Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Each day millions of people across the earth stare at the screen as they work and play. Even though working on computers is essential for our livelihood, we should protect ourselves from potential side effects. One way we can do this is by using blue light blocking glasses.

This article is written to help you determine the best blue light blocking glasses currently available in the UK. These glasses will be reviewed in all the areas that matter, including how stylish they are and how effective they are at blocking the blue light. By reading through all our suggestions, you’ll be able to choose the ideal computer glasses for you.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. LifeArt Anti-Glare (Editor’s Choice)

LifeArt Anti-GlareAn ergonomic and modern-looking choice, the LifeArt glasses are a good pick for blocking out blue and UV light and reducing the glare from sunlight. A lightweight frame ensures comfort for the wearer for long periods.


Boasting several useful features, this gaming eyewear includes a seven-layer anti-reflective coating that protects the wearer from blue and UV light. The glare from digital screens is also minimised, and the glasses can even reduce sunlight should you wear them away from the screen. Scratch-resistant lenses give a reassuring feel if you ever accidentally drop them.

Magnification levels ranging from +0.25 to +4.0 and a wide variety of coloured frames give options for customisation. It has an ergonomic design that allows the glasses to sit comfortably on any nose shape. Plus, the spring hinges provide a more ‘elastic’ fit, enabling the glasses to sit more securely on the face. The lightweight frame ensures a comfy fit, too.

  • There is a wide variety of magnification and colour choices
  • Spring hinges mean the glasses stay comfy for long periods
  • Resistant to UV and sunlight glare as well as blue light
  • The unique lens can sometimes be more challenging to clean than regular glasses

2. Prospek Professional for Men and Women (Luxury Choice)

Prospek Professional for Men and WomenThis sleek and modern computer eyewear is an excellent choice for those looking for a stylish option. As well as blocking blue and UV light, the lenses in these glasses are designed to be anti-reflective. They also reduce the effects of screen flicker, don’t fog up or get affected by fingerprints and even block electromagnetic rays.


A great choice for the style-conscious customer, these Prospek Professional computer eyewear could easily pass for a pair of regular glasses. It is offered in three different sizes to ensure the perfect fit and two different colour finishes for a bit of individuality. They feature a patented lens that protects from all types of light damage.

The glasses also have an anti-oil lens to reduce fingerprint marks. The lenses are even scratch-resistant, which makes these glasses very easy to live with. A lightweight polycarbonate frame ensures a comfortable fit as well as shatter resistance. Combined with scratch-resistant lenses, they’re a highly durable product. The glasses are designed to remove the yellow tint sometimes associated with this eyewear, so you see your screen exactly how it appears.

  • Size options make finding a comfortable fit easy
  • Fingerprint proof lenses are a clever idea
  • The polycarbonate frame is shatter-resistant
  • Magnification may only be up to 3.0, which could be an issue for people requiring higher

3. Vetoo Vintage (Best Value)

Vetoo VintageA fashionable pair of glasses with fifteen colour choices, this lightweight eyewear is a great entry point for blue light reducing glasses. A case is included for the glasses to keep them protected, too.


The Vetoo Vintage computer glasses are the ideal pair of blue light filtering eyewear for a trendy gamer. With their smart design and wide array of colour options, there’s a pair to suit everyone. The lenses can block almost 99% of harmful blue light and don’t tint the world a shade of yellow because they have an almost clear lens.

When you purchase, you get a case included and even a blue light test. The test allows you to verify for yourself that the glasses block blue light properly. 

TR90 polycarbonate frame design that is lightweight yet strong means the glasses are a comfortable fit. A soft polypropylene arm emphasises comfort, and a metal hinge provides a stable arm and a solid feel to the glasses.

  • An extensive array of colours to choose from
  • Protects from blue and UV light
  • TR90 frame and soft arms ensure a comfy fit
  • It may be lacking in magnification, which could be an issue for those who might need reading glasses.

4. Cyxus Anti-Glare (Best Lightweight)

Cyxus Anti-GlareThe Cyxus is specifically created to be comfortable and lightweight computer glasses. It is available in a range of colours to suit your style. The lenses can also be swapped out at opticians for magnified ones if required.


With a chic frame design, this eyewear is lightweight and comfortable. A three-tooth hinge combined with a multi-layer lens coating and an impact-resistant polycarbonate frame makes these a good choice. This eyewear is also waterproof and includes scratch-resistant lenses. As well as blue light, the lenses also block UV radiation and reduce the effects of glare.

Integral nose pads provide a comfortable finish and reduce the amount of pressure on the nose when worn. These glasses do not distort colour while blocking out over 95% of blue light. Aside from being able to interchange the lenses, the colour variety ensures style is never an issue with these glasses. The lenses are kept to a thickness of just 10um to maintain the lightweight design throughout.

  • Lightweight design
  • A waterproof finish will extend the longevity
  • Lenses can be swapped for magnified type
  • Colour options are wide but may be quite similar to each other

5. Riccardo Materossi Stylish HD (Best 3-Pack)

Riccardo Materossi Stylish HDOffered as a set of three high-quality blue light blocking glasses, they are designed purely for blocking the blue light. An exciting frame design completes the product, too.


The Riccardo Materossi HD glasses come with a Hard Multilayer Anti Reflective (HMAR) coating that repels blue light rays. This HMAR coating will prevent the lenses from becoming scratched.

Additionally, the lightweight frame has been intelligently designed for a comfortable fit. They will sit securely on the ears and nose for long periods without causing any irritation. With three different styles available, there’s an option to suit everybody.

  • Three pairs included
  • HMAR coating protects well against blue light
  • The intelligent design gives a comfortable fit
  • The glasses only protect against blue light and might not protect against things like glare

6. Rosa&Rose Anti-Fatigue (Best Metal Frame)

Rosa&Rose Anti-FatigueThese gaming glasses are designed to block 98% of blue light and 100% of UV400 light. With an elegant metal frame and five different colours available, they provide a stylish alternative. Also, soft nose pads complete the design.


The Rosa&Rose Anti-Fatigue glasses are designed to protect the wearer from blue light emitted by laptops, TV’s and phones. They are made for those who spend long hours in front of a screen during the day. The 98% blue light filter will prevent eye strain or headaches. The unique metal frame of the glasses marks them as a standout choice, and they are impact-resistant despite their slender appearance.

With a unisex design and five different coloured frames available, they will suit any style. Thankfully they are also available in children’s sizes with the same level of protection as the adult glasses. Because of the lenses’ design, they do not distort other colours when blocking out blue light. A moderately tightened lens gives a good feeling of quality from the glasses.

  • Unique metal design
  • Filters over 98% of blue light and 100% of UV
  • Adults and children’s versions available
  • May not be used as prescription glass

7. Zenottic Lightweight Anti Glare (Best With Prescription)

Zenottic Lightweight Anti GlareWith up to +3.00 magnification, these lightweight blue light glasses are a good choice for those who wish to use prescription lenses.


The Zenottic uses its own Blue Light Filter Technology to block over 90% of blue light emitted from devices. The glasses are made from a polycarbonate frame to provide a comfortable fit on the face. This also makes them resistant to shattering if you ever drop them.

The glasses come with a carry bag and a neck rope which are suitable accessories to have. Offered in two colours, the retro design provides an excellent alternative look to modern square frames.

The available magnification levels also make the glasses a great choice for anyone short-sighted. This allows the glasses to be used as reading and blue light protection at the same time.

  • Up to +3.00 magnification
  • Durable and shatter-resistant PC frame
  • Includes a neck rope and a carry bag
  • The glasses could be prone to breaking due to poor manufacturing quality

What to Look For in Blue Light Blocking Glasses

When choosing your next pair of blue light blocking glasses, you need to consider some things.


a woman working on her laptopMake sure the glasses suit your requirements. If you’re planning on wearing them outdoors or are prone to dropping them, look for a tough polycarbonate frame. Also, consider if you’ll be likely to need scratch-resistant lenses. Equally, if you are only ever going to use them at your desk, choose a pair that just offer blue light protection.

Consider, too, if you need magnification lenses or you’re happy without this feature.


Here, you need to examine the finish of the glasses and how you’ll interact with them. Polycarbonate frames offer better drop resistance, but metal frames may look more stylish.

Also, look for products that have been intelligently designed to be comfortable when wearing. Also, look for different hinge styles that may affect comfort. Springier hinges will allow for a better fit on the face.


While all the glasses in this guide protect against blue light, they all do it to different degrees. If you are particularly sensitive to the light, look for a pair that filters a high percentage. Equally, if you want to use the glasses outside, go for a pair that also filter UV. Anti-glare is also a helpful feature in this instance. If you would like a pair that just filter blue light, then there are options available just for that.

Protect Your Eyesight with the Best Computer Glasses

Our top pick for the best blue light blocking glasses is LifeArt Anti-Glare because they are available in an extensive range of colours and offer a magnification level of up to +4.00. The glasses also protect against UV light and reduce the glare from sunlight. The ergonomic design coupled with spring hinges that allow for an ‘elastic’ fit makes these the perfect blue light blocking glasses.

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