Best Magnetic Knife Holders Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

Knives play an important role in the kitchen, allowing you to peel, process, and cut vegetables, meat, and other types of food. While these are essential, many people run into problems when it comes to storing their knives. With a magnetic knife holder, the process of storing your knives while also ensuring they are easy to reach becomes easier. Since there is a significant variety of magnetic knife holders on the market, you may feel unsure about which one is the right fit for your kitchen. In this guide, you’ll discover some of the top options that are currently available. 

Benefits of Magnetic Knife Holders

Enhanced Organization

A key element of a magnetic knife holder is its ability to provide an organisation unit for the kitchen. When it comes to storing your knives, using a traditional method, such as a drawer, can cause problems with your ability to keep everything organised. By switching to a magnetic knife holder, it’s easy to organise your knife according to its importance. 


Easy Access

The fact that these knife holders mount to your wall means you’ll have a much easier time grabbing a knife whenever you need it. All of your most important knives can be added to the holder, which means there is no need to search through multiple drawers to find the knife you need when cooking or baking. 


Saves Space

Another important benefit is the fact that a magnetic knife holder helps to save space. This comes into play when comparing the use of these knife holders to storing your collection of knives in a drawer. With a drawer, you may find that your knives take up a lot of space. There are certain items that cannot be stored close to the knives, particularly due to the sharp edges presented by these kitchen utensils. This can further reduce the amount of storage space you have in the drawers. With a knife holder mounted to the wall, you’ll instantly add more space to these areas. 


No Hooks

A magnetic knife holder is designed to keep your knives in place without the use of hooks or any additional tools. This means you won’t have to worry about buying knives with holes or having to push your knives into small holes every time you wish to store them. 


Easier To Keep Clean

These knife holders are also generally much easier to keep clean compared to some of the alternative storage solutions. With a knife block, for example, bacteria and dust particles can collect on the inside. With a magnetic knife holder, you simply need to wipe the surface of the structure to effectively clean it. 


1. CUCINO Magnetic Knife Rack (Top Pick)


Steel Strip

The stainless steel construction of this knife rack provides enhanced durability. The materials also help to reduce the risk of knives causing scratches on the surface. With two sizes available, these magnetic knife holders allow you to pick an option that is sufficient for your needs. The two sizes include a 40cm and a smaller 25cm strip. A self-adhesive tape is included with the knife holder, which makes it easier to mount. This means you do not require any type of power tools or extra accessories when installing the rack. 



2. MASS DYNAMIC LARGE 56 cm Magnetic Knife Rack (Best Size) 


Large Rack

The large size of this rack provides storage space for a bigger collection of knives. In addition to keeping knives up, the holder can be used for scissors too. A multipurpose magnetic knife holder that features an extra lengthy design. Aluminum is used in the construction of the holder, which creates a lightweight system that is still effective at storing your knives. There are two powerful magnetic strips used to create a stronger grip when placing your knives next to the rack. 


3. Tysonir Magnetic Knife Strips (Best Design)


Modern Knife Holder

The design of these strips offer a seamless fit for modern kitchen interiors. The strip is black with two silver magnetic strips on the surface. The 38cm length of these magnetic knife holders provide sufficient space for storing multiple knives without taking up too much space on the kitchen wall. The strip has a multipurpose design and can be used to store any type of steel utensils you use in the kitchen. 


4. GLD 16” (40cm) Magnetic Knife Rack/Holder (Most Elegant) 


Slim And Elegant Design

The slim structure of this holder creates a less bulky addition to the kitchen wall. The rack measures 40cm in width and supports different kitchen utensils.  The design of this strip provides an elegant appearance and fits with any type of decor you might have already implemented in your kitchen. You can store between five and six items on the strip at a time, depending on their size. All installation materials are included in the package. 


5. KITCHENDAO Powerful Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall (Best Wooden Rack)


Rack Made From Wood

The use of bamboo in the design of this rack adds a natural, rustic element to its appearance. A powerful magnet is used in the design. The strong magnetic power provided by these magnetic knife holders creates a multipurpose tool and utensil storage system. Eco-friendly wooden materials are used in the design. The rack was made to be durable and functional while also looking great on the wall. 


6. EVV Magnetic Knife Block (Best Block)


Block With Magnet

A somewhat different approach to the classic knife holder, featuring a classic block design. This holder is ideal for modern interiors. With three different sizes available, you’ll be able to find a block that holds all of your knives. Stainless steel materials provide a rust-resistant element to the structure of the block. You do not need to install anything, as the block can simply be placed on an appropriate countertop in your kitchen. In addition to holding knives, you can use the block to store other items too, such as scissors, whisks, and more. 


7. Zulay Magnetic Knife Holder (Best Compact)


Holder For Small Areas

The compact structure of this holder makes it an easy fit in smaller kitchens while still helping you save space. Wood is used in the construction of the holder. A magnetic holder that focuses on functionality. There is a built-in magnet on the interior of the holder. The manufacturer uses a strong magnet to ensure your knives are securely stored, with no risk of these utensils falling off. No drilling is needed when installing the knife holder, which makes the mounting process less invasive. 


8. VonShef 45cm Magnetic Knife Holder (Best Durability)


Sturdy Knife Rack

This rack was made with durability and sturdiness in mind. Stainless steel is used to ensure the rack won’t rust or show signs of corrosion. A modern and stylish magnetic knife holder that features a 45cm width. The strip can be used for knives, as well as other metal-based tools. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean, as you simply need to wipe the strip with a damp cloth. The exterior of the knife holder features a sleek finish with a metallic texture. The rack mounts to the wall with screws, which adds to its sturdiness and reduces the risk of an adhesive strip coming loose. 

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