Best Chopping Board Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

When preparing some fresh food in the kitchen, you’ll need a reliable cutting board for the job. Chopping boards provide a safer and more durable alternative to cutting food on a plate. And they’re much more hygienic than slicing food on your kitchen worktop.

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of some of the top products so that you can find the best chopping board for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly board, one with compartments to separate every type of food, or a pack with various sizes and colours, we’ve got a selection to suit your preferences.

Best Chopping Board Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Harcas Premium Organic Bamboo (Editor’s Choice)

Harcas Premium Organic BambooVersatile, durable and lightweight, this bamboo board is suitable for chopping and cutting bread, cheese or any other foods in the kitchen. It’s also an ideal board for serving and presenting food when you have guests over.


Bamboo chopping boards are non-porous and bacteria-resistant. This helps to improve hygiene in your kitchen while also investing in an environmentally-friendly material. Furthermore, this bamboo cutting board won’t soak in food odours or create stains, making it long-lasting.

19% harder than maple wood, this bamboo option won’t mark as easily as other wood cutting boards, helping to improve its longevity and keep it in tip-top condition for longer.

On the other hand, this cutting board might become slightly wobbly while you’re cutting and preparing food. Therefore, you may need to add another object underneath to create stability, like a tea towel.

  • An environmentally-friendly choice of material
  • Antibacterial benefits to keep your kitchen a safe space
  • Easy to clean and maintain with warm, soapy water
  • 19% harder than maple wood
  • With aesthetic design ideal for serving
  • It might not have a completely sturdy base
  • May warp after a few months

2. Joseph Joseph 60187 Folio (Luxury Choice)

Joseph Joseph 60187 FolioIf you’re looking for a cutting board set, this Joseph Joseph package is ideal. It contains four chopping boards – each a different colour so you can use a specific cutting block for certain foods (for slicing vegetables, preparing meat, etc.).


This set includes a sleek, slimline case for easy storage to eliminate a build-up of items on your work surface. Plus, its tiered design allows you to reach for a chopping board easily without touching the others. In fact, there’s adequate space between each board to allow air to properly circulate and prevent a build-up of mould.

In addition, the boards come with non-slip feet to remain stable on your kitchen surface, while the double-sided boards are knife-friendly with textured cutting surfaces.

However, these chopping boards might experience knife marks after regular use. Meaning, you may have to regularly update the Joseph Joseph set.

  • Case stores the board for a tidy kitchen layout
  • Boards feature non-slip feet for stability
  • Different-coloured boards for specific meal prep
  • Tiered design for easy access
  • Double-sided design
  • It might become misshapen in the dishwasher
  • Boards may easily get knife marks

3. YFCXKPLP Flexible Plastic Mats (Best Value)

YFCXKPLP Flexible Plastic MatsThis chopping board set includes four plastic boards of different colours, so you can use separate blocks for various foods. Thanks to its flexible plastic material, it helps with kitchen tasks such as transferring chopped food from the board to a pan.


Designed without nooks and crannies, these products are one of the most hygienic chopping boards on the list since there is no place for bacteria to develop. With 1.3mm of thickness, the cutting boards are thicker and more durable than similar products. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your knife scratching the surface.

Unfortunately, a plastic board might not be an environmentally friendly option. Moreover, you’ll need to find some storage space for this set, as your purchase doesn’t include a case or an organiser.

  • Different colours to help you separate certain food groups
  • Flexible plastic boards make it easy to transfer veg into a pan
  • Excellent grip on a surface to remain sturdy during meal prep
  • Thicker and more durable
  • Lightweight for moving around the kitchen or storing
  • Plastic might not be an environmentally-friendly choice
  • May not include a case for the set

4. Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve (Best Non-Slip)

Joseph Joseph Cut and CarveThis Joseph Joseph cutting board features a ‘carve’ section that keeps meat gripped onto the board, allowing you to easily and safely use it as a chopping block and prevent the food from moving around. The other side of the chopping board features a smooth surface for cutting anything else.


It’s the best chopping board for remaining stable on a surface, thanks to its non-slip feet. This means that it won’t create a problem when cutting food on your kitchen worktop. Best of all, the dishwasher-safe board comes with an angled cutting surface to catch any food crumbs and meat juices for convenient disposal.

On the other hand, this chopping board might mark easily from knives, which can impose hygiene issues as it forms grooves in the board.

  • Available in different sizes and colours
  • Two sides with a smooth and gripped surface, allowing you to prepare various foods
  • Angled design can catch crumbs and liquid
  • Non-slip feet for stability
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Might mark easily with using knives
  • It might not be as durable as wood chopping boards

5. LARHN Premium 3-Piece Set (Best Organic)

LARHN Premium 3-Piece SetIf you’re looking for the best organic chopping board, this makes a great choice. Made of 100% organic bamboo, the LARHN wooden set came from sustainably certified sources. Each cutting board is even wrapped in recyclable packaging.


This chopping board boasts 1.5cm of thickness, allowing it to remain strong in the kitchen, and won’t snap or tear like single-layer boards. Its easy-to-install feet keep it sturdy on your worktop during use. This board also comes with smooth cut-outs on edge, enabling you to hang them for easy storage in the kitchen.

Additionally, this set of three wood boards is easy to clean, thanks to its smooth finish. The bamboo material makes them naturally antibacterial, too.

Although the lack of plastic in these boards makes them environmentally friendly, the bamboo material might be slightly rougher. This may make it more difficult to transfer food from the board to a pan.

  • 1.5cm of thickness to protect your kitchen surfaces
  • Cut-outs provide an easy storage solution
  • Includes three boards
  • Environmentally-friendly bamboo material
  • Easy to install feet for added stability
  • Rougher texture may make it difficult to transfer food to a pot
  • It might not be as thick as other boards

6. NIUXX Organic Bamboo (Best for Organisation)

NIUXX Organic BambooBamboo boards are a great eco-friendly choice, and they help to minimise bacteria growth. This chopping board sports grooves to collect liquid while you prepare food, helping to reduce the mess on your worktop.


This is our best cutting board for organising food in the kitchen. So if you want to keep veg on one side and meat on another, this bamboo board easily allows you to separate different food groups on the same board. Plus, the three compartments even act as a fantastic design for serving up food for guests.

In addition, the board’s large size (17 x 12.6 x 0.78 inches) makes it suitable for preparing a large amount of food. In fact, its design makes it one of the best chopping boards you can buy. With an easy-grip and non-slip handle, this chopping block is convenient and ergonomic to carry. You can also hang it or store it within a drawer, helping to free up space in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, this chopping board might be more time-consuming to clean since it has multiple grooves and compartments along with a larger size than most cutting boards.

  • Bamboo material is great for preventing bacterial growth
  • Grooves catch liquid while you’re preparing food
  • An ergonomic handle provides convenience while you’re carrying and cleaning the board
  • Available in three sizes
  • Compartments let you organise food
  • Large size might make storage difficult in your worktop
  • It might be time-consuming to clean

7. Home Organics Premium Moso Bamboo (Best for Small Items)

Home Organics Premium Moso BambooSometimes when you’re looking for the best chopping boards, bigger isn’t always better. That’s why Home Organics features a collection of three sizes, allowing you to cut and prepare smaller items.


These chopping boards are lightweight and easy to store, with 1cm of thickness. They’re sturdy enough to handle knives without cutting through onto your work surface. Because each chopping board comes with non-slip silicone feet, it provides safe and convenient cutting.

Furthermore, each board is made of bamboo wood, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic while helping to minimise the build-up of germs and bacteria.

Unfortunately, the boards might become flimsy if you don’t dry them thoroughly after cleaning the surface. This could lead to breaks and snaps in the product. Also, as it lacks grooves, it might not catch liquids such as meat juices, like other boards on this list.

  • Set includes three sizes for versatility
  • 1 cm of thickness makes it sturdy
  • Non-slip feet improves stability and safety
  • Handles provide added convenience
  • Lightweight design
  • It might not be the best cutting board on this list for durability
  • Some people might prefer compartments or grooves to catch liquids

8. Giggi Smart Bamboo (Best with Storage)

Giggi Smart BambooAllow your cutting board to go beyond its duties with the Giggi Smart Bamboo Wood product. This board features four different BPA-free plastic containers with lids underneath for neatly storing your chopped food items.


With this chopping board, you can organise your space quickly by sliding your ingredient into the included food prep boxes. When you’ve placed the food inside, you can conveniently place the snacks onto the plate or store them in the fridge to use at another time.

Moreover, this board is made of bamboo and has grooves on all edges, allowing it to collect any juices and liquids. The board also comes with anti-slip feet to keep it stable on your worktops.

Unfortunately, the large opening on the board could reduce the amount of space that you have for chopping and preparing food. And, the use of plastic for the storage boxes might not be appealing to those looking for eco-friendly materials.

  • Features convenient storage solutions
  • Anti-slip feet for stability and safety
  • Grooves collect juices from food to remain tidy
  • Containers include lids to transfer to the fridge
  • Bamboo construction for durability and smoothness
  • The large opening might reduce the board’s capacity
  • Plastic storage boxes might not be an eco-friendly design

9. Organicook Large Wooden (Heavy-duty Option)

Organicook Large WoodenThe Organiccook Store Large Wooden Chopping Board is an excellent item to have if you want to use environmentally friendly products. It is made from organic 4 to 5-year-old Mao Bamboo that is of exceptional quality and responsibly sourced using fair practices.


The bamboo also makes this chopping board incredibly durable and long-lasting. This is because it is made in three alternating grain layers and has an overall depth of 3cm. As a result, it is much deeper than most other chopping boards and provides an incredibly stable base to work on. The rubber feet attached to the underside, in fact, also prevent slips and movement.

We also like the large juice groove that is present on all four sides. This will help prevent juice and mess from flowing off the board and onto your kitchen work surfaces.

Although this is an incredibly durable chopping board, the dense materials can make it quite heavy to lift. Also, initially on delivery, you may notice a slight organic smell that will eventually wear off. Lastly, some customers have found minor chips in the wood.

  • It has a stylish traditional wooden design
  • Made from organic materials, which make it environmentally friendly
  • The board is durable and has three layers
  • It also has a deep juice groove to reduce mess
  • The underside has rubber feet to prevent slips and movement
  • You may find this wooden chopping board quite heavy
  • It may initially have a strong organic smell
  • Some customers have found chips on delivery

10. Hygiplas Standard Low-Density Set (Health-Friendly Pick)

Hygiplas Standard Low-Density SetIf you want a set of chopping boards for use on different types of food, then the Hygiplas Standard Low-Density Set is a great choice. This is because you get six colour-coded boards – brown, blue, red, green, white, and yellow.


As a result, you can use the different coloured boards with colour-coded knives and utensils to easily avoid cross-contamination of things like meats and vegetables. If you like an organised kitchen and correct chopping procedures, you will love this set.

The manufacturer recommends using white for baked and dairy goods, green for salad and fruit, brown for vegetables, and red for raw meat, for example.

The chopping boards are also durable and made from lightweight plastic. They are easy to hold and carry but still provide a stable base for your cutting. The plastic is also non-toxic and easy to clean. Despite the positives, these boards may not always come with a stand as advertised, and you may find that the plastic can warp.

  • Includes six coloured chopping boards in vibrant colours
  • It can be used with colour-coded knives to prevent contamination
  • The boards are made from non-toxic materials
  • The plastic material used is also lightweight but durable
  • Decent size for large quantities of food
  • The chopping boards may not come with a stand
  • You could find that these chopping boards eventually warp

Things to Consider When Buying a Chopping Board

There are a few important factors to bear in mind when choosing the best chopping boards.


The material you choose for your chopping board is very important. You should think about how you use your chopping board and what foods you cut most often.


slicing peppersThis wood is an eco-friendly option because it’s biodegradable, and it’s also free from pesticides.

It’s tough and lightweight, making it easy to move around the kitchen, while the high strength of bamboo can make the board more long-lasting without experiencing shatters or splints on the surface.

Bamboo is also a hygienic option as it’s one of the hardest woods available for chopping boards. It is less likely to be damaged by knives by creating grooves that may collect bacteria over time.

However, as this type of wood is extremely hard, a bamboo board can often result in dulling a knife quicker than other materials.


Plastic chopping boards are incredibly lightweight, making it easy to hand wash and transfer food items. They can also tolerate harsh chemicals and won’t contaminate food. Unfortunately, since plastic is soft, it can make the board more susceptible to scarring and marking, resulting in grooves that can harbour bacteria.

Plastic boards are also more likely to slip on the side as they have a smoother surface. Therefore, look for an option that has feet for added stability. Plastic boards are also not an eco-friendly option, so be sure to look for something that is made from recycled material.


Opt for an end grain cutting board if you’re looking for the best wooden chopping board. Most common woods include teak, maple, cedar, walnut and cherry. These are designed in such a way to absorb the impact from knives, helping to prevent denting, scratching and chipping. However, any cuts will quickly heal, making it a long-lasting option.

An end grain chopping board also tends to have a thickness of at least 4cm, which can provide stability and durability. And, if you look after an end grain board by hand washing it thoroughly and remaining careful when transferring it, the board will last you a lifetime.

Additional Features

Nowadays, chopping boards aren’t just flat pieces of wood to chop your food on.


If you often chop tomatoes or other fruits, you may want a chopping board that has grooves along the edges to collect any liquids. This will ensure that the liquid doesn’t spill onto your countertops for unnecessary cleaning.


loaves of breadSome larger chopping boards will have sections, often separated by the aforementioned grooves, that allow you to chop different foods separately. This avoids cross-contamination and will likely speed up your cooking process. Why buy four different boards when you can have one board with lots of sections? Bear in mind; this can make for a longer cleaning process.


If you find yourself with very little drawer or countertop space, then you may want to consider a chopping board with a cut-out that allows you to hang it up. It is easy to insert a nail or screw into your wall or the side of your cupboard for convenient storage of your board.

A Cut Above the Rest

If you are still unsure which is the best chopping board for you, then we recommend taking another look at our top choice – the Harcas Premium Organic Bamboo chopping board. This natural option is harder than most woods, has antibacterial properties, and looks great in any kitchen! We love that not only is this an environmentally friendly option, but it’s easy to clean, too!

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