Best Fruit Fly Traps For Indoors Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

Fruit flies can become an irritation when they suddenly start showing up in your home. While there are home remedies often said to work well, these generally fail to be as effective as fruit fly traps that you can use inside the house. With the right fruit fly traps for indoors, you can easily take care of these pets, allowing you to stop worrying about food going to waste after flies start collecting on it. We did extensive research to find some of the best traps that will aid in your fight against these flies.

Benefits Of Fruit Fly Traps For Indoors

Easy to use

Many of the methods that you may come across to assist in ridding a home of fruit flies can be tough to do, take time, and may even create unpleasant odours in the room. This is where fruit fly traps come into play. These traps are generally exceptionally easy to use. The trap will come with a full set of instructions, and they are generally safe since they are not placed in an area that kids and pets can easily reach. The ease-of-use means it will take up less time to get the trap ready, compared to the use of other methods that are available. 

No chemical sprays

By opting for a trap, in particular, it means you no longer have to walk around with a bottle of poison spray. Many people try to avoid the use of these chemical sprays. The ingredients help with flies and may also be harmful to the individuals who reside in the house. Switching to a trap means there are no chemicals sprayed into the air when you are trying to get rid of these fruit flies. 

No odours

Some of the techniques that people use to assist in reducing the bother that fruit flies pose are the fact that they may sometimes result in odours. This could be from a chemical spray causing your home to have a bad smell. In other cases, mixtures of various ingredients are used, and these can also quickly cause your home to smell bad. Fruit fly traps for indoors are generally made to be odourless. This means you can place them around the home with confidence and expect no odours to start filling the nearby area. 

Less messy

When you spray fruit flies with poison, it means you’ll need to pick up the dead bodies from the ground. This can create a mess in the area where you have sprayed the poison. Things are quite different when you turn to a fly trap. These traps are designed to, as the name suggests, trap flies in a small compartment. Once you find that a few flies have been trapped, you simply throw the entire trap away and take a new one out of the pocket. This means there won’t be bodies of flies covering the floor that needs to be cleaned up. 

1. Super Ninja – Fruit Ninja – Fruit Fly Trap (Top Pick)


Dual Pack

A double pack of liquid that provides a versatile solution for trapping flies. The formula has been designed with the environment in mind. An environmentally friendly design that focuses on utilising scents that fruit flies are already attracted to. The traps are easy to use – simply open up the cap and leave them out. You can easily dispose of these traps once flies have been trapped on the interior of the bottle. Each bottle can be used for a period of 30 days. There are three package options available, providing one, two, or four bottles.


2. BEZANO Bug Zapper (Best Electric)

Zapper For Bugs

This multipurpose solution does more than just take care of fruit flies. The device uses an electric charge to assist in killing bugs that come in contact with the structure. With the electronic components used in this system, you can easily kill fruit flies, mosquitoes, and even other bugs. The eco-friendly design ensures there are no chemicals released into the environment, making it safe for family homes too. You get two of these devices in the package, allowing you to cover a larger area within the building.


3. Torchtree Fly Glue Trap (Best Bulk Pack)


Bulk Traps

The bulk pack is an ideal solution for larger houses that have problems with flies. These traps are not only ideal for fruit flies but can be used for other flies as well. A safe solution that is easy to use. These fruit fly traps for indoors simply hangs from the ceiling. The tape that comes inside the trap has a built-in glue, which catches flies when they come into contact with it. There are 32 of the rolls included in this box. Each trap is packaged in a portable container, with an easy-to-use pullout for pulling the glue strip out of the compartment.


4. BaiYou Fly Paper Fly Strips (Best Glue Trap)

Trap With Glue

By using a glue-based trap system, this solution does not utilise any type of chemicals in its process. The pack has a total of 24 traps included. These fly strips are made to provide a chemical-free solution to help you get rid of flying insects. The strip measures 20mm in width, which provides sufficient space for multiple flies to be trapped. In addition to catching flies, the solution is also ideal for homes that have problems with both mosquitoes and moths. Both sides of the strip contain a thick glue solution, providing greater coverage for trapping flying pests.


5. E-KNOW Fruit Fly Traps (Best Coverage)

Dual Sided Trap

The large structure of this trap means it is capable of trapping more flies before a replacement is needed. The trap has a double-sided design. When it comes to coverage, this may be one of the most efficient trap solutions for your needs. The trap has a durable design, with the base made from a polyvinyl chloride solution. Mosquitoes and all types of flies can be caught on the adhesive strips that are added to both sides of the trap. The waterproof structure also ensures you can use it both inside and outside.


6. REKVEN Small Sticky Fly Traps (Best Portable)

Compact Traps

This is a set of portable traps that won’t need to be hung from the ceiling. Instead, you can easily add these traps to potted plants. A multipurpose solution that helps to reduce problems with fungus gnat, while also getting rid of fruit flies, whiteflies, and mosquitoes. The set comes with 30 of these traps, along with sticks that make it easy to keep them up when added to a structure inside your home.


7. AEROXON Fruit Fly Trap Pack of 3 (Best Non-Toxic)

Safe Trap Solution

With the non-toxic formula used to attract flies, this system works fast and effectively. The trap was also designed to be less harmful in areas where there are small children or pets. The long-term design of these traps allow you to use a single case for a period of up to eight weeks. There are three sachets included with the kit, providing a solution that will last for several months. Natural attractants are used in the formulation of the trap, along with glue strips that keep flies inside the container.


8. Faicuk Yellow Dual Sticky Fruit Fly Traps (Best Flexible)

Twistable Traps

These traps feature a dual-sided design to ensure flies can be caught from both directions. The traps are made from eco-friendly materials. An non-toxic option that features a total of 20 traps. The traps have a flexible design, which allows you to bend them around structures for a customised fit. The traps are yellow in colour, with a selection of holders that makes the process of mounting them significantly easier. No pesticides are used in the production of these traps. They also do not give off any type of unpleasant odours inside your house.

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