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Best Car Seat Cover in the UK 2020

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OUTOS Luxury Leather

OUTOS Luxury Leather

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Upgrade4Cars Full Set

Upgrade4Cars Full Set

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Xtremeauto Full Set

Xtremeauto Full Set

If you want your car to stay looking and feeling great for as long as possible, then the best car seat cover in the UK is a great investment. These handy accessories don’t just give your vehicle an extra dose of style, they can also infuse your seats with new life, and protect them from damage too.

Of course, choosing the best seat cover isn’t as simple as it seems. There are so many different options to choose from. Some products are all about aesthetic appeal and making your car look extra sleek. Others are about luxury, adding extra comfort to the front seats of your car, so you can enjoy a better experience for longer journeys. The good news? There are plenty of options.

Here, we’re going to give you an insight into some of the top car seat cover options that you can buy today – and what makes them so impressive.

Best Car Seat Cover Reviews – Top 10 Picks

The Upgrade4Cars Full Set of seat covers will keep your car looking fantastic for longer. This full set will fit most automobile seats with no problem, providing extra protection for your fabric seats, so you don’t have to worry as much about spills and marks.


These seat protectors are designed to make your life easier, with high-quality polyester and extra foam padding for exceptional comfort. You’ll have everything you need to cover your front and passenger seats in one kit, with a design that’s sure to appeal to anyone. The black and grey covers are washable at 30 degrees, and easy to care for – plus they’re airbag compatible.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your seats, or protect yourself from common stain and holes, these covers have it all. You can even choose from various colours.

Unfortunately, fitting these options can be very difficult, as the elastic doesn’t stretch very far.


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Cushioning included for extra comfort
  • Durable material that’s easy to clean
  • Full kit to keep your automobile in a great state
  • Airbag compatible


  • Could be quite difficult to apply and keep on your seats
  • May not include holes for seat belts
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If you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to have some of the best luxury leather seats in your automobile – you’re in for a treat. There’s no need to buy a new vehicle when you can transform your automobile with these leather look car seat covers from OUTOS. Perfect for those who want to add more luxury to their drive, these items will fit most 5-seat cars.


A brilliant way to upgrade your automobile’s appearance, these anti-slip car seat covers will transform your vehicle in no time. You’ll need to remove the joint between the headrest and the chair, but you can cover your entire car with leather-effect material and enjoy some extra foam padding at the same time. The PU leather is both durable and comfortable, with a wear-resistant backing.

Promising an easy fit, the OUTOS car seats will protect your vehicle from spills, child damage, and nail varnish. Plus, you get the extra benefit of seats that look fantastic too.

It is a little difficult to get these seat covers fitted in the rear seats, unfortunately, and the instructions aren’t particularly easy to follow.


  • Beautiful luxury car seat covers in leather effect
  • Suitable for most five-seat cars
  • Covers all of your vehicle seats
  • Great PU leather finish with extra-durable design
  • Range of colour options


  • Could be difficult to fit on the back seats
  • May not include the best instructions
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Defend your automobile against unnecessary wear and tear with these handy car seat covers from Xtremeauto. Featuring durable and comfortable materials, the XtremeAuto car seat covers will keep your automobile in perfect shape for years to come. What’s more, the complete set comes with a sporty ribbed design and extra padding for lumbar support.


The full set of upholstery car seat covers from Xtremeauto comes with everything you need to protect your automobile. There are two covers for the front seats, and a complete cover for the back in 2 parts. There’s also a set of 5 headset covers included too. These fabric protectors should cover up any holes in no time and keep your car safe from kids and pets.

Suitable for a wide range of different cars, you can purchase your covers in a variety of colours to suit your preferred style. Plus, the extra benefit of additional padding to support your back as you drive.

Unfortunately, the fabric is a little thin, which means it might not be ideal for heavy wear. It’s also a little fiddly to get everything set up.


  • Range of upholstery colours to choose from
  • Excellent full set design for your entire car
  • Protect against pets hair, crumbs, and stains
  • Sporty design with extra lumbar padding
  • Headrest covers included


  • May not be the thickest material for your seats
  • Can be difficult to get everything set up
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Sleek and simple, these types of car seat covers from Upgrade4Cars are some of the best car seat covers in the UK for people who want a no-fuss way to protect their car upholstery. The black seat covers come in an elegant design with great faux leather to help prevent damage from moisture. The covers are easy to care for, with a non-slip design, and they’re safe for airbags too.


These sophisticated car seat covers from Upgrade4Cars add something extra to your automobile with faux leather. Perfect for protecting your car interior from all kinds of stains, including nail varnish, child spills and more, the covers are durable and easy to clean. The premium 9-piece set comes with headrests protection too.

Upgrading the appearance and condition of your car is easy with these universal covers from Upgrade4Cars. You can make your automobile look more appealing and get extra protection too.

Unfortunately, these seat covers are a little tricky to apply, with some areas appearing looser than others.


  • Entire set coverage for front and rear seats
  • Protects your car from a number of marks
  • Durable enough to withstand wear
  • Faux black leather finish is a great alternative to fabric
  • Covers headrests too


  • Can be difficult to apply, with some odd fitting areas
  • May not be suitable for all cars
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These black car seat covers with coloured accents from HORSE KINGDOM are sure to infuse your automobile with an extra level of style. If you want faux leather car seat covers for all of your seats, then this is the set for you. The 11 piece set features luxurious, breathable leather-like material that’s easy to wipe clean and maintain.


Protect your car seats and upgrade your car’s appearance with some of the best seat covers on the market. The HORSE KINGDOM car seat covers come with everything you need to upgrade your automobile and some great customer reviews too. There’s a fit split rear seat so you can have extra space for a cupholder. There are also extra holes so you can find belts easily.

Underneath the faux leather material, these covers come with padding for your front and rear seats to make various cars more comfortable. There’s also a 100% money-back guarantee so you can get your cash if you don’t like the details of this product when it arrives.

Just keep in mind that this won’t fit all cars. The covers are quite small, so be careful if your automobile has a lot of space.


  • Some of the most attractive car seat covers around
  • Black leather finish with colour transfer accents
  • Full set available to cover all seats in a number of ways
  • Extra gaps to help you find belts easily
  • Excellent protection against damage


  • May not be as spacious as some seat cover options
  • May not work with all automobiles
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If you just want front seat covers to transform your car, then Upgrade4Cars has you covered. These attractive leatherette style covers are great for giving new life to the front part of your automobile with a sleek black and grey finish. The adaptable protectors are also suitable for use with airbags. You also get covers for your headrests too.


A stunning pair of black and grey seat covers, this set from Upgrade4Cars will protect your upholstery while making your automobile look amazing. According to the reviews we read, these seat covers are some of the best for versatility and will usually work well with most car brands. You also get the extra bonus of knowing that your padded car seat covers will defend your materials from water and damage.

If you don’t have any kids to worry about messing up the back seat, these front seat covers could be the ideal choice.

Just keep in mind that it does take a while to fit this product correctly. Additionally, a number of these products suffer from poor stitching.


  • Sleek and durable leatherette design
  • Suitable for protecting against everything from water to olive oil
  • Covers the front seats of most cars
  • Support for headrests included
  • Works with airbags for safety


  • Could be easier to apply
  • May have poor stitching which might lead to holes
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Another great product for anyone who wants to protect and enhance their car, the CAR PASS 11 piece seat cover set provides everything you need to upgrade your interior. These universal car covers will keep your fabric in pristine condition.


Suitable for most sizes of seats, including those in cars, trucks, and vans, these handy covers from CAR PASS will cover all the seats in your car, and leave them looking fantastic, without disrupting the actions of front and side airbags. The material is a creative combination of luxurious fabric designed to improve comfort for a better driving experience.

With quick delivery and easy installation thanks to various elastic straps and S-hooks, you can get your car feeling as good as new in no time. Aside from front and rear seat covers, these top-level items from CAR PASS cover the headrests too.

One possible issue with these seat covers, unfortunately, is that the holes for the seatbelts won’t always be in the right place.


  • Attractive fabric with colour transfer
  • Covers every seat and headrest in your automobile
  • Suitable for use with front and side airbags
  • Protects your automobile from most stains
  • Works with various automobile


  • Holes for the belts may not always be in the right place
  • May not be universal
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Why make do with boring products when the top seat covers can come with beautiful designs? Featuring some of the reviews we’ve seen, these high-performance CAR PASS flower and butterfly seat covers add something special to your car. There are 2 front seat covers, and 2 backrest covers, alongside a set of headrest protectors too.


Earning a number of positive reviews, these fantastic airbag compatible car seat covers will transform your driving experience in no time. The beautiful design is sure to earn you compliments from anyone lucky enough to be your passenger. The separate back and bottom design also mean that it’s easier to apply these seat covers to all kinds of seats.

A lovely gift idea for someone who appreciates their car, these covers are a little different from the common options you’ll see elsewhere on the market.

Unfortunately, the fabric feels thin in some places.


  • Attractive design appeals to lots of customers
  • Suitable for different types of seat
  • Separate back and bottom design for easy application
  • Beautiful colour transfer butterfly and flower
  • Covers for headrests included


  • Fabric may feel a little flimsy
  • Transfer may wear away over time
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If you’re searching on websites for a car seat cover that will keep your automobile looking great in even the most challenging circumstances, we’ve got you covered. These Carseatcover covers are good news for people who travel with messy kids or passengers in damp conditions. The set includes 2 front set covers that are resistant to all moisture.


Fully waterproof and easy to maintain, you can wipe these heavy-duty car seat covers down in no time and make sure that your car stays in great condition. The heavy-duty and rubber lined design means that you get absolute protection from all the elements. What’s more, these products are intended to offer a universal fit, which is good news if you have larger seats.

Like a number of the best seat covers on the market today, this product comes with a fantastic 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

Unfortunately, you might find these covers a little less attractive if you’re looking for stylish seat covers. The heavy-duty products may be better for those in taxi services, or people who work outside.


  • Durable car seat covers with waterproofing
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Airbag and armrest friendly
  • Fits with almost all car seat styles
  • Protects from a number of stains


  • May not be very attractive to some
  • May come loose at times
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Bring the comfort of your home into your car with these appealing KKmoon classic car seat covers. Ideal for protecting your vehicle from a wide selection of issues, these covers are both resilient and attractive. They also come with a storage bag, so if you decide that you want to remove the covers during a checkup or car review, you can.


One of the best car seat covers UK companies can offer, the KKmoon seat protectors come with a high-quality washable material throughout. The fabric is durable enough to withstand regular use, and it’s flexible, so you don’t have to worry about difficult installation, even if you have larger bucket seats.

The KKmoon covers will protect your car from all kinds of dust and dirt, although they’re not waterproof like some of the other best seat covers, we’ve seen. If you want your vehicle to look more attractive however, you can choose from various colours to suit your style.


  • Multiple colour options
  • One of the best materials for durable performance
  • Comfortable and convenient design
  • Suitable for washing and reusing
  • Bag included for storage


  • May not be waterproof
  • May be tough to tighten to the right size
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Are Car Seat Covers Universal?

the back interior of a vehicleThe best car seat cover in the UK is supposed to be designed to work with all kinds of seats, which is good news for anyone who wants to make their car’s interior more appealing. The best car seat protectors will easily stretch across bucket seats and headrests to give you complete protection. However, some designs will be a little smaller than the others.

When choosing the best car seat covers, look at the measurements included if possible, and try and get some feedback from the reviews you can see online to ensure your covers will fit properly.

Remember, aside from looking at size, you should also think about:


The best seat covers need to be durable enough to withstand regular use. You need high-quality material to keep your seats safe from any damage caused by water, dirt, and dust. Leather effect car seats are sometimes better at handling moisture.


Your favourite seat covers will often be the ones that look great. When you’re perusing on the internet for the ideal seat covers, keep aesthetic appeal in mind. Some may prefer leather-look covers whereas others would prefer a more colourful touch with a touch of red stitching. If you use your car professionally then you may not appreciate butterfly or bird designs.

Additional Features:

an interior of an automobileThe good news for today’s consumers is that there are tons of different seat cover to choose from. Many of the best options come with extra features like padding for additional comfort, or an easy wipe-down design. You can also look for features like cover for headrests, or extra spaces for drinks holders and armrests. However, holes for seatbelts should be a minimum requirement for safety and ease-of-use.

Choosing your Car Seat Covers

The best car seat cover UK companies can offer for you will depend on your needs. Make sure that you consider all of your options carefully before you start spending. Our favourite option from this article is the Upgrade4Cars Full Set of fabric covers.

These covers are fully airbag compatible and come with extra cushioning so you can enjoy every drive. There’s also the option to wash your covers in the washing machine if they get stained, so you can ensure they last as long as possible.

Good luck choosing the product that’s right for you!

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