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Yaheetech Multi-level

Yaheetech Multi-level

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COZY PET Deluxe Multi-level

COZY PET Deluxe Multi-level

There are plenty of crucial accessories that you’ll need to invest in if you’re planning on adopting a feline friend. The best cat tree is just one of the must-have purchases to think about. However, it’s also one of the most important requirements if you want any chance of protecting your carpets, upholstery, and furniture from claw damage.

The good news is that cat towers and scratching posts come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every cat. There are natural products made with sisal rope, mini cat trees for the smaller rooms in your home, and massive cat trees designed to support multiple pets at once.

Choosing the right cat tree means thinking carefully about the needs of your feline friend, too. Is your cat the kind of kitty that prefers to spend its free time climbing to lofty heights? If so, then a tall piece of cat furniture might work best for you.

On the other hand, if your cat prefers to lounge a little closer to the ground, you can find products with hammocks and boxes that sit a few feet up. With so many factors to consider, from the amount of floor space you can dedicate to your scratching post, to the kind of designs your cat will love, it’s tough to make the right purchase.

We’ve created this list of the top cat trees to help.

Best Cat Tree Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Perfect for multiple cats or just one spoiled moggy, this Yaheetech Multi-level cat tower is the perfect activity centre and scratching post for your pet. Large enough to hold up to three kitties, this safe and secure cat tower features all environment-friendly materials. It’s built with non-toxic particle board and skin-friendly plush material that will feel great on your cat’s paws and fur. You’ll even get a mounting strip as part of the kit to attach your new post to the wall.


Great for those who want excellent value and performance, this sturdy and durable cat tree comes with all the room you need for multiple cats. Kittens can jump, play, and scratch at the same time. There’s also room for cats to stretch out and enjoy a nap from time to time. The 50 x 50cm baseboard is strong enough to keep your scratching post standing upright when your cats are playing.

With a solid structure capable of holding up to 20kg of furry fun at once, this soft and durable cat condo has it all. Great climbers can enjoy an excellent vantage point on the top of the post, while the little ones can enjoy the sisal rope posts below. There are two fur balls included on this cat tower to entice your pets to scratch the post instead of your furniture.

Perfect for enduring the demands of all kinds of kittens, the comfy tower is easy to put together, and it looks great, too. There are four shades to choose from, so you can get the post that fits with your style. On the downside, the scratching rope sections may be too high for smaller kittens at first. Cat claws can also get caught in the fabric at times.


  • Easy to assemble cat tree for multiple cats
  • Available in a range of four colours
  • Multiple levels for cats to enjoy
  • Faux fur covering and playful balls to entice your kitties
  • Supports up to 20kg of weight, with a section you can attach to the wall


  • Cat claws can get stuck in the furry fabric
  • The sisal rope section might be too high for some kittens
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The best cat trees the UK companies have to offer often include a number of levels for cats to explore. That way, your cat can find their perfect spot. This FEANDREA Multi-level scratching post ensures that your cats will have plenty of great options if they want to snuggle up. This stunning tree for cats is a massive 100 x 90 x 165cm in size, providing enough space for multiple cats of different ages and sizes.


Big enough for even large cats, this sensational cat tree offers a great environment for kitties to relax, unwind, scratch and play. Plus, there is plenty of natural sisal-covered scratching sections to entice your cats away from your furniture and to bring out their natural instincts to scratch and sharpen those claws.

Sturdy and strong, even if your cats get a little too excited with their toy mice, this cat tower will hold up perfectly. The base features high-quality chipboard, and an anti-toppling strap comes with the cat tree so you can secure the product to your wall for extra peace of mind. Rounded corners on every section of this cat activity tree also protect felines from injury.

The FEANDREA cat tree comes with a plush house where your kitties can get some privacy, as well as a hanging basket and various cosy perches. There’s even a fun tunnel, ball, and bell for playtime. One slight downside is that the basket isn’t as sturdy as it could be. Additionally, if you have particularly large cats, they may not be able to use some of the perches or hides.


  • Attractive design large enough for many cats
  • Strong and sturdy construction with a wall strap included
  • Rounded corners and soft materials to keep your cats safe
  • Plush house, cat hanging basket and various perches included
  • Accessories to attract your cats to their new scratching post


  • Not ideal for large cats
  • Takes a while to put together
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Getting the best cat tree that your felines will love doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. These attractive scratching posts from COZY PET offers great value, thanks to its high-quality construction. Suitable for one or two cats, this large multi-level activity centre comes with everything cat owners need to keep their pets purring.


The deluxe cat tree from COZY PET comes with multiple levels for your feline friend to climb when they’re looking for a chance to stretch their muscles. Aside from the sisal posts for scratching, the Deluxe also includes a heavy-duty sisal play rope that your kitties can tug and chew to keep themselves entertained. There’s a ladder section to help kitties move between sections, and plenty of perch points to explore.

Every post on this cat tree is quite thick, to withstand the extra weight of your cat as he or she continues to grow, or if you have a larger breed. There’s a basket for relaxation with a cosy sleeping section, and a cat house where your kitties can hide when they want a bit of privacy. One of the best-selling cat trees on the market today, the Deluxe multi-level tower is even available in a range of colours, so you can rest assured it will fit with your home decor.

The extra-large base of this cat tree is another bonus, ensuring that you can protect your cats from any tumbles, even when they’re a little larger than regular kittens. The biggest problem with this tree, however, is that it isn’t quite as sturdy as some other products on the higher sections. As your cat gets heavier, you may need to upgrade. Additionally, although this product comes with toy mice attached, they probably won’t last long, as they’re easy to rip free.


  • Multi-level cat tree for plenty of high-level exploration
  • The perfect size for one cat to stretch out
  • Lots of perches and sections for your cats to enjoy
  • Heavy-duty sisal rope included for play, as well as other toys
  • Attractive design for any home


  • Top perches aren’t as sturdy as they could be for heavy cats
  • Included toys easily rip free
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If you’ve got multiple cats to support at once, then there are a handful of scratching posts out there that can help you give your kitties all the space you need. One of the best overall cat trees for young and old felines alike, FEANDREA’s stable tower looks good and delivers excellent durability for pet parents, too. This 143cm cat tower gives your pets a perfect view of everything that’s happening in your home, with two perches sitting right next to each other.


Ideal for homes with one cat or two, the FEANDREA stable tower is one of the more attractive cat trees on the market, available in two colours to suit your style. There are two separate viewing platforms on the top of the tree, with thick padding where your kitties can unwind and relax as they watch the world go by. There’s also a large stable hammock included in the cat tree for when your feline friend wants to stretch out.

What makes the FEANDREA cat tower particularly special is how well it’s suited to cats of all ages. This multi-level tower comes with individual elements that are arranged at varying levels to suit cats of all ages and abilities. The design is also ideal for those with different reaches and those who may not want to jump as far anymore. That means your young kitten and your grown-up cat can enjoy the same entertainment centre together.

Another great bonus of the FEANDREA stable cat tree is that the materials used throughout are extremely high-quality. The scratch-resistant sisal stands the test of time, while the robust wooden boards keep the cat tree from bending or falling over. There are even toys and play ropes included to help attract your kitties to their new furniture and provide hours of entertainment each day.

One slight issue with this large cat tree is that the ball toy can come loose quite quickly, due to a thin piece of elastic attaching it to the posts. Another problem is that some of the perches may not be large enough for bigger cat breeds.


  • Suitable for both young and old cats
  • Lots of toys and ropes to play with
  • Looks great in any living room, with different colours to choose from
  • Durable and high-quality materials throughout
  • Comfortable and padded sleeping area for two cats


  • Some perch areas aren't big enough for larger cats
  • Toys may come loose quickly
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The Eono Essentials cat scratching post is a convenient product for homeowners with limited floor space. If you only have one cat and don’t want to fill your home with a huge cat tree, then this kitty furniture could be the perfect option. Though relatively small compared to other cat trees, it has plenty of space for the standard cat – with a roomy perch, a scratching ladder, and more.


The modern scratching post from Eono Essentials is an appealing piece of cat furniture with plenty of places for your feline friend to explore. There’s a spacious perch section, two cat condo options, and a scratching ladder, as well a couple of scratching posts, too. Offering a practical and attractive location for kitties to enjoy, the Eono’s modern appearance will appeal to plenty of homeowners.

The double playhouse section comes with well-sized condos where your cats can get a sense of security and privacy when they need it most. The lower condo is perfect for older kitties that might not have enough energy to jump and climb into higher spaces or perhaps for younger ones who may need to stay closer to the ground to avoid injury. On top of that, you get a piece of cat furniture that’s sturdy and safe, with durable materials throughout.

The super solid construction of this cat tree is great, with a balanced design and an extra-strong base. Your feline friends can jump on and off their cat tree without you having to worry about damage. There’s even a replaceable ball included with the activity centre, so your kitties have even more of a reason to check out their new space and can enjoy it for longer.

One major bonus of the best cat trees from Eono is that they all come with comfortable mats attached with Velcro. Hence, you can remove and wash them when they start to look a little worse for wear. The soft perch on the top of the cat tree is also detachable. Unfortunately, some customers complain that this condo is extremely difficult to put together, despite its compact size.


  • Attractive and modern design for cat lovers
  • Lots of scratching posts with sturdy construction
  • Durable enough to withstand any feline activity
  • Great for older cats who can’t climb high
  • Removable and washable soft furnishings


  • Difficult to put together
  • Top bed could be more secure and comfortable
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The cat towers from TecTake are specially constructed to support large breeds or numerous cats at once. Great to look at and durable enough to withstand a larger cat, this TecTake activity centre will look fantastic in any home. Plus, it offers multiple colour options for the same price. This is one of the more versatile cat trees on the market, with a total height of 169 centimetres. It is enough for kitties that like to climb all the way to the top of the tower.


This attractive activity centre from TecTake is a fantastic choice for families that have multiple cats, or one larger cat. The tree comes with multiple sisal scratching posts to choose from, each provided at different levels to suit kittens and older cats alike. There are two ladders and cat condo options included for kitties to explore, as well as a set of three separate padded perches. So, whether you have just one cat or multiple, there are plenty of spaces for them to enjoy.

If your cat prefers to laze low down in his private box or stretch out as high as he can, the TecTake cat tree has something for every feline. In addition, this top-rated cat tree also comes with a high-performance build. Durable materials ensure that the cat scratching post will continue to hold up to regular use from your kitties.

No matter which way your kitty chooses to use its new piece of furniture, this large cat scratching post will stay strong and sturdy for complete peace of mind. There are even curved corners to protect your feline friend from any injuries. One slight issue is that the furry material on the product can begin to wear away over time. Additionally, some of the landing stages throughout the tree are too small.


  • Multiple levels and sections to choose from to give your cat a variety
  • Various colours available to suit every home
  • Robust sisal scratching posts available at each level
  • Three perch sections
  • Durable design withstands regular jumping and playing


  • Furry material can wear away over time
  • Landing stages are too small for many cats
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If you’re looking for a simple cat tree that’s easy to assemble and great for smaller cats, the dibea activity centre could be just the thing for you. One of the best cat trees for felines that don’t need a lot of extra bells and whistles, this simple but reliable playhouse is the perfect place for your kitty to sharpen their claws and have some fun. There’s even a cave section included if your furry pal wants to relax on their own and out of sight.


The dibea sisal climbing post isn’t the largest cat tree in the UK market, but it is one of the more appealing options for those who just want something simple to keep in their kitchen or dining room. Plus, this product won’t take up too much space in your home or get in the way of your other furniture. At the same time, it has everything cats need to play and rest, with multiple stations to choose from. There are even three different levels to climb on, with a perch on the top where your kitty can stretch out.

On the second level perch, cats can reach up and play with the included ball toy that hangs from an elastic string to entice felines to play for hours on end. On the lower level, the included plush cat cave gives your kitten a place to hide when they want a moment of privacy. All of the plateaus feature plush material to protect your kitty’s paws and optimise their comfort. And, the rounded edges mean there’s very little risk of any injury for your cats or anyone else sharing your home.

This dibea cat tree comes in two different colours, so you can find the design that’s best suited to your decor. The three sisal rope sticks are durable enough to withstand regular scratching, while the platforms and materials throughout keep the scratching post as sturdy as possible. Although this won’t be one of the best cat condos or cat tree options for multiple felines, it’s a great starter to see if your cat loves it as much as we do.

The products from dibea are well-built, but they can be difficult to put together, as some items arrive without the correct screw holes included. However, this can be easily fixed if you have access to a drill or are DIY confident. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of room here for your cat to climb, which means that kittens may outgrow this tree very quickly. It may be more suited for smaller cat breeds.


  • Convenient cat tree that doesn’t take up too much space
  • Three sections to climb up, with a hide-away space on the bottom
  • Durable products made with high-quality materials
  • Three sisal rope scratching posts that stand the test of time
  • Two colour options to choose from to fit your house


  • Not a lot of room to climb if your cat loves higher places
  • Difficult to put together for some
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The FEANDRA sisal-covered cat tree is a brilliant choice if you’re looking for cat trees to support smaller cats and kittens. It features sisal rope-covered scratching posts and two separate hiding areas for when your kitty wants some peace and quiet. With all the features that cats love, this is a great cat tree for any home who loves to spoil their feline friends.


Designed to suit smaller kittens and smaller paws, this cat tree from FEANDREA is a compact option for homeowners that don’t want to take up too much space in any area around the house. Available in three colour options, this sisal-covered furniture and cat condo comes with thickened scratch and stretch posts that are designed to withstand regular use from destructive kitties.

The extra-large plush lounger on the top of the post comes with raised and cushioned edges, where your kitty can rest their head when they want some extra support. There are also two playhouse areas where your kitty can either hide, play, or nap. The cat tree from FEANDREA also comes with extra-strengthened components and battens at the bottom, along with anti-toppling fittings for greater security and peace of mind.

If you’re looking for the best cat trees that can fit into smaller spaces or to delight smaller cats, then this sisal-covered scratching post and plush condo is great for you. The faux fur material throughout offers a soft space where your kitties can rest, while the numerous scratching areas keep your furniture safe from feline claws.

The biggest problem with this cat tree is that it might be too small for multiple cats or larger felines. You might also find that some cats don’t like the filling of the plush cushion as it seems to have something crinkly in it. If your cat doesn’t like rustling sounds or is scared or new stimuli, this might not be the best cat tree for them.


  • Plenty of cosy spaces for your cats or kittens to lounge
  • Two playhouse or cat condo areas for relaxing
  • Multiple colour options to choose from
  • Excellent thickened scratch and stretch posts for durability
  • Easy enough to put together


  • Not suitable for large cats or multiple cats
  • The crinkling material might not appeal to all cats
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If you’re not willing to compromise on the best cat trees, then this pedy large cats activity centre could be one of the best products on the market for you. This sensational cat tower is big enough to support more than one cat with no problem. Not only does this product look exceptionally high-quality, but it comes with all the features cats love, too. This includes a more comfortable set of multi-layer perches for playing.


The pedy deluxe cat tree is a brilliant scratching post for large cats or multiple kittens. This product comes with a thickened base plate and rope design to improve the stability of your post. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your cat trees coming apart with regular use. There’s a rope included with the pedy cat towers to attach the system to your wall for extra durability if you need it.

This cat tree offers everything your kitty could be looking for from a multi-layer system, including a thick plush cotton cloth where they can stretch out and relax in between play sessions. All the angles on the perches are also rounded to reduce risk to both your feline friends and the people in your home.

Aside from being beautiful to look at, this cat tree for large cats comes with an environment-friendly design, that’s totally CARB certified. That means you don’t need to worry about toxins or unwanted materials in your scratching post that could potentially be harmful to your feline friend. The company also offers a one-year quality guarantee as part of the price for extra peace of mind.

One possible issue with this cat tree is that the trunks are sparingly wrapped in sisal. This means that the claws can end up stripping the material instead and may not last as long as other models.


  • One of the better large cat trees with lots of platforms
  • Suitable for multiple kittens or large cats
  • Rope included to attach to your wall and stop the post from tipping
  • Several hiding spots for your kitties
  • Plush covering with rounded edges to prevent injury


  • Sparingly wrapped scratching posts can lead to cats scratching materials
  • Hammock is too small for adult or large cats
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For felines that love plenty of variety from their cat condos, the FEANDREA 3-cave cat tree makes an excellent choice. This large cat tree offers the ultimate scratching post experience to cats of all sizes. It is built with two basket lounger sections, three caves to hide away in, and two padded viewing platforms where your cats can sit at the top of their cat trees and watch what’s going on around them.


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This scratching post with three separate cat condos is an ideal option for those who don’t want to buy several cat trees for different felines in their household. If you’re looking for the best cat tree for large cats and one that is suitable for those with varying abilities and preferences, this three-cave model is a perfect solution.

Safe to use with highly secure and durable materials throughout, this cat tree promises to stand the test of time. There are plenty of sisal-covered posts where your kitties can stretch out their paws, and there’s an anti-tipping kit included to avoid issues with the product falling over when your cats are playing.

Ideal for felines of all ages, the individual elements of this scratching posts are available at different heights to suit kittens and older cats, too, and to ensure they all have their own space. You can also rest assured that you’re getting amazing materials throughout – from the strong wood within to the faux fur and the durable scratch-resistant sisal rope.

One possible problem with this scratching post is that there isn’t a lot of space on the perching sections between the levels, which may make it harder for large cats to jump.


  • Luxurious materials including sisal rope and faux fur
  • One of the better large cat trees on the market
  • Multiple cat condos included for your kitties to hide away in
  • Anti-tip kit included
  • Looks great in any home


  • Not much space on the landing perches
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What Makes a Good Cat Tree?

feline activity house

Just like fish tanks and hamster cages, the best cat tree can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different kinds of cat. A great tree often comes with a few important features, including a dedicated set of cat scratching posts where your feline friend can stretch out their paws and claws. Good cat trees also come with hidey-hole points where your cat can sit or curl up when they need some space, or a good sleeping spot.

If you’ve got a cat that likes to climb, then you’ll probably want a post with multiple levels and different places where your furry family member can sit and relax. No matter how large or tall your cat tree is, it should always be able to stay sturdy when your cat is jumping onto or off it. Hence, check the weight capacity before you buy and if there is an anti-tip kit or anchorage option included.

Do Cats Actually Use Cat Trees?

Cats really need a place to scratch and sharpen their claws – it’s something that they do naturally. And if you don’t have a scratching post and tree in place, then your cat will use your furniture instead. The best tree for your cat depends on what your feline friend needs.

Start by asking yourself how many cats you need to support at once. Having a single small cat tree for multiple cats can sometimes lead to arguments and may mean that your tree breaks faster than it’s supposed to. Check the weight capacity of the cat tree you buy, and make sure you know how many pets it can hold safely at any one time.

Another point to think about is whether your best overall cat tree comes with elements that are designed to entice your cat to scratch. If your cat isn’t much of a scratcher in the first place, they might need something to motivate them. A lot of the cat tree options that we looked at above come with a toy or dangling ball to grab your cat’s attention. You can also consider rubbing catnip and similar products on the tree.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Cat Tree?

a little boy playing with his feline pet

Once you’ve decided what kind of cat tree you’re going to buy for your kitty, it’s time to think about where you’re going to put it. At this point, consider whether your cat likes heights and whether you’re buying a tree that’s reasonably high. If you are, then you’ll need a room that has plenty of space below the ceiling for them to climb.

If your cat is very active and playful, then you might also want to make sure that your cat tree is far away from other pieces of furniture that your cat might accidentally knock or scratch. Remember that a cat tree placed too close to a chair leg or table could end up confusing your kitten. You don’t want your furry friend to scratch the wrong thing by accident.

Make sure there’s plenty of room around your cat tree, and if possible, use a rope or fixing kit to attach it to the wall for extra stability. This will reduce the chances of it falling over and injuring someone.


After scouring through many reviews and options about cute furry friends and their adventures, we hope you enjoyed reading this list and buying guide as much as we did researching it.

Although there are a lot of great choices available on the market today, we believe that the best cat tree is the Multi-level Activity Centre from Yaheetech. With two fur balls included as well as several hidey-holes and platforms, there’s no reason they won’t love lounging on this easy-to-build activity tree. Perfect for one cat or more, it offers a 20kg weight limit and an anchor point, so you can attach it to the wall. Thus, your feline friends can enjoy the tree together without the worry of it tipping over or breaking.

Let us know what you and your cats love about your activity trees in the comments below.

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