Can an Electric Shower be Descaled?

Amidst of this time when our world is full of luxuries, one of the most cherished is electric showers. No matter where you live and not matter how cold is there if there is electricity you can easily have hot showers whenever you need! These showers never run out of hot water because there is a continuous heating process through electrically powered heating element. No need of those old fashioned geysers or gas connections with limited hot water supply anymore. Doesn’t this fancy you? I simply love this. You can feel the blessing of these electric showers when you come home from work or a tiring trip or anytime you wish to have warm showers in cold weather. These soothing jets of warm water from these electric showers are really a touch of silk on your body.

Electric showers are available in a wide variety in markets in different designs; shower head spray patterns and power rating. Warming of water is controlled by the use of thermostats mostly. This also cuts off the frustration of adjusting hot and cold water taps for suitably warm water by controlling temperature of a single output as per your desire. With most advanced ways of controlling panel that could include touch controls, digital displays, audible alerts and timed control, heating electric showers have really put themselves on an edge in contrast to typical showers.

Limescale Buildup in Your Electric Shower

Despite outclassing those old showers still many questions arise about their performance. Are these showers prone to those eye soring hard water scales? Or limescale? Or clogging? Answer to these questions is a yes! But nevertheless there are many different solutions to many different problems regarding these types of issues.

For people living in regions where hard water is usually above 200 ppm has often problems of lime scale deposition inside the shower and the shower head. In UK, people living in London, Lincoln, Southampton, Manchester and Bristol etc., are more likely to be effected from this problem as water available there has high hardness in terms of calcium carbonates. Lime scale deposition can cause failure of heating element, poor temperature control and hassle in operation of pressure relief devices in showers.

Descaling Your Electric Shower

These are all major problems and for that the shower has to open up in order to descale its boiler or temperature controlling unit if required. But if water stops flowing from the shower or warm water isn’t coming or when your unit starts making loud noises, some basic techniques are applied to remove the shower head and descale it by dipping and cleaning with acid, lemon juice or vinegar. Sometimes you can just open up the cold water for few minutes with full pressure, this can blast up some of the scales and clear up the way for warm water to flow once again. But if the scaling is inside the shower body then you have to open it up to clean. Once you have opened up the shower, you will see a container connected with some wires and on top are some metal parts.

Make sure you memorize wire connections properly and placement of these parts correctly because if any of them is joined incorrectly it can cause huge problems. These metal parts are thermostats for temperature control. Take out the container and open the cover from it; this is a permanent water storage container that works as a boiler. Hard water heated in it leaves out scales that are left in the container and stick to the walls. Descale it the same way by soaking it in acid for almost 6 hours and clean it. Assemble it back again and you are good to go!

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  1. Ive just done mine in situ by sucking vinegar back into the shower hose. This involved shutting off the water supply to the house, switching the shower to cold water only and turning on various taps in the home. This draining down of the system creates a vacuum within the shower unit and draws the acid solution into the element, no dismantling required.

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