Casper Mattress UK Review 2021: Performance and Comfort in a Box

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

If you’re looking for a complete Casper mattress UK review, then you’ve come to the right place.

Few things will have an impact on your sleep more than the right mattress. After all, if the surface that you’re sleeping on is hard, lumpy, or uncomfortable in any way, then you’re never going to get the right quality of sleep. A bad mattress can increase your chances of joint issues, back problems, chronic exhaustion, and more.

However, finding the ideal mattress for your needs isn’t always as simple as it seems. While some people will appreciate the firm support of a hybrid mattress, others will want the sinkable softness of a memory foam product. Not to mention, there are countless different brands to choose from in the UK market today, each claiming that their solutions are the best for sleepers with aches and pains.

Casper Mattress Review

casper mattress beside boxDesigned to be so comfortable that you feel as though you’re lying on a bed of clouds, the Casper mattress is a pioneer in sleep solutions. Created for the era in bed-in-a-box mattresses that are delivered straight to your door, the Casper is a hybrid bed with 3 foam layers, offering a unique combination of durability, joint support, and squashable softness.

This mattress is available in a range of sizes to suit all of your needs. There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with Casper.

To help you make the right decision with your mattress investment, we filtered through thousands of Casper bed reviews to bring you this guide to the original Casper rolled mattress. In this Casper mattress review, we’ll look at:

  • Customer service
  • Construction
  • Mattress cover
  • Firmness
  • Design & comfort
  • Breathability & smell
  • Durability

Features & Benefits

Customer Service

As mentioned above, Casper is a part of the growing “bed-in-a-box” industry. That means you can expect an excellent delivery and set-up experience. When you buy through Casper or affiliated companies, you can usually get free shipping. Plus, Casper mattresses come with a 100-night risk-free period where you can test your bed and return it if you’re not 100% happy. There’s even a ten-year warranty if you decide to hold onto your new mattress.

The Casper mattress is an award-winning bedding option. The company was named one of the most innovative brands in the world by Fast Company in 2017. What’s more, Casper has been recognised by countless publications as one of the world’s best mattress companies.

You can learn more about Casper’s warranty terms and conditions and their customer service options on the Casper website.

Once you’ve removed the packaging from your new Casper mattress, it begins to decompress quite quickly. You may notice a bit of a smell to start with – but that’s normal for most memory foam mattresses. The smell will dissipate by itself after a little time.


The Casper is a hybrid three-layer memory foam mattress. At the very bottom of the bed, you’ll find a stronger base foam layer, which helps to add durability to your bedding, and reduces the risk of sagging over time. In the centre of the mattress, there’s a transition layer of foam and supple high-density memory foam. This reduces the risk of motion transfer if you’re sleeping in a bed with a partner. In other words, even if your other half constantly tosses and turns during the night, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting a great night’s sleep.

The breathable open-cell foam at the top of the Casper mattress is one of the most innovative parts of this bed’s design. Most memory foam mattresses sleep very hot, because the more you sink into the foam, the warmer you’re going to feel. However, the open-cell design means that air can move freely around and beneath your body as you sleep, keeping you cool.

Mattress Cover

The whole mattress is also CertiPUR-US-certified. This means that you can rest assured that your bed doesn’t feature any dangerous chemicals that are known for depleting the ozone. What’s more, the product comes encased in a luxurious zip-off cover so that you can keep your bedding as fresh as possible.


casper mattress form testCurrently, like many bed-in-a-box options, the mattress only comes with a single firmness setting. On a scale of 1-10, most reviewers rate the firmness at around 7 or 8, meaning that it is a bit firmer than some of the other options available. However, remember that “firm” doesn’t mean hard. In the case of the Casper mattress, a firmer centre helps to provide better support for your back and joints.

If you’re a lighter person, then you might find that a memory foam mattress topper is needed to give you an extra dose of softness. However, most people, particularly those sleeping with a partner, should find that the comfort level is just right for their needs. Interestingly, the firm level of the Casper mattress also means that it’s relatively bouncy too – this isn’t something you usually get when you’re buying other mattresses.

Design and Comfort

family on casper mattressMotion and heat transfer are two of the things that we were keen to focus on in our Casper mattress UK review. After all, Casper claims to offer a sensational experience for couples in search of the perfect bedding, and we were excited to see if that was the case. Even in the best relationships, the last thing you want is to be woken up by your partner because they won’t stop rolling around.

Many all-foam mattresses do a great job at keeping motion transfer to a minimum, and the Casper is no exception. This fantastic bed is amazingly good because the Casper team were careful to use a wide range of different foams in their mattress to achieve the perfect combination of softness and support. You’re very unlikely to notice your partner moving around next to you at all.

A lack of obvious motion transfer is one thing but achieving minimal heat absorption in a memory foam bed is another issue entirely. Usually, these mattresses are terrible when it comes to heat because the very things that make them so cosy (those layers of foam) also mean that you feel as though you’re wrapped up in cushions. The deeper you sink into the bed, the warmer you’re going to feel.

However, as mentioned above, Casper has taken some significant measures to reduce the amount of overheating customers get when they use this mattress. The open cell structure in the top layer of the comfort foam not only helps air to circulate your body; it also assists with navigating hot air away from the body. The Casper doesn’t soak up too much of your body heat for an extended period either. Most of the heat will dissipate from your bed after ten minutes of staying away from a specific area.

If you’re a particularly hot sleeper, then you shouldn’t have a problem with the Casper memory foam. Although, it’s worth noting that this option may still be a little warmer than some other pocket-sprung mattress – as is the case with all memory foam products.

The only way to know if a mattress is right for you is to try it out for yourself.

If you’re wondering “Where can I try a Casper mattress in the UK,” then there aren’t many options available. Casper’s website highlights various locations in the US where you can find a Casper mattress, but they’re still working on getting their beds into stores around the UK.

For now, you might have to make do with the 100-night free trial to check if this bed is right for you.

The good news is that if you do opt for the free trial, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. This is one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market today. As mentioned above, it’s great at keeping you cool if you’re a hot sleeper, which means that it stands a step above a lot of the other mattresses available today. We were also very impressed by the level of edge support available from this mattress. As well as providing minimal motion transfer for you and your partner, the Casper ensures that your bedding isn’t going to sag and dip the closer that you get to the edge. That means that you can move around easily through the night.

Breathability and Smell

casper mattress and overheatingA mattress can be a significant investment – particularly if you’re buying a bigger product for you and your partner. With this, it’s a good idea to look for a bed that’s easier to care for. It’s worth noting that unboxing and setting up your Casper mattress is pretty simple. The bed doesn’t weigh much, and you’ll be able to get it upstairs in its packaging with just one person.

Once you do have the packaging open and you’ve laid your mattress out on your bed, you will notice some off-gassing. The smell of the Casper mattress isn’t great, to begin with, but it’s difficult to find any memory foam mattress that doesn’t have any initial smell. The best thing you can do is leave the bed to air out for a few hours or open a window in your room.

The good news is that the off-gassing does dissipate quite quickly compared to some of the other memory foam mattresses that we’ve tried. This might be partially down to the fact that the layers in the Casper are ozone friendly and come without any exposure to chemicals or toxins that might cause them to hold onto their scent for longer.


One positive thing about maintenance for the Casper mattress is that you shouldn’t need to flip it to keep it in excellent condition. However, there are handles included on the bed so you can rotate it now and again. Rotating your mattress from top to bottom will help to reduce the risk of ending up with dents and grooves where you and your partner have been sleeping.

While rotating your mattress can be a bit of a pain in the neck at first, it’s something that’s recommended for most memory foam options. Additionally, the handles for moving and turning your new bed make the process a lot more straightforward.

Finishing Thoughts

casper mattress easy to setupBy the time we finished our Casper mattress UK review, we were thoroughly impressed by the performance and comfort of this bed in a box. It’s an excellent option for people who like to sleep in a range of different positions. Additionally, the Casper mattress is likely to be a good choice for you if you sleep hot and have a partner that moves around a lot. The unique construction of the bed is excellent for keeping you cool while delivering that excellent memory foam comfort. Additionally, minimal motion transfer means that the Casper could be perfect for saving a bunch of different relationships.

The Casper mattress is also very easy to move and set up. That means that if you’re willing to take advantage of Casper’s 100-night sleep trial, you should be able to get it up and into your room for a test run without having to struggle up the stairs. We think that by the time you’ve finished sleeping on this mattress for a few nights, you’ll have already fallen in love with the pressure-relieving comfort of the unique hybrid memory foam.

We’d recommend the Casper if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have a favourite sleeping position and wants a medium to firm level of support to assist with things like joint pains and back problems. Another unique thing about this mattress is that it also offers some of the bounce that you don’t get from most memory foam beds. If you like the idea of memory foam, but don’t want to feel stuck, this could be perfect for you.

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