Best Bronzers Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

When it comes to achieving a glowing look as a finish for your makeup, there are quite a few options. Most women can, however, agree that bronzers are a go-to option for achieving a “sun-kissed” appearance on top of their favourite techniques. While many bronzers exist today, the formulas, colour variations, and applications tend to differ. With the list of bronzers we share in this post, you’ll have a much easier time achieving that perfect golden finish. We handpicked these bronzers to ensure you get the best results.

Benefits Of Bronzers

Unique finish

The main benefit that a bronzer offers would certainly relate to its primary use – to add a golden appearance to your makeup. People generally turn to a bronzer once their foundation has been applied, as the idea of these makeup products is to add a finish on top of the base. Bronzers can be easily blended with the foundation, which ensures there are no lines visible in the process. The idea here is to create a finish that helps to promote an enhanced appearance of the skin, without making it too obvious that you have added a bronzer to your face. This creates quite a unique finish – and can offer a seamless blend with a large variety of makeup looks and techniques. 

Helps with pigmentation

Problems with pigmentation on the skin are very common in the general population. This can be concerning, and sometimes even the foundation won’t properly correct the pigmentation. With bronzer, however, things can often seem significantly easier when it comes to creating a more even tone on the skin. With this particular strategy, you’ll be able to explore a wide range of new makeup techniques, as you may currently feel self-conscious about an uneven skin tone presenting with certain looks. 

Hides blemishes

Similar to pigmentation, many people struggle with blemishes. These are often the result of acne causing pimples to develop, which then leaves behind unpleasant marks. Getting rid of the marks proves to be a much harder task compared to treating the breakout and can sometimes take a significant amount of time to fade. With a high-quality bronzer, you may find it becomes easier to hide those blemishes. This helps to create a more flawless finish. 

Natural look

There are a lot of ways to add a bronzing, glowing, or even tanned effect to your skin. Unfortunately, some of these products can yield unwanted results. For example, certain types of tanning products may result in an orange appearance instead of that golden finish you expect it to provide. This is also where bronzers come into the picture. These products are made with specific ingredients that won’t result in an orange appearance but rather offers a golden glow once they are applied. 

1. NYX Professional Makeup Matte Body Bronzer (Top Pick)


Vegan Bronzer

A bronzer that uses ingredients perfectly suited toward individuals who prefer to live a vegan lifestyle. The powder is pressed, which adds value and gives you a longer-lasting supply. With five colours to choose from, these bronzers are able to better comply not only with your skin tone but also with your specific needs. The matte finish of the bronzer makes it a great option for people who have oily skin. The formula is cruelty-free and provides compatibility with other makeup items produced by the manufacturer. The bronzer can provide medium, full, and light coverage, depending on the look you are aiming to achieve.


2. Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer (Best Radiance)

Moisturising Bronzer

A unique formula that does not only add a golden glow to your skin but also provides moisturising ingredients. This adds a softer touch to the texture of the bronzer. These bronzers are infused with murumuru butter, which makes them softer on your skin. The bronzer is available in three different shades, each featuring a bright shade to ensure it is capable of adding that glow. The shades include Sunkissed Bronzer, Deep Bronzer, and a lighter alternative.


3. Rimmel London Radiance Shimmer Brick Pressed Bronzer (Best Lightweight)


Contouring Bronzer

By introducing multiple shades of the bronzer in a single container, you’ll have an easier time achieving the perfect blend. The bronzer was made specifically for contouring. The 12-gram container providers a supply that will last longer compared to smaller options. There are two shades to choose from, each providing multiple shades in one pack to help you achieve a perfect contour. The lightweight formula ensures your makeup does not feel like it is wearing your skin down.


4. e.l.f Primer-infused Bronzer (Best Multifunctional)

Dual Purpose Bronzer

With this bronzer, you essentially get two products in a single formula. Instead of only providing you with a bronzer in this container, the formula is already infused with a primer. A bronzer that focuses on reducing the number of products you need to apply to your skin. The bronzer features a bold yet lightweight formula. The matte finish helps to control oil and reduce the risk of shine, while also providing a long-wear option that won’t start to peel off after a few hours. The bronzer comes with 53.12 grams of powder.


5. COLLECTION Bronze Glow Shimmering (Best Light Formula)

Light Shade Bronzer

The ideal bronzer for people who do not want to add too much of a golden glow to their skin. The formula is particularly great for those who have a very light skin tone. The 15-gram container provides a compact design, making it easier to carry in a small handbag. The shimmer provided by the bronzer is subtle, which ensures you do not find it overwhelming on your face. A selection of moisturisers and silk are added to the formula, which creates a nourishing experience while wearing it.


6. W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glo Duo Compact (Best Highlighting)

Two-in-One Formula

By choosing vegan-friendly ingredients, this particular bronzer provides a more appropriate solution for all individuals. There are two products provided in this container. The duo formula focuses on giving you more opportunities to explore makeup looks. There is both a bronzer and a highlighter included in the container. Both of these products feature complementing shades, which expands the options you have available. The formula is cruelty-free and safe for all skin types.


7. Maybelline City Bronze Bronzer (Best For Travelling)

Portable Bronzer

The small structure of this bronzer adds an extra portable element to its design. You have three different shades to choose from, giving you a better match for your own skin. A smooth texture helps to add more definition without causing a chalky or bulky look on your face. The formula can be used throughout your entire face, which makes it great for people who wants to do contouring while applying their makeup. The formula comes in options for light, medium, and darker skin tones.


8. L’Oreal Paris Bronzer (Best Design)

Bronzer And Mirror

A bronzer that makes it easier to see yourself while applying the powder. The mirror inside the container allows you to easily apply makeup on the go. By providing you with a complete collection of both bronzer and accessories, this option is ideal for people who like to be minimal. The container comes with its own brush, as well as a flip-up mirror. The bronzer comes in two shades. This includes the classic Bronze Matte, as well as an alternative option that provides a “peachy” finish to your look.

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