Best Tablets Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

Technology has taken the world by storm, making our lives easier while also adding portable ways of enjoying things like movies, books, and even games. While smartphones are considered essential in the modern-day, many people also find that adding a tablet to their collection of technology devices adds extra convenience to their lives. We decided to take a closer look at the large selection of tablets that are currently on the market. In this guide, you’ll discover the top options that will make tasks like organising your life and having a portable entertainment system with you easy. 


Benefits of Tablets

Larger Screen

Tablets are generally designed to provide similar functionality when compared to your smartphone. The major difference, however, comes into play when looking at the screen size. Tablets provide larger screens than smartphones, which gives you a bigger view of content – whether that includes a project management app, streaming services like Netflix, or your favourite mobile game. The bigger screen is especially useful for people who find that their regular smartphone displays certain elements too small. 


Wide Variety Of Options

When looking at tablets, you’ll discover that there is a significant variety of models on the market. This is actually beneficial, as it allows you to find a tablet that will be perfectly suited to your own requirements. Screen sizes differ, as well as the designs and internal hardware. In turn, you’ll find a suitable option based not only on your needs but also one that offers a fitting choice for the budget you have. 


Multifunctional Devices

A tablet is a truly multifunctional device that can be used for a large variety of tasks. You can use a tablet for business, personal, and entertainment purposes. In terms of business, the tablet can serve as a hub for checking your emails, planning your day, and even for taking notes during meetings. You can use the tablet for personal emails too, as well as to chat with other people on platforms like Facebook. Additionally, tablets are also great for people who enjoy gaming on-the-go, as you can easily download a game and then play it regardless of where you are. 


Internal Storage

All tablets that are currently available on the market come with internal storage. This storage system allows you to store files like photos and documents, record videos, and even download files from the internet. In some cases, you can also extend the storage by adding a MicroSD card to the tablet, which further enhances the number of files or content you can store on the device. 



Modern tablet devices feature powerful processors and enough RAM to easily handle multiple applications or tasks at a time. This means you can easily browse the web, look at your pictures, and take notes at the same time, with just a few gestures needed to switch from one application to the next. 


1. Fire 7 Tablet (Top Pick) 


Compact Tablet

A compact yet powerful tablet that is ideal for streaming and reading. The tablet provides support for a large variety of applications. An ad-supported tablet that is currently one of the most popular in the Fire range. The tablet comes with a seven-inch display, along with 16GB internal storage. Apart from the 16GB, there is a 32GB option available too, which provides double the storage space. You can choose between four different colours. You can expand the memory with a MicroSD card. A quad-core processor is used with a speed of 1.3 GHz. 


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 32GB Wi-Fi Android Tablet (Best Design)


Stylish Tablet

A tablet that perfectly combines a modern, stylish design with a set of powerful hardware. The larger screen size provides enhanced visibility of the displayed items. The use of Android 10 as an operating system provides access to a large selection of mobile apps and games on the Google Play store. The device is fitted with a 10.4-inch display. The tablet features a Dolby Atmos Quad speaker system, which enhances the overall quality of audio. In addition to the standard Wi-Fi model, the tablet is also available in a 4G LTE alternative.


3. Fusion5 Android Tablet PC (Best For Movies)


Large Display Tablet

With this tablet, you get a 10.1-inch display, which uses IPS technology to provide a clearer view. The technology makes the tablet ideal for watching and streaming video content. A quad core CPU makes the tablet capable of handling multitasking, while also adding more power for cases where you want to play games. The tablet also comes with an HDMI port, allowing you to easily cast the screen to television. The multi-touch functionality of the screen also adds to the overall responsiveness offered by the device. 


4. Padgene 10.1” Inch Android 8.1 Tablet Pad (Best Battery)


Quad Core Tablet

The battery life of this tablet ensures you get more time out of each charge. The tablet features a display that measures 10.1 inches in diameter. A tablet that comes with 2GB RAM, as well as an internal storage capacity of 32GB. A TF Card can be added to expand the storage to a maximum of 128GB. These tablets feature built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, as well as a 6,000mAh battery. 


5. DUODUOGO Tablet 10 Inch Android 10.0 Phablet (Best Phablet)


Multipurpose Tablet

The phablet design of this device combines the functionality of both tablets and smartphones. The storage system can be expanded up to 128GB. Dual SIM slots in this tablet allows you to use two different numbers at the same time. The tablet features two cameras, 4GB RAM, and a large internal ROM with 64GB storage capacity. In addition to the tablet, the system also comes with a keyboard, mouse, touch pen, and a convenient folding case. 


6. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 10.3 Inch FHD Tablet (Most Powerful)


Performance Tablet

By using an octa-core processor, this tablet provides exceptional performance. The CPU is accompanied by 2GB of RAM to facilitate multitasking.  This is a powerful tablet that runs on Android Pie. The tablet has a stylish design with an iron-grey finish. The processor has a power rating of 2.3GHz. The 10.3-inch display provides portability while still giving you a large display to enjoy content on. The screen supports a resolution of 1920 pixels by 1200 pixels.  


7. FACETEL Tablet 10 Inch Android 10 Tablet PC (Best Kit)


Tablet Set

A complete set that does not only come with a tablet but also a collection of useful accessories. The set includes a case that assists in protecting the tablet. The complete kit gives you a 10-inch tablet that is fitted with an octa-core process, 64GB internal storage capacity, and 4GB of RAM. The tablet comes fitted with an 8,000 mAh battery, which ensures it will last longer before you need to recharge the battery. A keyboard and mouse are also included, along with adapters and a set of earphones. 


8. TECLAST Tablet 10 Inch (Best Capacity)


Expandable Tablet

A tablet that features an expandable storage system, allowing you to add a microSD card with a capacity of up to 512GB. The tablet supports both LTE and Wi-Fi connections. The use of Type C cables provide compatibility with modern computers. The tablet has 64GB of built-in memory, along with 4GB RAM. The dual SIM slots allow you to take advantage of multiple data plans. The tablet has a full high definition display that measures 10 inches in diameter. There are cameras on both the front and rear side of the tablet. 


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