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A portable camping chair is a highly useful item for various occasions. You can use camping chairs for outdoor use in your garden, festivals, beach trips, camping, and day trips to the park, for example.

These are just a few examples – camping chairs really are useful objects and everyone should own a pair! In this guide, we have reviewed excellent products to help you find the best camping chair in the UK for your needs. We’ve covered a range of camping chairs, from loungers to luxury options, and below are our favourites.

Best Camping Chair Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Our Editor’s Choice, the TREKOLOGY YIZI GO Portable, is also our pick for the best folding camp chair. It has an excellent design that is suitable for various purposes including hiking, camping, picnics, and festivals – pretty much any activity that takes you outdoors. It also has an additional storage bag so you can keep essentials like drinks and snacks close at hand.


The TREKOLOGY YIZI GO camping chair breaks down into two sections. The metal frame is fully collapsible and can be folded down to a minimal size. Next, the fabric comes off separately but can easily be attached over the frame – setting this chair up should still be an instant process.

It also comes with a handy storage bag for your camping gear and food, and this camping bag is easy to pack away and remove. You can also purchase a separate sand cover that attaches over the four legs – this helps prevent the chair from sinking as it helps redistribute the weight across the four legs.

Although this is our top pick, it can have a few potential issues. Firstly, there is no support for your head or neck which some people may find uncomfortable. Also, you may find that the feet sink easily into any ground that is unstable.


  • Available in four different colours
  • Deep seat fabric for excellent back support
  • Fully foldable and easy to carry
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Sturdy aluminium frame


  • Neck and back support could be improved
  • The feet can sink into the ground
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If you want a luxury option that you will use regularly for camping trips or in your garden, the SUNMER Padded camping chairs are an excellent choice. These chairs are meant to last and have brilliant padding so you can sit comfortably for prolonged periods. The sturdy steel frame also provides great support and stability.


Some of the best camping chairs on our list, these chairs have a great set of features, including a sturdy drink holder on the left-hand armrest and a separate storage pouch on the right-hand side. The backrest, seat, and armrests all have excellent padding for great comfort.

The metal steel frame is designed in such a way that you can collapse the chairs easily. This means these camping chairs are very easy to pack away for storage. They also fold out instantly so that you can be set up and enjoying the outdoors in seconds.

The overall dimensions of each camping chair are 60cm x 58cm x 110cm, and each weighs approximately 3.3kg. For storage, the chairs also come with a high-quality carry bag.

The SUNMER Camping Chair is a great product but it does have a couple of minor issues. Firstly, as it is so lightweight, it can blow away easily if it is windy outside. Also, some customers have received damaged goods with ripped fabric – if you find this, you must contact the customer service team immediately.


  • Set of 2 chairs
  • Incredibly lightweight at just 3.3kg each
  • Fully padded armrests, seat and backrest for extra comfort
  • Made from durable, quality materials to support up to 120kg
  • Fully foldable for storage


  • Chair may need to be weighted down when it's windy
  • May receive items with ripped fabric on arrival
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If you are looking for the best camping chair in the UK for a festival, a holiday, or general adventures, the Highlander Folding camp chair is a great option. This camping chair has a simple design but is highly portable, lightweight, and offers decent levels of comfort.


The Highlander folding camping chair has a highly durable steel frame which is fully collapsible; you can fold it instantly and it is easy to set up for travel and put away when not in use. In addition, the right-hand armrest has a mesh cupholder that you can use to store drinks and snacks. Also, the backrest has padding at the top to support your head and neck.

This camp chair is available in a large array of different colours and designs including orange, green, blue, and purple. You can even buy a camouflage design if you want extra cover for wildlife stakeouts during your camping trip.

Despite its great value, this camping chair has a few drawbacks. Firstly, the material is not the most robust and can be prone to ripping. Also, it doesn’t provide a comfortable sitting experience for prolonged periods of time.


  • A handy cup holder built into the armrest
  • The frame is made from durable steel
  • Comes with a matching carry bag with handle
  • Made from lightweight materials
  • Simple to fold and store in the carry bag


  • May not have the most robust fabric
  • May not be very comfortable to sit on for prolonged periods
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If you have to pack light and can’t carry a large chair for your camping trip, the Highlander Folding Sit Mat is the best lightweight camping chair that we could find. This portable product provides padding and support in an instant and you can easily store it in your backpack during long hiking or summer camping trips.


The Highlander Folding Sit Mat is a simple design with two main pieces – the backrest and the seat. Both have ample padding and are comfortable to sit on. Plus, the backrest and seat are connected by two durable fabric straps. These straps can be adjusted to change the angle and recline of the backrest for good back support.

The rear of the backrest also has a large mesh pouch for extra storage, and on the top of the backrest, there is a durable carry handle. This great camping seat is also available in four different colours – black, blue, green, and orange.

A drawback of this camping chair is that some people may not like sitting flush to the ground – some people prefer to sit in a proper upright position with their legs bent. Also, based on camping chair reviews, it is not the largest seat and may not be suitable for taller people.


  • Made from high-density foam and durable polyester
  • Incredibly lightweight camping chair
  • Provides great back support
  • Additional storage compartment on the back
  • Includes reinforced stitching for extra durability


  • Some people may not like sitting flush to the ground
  • May not be large enough for taller people
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If you want flexibility when sitting, the Chicreat High-Back Folding camping chair is one of the best reclining camping chairs UK stores have available. The multi-adjustable backrest provides support, but also allows you to recline if you want a nap or to lounge in the sun.


This chair has a solid frame that provides excellent stability on the ground. Also, it has a high backrest that has padded and breathable fabric. The backrest can be adjusted into eight different positions to make a great reclining option.

The overall dimensions are 67cm x 59cm x 113cm, and it weighs approximately 4.3kg. It has a simple folding mechanism but it is not fully collapsible and therefore you will need a decent amount of storage space.

When fully folded, it has an overall profile width of 14cm so it can easily fit into the trunk of your car, shed, or storage cupboards.

Although this is a waterproof product, the top section can retain water so when using it, ensure you have tipped it up to flush out any built-up water. Also, the plastic arms could certainly be more durable.


  • Strong aluminium frame
  • Has a powder-coated finish which makes it water-resistant
  • Has a fully adjustable backrest
  • High backrest for better support
  • Available in several different colours


  • The top padding can retain water
  • The plastic arms may not be very durable
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The EVER ADVANCED Oversized Quad camping chair is the most comfortable camping chair available. It has excellent padding in both the backrest and seat and is perfect for long, lazy days on the beach or at the campsite. It is probably the best camping chair for bad back in the UK.


Considered one of the best camping chairs, it features a fully collapsible steel frame which makes for easy storage, but also provides durability for sitting on. It can support a maximum weight of 136kg.

Also, it has overall dimensions of 55cm x 55cm x 109.2cm and when set up, the off-ground height is 43cm. This makes for an ideal sitting position and gives great support for your legs.

The eight-hand armrest of this padded camping chair has a cup holder and can be adjusted to suit your sitting position. Also, there is a handy side pouch that you can use to store camping equipment in or snacks.

One drawback of these folding camping chairs is the weight. The steel frame is quite heavy and you would not want to carry them over long distances. Also, some customers have received damaged goods from the supplier – any damage should be reported ASAP.


  • Fully collapsible steel frame
  • Supports up to 136kg in weight
  • One armrest has an attached cup holder
  • Padded wide seat area for extra comfort
  • Simple to fold for both setting up and storing


  • Some people may find it heavy to carry
  • Some products may have damages on arrival
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The G4Free Lightweight Portable Folding Camping Chair is a solid choice and is made from durable materials. It makes a fantastic camping chair for a variety of outdoor pursuits including picnics, camping trips, and fishing.


The seat fabric is made from 900D Oxford Cloth, and the frame is made from 7075 aluminium alloy which is used in aircrafts. As a result, it has a relatively high weight capacity of up to 100kg.

The shock-cord structure and versatile fabric mean you can easily fold this chair and set it up in seconds without much strain. This chair is also useful for those with back discomfort due to its attached pillow and comfortable back support. The sides of the chair also have breathable material, and underneath the chair is a large detachable storage pouch with a zip.

When buying this camping gear, ensure that you have chosen the right version. There are two versions available – one of which has detachable leg covers. Some customers have purchased the wrong version by accident as it is not clearly stated in the product description.


  • Can be folded down to a small size for easy storage
  • Made from durable cloth with an aluminium frame
  • The chair is easy to set up and store
  • Wide backrest with ample padding and support
  • Breathable mesh fabric for extra comfort


  • One version of this chair may not have non-slip feet
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If you intend to spend days at the beach or want a camping chair that doubles as a sun lounger, the UMI. by Amazon Folding Camp Chair is a great option. It has multiple sitting positions and makes the perfect recliner for sunbathing outdoors.


This lounger had two main seat sections, both of which have solid steel legs for support. The second seat section is where your legs will rest, but for taller people, their feet may dangle over the edge a little.

It also has a storage bag that attaches to the side of the chair, and a cup holder on the right-hand armrest. This means you can easily store food, beverages, and some of your camping gear.

It is also available in four stylish colours – red, orange, grey, and green, each of which looks great and vibrant. The frame is also powder-coated steel for extra protection, and the fabric is made from durable polyester.

The main drawback of this product is that it is not strictly a camping chair. It’s more like a lounger or a sunbed that you lie on. This is perfect if you want a lounger, but not if you are looking for a chair.


  • One armrest has a cup holder
  • Made from heavy-duty polyester fabric and steel
  • The steel is powder-coated for extra durability
  • Has a padded headrest
  • Easy to fold up and has carry handles


  • Design is more similar to a lounger
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If you want a simple and compact folding chair for fishing or camping, the Eurotrade Deluxe Portable Camping Seat is a solid option. It is portable and has decent padding for long fishing sessions or adventures in the great outdoors.


The Eurotrade Portable Seat has a moon-shaped circular design that folds out into one large padded area. It doesn’t have a separate backrest and armrests but instead is one single rest.

The folding mechanism is easy and you can unfold and fold the chair with minimal effort. It also comes with a carry bag that is durable but provides enough space to easily fit the chair in.

Its overall dimensions are 80cm x 51cm x 77cm when unfolded, and it weighs approximately 3.5kg. It also has a maximum weight capacity of 100kg. The seat padding is made from comfortably polyester.

One of the minor drawbacks of this chair is that it does not have a high backrest. The circular support only provides minimal padding to your back and some people may find it uncomfortable. Also, it is not the largest camping chair available and may not be suitable for taller people.


  • Great padding in 360-degrees
  • Has a simple folding and unfolding mechanism
  • Includes a carry bag for simple storage
  • The metal frame is lightweight


  • The backrest may not be high enough
  • May not be large enough for tall users
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The Outwell Goya Chair has a traditional design and provides good support for your back and legs. It is also made from durable materials but is still easy to carry meaning that it is highly portable for travel, too.


These are some of the best camping chairs that open and fold instantly with minimal effort. Also, they come fully assembled and have a lightweight steel frame that provides stability, but makes it easy to carry.

The two armrests are relatively wide and offer good support for your arms, also, the legs are a decent height which makes it comfortable even for taller people. The backrest is also padded and is made from comfortable synthetic materials.

For storage, the chair comes with a durable carry bag that has a large handle that you could use to carry the bag over your shoulder.

This is a fantastic folding chair and one minor drawback is that it doesn’t have any additional storage for your camping gear. For example, there is no underneath storage pouch or cup holder on the armrest.


  • Has an incredibly simple folding mechanism
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The frame is made from durable steel
  • Made from synthetic fabrics
  • Features wide armrests for extra support


  • Could use extra storage
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How to Choose the Best Camping Chair?

There is an excellent variety of camping chairs to choose from. To help make your choice easier, we have made a short buying guide and answered common questions people have when selecting a suitable camping chair. 

Is Comfort the Only Thing to Consider?

We can agree that when sitting on a camping chair we expect a lesser degree of comfort than sitting on an armchair or sofa. However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for an uncomfortable chair.

Most of the chairs in the above list offer satisfactory comfort and it is something you must consider. If you will sit for prolonged periods, like at a concert, comfort is vital. Also, if you have ailments like a bad back or legs, sitting incorrectly can really do damage.

couple relaxing in folding seats

What Else Should I Look for in a Camping Chair?

tent and portable seats on seashoreWhen looking to buy camping gear such as family tents, folding tables, and camping chairs, there are essential things to look into.

Aside from comfort, there are three other main features you should look for when buying a camping chair – portability, weather resistance, and extra storage. Your chose model should have most, if not all, of these features.

A good quality camping chair is one that is lightweight, foldable, durable, stable, and has additional storage for your camping essentials.

Portability and Folding

Portability and design are important factors to consider when looking to buy outdoor seating solutions such as a sun lounger and a camping chair. Firstly, how easy is the chair to fold? The best camping chairs are designed in such a way that they can be collapsed and folded in seconds. You don’t want to spend time trying to figure out how to fold the chair, or even get your fingers trapped, for example.

Also, the chair should be easy to carry. Many camping chairs come with a small storage bag that has an attached carry handle. This means you can easily carry them, and they can be stored easily in your car, tent, or campervan for your next travel.

Weather Resistance

Camping chairs are used outdoors 99% of the time. Thus, you ideally want a product that has some form of weather resistance. As a minimum, the metal frame should be resistant to rust.

Also, ideally, the fabric of the seat and backrest of camping chairs should be water-resistant so that you can leave them outside if you are camping.

Extra Storage Features

Finally, you should also look if the chair has any additional storage features. Perhaps the most common features in camping chairs are cup holders and storage pockets. This is perfect for storing drinks and snacks. Cup holders are usually attached to one or both of the armrests. Some camping chairs have underneath storage pockets or pockets in the back of the chair.


A set of camping chairs is something that everyone should own. You can use them for so many different purposes and not just camping. Any one of the ten products we have listed could make an excellent addition to your list of essential camping equipment. However, our top choice for the best camping chair in the UK is the TREKOLOGY YIZI GO Portable camping chair. This product has an excellent combination of durable build and great features. It is lightweight and easy to carry and offers plenty of comfort and storage compartments for the perfect trip.

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