Do Buggy Boards Fit All Prams?

Last Updated On November 20th, 2018

Parents can have it really difficult with toddlers. You have two children, and while you want to take them out for a stroll outside, you certainly don’t want to carry two buggies, or two pushchairs along. What do you then? That’s exactly where a buggy board comes to your rescue, and that too, absolutely in the best perfect fit for your kid. You can

What is a buggy board?

A buggy board is nothing but an additional board with wheels that can be attached with your infant’s pushchair or pram, and hence allow you to carry your second child on the buggy board, when he/she feels tired, and perhaps doesn’t want to walk anymore.

With the right fit for a buggy board with the child’s pram, you can safely carry your second kid, who can stand or even sit on the board, and while you push the pram, you actually carry both along your way.

That makes it really simple and easy to carry both your children, without taking the hassle of carrying another buggy.

What about the right fit?

Concerns are certainly raised on whether the buggy board can really fit with all types and sizes of the pushchairs and prams.

The answer is a resounding yes. However, there might be some requirements of adjustments on the fitting, which once you follow and fit the buggy board, will allow the perfect fit for the board with the pram.

How do you make The Buggy Board Fit The Pram?

To make the fit right, there are adaptive buggy boards which are increasingly being developed. These boards can be altered by either using them from a standing position or for the kid to seat on the board. The sizes and shapes are also adjusted rightly to fit in for moderately older kids too.

  • There are options for backrest or harnesses too, along with additional clip-on to adjust and tightly fit in the buggy board with the pram. This is also highly suitable in cases where your kid might have some form of limitations in their movements.
  • The availability of different types of buggy boards ensures you can easily check the compatibility between the board and the pram before fitting the two.
  • Use a step-by-step guide to choosing the buggy board you need, and match it with the pram that you want the board to fit with.
  • These boards are in fact the most practical and safest forms of travel additions with the pram that carries your infant.


The board can be fit safely positioning itself in between your arms and the pram that you push. Your second child is thus in proximity to you, whereby you get to offer your complete protection to your child.

There are options for the mini-board or maxi-board, which means depending on the size you are looking for; you have the options to choose the one that rightly fits with your pram. The next time you are gong out with your children, do not worry about the hassles – it’s all going to be easy with a buggy board with you.

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