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Best Bread Bin in the UK 2020

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Brabantia Roll Top

Brabantia Roll Top

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Cooler Kitchen Large Vertical

Cooler Kitchen Large Vertical

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Addis Deluxe 22L

Addis Deluxe 22L

The best bread bin is a helpful accessory to have in any kitchen. These handy devices tie your kitchen decor together by making everything look neat and organised. They can also reduce the risk of your bread going stale too quickly because of overexposure to steam, heat, or light.

A well-designed bread bin ensures that you can make the most of your food, and there are plenty of different options in the market to choose from these days. Whether you choose a bread box made from wood or an airtight stainless steel bread bin, there’s something out there for everyone.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the top-performing bread bins on the market, to help you choose the ideal one. These space-saving products are perfect for every loaf, bun and baked good that you want to keep fresh for longer. Let’s get started.

Best Bread Bin Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Get the most out of your bread box with multiple functions in one. This Cooler Kitchen cream space-saving box will keep your bread fresh with fantastic style and function. This bread bin is the perfect size for the kitchen counter, ideal for keeping bread and buns out of the open air. The product will even hold up to two loaves of bread at once. On top of that, you also get a handy bamboo cutting board lid.


The Cooler Kitchen bread bin comes with a bamboo cutting board lid, so you can use that for carving your bread before you put it away again. Crumbs fall into the grooves on the cutting surface, making them easy to dispose of when you’re done. Not only is this bread bin attractive, but it’s built to last, too, with durable materials throughout.

Reduce the excess clutter and keep your bread from going out of date too fast. This bistro bread bin protects your bread from excess moisture and humidity in the kitchen. However, the lid is slightly too small for the bin, and it can often fall inside accidentally.


  • Large bread bin with room for more than a loaf of bed
  • Convenient design bread bin with bamboo cutting board
  • Good for capturing crumbs when cutting bread
  • Attractive finish
  • Durable, long-lasting materials


  • May not have the best lid design
  • Some customers may have received damaged items
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If you’re looking for bread bins that are both attractive and practical, this roll-top bread bin from Brabantia could be the ideal choice. One of the best bread bins for any kitchen worktop, this corrosion free product will stand the test of time and give you extra storage space in your home. Plus, the roll-top closure makes this bin compact.


Its unique pattern base provides enhanced ventilation and the roll top bin has a flat top where you can easily store other small housewares items on top of it. There’s also a large grip section for easy opening. This bread bin comes in a range of colours and styles, with a matte finish that won’t suffer from smudges and scuffs.

With an attractive design and brilliant air circulation, the Brabantia bread bins will keep your loaf of bread, buns, and muffins in great condition for longer. This is easily one of the 10 best bread bins around and it’s ideal for those who need extra space. However, the top of the bread bin does feel a little thin in places.


  • Space-saving storage solution
  • Multiple matt finish colours to choose from
  • Great circulation and ventilation
  • Flat top for easier storage of canisters
  • Convenient roll-top design


  • Maybe a little thin and fragile in places
  • Customers may have complained of sharp edges
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An excellent product for those who want to bring some extra style to their kitchen, this Addis Deluxe 22L bread bin will keep your items fresher for longer. With an attractive finish in copper, this high-performance bread bin will hold a variety of baked goods, making it more than just a fantastic bread keeper. You can also store muffins and buns inside.


The bread bins from Addis come with a fantastic roll top lid that doesn’t take up any extra space. Easy to use and convenient, the bread bin will spruce up your interior décor, while giving you a practical place to store your best bread products. With a hefty 22-litre capacity, there’s more than enough room for anything you might want to store.

Available in a range of colours, this elegant bread bin can even come as part of a set with canisters for your coffee and tea. Both modern and functional, it’s hard to find anything not to like about this product. One slight downside is that the top of the bread bin can dent a little if you’re not careful. This bread bin seems to take on fingerprints quite easily, too.


  • 22-litre capacity to hold various loaves and other items
  • Available in an attractive finish
  • Roll top lid doesn’t take up excess space
  • Convenient space-saving design
  • Great as part of a complete kitchen set


  • May dent quite easily
  • May smudge and show up fingerprints
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Another top choice for the best bread bin on the market from Brabantia, this product provides plenty of space for all your loaves and other baked things. The Brabantia fall front bread bin has a convenient flat top, so you can place items on the surface and avoid excess clutter on your worktops. You could even put one bread bin on top of each other.


This Brabantia fall front bread bin is made with high-quality materials that are good for the environment. The brand is proud to show that many of its products are Cradle to Cradle certified for environmental efficiency. The high-performance closure on this product also ensures that your products stay fresh for as long as possible.

To keep your bread fresh, the Brabantia fall front bread bin has a magnetic closure that shuts out excess moisture, humidity, and air. All that and you get a selection of attractive colours to choose from, so you can ensure that your bread bins match the rest of your kitchen. However, some parts of it feel a little flimsy. Some customers complain that the item arrived with dents and scratches, too.


  • Brabantia fall front bread bin with magnetic closure
  • Flat top is ideal for canisters and other items
  • Quick to clean coating
  • Stores plenty of baked products
  • Keeps your food fresh


  • May be easy to dent and scratch
  • Could be somewhat flimsy in places
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A convenient alternative to other stainless steel bread bins, wooden bread bins, and enamel options, this powder-coated metal product offers both durability and style. Available in a range of colours, this product will keep your bread fresh, and add an extra boost to your kitchen design. These bread bins from Lumaland are also multi-functional, with a cutting board included.


With its spacious design and retro bread bin flair, this product is sure to capture the attention of many homeowners. The Lumaland bread bins are an excellent addition to your storage box and canister collection. The bamboo cutting board lid allows you to chop your loaves up without having to find a separate surface.

The cut-out section on the edge of the cutting board lid means that you can easily get rid of crumbs. This cut-out also ensures that the box isn’t totally air-tight, allowing for better food ventilation. Unfortunately, although this bread bin might be large enough for a loaf of bread, it won’t be spacious enough for some families who store a lot of baked products.

You might also be disappointed by the fact that this steel bread bin isn’t airtight. The ventilation holes may mean that your bread doesn’t keep as long.


  • Attractive rectangular design in various colours
  • Chopping board lid included
  • Cutting board is easy to clean
  • Ventilation allows for better bread circulation
  • Looks beautiful in any kitchen


  • May not be totally airtight
  • May not be large enough for multiple loaves of bread
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If you’re looking for a high-performance metal bread bin, then check out what the Morphy Richards roll top bin has to offer. This easy to clean retro bread bin comes in a range of styles, with plenty of space for storing loaves, pitta bread and baked goods.


A beautiful and modern metal bread bin, the Morphy Richards roll top bin offers easy access to your items, without taking up too much space on your kitchen counter. You can grab the lid handle and retrieve a loaf of bread in seconds. Made with stainless steel, the Morphy Richards roll-top bread bin can stand the test of time, ideal for long-term use.

The stainless steel material of this bread bin comes with an eye-catching mirror finish in a textured look. Despite the unique design, you should find this item easy to clean, and it comes with a one year warranty for extra peace of mind. Non-slip feet even provide better protection for your work surface.

One slight issue with this stainless steel Morphy Richards roll top bin is that it is a little small compared to other bread box products. It could do with being a little longer, too.


  • Attractive stainless steel bread bin
  • Great range of colours to choose from in a modern design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-slip feet to protect your kitchen surfaces
  • Helps various foods stay fresh


  • May not be the largest bread keeper
  • Door may slide up on the outside so you could not place things on top
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One of the more innovative bread bin options on the market, the Apollo RB Double Decker gives you extra space for all of your baked goods. Among the best bread bins on the market, this Apollo product is a good choice if you want to keep a lot of bread fresh. The extra-large bread bin has two levels to it, so you can separate your buns, pastries, and other items. The natural wooden bread box finish also gives your kitchen a country home vibe.


This wooden double-decker design bread bin from Apollo will keep your food fresh for longer while giving you plenty of extra space for storage. The double-decker finish means that you can get more than a loaf of bread in there at once.

With a roll-top lid, this bread bin doesn’t take up too much extra space on your kitchen counter. It’s also easy to wipe clean between uses, so you don’t have to worry about crumbs or mould. What’s worth noting with this bread box is that if you put too many items in the product, it can make the lid difficult to open and close.


  • One of the best bread bins for extra storage
  • Convenient rolling beech lid
  • Double-decker finish for organizing your loaves
  • Attractive finish for your kitchen
  • Wooden bread bin that’s easy to clean


  • Might be easy to overfill and the lid may become jammed
  • Some customers may have reported receiving damaged items
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Another excellent product from Morphy Richards, this Accents roll-top bread bin ensures that your baked goods can stay fresh for longer. One of the best bread bin options for those who want to create a modern kitchen aesthetic, this stainless steel device has it all. The Accents roll top bread bin can store everything from loaves to buns and pastries.


If you’re looking for the best bin to keep your bread fresh, this box from Morphy Richards could be the ideal choice. The Morphy Richards Accents roll-top bread bin will blend perfectly with other Morphy Richards appliances in your kitchen. What’s more, because this bread bin is made with stainless steel, you know it can stand the test of time.

Easy to use and clean, the Morphy Richards Accents roll-top bread bin will keep clutter out of your kitchen and ensure that you always have access to fresh bread. It’s one of the top 10 best bread bins that we’ve seen in terms of style and function, and it’s totally BPA free, too. One possible problem with this item is that the inner sides are a little sharp, so be careful with your fingers. You’ll also notice fingerprints on the steel after regular use.


  • High-performance steel bread box
  • Matches with other Morphy Richards products
  • Plenty of space inside for a loaf and other items
  • Durable enough to withstand long-term use
  • Modern finish


  • May show fingerprints easily
  • May have quite sharp edges on the inside of the lid
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Among the best bread bins for those who prefer a unique retro style, this Kitchencraft product combines practicality with aesthetic appeal. Rated with the top 10 best bread bins for visual appeal, this product comes with a unique vintage appeal – thanks to its soft colours and old-fashioned structure.


If you’re looking for a classic bread box that looks great and performs well, then Kitchencraft has you covered. These powder-coated bread bins go with any décor. They’re also lightweight enough to move them around as you clean. There’s even an easy-open handle so you can get to your loaf faster. The generous capacity means that there’s plenty of room for all your baked items.

Although there are no advanced features like a slicing guide or multi-function lid with this bread bin, it looks great, and it comes with a convenient 12-month guarantee. The Kitchencraft bread bin is also free from any toxic chemicals or by-products. Unfortunately, the lid can be a little stiff at times.


  • Attractive vintage finish
  • Powder-coated bistro bread box
  • Plenty of space for your bread and other items
  • Labelled for quick and easy recognition
  • Lightweight with easy-to-use lid


  • The lid may not fit as well as it should
  • Some metal components may go rusty
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Another leading product from Kitchencraft, this beautiful trend-setting bread bin comes in a range of colours to suit your needs. One of the top choices for people who want an attractive bread bin, this KitchenCraft model comes from the textured Lovello collection, which also offers things like sugar and tea canisters for a complete set.


Made of robust steel, you don’t have to worry about checking that your bread bin is BPA free because there’s no plastic included in its construction. This modern utensil will give you an attractive way to organise your counters, and ensure that your bread can last as long as possible. There’s a sleek label on the front of the product so your guests know where to go looking for a snack.

The anti-scratch pads on the bottom of the bread bin protect your surfaces from damage as you’re moving items around while you clean. This bin is also easy to clean, as all you need to do is wipe it with some damp material every now and again. Unfortunately, the hinge on the lid seems to break easily.


  • Attractive modern design
  • Available as part of a full kitchen set
  • Plenty of space for storing baked items
  • Easy to clean and maintain with a 12-month warranty
  • Scratch-free pads to protect your surfaces


  • Hinge on the lid may break easily
  • Some customers may have reported wonky lettering
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A Bread Bin Buying Guide

What Type of Bread Bin Keeps Bread Freshest?

Choosing the right bread bin can be a tough call. If you’re looking for the best bread bin for keeping bread fresh, then you need something that allows for very little circulation. An airtight bread bin with no holes or ventilation is a good choice. Just make sure that you don’t let any moisture get in.

On the other hand, if your choice prioritises style and design, you might need to consider what kind of bread bins appeal most to you. Do you want something with an enamel coating, like a Swan Retro bread bin? Or are you looking for a convenient product with a bamboo lid that also doubles up as a chopping board?

delectable loaves and pastries

Are Bread Bins Air Tight?

While some bread bins can be air tight, most come with some circulation to help keep the bread from drying out. The 10 best bread bins that we’ve covered in this article cover a range of different designs featuring everything from BPA free plastic to stainless steel.

Remember, there’s more than just air tight performance to think about when you’re choosing a bread bin. You may also need to consider these factors.


Bread bins come in everything from enamel coating and BPA free plastic to metal and wood. The choice that’s right for you will depend on the style of your kitchen and how durable you want your new purchase to be.


Remember to choose the bread bin that’s big enough for your family’s pastries storage needs. Some options come with double-decker designs so you can store extra loaves and buns.

Lid Style

Do you want a front lid that opens like a swinging door or a flat top lid that also acts as a chopping board? Bamboo lid bread bins are popular for those who want extra functionality and durability. Some lids even provide a slicing guide.

Before you get carried away thinking about the best brands as you browse through our best bread bins, make sure you know exactly what you need. For some people, a Joseph Joseph bread bin with a flat top will be the ideal pick. For others, a Bodum Bistro bread bin with a unique vintage design will be better. Either way, we are confident there is something for everyone.

baked goodies in a roll up box

Choosing Your Bread Bin

Picking the best bread bin for keeping bread fresh can be a challenging process, particularly if it’s your first time shopping for these kinds of kitchen accessories. However, the good news is that there are plenty of options to choose from.

Our top choice from these fantastic products above is the Cooler Kitchen Large Vertical bread bin. This lovely counter accessory will keep your loaves fresh while giving you a handy cutting board for preparing your food, too! Its stylish design will look great in any kitchen and its high-quality materials will last for years to come.

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