Best Bike Pump Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On December 28th, 2021

The humble bike is one of those inventions that forever changed humanity. Even though it looks outdated compared to all the new transportation solutions on the market, it still has an important role – especially if we consider the growing demand for energy efficiency and the urgent need to reduce our carbon footprint. An integral part of every bike is the pump, and it can make your life easier if you choose the right one.

This article is constructed to help you find the best bike pump in the UK. We will take many features into account, including size, ergonomics, durability, and cost. We will also consider pumps designed to be used in specific situations. For instance, what are the portable pumps to take on rides for puncture repairs?

Hopefully, with our help and this list of bicycle pump reviews, you’ll be able to find the perfect bike pump to suit your needs and budget.

Best Bike Pump Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Pro Bike Tool with Gauge Fits Presta and Schrader (Editor’s Choice)

Pro Bike Tool with Gauge Fits Presta and Schrader Small and lightweight, this well-made tyre pump uses premium materials. Thanks to its oversized piston, it can achieve normal riding pressures in 30% fewer strokes than a standard pump. An integrated pressure gauge ensures accuracy when pumping.


The Pro Bike Tool bike pump can be placed in your rucksack on rides or clipped onto your bike frame with the included pump bracket. At just 8.75 inches long and only 1.5 inches wide, this portable pump will occupy minimal space. The flexible hose and in-line pressure gauge are stored in the pump’s body to keep the size minimum.

Furthermore, the pump can inflate a tyre up to 100psi. The flexibility of the hose also prevents any undue stress from causing damage to the valve stem. Manufactured using premium materials means the pump will have a long lifespan and be reliable for years to come.

Lastly, the pump hose end is designed to work with both Schrader and Presta valve types. That means no additional connectors or adaptors are needed to switch between the two.

  • A powerful pump that takes up minimal space
  • High-quality materials for a long lifespan
  • An accurate gauge ensures you get the pressure exactly where you need it
  • Gauge may only starts as 20psi, which could be an issue if you need lesser pressure

2. BV Ergonomic 160psi (Luxury Choice)

BV Ergonomic 160psiThe BV Bicycle Ergonomic bike floor pump is an upright pump capable of inflating a bicycle tyre to 160psi. It also has a dual valve head to fit both Shrader and Presta valves.


Designed to be used on the floor, this bike pump provides a safe and stable platform with its oversized handle, large base, extra-long hose and 24-inch height. The high pressure makes it the best road bike pump choice. The twin valve head design means parts never need to be swapped.

The long steel and aluminium barrel speeds up pumping times by allowing more air to be pushed through the cylinder. Also, a large and precise gauge makes hitting your ideal pressure easy. Plus, the pump even comes with a needle style connection to allow it to be used on items like footballs, swimming inflatables, etc. The pump’s hose has a full 360-degree pivot, enabling it to reach awkward angles in-between spokes without causing damage to the hose material.

  • The upright design ensures safety when pumping
  • Incredible 160psi limit
  • The option to choose colour is an excellent design touch
  • Its size may make it challenging to take on rides

3. VeloChampion Alloy 7 Mini (Best Value)

VeloChampion Alloy 7 MiniThe VeloChampion Alloy 7 Mini bike pump sets itself apart by being specifically designed for taking out on the road or trail with you. Capable of making up to 100psi, this pump can be clipped to the bike’s frame or will easily fit in any rucksack.


The handle is dual-density and finished in an anti-slip material, ensuring that the pump is safe and enables a firm grip. Measuring in at just 7 inches long and weighing only 3 ounces, it’s made to fit rucksacks so it can be taken with you on rides.

It has a dual head allowing it to be compatible with both Shrader and Presta valves. The riding pressures can be achieved with up to 30% fewer strokes than more conventional pumps, thanks to its oversized shaft and piston. The pump also comes with a bracket to allow it to be fitted to your bike frame. It is made of high-quality materials that will enable it to work for a long time.

  • Anti-slip feature
  • Ability to be fitted to the bike frame to save space
  • Requires minimal strokes to achieve riding pressure
  • Switching between Shrader/Presta heads may require some minor disassembly

4. Diyife With Pressure Gauge (Best Mini)

Diyife With Pressure GaugeEquipped with a pressure gauge, this bike pump is capable of reaching up to 120psi of pressure. With a dual head for Shrader and Presta valves, it offers versatility. Plus, the flexible hose and secure connection protect the valve stem when inflating.


Tiny and lightweight, it weighs in at just 160 grams and is only 8.2 inches long, making it an ideal pumping companion for journeys out. As the manufacturer proudly proclaims, it is lighter than an iPhone. Hence, it will easily fit into a rucksack. The Diyife Pump comes with a bracket that allows it to be fitted to the bike’s frame. Thanks to its size and power, it’s probably the best mini bike pump available.

Generously, the product offers a substantial list of goodies. They include a ball needle for inflating things like footballs. Also, there’s a mini pry bar to seat a tyre correctly on the rim of a wheel, grinding tablets, and tyre patches to ensure that you can stay on the move. To prevent damage to the pump, the valves are stored inside the head when not in use. The chair can be switched from Shrader to Presta by making a simple adjustment to the valves.

  • The amount of additional repair items included is impressive
  • 120psi limit is perfect for all situations
  • The ease with which it can be attached to the bike frame is a good design feature
  • The gauge on the pump body may be small and difficult to read for some

5. Vandorm Legend VII Track (Most User-Friendly)

Vandorm Legend VII TrackIf you prefer to use a large upright bicycle pump, our next pick could be a perfect choice. A 22cm base provides a safe and steady platform from which to pump, and the oversized 35mm barrel minimises the effort needed to reach the required pressure.


The Vandorm Legend VII Track pump is a sure-footed vertical model with a Kraton soft cover handle and a base made of a mixture of steel and a plastic traction platform. The anti-backfill dual-head combined with the new Vandorm smart gauge give impressively accurate readings.

Its Shrader/Presta connection requires no disassembly or swapping of parts, and the head is designed to lock in place to reduce pumping effort. The pump also generously comes with a tool pod including adaptors for footballs, airbeds and inflatables. The design of the oversized barrel combined with the height of the pump makes this an ergonomic pump that quickly reaches high pressures.

  • A solid base and a soft handle make this an excellent ergonomic choice
  • The new smart gauge is well designed and easy to read
  • Shrader/Presta connection doesn’t need any disassembly
  • Could be a bit bulky to take with you on a ride

6. AMZOON Mini (Best with Accessories)

AMZOON MiniA long and flexible air hose combined with a 120psi limit makes this pump an excellent ergonomic choice. Also, the high-quality aluminium finish creates a good impression of quality.


Weighing just 130 grams and only 28cm long, the AMZOON pump is quite portable, too. It is ideal for those looking to take their pump with them on rides. A single head that allows both Shrader and Presta valve connections to afford flexibility, plus the low weight and size make it a good option to put in the rucksack.

The pump’s interior components are made of aluminium alloy with a service life that’s twice as long as plastic. The pump’s head has a threaded connection to ensure an excellent seal to the valve and stop any wasted effort. The pump comes with a ball needle for inflating footballs. It also has a good array of repair equipment, including four tyre patches, a grinding tablet, and a frame to mount it to a bicycle.

  • Low weight and size make it portable
  • Aluminium materials should ensure a long product life
  • Threaded pump head minimises wasted energy when pumping
  • The gauge may be relatively small and could cause issues when aiming for the correct pressure

7. Yewrrite West Biking Aluminium Alloy (Best for Light Jobs)

West Biking Aluminium Alloy Portable MiniAside from being light and compact, it also boasts an extra-long barrel and an oversized piston that reduce the number of strokes required to reach high pressures. With the included adaptors, the pump can be used on footballs, pool equipment and swimming pools, and bicycle tyres.


Weighing in at just 140 grams and only being 17.8cm long, the West pump will easily fit into your pocket. The pump comes with a bracket to affix it to your bike frame. It can be easily switched between Presta and Shrader valves without needing an adaptor as the valve is adjusted in the head.

A thread on connection and the use of an oversized barrel and piston makes pumping effort minimal and allows this small unit to reach 100psi. A high-quality item made of aluminium and leak-proof rubber rings on the pump’s interior should promise good service life. The pump also includes many valuable adaptors for pumping up other items like footballs or swimming equipment.

  • Tiny and lightweight pump
  • Oversized barrel and piston reduces pumping effort
  • Includes valuable adaptors for inflatong other items
  • Finding the correct pressure can be difficult due to the lack of gauge

What to Look For in a Bicycle Pump

When choosing a bicycle pump, there are a few things you must consider.


a young biker fixing a wheelProbably the most crucial question is the size. Do you want something that can be easily carried around in a rucksack, or would you rather have a bigger pump that’s a bit more ergonomic to use? If you want a portable pump for bike riding, consider one of the smaller options.


Choose a pump that meets your needs. Are you just likely to use it on the bike, or do you have other items to inflate like footballs or toys? If so, consider a pump that comes with handy attachments.


Ensure that the pump has a sufficiently high working limit or a gauge that reads at lower numbers should you require it. If you need to work at low pressures, check if the gauge reads below 20psi. Also, look for a calibrated metre for the best accuracy when pumping.


Pumps with metal internals will last longer than plastic alternatives. Consider your usage, too – will it be used on muddy trails or kept clean all the time? If it’s the former, look for a pump with a solid finish to it.

Get Ready For the Ride Ahead

The pump that fits the bill in the best way is the Pro Bike Tool Pump. It is our top pick for the best bicycle pump. Its solid construction provides a reassuring feeling. Plus, the clever design that hides the hose in the handle means the pump takes up very little room in a rucksack.

Also, the colour options are a nice touch, and the switch between Shrader and Presta valve heads is seamless. The flexible airline and screw connection minimise the effort required to use the pump. Furthermore, the in-line gauge provides an accurate pressure readout.

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