Are Buggy Boards Safe?

Last Updated On June 10th, 2020

Any new mum will attest that pushing a pram while you have other children to attend to can be a headache. This is why stroller manufacturers have begun making prams adaptable with buggy boards. A buggy board is an attachment you fit onto the back of your stroller to allow toddler sized children to stand up behind your newborn as you push both children forward in front of you. As with any new convenience, however, many people still have questions about the safety of such accessories. It all depends on how you properly use such products. Here are ways you can use a buggy board so that it’s both a convenience as well as safe for both of your children.

Make Sure your toddler is Age-appropriate for Riding Around on One

A buggy board is supposed to attach to the back of your pram to help tired toddlers ride along with you as you push a newborn along. This requires them to be able to stand up on their own and have the leg strength required to do so for extended periods of time (or however long it takes you to finish taking your newborn for a leisurely stroll). A buggy board should only be used for toddlers over the age of 2 years old or older. Never try and use one for any toddler younger and even when you first start using one you should be wary of not going to fast as this new mode of transport will be disconcerting at first for your child.

Know About the Different Kinds in Order to Find the Safest Type for Your Child

There many different types of buggy boards – some mum and children having a strollof which might be perfect for your child and some which might be problematic. Maxi- or mini-versions obviously denote the size of a buggy board but their are also other distinctions as well. The most common is the stand-on platform where your older toddler stands right between your arms as you push them both along. There’s also 2-1 boards that can be used as a scooter if your older child wants to ride alongside separately. Then there are adaptive boards that can convert from a stand-on platform to a small seat unit. As with all things, age-appropriateness determines which type is safest and most ideal for your toddler.

Have a Baby Sling with You for Emergencies

Sometimes, your older toddler may need to ride in the pram themselves, in case they get injured or they become too tired to stand on the the buggy board any longer. In these cases, it’s best to bring along a sling or baby carrier with you in the event you need to put your 2-year old in the pram in order to get home as easy as possible.

Look for Types with Extra Safety Features

Even though you’re basically looking for a clip-on extension for you toddler to stand on, you still want to protect them as much as possible. These type of features include backrests, arms handles and even a harness if you want to be extra careful.

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