced reliability or performance. Since many men prefer to groom their beards and hair while they’re in the shower, it’s a good idea to buy a device that can safely be exposed to water. The Wahl aqua blade could be one of the ideal options.


With the ability to offer smooth trimming, shaving, and beard management performance in wet or dry conditions, this waterproof beard trimmer is an absolute must-have.

The Wahl Aqua blade is fully washable. It comes with an excellent close shave – allowing you to obtain a much shorter stubble than most of the other trimmers on the market today. There are 12 guide combs to help you achieve the ideal results. What’s more, you can enjoy an amazing 180 minutes of performance from a single charge – that’s way more than you get from many competitors.

The main issue with this Wahl beard clipper is that it takes a few goes to reach a fully even finish. However, it’s a great piece of kit overall.

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent wet or dry performance
  • Close-cut shave
  • Long-lasting battery (180 minutes per charge)
  • Limited lifetime warranty included
  • Difficult to achieve an even shave (need a few goes)
  • Cutting head is too wide for moustache trimming
  • Not excellent for fine details
No products found.

9. Panasonic ER-GB42 (Best Value)

Panasonic ER-GB42Usually, when you’re spending hours searching through stubble trimmer reviews for the perfect device to add to your routine, you’re looking for more than just performance. Today, consumers want the perfect combination of functionality and value. Those are two things that you’re guaranteed of if you buy the Panasonic ER-GB42 clipper.


Designed to help you find and maintain your ideal style, the Panasonic clipper comes with 20 different cutting length settings to choose from, so you can have total control over your results and a nick-free skin. The seven-comb attachment helps with lifting flattened hairs for more effective trimming.  You can use the Panasonic wet or dry. It’s relatively easy to maintain, too, just rinse it under the tap.

However, you do need to maintain this device consistently to keep it running well. Additionally, there aren’t many attachments with this shaver, which means you can’t have as much precision out of it as you can with other models.

  • Flexible wet or dry performance
  • 45-angle sharp-edged blade for efficiency
  • Washable, waterproof body and blade
  • 20 settings to choose from
  • Easy to use and great performance for the price
  • Requires regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Lack of attachments means you have limited cutting options
  • Charging base isn’t very sturdy
No products found.

10. Braun BT7040 (Best Professional)

Braun BT7040Finally, if you’re looking for a rechargeable beard trimmer that you can rely on you to give you a professional-quality clip at home, then look no further.


This Braun beard trimmer and hair clipper give you everything you need for excellent aesthetic maintenance. There are two combs that offer up to 39 different lengths to choose from for both your hair and beard. What’s more, the auto-sensing motor ensures a constant cutting speed even through denser hair.

The Li-Ion battery gives you an incredible long-life running time. There’s a free Gillette fusion razor to help you manage any shaving jobs that a standard clipper just can’t handle. Whether you want to maintain your stubble or update your look with a new haircut, the Braun kit is your go-to solution.

This is an excellent all-in-one kit, complete with a handy charging stand so you can keep your device safe and powered up when you’re not using it. Unfortunately, there’s no bag or other kinds of storage for it. Additionally, there isn’t any nose shaver attachment, which might be a deal-breaker for some customers. Nonetheless, this is our best professional beard trimmer pick.

  • High-quality lifetime sharp blades
  • Precision dial and two combs with 39 length settings
  • Auto-sensing motor for a consistent cutting speed
  • Li-ion battery with 150% longer running time
  • Free Gillette fusion razor included
  • No nose clipper attachment
  • No bag or storage option
  • Its two-pin plug might not be suitable for some homes
No products found.

How to Choose the Ideal Beard Trimmer

young man scrutinising a beard trimmerUltimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the ideal beard trimmer for your needs.

Some people will be searching for the closest beard trimmer that can give them a fresh stubble look without allowing for too much growth. Others will prefer a device that comes with a range of extra features, as well as enough power to cut through thicker, denser beards.

Before you begin your quest for the ultimate device, make sure you know what you want to get out of your clipper. Ask yourself whether you’ll be using it exclusively for your beard, or whether you require something that will work for your hair and body too.

Other points to think about include:

  • Do you want a cordless shaver, or do you prefer something with a cord?
  • Do you need to take your shaver with you on the go?
  • How many cutting lengths will be necessary to maintain your look?

Assessing the Features of Your New Beard Trimmer

In a world where everyone feels better when they look their finest, it’s essential to choose a beard shaver that you can rely on. There are many different brands out there, claiming that they have the exemplary tools on the market. However, it will be up to you to determine which features matter most to you.

For instance, do you want a set of clippers that come with built-in features that allow you to adjust the angle and length of the trim according to your preferences? Or would you prefer a beard clipper that you can add attachments, too, to change the settings little by little?

Other features to think about include:

  • Is there a quick charge function to give you power in a hurry?
  • Are there extra features available, like precision cutters or nose hair trimmers?
  • How quickly does the clipper charge, and how long does the battery last?

Make sure you invest in a device that’s easy to use and maintain too. Even the best beard trimmer in the world won’t do much for you if it falls apart within a few days because you don’t know how to properly use and care for it.

Most trimmers will come with a series of easy-to-follow instructions attached to them. You can also check the reviews online to find out how much difficulty other customers have had using and making the most of their new purchase.

Get the Most Out of Your Beard Trimmer

length settings of Philips 5000A new beard trimmer can be an essential investment for any man. Of course, choosing the best beard trimmer is rarely easy – particularly when the market is so saturated with competing options. You’ll need to think carefully about the kind of grooming you want to do, what features you want, and what you’ll be willing to pay.

Our favourite option is the Philips Series 5000, an excellent high-precision clipper which gives you 60 minutes of performance on a full charge, and an incredible 17 lock-in lengths to choose from. This device is even 100% waterproof, to give you a better performance in the shower. Read through our beard trimmer reviews above to learn more about some of the most-loved products in the space today.

Our aim is to give you an idea which beard trimmer might work depending on your needs. Still, only you can decide what kind of clipper is the right one for you!

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