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Last Updated On December 1st, 2021

Some clothes are just not made to be folded up and stored in your dresser, as this can cause excessive wrinkling and even damage certain types of fabrics. This is why many people turn to hangers as a way of hanging such pieces of clothing. There is a large selection of hangers available, varying in size, materials used in the design, and shape. If you’re looking for the best hangers, then be sure to start with the ones we share in this guide. 


Benefits Of Hangers

Easy To Use

Hangers are incredibly easy to use, with no special instructions to follow or consider. The top of the hanger consists of a hook, which you simply place over a railing. The bottom of the hanger has a structure that allows you to hook it onto a piece of clothing. This makes the process of hanging your clothes and preserving some of the more delicate fabrics significantly easier. 


Multipurpose Accessories

In addition to being easy to use, hangers are also multipurpose tools that can be used as both a storage solution and a way of protecting clothes against wrinkles and folds. You can use hangers for shirts, dresses, pants, and even jackets. The structure of hangers also add versatility to the usage options, as you are able to utilize these products for a wide range of other purposes too. 


Space Saving

Another factor that is important when looking at the benefits of hangers would be the fact that they help to reduce the amount of space your clothes take up in the dresser. When you fold clothes, they tend to take up more space compared to hanging them up in the wardrobe. By hanging your clothes up, you can easily create more space inside the drawers that are part of your dresser. 


Reduces Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a common concern among individuals who wear professional clothing, whether that includes a suit and a tie or perhaps a work dress. When you decide to fold these clothes up after ironing, you may find that the areas where you make the folds form wrinkles when you decide to wear the item. This means you’ll have to use the iron again, which can be time confusing and take more effort. By hanging your clothes on a hanger after ironing, you won’t need to worry about wrinkles. This process also helps to protect your clothes, which results in a longer lifespan. 


1.  Amazon Basics Suit Hangers (Top Pick)


Velvet Hangers

A set of hangers that provides a durable structure, with a soft touch on the exterior. This makes the hangers ideal for suits and clothing that features delicate fabrics. These hangers use a velvet coating as an exterior layer, which ensures there are no abrasive parts that could damage your clothes. The hangers are available in a wide variety of colours, including black, white, grey, pink, purple, and more. You can choose between three pack sizes, providing between 30 and 100 hangers in total.


2. ZOBER Premium Velvet Hangers (Best Non-Slip)


Extra Strong Grip

Heavy-duty hangers that provide support for a weight of up to 4.5 kilograms each. A velvet coating makes the hangers more appropriate for a larger variety of fabrics. With 50 hangers in the pack, you can hang a large collection of clothes. The ultra-thin design ensures the hangers won’t take up extra space in the wardrobe. You can choose between burgundy, grey, and pink colour options. The swivel on these hangers provides a 360-degree rotation. 


3. KEPLIN 25 Pack Adult Coat Hangers (Best Basic)


Classic Hangers

Value hangers that feature a classic design made from a plastic material. The hangers come with extra hooks at the bottom. The traditional design of these hangers make them great for people who want a multipurpose solution. The package includes 25 of these hangers. The 37.5cm width of the hangers provides compatibility with most clothing items that you need to hang. In addition to the standard hanger structure, these also include lips, as well as a trouser bar. 


4. Utopia Home Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers (Best Durability)


Heavy Duty Hangers

The heavy-duty design of these hangers ensures they can effectively handle the weight of your clothes. The hooks at the top can swivel 360 degrees. A set of space-saving hangers that offers a large trouser bar at the bottom. The hanger has a width of 42cm, making it an ideal option for larger clothing items. Hooks at the top of the hanker to provide additional storage options to explore for your clothes. 


5. SONGMICS Suit Hangers (Best For Suits)


Suit And Tie Hangers

The design of these hangers provide an ideal option for people who wear suits. There is a special tie organiser built into each of these hangers. The 0.6cm thickness makes these hangers compact yet functional. They won’t take up extra space, but they can still support some of your heavier clothing pieces. The hangers come in five different colour options and feature a non-slip coating made from velvet on the exterior. 


6. Nyxi Adult Plastic Clothes Hangers (Best Plastic)


Hangers For Adults

A wide structure in these hangers provide support for adult clothing. Each of these sets has a total of 25 hangers included. Multiple pack sizes provide greater versatility when choosing how many hangers you need. In addition to a 25-pack, there is a 50 and 100 pack option available too—the bar on the hanger measures 37.5cm in width. The hangers are constructed from a plastic material, which makes them more flexible. 


7.  HANGERWORLD 10 Natural Wooden 45cm Coat Clothes Garment Hangers (Best Wooden Hanger)


Hanger Made From Wood

A set of hangers that are designed with wood, which adds a natural element to the product. The exterior of the hangers is coated with a non-slip layer. By providing an enhanced grip, these hangers will effectively reduce the chance of clothing slipping off them. The wood used in the construction adds to the durability of the hangers. A swivel hook is used at the top of the hanger, allowing you to freely rotate the bottom part while the hanger is hooked to a bar. The hangers are made to be versatile, providing support for suits, skirts, trousers, tops, and other pieces of clothing. 


8. NORTHERN BROTHERS Trouser Hangers Space Saving (Best For Trousers)


Trouser-Friendly Hangers

The unique shape of these hangers make them perfect for hanging your trousers. The pack comes with four of these hangers. A metal hanger that is made from durable materials, ensuring it can effectively support your clothes while also expanding the lifespan of the hangers. The hangers are ideal for jeans, trousers, and even shorts. Each hanger can be used to hang more than one pair of pants. The “S” shape contains a coating that provides a better grip for your pants. 

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