Best Cat Bed Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On June 30th, 2022

Cats can sleep for around 16 hours a day, which is why it’s important that your cat has a safe and comfortable place to relax in each night. Some cats can be fussy about their bed and prefer one that offers various sleeping positions. Or maybe your cat suffers from joint pain and requires a supportive bed.

Whatever your cat’s preferences, we’re here to help you discover the best cat bed for your furry friend. As such, we’ve researched a plethora of materials, styles, heating capabilities, and other features of cat beds. Keep reading to discover our top findings and choose one that’s tailored to your pet’s sleeping style and needs.

Best Cat Bed Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Mora Pets Self-Heating Pads (Editor’s Choice)

Mora Pets Self-Heating PadsKeep your cat content with the Mora Pets cat bed. Compared to other self-heating cat pads, this bed is delightfully noiseless so there’s no annoying crinkly sound when your cat moves around. This allows you to keep the heated cat bed in your bedroom without worrying that it might interrupt your sleep. It also comes in a large size, making it ideal for larger cats or those that prefer to stretch on their cat beds when sleeping.


This bed is great for cat owners searching for a portable, lightweight cat bed that’s easy to take from one destination to another. Its foldable material also makes it convenient to store when not in use.

A safer alternative to a plug-in heated cat bed, this option features two layers of self-heating fibre and one layer of mylar reflective film which will keep your pet warm in the colder months. Using pressure activated technology, this cat bed automatically begins retaining heat from your pet’s body. In addition to this, the plush top is skin-friendly, while the ultra-soft fleece bottom provides ample cushioning for your pets.

Unfortunately, as this bed doesn’t have a thick layer of cushioning, you may find that it doesn’t get as warm as other cat beds. In fact, this material might not be ideal if your cat is older, very active, or needs more support for its joints and muscles. Furthermore, some cat owners were disappointed to discover that the bed doesn’t use electricity to self-heat, despite its title. Instead, it relies on your pet’s body heat to create a warm, cushioned bed.

  • The bed is completely machine washable, making it easy to clean
  • Its lightweight design makes it ideal for travelling 
  • The ultra-soft fleece bottom provides comfort for pets
  • Features a layer of insulating, mylar reflective film
  • Its design might be thinner than expected
  • There are no electrical components to generate heat so might not be warm enough

2. VERTAST Cosy Igloo (Best Enclosed)

VERTAST Cosy IglooIf you’re looking to create a safe sleeping surface for your cat or kitten, this cat bed is ideal if you have a small cat that doesn’t require much room or loves to sleep in a small area. It is also perfect for cats that like to cosy up in an igloo-style bed to remain warm and comfortable. Designed with a super soft material, it provides plenty of cushioning for your pet.


The VERTAST cosy bed retains heat due to its enclosed design, which makes it ideal for winter months. In fact, this cosy design works best for a kitten or a new cat that you’ve just brought home from the shelter. Your cat will love the fur collar that cushions your pet’s neck while it sleeps.

Another top feature of this cat bed is its raised entrance that’s just right for kittens and smaller-sized cats. The internal cushion offers ample padding for comfort. Furthermore, this cat bed’s materials and the overall design also make it an excellent choice for older cats experiencing joint discomfort. Plus, it’s fully removable for hassle-free washing and cleaning.

One important consideration to make with this cat bed is its size. It’s primarily designed for kittens and small cats. If your cat is too large for the bed, it’ll easily collapse and lose its shape. Or your cat won’t have much room to spread out. Similarly, some customers found that it is slightly flimsy with a frame that might not be suitable for cats with heavier weights.

  • The bed’s fleece cushion provides warmth and comfort
  • The igloo design offers privacy and a safe and secure environment for cats
  • It’s easy to wash and clean
  • The fur collar supports your pet’s neck while it sleeps
  • Cushioned interior can help with joint discomfort
  • It’s a small cat bed, which might be unsuitable for larger cats
  • It might be slightly flimsy and offers minimal support

3. Quality Pet Products Soft Radiator Mat (Best Value)

Quality Pet Products Soft Radiator MatDesigned to be placed on your radiator at home, this cat bed is an alternative to conventional options. With no permanent fixture, you can detach the cat bed from your radiator at any time. It’s the perfect bed for cats that love to be near heat or sleep elevated off the ground.


This cat bed features a comfortable cover that enhances the sleeping experience for your cat. Its fluffy interior sits gently against your pet’s fur, allowing it to snuggle up and feel an enhanced sense of security. Additionally, this cover soaks up heat from the radiator, keeping your cat warm. What’s more, the plush material lends the bed a level of protection, protecting your cat from overheating.

In addition, it features a sturdy metal frame that securely and easily attaches to radiators. This solid frame provides a stable place for your cat to lie on. In fact, your cat can jump on and off of it without it breaking easily. Furthermore, this radiator bed won’t damage your home furnishings or wall.

One common complaint with this cat bed is that the fleece material can retain some pieces of fluff, which can make it hard to clean. Also, if you have a pet that’s rather active and spends a lot of time outdoors, you might need to regularly maintain the bed or wash it often. And after regular use, it may become irritating to cats as the material loses its softness. Also, some users reported that the material may not be as cushioned for some. Therefore, you may need to add another layer if your cat prefers thicker beds.

  • Comes with a durable bed frame 
  • It doesn’t require any permanent fixtures in your home
  • The cover easily soaks up heat from the radiator
  • The bed is easy to set up 
  • Suitable for active and playful cats
  • You may need to add more padding if your cat prefers more cushioning
  • The fleece material may wear out quickly

4. Legendog Round Fluffy Plush (Best for Joint Pain)

Legendog Round Fluffy PlushIf your cat experiences joint problems or arthritis, then the best bed for its needs should be comfortable and supportive at the same time. The bed you choose should be carefully designed to provide pressure relief for the head, neck, and back. This also requires using supportive materials that eliminate any strain or stress when your cat changes positions.


Fortunately, the Legendog cat bed is made of plush and PP cotton that’s skin-friendly. These materials also enable the bed to adapt to your pet’s sleeping positions. Additionally, these materials are soft against your cat’s fur, preventing irritation.

Once in bed, your cat will have a cosy place to curl up safely. The soft fibres will also make your pet feel comfortable throughout the night, even in winter. Moreover, the bed’s circular design provides a place for your cat to rest its head and provide cushioning for any sore joints. The bed also features a textured bottom that helps to prevent slips and falls.

On the other hand, some customers reported that the bed is much flatter than it appears in the pictures. This can make it difficult for your cat to get into a comfortable position—especially if your cat is older and struggles to get up from a sitting or lying position. Also, the bed can sometimes sink, which might make it difficult for senior cats to move around. 

  • The bed uses skin-friendly materials
  • It features an anti-slip bottom, which is ideal for wooden floors
  • It uses a plush and PP cotton fabric
  • It may arrive flatter than it looks in pictures
  • The bed could sag a bit, making it difficult for cats to change positions and move around

5. Rosewood Soft Plush Igloo (Best for Kittens)

Rosewood Soft Plush IglooThis is the best bed for kittens and small cats that enjoy cuddling up into a small ball when sleeping. It is also ideal for small pets that prefer having an enclosed space to feel comfortable and cosy.


This cat bed features a removable inner cushion that’s machine washable on a 30-degree, gentle cycle. It’s designed to replicate a cat igloo that provides an enclosed, comfortable, and snug sleeping area for your cat. The bed is like a calming spot where your pet can feel perfectly relaxed during cat naps.

Furthermore, the cat bed uses 100% polyester filling that’s easy to care for. The fleecy material retains heat, helping to keep your cat warm during the colder months. The material is also thick and will feel soft against your cat’s fur.

However, you should bear in mind that the outer bed isn’t machine washable and can only be wiped clean. This might make it difficult and time-consuming to keep the bed free from dirt, debris, and fur. Plus, you need to use a mild detergent to avoid damaging the bed’s delicate material. This extra care also means that you’ll need to clean it quite often.

  • The igloo design provides an enclosed sleeping space
  • Its filling retains heat, which is ideal for colder months
  • The inner cushion is machine washable and easy to maintain
  • The outer bed isn’t machine washable and might be difficult to care for
  • The polyester filling could be harder than some other materials

6. LONTG Calming Pet Sofa (Best for Softness)

LONTG Calming Pet SofaCats love soft and high-quality beds, which is why LONTG designed this comfortable place for pets to sleep and relax in. Featuring a plush cotton material, this bed provides comfort and warmth. The design creates a safe and secure environment, something that will remind your pet of its mother’s warmth.


One of the biggest benefits of this cat bed is its durability and resilience. It boasts high-quality materials that are plump, thick, and designed to keep the bed’s shape and prevent sagging and untimely wear and tear. It also uses breathable fabrics, which provides a cooler sleeping surface for your cat in the summer.

The non-slip and moisture-resistant bottom enhances friction and prevents falls and slips on smooth and slippery floors. Therefore, this bed is safe for use in different rooms and on different surfaces. Plus, you don’t have to continuously reposition the bed.

However, this cat bed isn’t machine washable and isn’t always easy to keep clean. So if your cat enjoys playing in the mud and rain, you’ll need to clean it with a sponge or resort to purchasing an entirely new bed if it becomes too dirty. In addition, it doesn’t offer enough room to accommodate multiple cats, which may require you to purchase an additional bed for other cats in your household. What’s more, some customers said that the bed was a little smaller than they expected, which could be a problem for larger cats.

  • The fabric is breathable, which is ideal for the summer months
  • This cat bed is thick and plush, providing ample comfort for cats that like extra cushioning
  • Its non-slip base makes it suitable for wooden, tiled floors
  • The cat bed is supportive
  • Features high-quality materials and construction
  • The cat bed isn’t machine washable and could be difficult to clean
  • The pieces of fluff could fall off onto the floor

7. PiuPet Premium Pet House (Best for Small Spaces)

Pet Premium Pet HouseKeep your cat relaxed in a tranquil environment with the PiuPet cat bed. It provides ample comfort and an enclosed space for sleeping or napping throughout the day. Featuring a unique design and shape, the bed allows you to position it anywhere in your home.


This box-shaped cat bed is great for cats that enjoy their alone time and spend their days in a quiet environment. Its space-saving design also makes it suitable for placing on top of shelves.

Offering a comfortable sleeping surface for your cat, this is one of the best cat beds for a cold evening. The bed’s base is made with a fine polyester felt material. Its top layer consists of fleece cushioning, lending softness to the bed. Plus, the combination of materials used can help your pet to feel secure in a new environment or in winter.

Unfortunately, the enclosed design also means the can retain a lot of heat. Thus, this bed isn’t ideal for cats that prefer a cooler environment when they sleep. The small opening can make it difficult for larger cats to get in and out of the bed. This igloo-style bed might also be unsuitable for some pets not used to the enclosed design, so it could take some time for them to get used to the bed.

  • The fleece cushioning adds an extra softness that many cats like
  • The enclosed design retains heat, which is ideal for the winter months
  • Its stylish, unique design complements any home decor
  • The fine polyester thread doesn’t have any stray threading
  • Some cats may become too warm inside of the bed
  • The bed may be thinner and less sturdy than expected, making it difficult to hold its shape

8. Petmate Self-Warming Cushion (Best Round)

Petmate Self-Warming CushionIf you’re looking for the best cat bed, the Petmate Self-Warming Cushion won’t disappoint. This bed provide pets with a safe space where they will feel secure. It also helps maintain cosy temperature levels that cats love to make sure they have a comfortable night’s sleep. It’s also big enough to potentially fit two cats in at the same time.


This bed offers a comfortable sleeping surface for cats that like to sleep with their heads resting on a cushion. It keeps them snug and warm in the colder months, thanks to the fleece lining that retains their natural heat without them becoming overheated. It achieves this by using space technology that consists of a foil layer to radiate your cat’s body heat. And best of all, it doesn’t require any electricity for operation—making it safe and easy to use. As such, some cats love to use this bed outdoors, too.

Measuring 19 inches, Petmate designed this cat bed for moving around the home, as some cats like having the option of different places to sleep. Therefore, you can keep it on the sofa to snuggle up to your cat or place it next to your bed for some nighttime comfort. Furthermore, this size is suitable for many cats that are petite or kittens.

On the other hand, since the bed comes with a circular shape and borders, it might not be suitable for cats that like to sleep stretched out. In addition, you may also prefer a memory foam cat bed that offers more support if your pet is aged or has health conditions.  This bed can’t be washed in the washing machine, thus, requires some sponge cleaning.

  • The bed comes with a soft fleece lining that retains heat
  • The bed is easy to assemble with no electricity required
  • Big enough to fit kittens or 2 small cats
  • The bed’s material makes it easy to fold up for portability
  • Utilises space blanket technology
  • As it’s not memory foam, it may not provide much support for older cats
  • It may become too hot in the summer
  • It’s not machine washable and might not be easy to clean

9. Muswanna Plush Donut Cushion (Best with Non-Slip Base)

Muswanna Plush Donut CushionThis cat bed features a donut design that encourages your cat to curl up in a ball for maximum comfort. Its soft interior, raised rim, and non-toxic materials make sure your pet is provided with comfort and support. The luxurious feel also means that cats can spend hours in this high-quality bed.


Designed with a round shape, the Plush Donut bed is ideal for cats that love curling up to generate heat. As a result, its shape can help your cat to feel more safe and secure—especially if it’s in a new environment. The raised rim creates a sense of security as well as provide support for the head and neck. Plus, the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief, encouraging deep sleep and comfort for older cats.

Most impressively, this is the best cat bed if your furry friend gets cold at night. Cats like the fluffy luxe interior as it’s gentle against their skin and retains heat. And it’s also available in three sizes-small, medium, and large.

You should be aware that this cat bed is quite soft and prone to sinking especially when your cat’s in it. This is primarily because it’s made with soft materials that lack some support. This also means that you may need to plump the bed often, not to mention that your pet might be looking for a thicker, more supportive bed. The filling isn’t evenly distributed as well so some patches are thinner than others. This could become a problem if your cat likes moving around at night. Hence, you may have to replace the bed only after several months of use.

  • It features a non-slip and waterproof bottom
  • The soft interior material is gentle against your pet’s skin and fur
  • It’s available in various colours, helping to complement your home’s decor
  • The bed’s round shape allows cats to comfortably curl up in a ball
  • It’s machine washable and easy to maintain
  • The bed might not be suitable for large breeds
  • It might not be suitable for powerful chewers

10. Pet Magasin 4-Way Hideaway Cave (Luxury Choice)

Pet Magasin 4-Way Hideaway CaveIf your cat loves curling up in a warm bed during winter, Pet Magasin designed this cave-style bed for your precious pet. This unique cushion provides insulation and layers of padding to keep your cat warm and happy. And it will also give you peace of mind that your cat won’t be cold while sleeping. It’s also the right bed for cats that like to sleep in different positions each night.


One of the best features of this cat cave bed is the combination of materials used: fleece, microfiber, and faux fur. The fleece and foam cushions your cat’s fur. The microfiber exterior also has antibacterial properties and is easy to clean.

No matter which way you position the bed, it’ll wrap your cat in luxurious comfort every night, helping it to drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep. In particular, it comes with the option for four different positions. For example, the cat cave provides a home for your cat to hide in or feel a sense of security, whereas the flat bed is perfect for cats to stretch out. Also, the microfibre-lined pod and faux fur-lined cup are the perfect configurations for your cat to curl up and retain heat.

Additionally, the microfibre material is soft and comfortable for cats. It is also easy to vacuum dirt and debris from the fabric. The faux-fur lining, on the other hand, adds a touch of charm to the cave bed. It is worth noting, however, that some customers reported that while their cats like the cat bed, it doesn’t keep its shape. This means that it might not be suitable for larger or heavier cats. Furthermore, you may have to regularly make the bed for your cat to keep them comfortable, as the material can easily shift.

  • The microfiber exterior is antibacterial and easy to care for
  • This cave-style bed provides four configurations
  • It features a faux-fur lining and trim that cats seem to like
  • With a portable design, you can take it on the go
  • The bed might lose its shape over time
  • The bottom surface could get slippery on hard floors
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What to Look for in a Cat Bed

Cat beds can be versatile, leading to an array of options on the market. Since cats sleep a lot, it’s important to pick cat beds that suit your furry friends. To help you find the best cat bed for your pet, below are some of the most important features to consider during the buying process.


feline standing next to food and cushionSize is perhaps the first feature to bear in mind when shopping for pet accessories such as a cat bed, cat carriers, cat litter trays, and automatic cat feeders. A cat bed shouldn’t be too small for your cat, otherwise, they won’t be able to fit inside or on top of the bed, which will result in them not using it. Most of the best cat beds usually measure around 40-45cm in diameter, and are typically labelled as ‘one-size-fits-all’. However, you should consider your pet’s habits and personality before making a decision. 

For instance, if you have a kitten, a larger bed might not be as cosy as a smaller bed since it has more open space. With that being said, remember that your cat will outgrow its new bed. Therefore, you shouldn’t buy anything too small if you’re not willing to purchase a new pet bed anytime soon.

As a general rule of thumb, the bed’s size should be 4-6 inches bigger than your pet’s size. This allows for plenty of wiggle room so your cat can change positions as needed. When in doubt, always opt for the larger size.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

When buying a cat bed, you should consider how easy it is to clean. If you don’t wash or clean the areas that come into contact with your cat, it can spread bacteria and result in infections. And if your cat has fleas, they could continue to grow on the cat bed.

Fortunately, best cat beds are machine washable. These are designed with a removable cushion or top layer that you can unzip or unclip and toss into the washing machine. In fact, having a machine-washable cat bed means you don’t have to wipe down the bed regularly.

Materials Used

The materials a cat bed is made of make a huge difference to the overall quality and comfort it provides. Most are made of soft fabrics that feel comfortable against your pet’s fur and skin. Most importantly, opt for natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool, or unbleached materials. This helps cats to breathe better as they have sensitive noses. And if your cat doesn’t seem too bothered by synthetic materials, such as plush polyesters, you can experiment with the variety of materials used.

If you want your cat to be as comfortable as possible, cotton and wool make excellent choices. Also, additional foam layers and padding provide thickness to the pet bed, which may result in more comfort for some cats. Additional layers provide extra support for senior cats with joint problems.

You may also prefer cat beds that have a non-slip bottom to prevent the pet bed from sliding across slippery surfaces, such as wooden floors.

Design and Shape

Cat beds come in different types and shapes: enclosed, cave, open, and heated. There’s no one design that’s better than all the others, as your purchase depends on your cat’s sleeping preferences and habits. You may also wish to choose a cat bed that’s lightweight and portable if you plan on taking your cat to new locations. This means choosing fabrics that are easily foldable.

a. Cat Caves 

young woman choosing a pet cushion in storeMost cats prefer to sleep in enclosed spaces because it helps them to feel warm and secure. In which case, cat caves and igloo-style beds are ideal for this, as they’re fully enclosed with one opening. Typically, this pet bed will have a soft or hard outer shell and usually contains padding on the inside for a comfortable resting zone.

b. Radiator Cat Beds

Radiator cat beds are great for cats who love sleeping in a warm environment. As the name implies, these beds attach to your home radiator and are raised off the ground. As a result, your cat will sleep on a higher level, which can make it feel more secure. A high sleeping position provides cats with an advantage for spotting potential threats to their safety.

c. Cat Mats

This type of cat bed is easy and convenient to place anywhere in your home, including in small spaces. Some cats prefer the simplicity of a cat mat because there’s no need to fluff up the material. But you should examine your cat’s current sleeping behaviour before considering one, for example, if they enjoy sleeping on thick layers or tend to curl up on the carpet.

d. Lounger Beds

Your cat might enjoy a lounger bed if it enjoys resting with you but doesn’t have a designated place to sit on or if you prefer to keep it off the sofa. In addition, lounger beds have a unique design and complement your living space.

e. Donut Cat Beds

This is one of the best cat beds when it comes to comfort and security. A donut bed with raised sides allows your cat to curl up surrounded by the outer ring.

f. Self-Heating Cat Beds

There’s a plethora of heated cat beds on the market right now. These are great for keeping your cat toasty when it’s cold outside. Heated beds make cats feel cosy and protected in an unfamiliar environment.

The best heated cat beds in the UK come with many benefits, too, such as reducing joint pain and inflammation in senior cats. In fact, the additional heat can potentially boost your pet’s immune system and may help to fight off diseases.

On the other hand, there are a few factors you need to consider when buying heated cat beds. First, they require an electrical cord to generate heat onto the bed. This extra cord can make it easy for you to trip over, which isn’t ideal for households with young children or several pets running around. And if your cat has a bad habit of chewing on cords, you may wish to purchase a cat bed without heated technology. Alternatively, consider a microwavable heating pad that you can place on top of its current bed.

However, it should be remembered that the best heated cat bed comes with safety settings. Cat beds can get really hot, especially if there’s no temperature regulator included. If there aren’t any safety settings—such as an automatic switch-off—the cat bed can be unsafe for your pet. Plus, old and sick cats with aching joints might not realize that they’ve burnt and hurt themselves until their injuries are severe.

Accessories to Avoid

Finally, there are several accessories that you should avoid when buying a cat bed for your pet. These include tassels, ornaments, beads, and other loose objects that could easily fall off the bed and get lodged in your cat’s throat, especially if your cat is particularly destructive. These items are common choking hazards for pets, so it’s best to avoid them in general.

Ways to Encourage Your Cats to Use Their New Bed

cave-style hideaway for felinesAfter the amount of time, effort, and money you’ve put into searching for the best cat bed, there’s a chance that your cat won’t adjust quickly or feel at home on a new bed. In this situation, we recommend adopting a few strategies to safely encourage it to use the new bed.

Select the Location Wisely

First, consider where you place your cat’s bed. The best location is a room that they spend a lot of time in, such as the living room or your bedroom. This area should also be away from noise or a busy environment so that they have the opportunity to relax and sleep well.

In addition, consider a location that’s not too bright or too cold. For example, avoid the front or back door, which are areas that have a lot of traffic and are often cool and damp. Instead, choose a location where they’ll feel safe and comfortable, such as near a radiator.

Try Making the Bed Comfier

If the bed looks comfortable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is for your cat. In fact, it could be avoiding using the bed every night because it’s the incorrect size or the materials used aren’t skin-friendly. In this situation, you can add a blanket or a fleecy material on top of the bed to make the space even comfier.

Often, lining the bed with another soft material can make the space more inviting and warmer for your cat. You should also check that it’s not dirty or your cat hasn’t had any accidents in the bed. Cats typically avoid sleeping in a dirty space and find a new area to sleep.

Make Other Areas in the Home Unappealing

It’s possible that your cat is using the bed or fluffy rug to sleep on each night. However, having their own bed for them to sleep provides a safe and secure space that’s solely theirs. If they’re sleeping on the rug, for example, cover the spots with foil or a rougher material to discourage them from using it again. Another tip is to spray the area with citrus oils, which cats typically don’t like. These are non-toxic and not harmful to cats or humans, but make the areas unappealing to cats. Another common method cat owners try is blocking their cat’s access to forbidden sleeping spots with barriers, such as pet gates.

Use Catnip

When all else fails, sprinkle some catnip into your cat’s new bed. This has been proven to improve the mood, decrease restlessness, and reduce anxiety. And adding some catnip to their bed encourages cats to sleep in that area. Furthermore, try adding your cat’s toy—or a teddy—on top of the bed so that its scent spreads. This also lets cats know that their own safe space and no one else’s.

Choosing a Cat Bed

Choosing the best cat bed can be a challenge with so many designs to choose from. If you’re still unsure which cat bed to purchase for your beloved pet, we recommend the Mora Pets Self-Heating Pads.

This five-layer cat bed features self-warming fibre that produces more heat than other materials. It also has reflective insulation that uses your pet’s body heat to keep the pad warm. It’s a noiseless, non-electric cat bed that is safe to use overnight or outdoors.

Big enough to accommodate larger pets, this self-heating mat is also ideal for ageing and arthritic felines. Moreover, the mat is reversible with plush fabric on one side and soft fleece on the other. It’s completely machine washable, too.

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