Best Cordless Phone Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On May 27th, 2022

A landline phone is a necessity in many households and businesses. Whilst mobile phones have largely replaced landline phones, these simple handsets are still incredibly effective, especially for generations that may not be as tech-savvy with modern smartphones. Landline phones are convenient as you don’t have to carry them with you.

Through this guide, we will help you find the best cordless phone UK customers can purchase for landline use. We have picked good quality cordless landline phones for your consideration. Our list even includes some options specifically for the elderly. If you are in need of a new cordless phone, we hope you will find this guide beneficial!

Best Cordless Phone Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. BT Premium (Editor’s Choice)

BT PremiumThe BT Premium is our pick for the best cordless phone with an answering machine. If you live a busy life and need a high answering machine capacity with great functionality, this is a suitable phone and can record up to 60 minutes of messages.


This phone has an advanced blocking system and can block up to 1000 numbers which are far more than most other models. It is also one of the best cordless phones with an advanced answer machine. It can record 60 minutes of calls, and there is a playback feature on the main docking station.

We also like that this phone can sync with your smartphone. You can receive calls from your smartphone on any of the handsets in your phone system. It also has a good talk time of 21 hours.

This BT cordless phone could have a few problems, however. To look at your contacts, there is a scrolling feature – this may not be the fastest and some could find it frustrating to use. Also, if you are in a room with other noises such as the TV or kettle, you could find the ringing volume is not loud enough.

  • Uses BT premium call blocking system
  • Can sync with your mobile phone and answer calls from your mobile
  • The buttons and menus are easy to use and stylish
  • The answering machine can record up to 60 minutes of messages
  • Has adjustable volume control and hands-free function
  • Some could find the contact scrolling feature may be slow
  • You could find that the call volume is not loud enough if other sounds are present

2. BT 4600 Big Button (Luxury Choice)

BT 4600 Big ButtonThe BT 4600 Big Button Advanced Call Blocker Phone is the best home phone with call blocking features. If you regularly receive unwanted calls, this could be an excellent choice as it has an advanced blocking option; you can even block calls using a single button for convenience.


For blocking, there is a hotkey that allows you to block nuisance callers with a single press. It also uses the award-winning true call-blocking technology for peace of mind.

There is also an answering machine that can record up to 60 minutes of messages. We also like the big buttons and the simple but effective handset design. The screen is easy to read, and the main charging station also has a set of buttons for controlling the phone and messages.

This BT big button phone is a great choice but it may have some small issues. For example, you could find that depending on your location, the sound quality could vary. Also, according to customer feedback, there is a sound amplify button, but the effect of this may not make much difference.

  • Has a nuisance call blocking feature that you can activate with one button
  • Uses advanced BT true call blocking technology
  • The built-in answering machine can record up to 60 minutes of messages
  • The handset has large buttons with clear number text for those with poor eyesight
  • Has a large 1.8″ dot-matrix display with amber backlight
  • Some could find that the sound quality may be intermittent
  • You could find that the amplify sound button has a minimum effect

3. BT Everyday (Best Value)

BT EverydayThe BT Everyday Cordless Home Phone is a simple but effective handset. If you don’t need a host of fancy features or advanced call blocking but are looking for great value, this is the best cordless phone UK stores have to offer. For those who just need a handset for the occasional incoming or outgoing call, this product is a sound choice.


This phone has a talk time of 10 hours and that talk time extends when it is in standby mode. We also like that you can quickly re-dial any of the previous 20 numbers you have called.

Also, it has great sound quality and you can easily change the call volume. The contact book has decent storage and you can store up to 50 contacts. If you purchase the multi-phone pack, you can also share stored entries between handsets that are within range of each other. Also, the screen is easy to read and has a clear orange backlight.

The BT Everyday Cordless Phone could still have some small issues, however. Firstly, this handset may not be compatible with other BT devices for transferring contacts etc. Also, if not positioned properly, you could find that the handset disconnects from its base and doesn’t charge properly.

  • Can save up to 50 contacts
  • Has a large LCD screen with a backlight that is easy to read
  • Can quickly redial any of the last 20 numbers you have rung
  • Has nuisance call blocking features where you can block 20 specific numbers
  • Stylish handset and a minimalistic charging station
  • You could find this cordless phone is not compatible with other BT handsets
  • Occasionally, you may find the phone disconnects from its charging station

4. Gigaset C630A Single (Best Battery Life)

Gigaset C630A SingleThe Gigaset C630A Single cordless phone is the best DECT phone on this list. If you want a premium phone with a great set of features, this is a solid choice. This set comes with a single handset and a charging station.


For battery usage and talking time, this phone lasts for up to 14 hours when not on charge, and 320 hours on standby. Also, it has a large address book capacity and can hold up to 200 entries.

We also like the other convenient features such as hands-free talking, and an answering machine that can store up to 30 minutes of calls. On the charging station, you can also see the number of calls and cycle through your messages.

The large colour display is also great and allows you to easily see the caller ID as well as your contacts.

Although this is a great cordless DECT phone, it could have some small issues. Firstly, you have to manually transfer contacts between phones which can be time-consuming. Also, the instruction manual may not be that clear and you may just have to play with the phone to see how it works.

  • Call management to block nuisance callers
  • Has a large colour display with a backlight
  • The digital answering machine can record up to 30 minutes of calls
  • Has a great battery life that lasts for up to 320 hours in standby mode
  • The docking station shows answer messages and has playback buttons
  • You could find that transferring contacts between phones may be time-consuming
  • Some may find the instructions are difficult to understand and not clear

5. Doro 100W (Best for the Elderly)

Doro 100WThe Doro PhoneEasy 100W cordless phone is the perfect choice for elderly people who may not be up to speed with modern smartphone technology. The big buttons and loud ringtone are fantastic features that are great for those who live on their own or who may have poor eyesight.


This cordless phone has some great features for elderly people including large buttons and a clear backlit screen that they can easily see. It is also hearing aid compatible so you can enjoy a clear, crisp conversation even if you have your hearing aids on. 

It has a great battery life and talk time of 10 hours. On standby, it will last for a staggering 100 hours so elderly people need not worry about the phone being charged. What’s more, with a maximum ring volume of 90dB you’ll never miss a call again. It also has a “boost” button to increase the volume when you’re on the phone.

The Doro PhoneEasy is great for the elderly, but it may not be perfect. For example, it can be difficult to enter your contacts and, if you buy more than one handset, they are not linked so you will need to enter them again for each individual handset. Also, although it has a “loud” function, you have to activate it every time someone calls and it doesn’t remain on.

  • One charge should last 10 hours of talk time
  • Large buttons that are excellent for the elderly
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)
  • 90dB ring volume
  • Button to boost volume so you can easily hear the caller
  • You may have to input contacts multiple times for every individual phone
  • The “boost” function may not remain on each time

6. Panasonic KX-TGC213EB Trio DECT (Best Power-Saving)

Panasonic KX-TGC213EB Trio DECTThe Panasonic KX-TGC213EB Trio DECT is a solid choice and has some excellent features like a nuisance call blocker, a great standby time, and a large address book. Also, the design of the phone is simple but effective with a clear display and buttons.


As one of the best cordless landline models, this phone has a compact and stylish design with a small and lightweight charging station. It also has a clear LCD orange backlit display which clearly shows info for incoming calls.

We also like the blocking functionality and the large contact book. You can store up to 50 numbers, but you can also easily share numbers between multiple handsets that are within range.

The Panasonic KX-TGC213EB is a good cordless handset, but it could have some minor issues. Firstly, as with most cordless phones, the signal is not 100% perfect and could cut out if obstructed. Also, the instruction manual may not be the clearest and could be difficult to understand.

  • Has a one-touch eco mode for quick dialling and call answering
  • Can easily block nuisance calls
  • Has a stylish, compact, and lightweight design and charging station
  • The phonebook can store up to 50 entries and is shared across cordless phones
  • Has a decent LCD screen with backlight to clearly see incoming numbers
  • You could find that the signal occasionally cuts out
  • Some may find that the instruction manual doesn’t provide clear instructions

7. Panasonic KX-TGD323EB (Most Durable Choice)

Panasonic KX-TGD323EBThe Panasonic KX-TGD323EB is an excellent phone with great build quality. As a cordless phone, it has a decent talk time, and also an eco mode that helps reduce its power consumption. If you want a versatile phone with a mix of durable design and features, this is a good choice.


You can block nuisance callers with this phone and it has some advanced features such as blocking specific entries, or a range of numbers. Also, it has a digital answering machine with 30 minutes recording capacity.

We like the 1.8″ illuminated display which makes it easy to see incoming calls and menu information. This phone also has a great talk time of 16 hours, and 200 hours of standby time. There is also a useful ECO mode to help reduce power consumption.

This Panasonic cordless phone is a great choice, but it may not be infallible. For example, if you are hard of hearing, you could find the speaker volume is not loud enough. Also, although the call blocking feature is great, some may find it difficult to understand and use.

  • Has a digital answering machine with 30 minutes of recording capacity
  • The 1.8″ illuminated LCD display is easy to use and read
  • One battery charge provides up to 16 hours of talk time
  • Has an Eco mode plus which reduces power usage
  • Also has a nuisance call blocking feature with the ability to block specific numbers
  • You may find that the speaker volume is not enough
  • Some could find the blocking feature difficult to use

8. BT Home (Best for Large Homes)

BT HomeThe BT Home is a great product and one of the best home phones available. This package comes with two handsets and charging stations. Also, the main charging station has an advanced answer machine control panel.


Of our cordless phone reviews in the UK, we discovered that the BT Home Phone has some of the best features. For example, for nuisance callers, you can block up to 50 numbers. Also, there is a dedicated do not disturb button if you need a period where you don’t want the phone to ring.

It also has a decent LCD backlit screen that should be easy for people with poorer eyesight to see. For calls, this handset also offers great quality and volume control – you should be able to hear your calls easily. It also has a hands-free speaker option.

This BT phone is one of the best cordless home phones, but it could still present a few problems. For example, some could find that 12 minutes of recording time for the answering machine is not enough. Also, the choice of ringtones is limited and not everyone will like the selection of ringtones given.

  • Has a dedicated ‘do not disturb’ button
  • The cordless phones have a clear 1.6″ blue backlit screen
  • There is also a hands-free speaker available on the handsets
  • Has an LCD backlit screen for users with poor eyesight
  • Can block up to a maximum of 50 unwanted callers
  • Some could find that the 12-minute answer machine capacity is not enough
  • Choice of ringtones offered may not suit everyone

9. Gigaset A220A Trio Basic (User-Friendly Option)

Gigaset A220A Trio BasicThe Gigaset A220A Trio Basic cordless phone is a simple but effective handset that is a great option. If you want a functional device for making and receiving calls, this is a good option.


For answering calls, this cordless landline model displays the caller ID on its LCD backlit display. Also, it has a decent battery life of 18 hours, and 200 hours on standby.

The answering machine can record 25 minutes of calls, and the phonebook can store an impressive 80 contacts. The handset and charging station are both well-built and feel durable when you are using them. This package also comes with three handsets, but there are single, and trio packages available too.

This Gigaset cordless phone is a solid choice, but it may not be perfect. Firstly, some customers have found that the answering function is a little tricky to use. Secondly, over time, you could find that the charging station eventually stops working and just because you will have two, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have this fixed.

  • Has an answering machine that records up to 25 minutes of messages
  • Eco mode that lasts for up to 200 hours on standby mode
  • Has a hands-free speaker setting on the headset
  • The phonebook can contain up to 80 entries and display caller ID
  • Has a colour display and a stylish handset design
  • Some customers have reported that the answering machine function may not be intuitive
  • You could find that eventually, the charging station stops working
No products found.

10. Panasonic KX-TGC313EB Digital (Best with Slim Design)

Panasonic KX-TGC313EB DigitalThe Panasonic KX-TGC313EB is a well-rounded product with a host of useful features. Generally, it is easy to use, has an extensive contact book feature, and also has excellent battery life. This phone is one of the most stylish landline phones available with a compact docking station.


The 1.6″ amber LCD display make this premium cordless phone easy to use and read. You can clearly see incoming caller info, or scroll through your contacts. The address book can also store up to 50 entries which should be enough for most home users.

There is also an eco mode to reduce power consumption, but the phone has a great talk-time and also lasts for ages on standby mode. We also like the hands-free speakerphone and the simple design of the charging station.

This is a great landline phone, but it may not be perfect. Firstly, based on customer reviews, the ringtone call quality may not be loud enough. Also, the instruction manual is not particularly easy to understand.

  • Can fully block nuisance calls and specific numbers
  • Has a large 1.6″ amber LCD display that is easy to read
  • The phone book can store up to 50 entries with a caller ID feature
  • Has a handsfree speakerphone on the headset too
  • Has a slimline and lightweight design with a solid charging base
  • Some could find that the landline ringtone may not be loud enough
  • You may find the instruction manual difficult to understand

How to Choose a Suitable Cordless Phone?

So how do you distinguish the top cordless phones? As you can see from the 10 best models we have listed above, the features, design, and quality can vary greatly. However, the best landline phones generally have common features that you can look for. To help, we have listed these main features and considerations you should make below:

Screen and Buttons

telephone charging on dockJust like when you’re shopping for DAB radios and digital frames, you should look at the quality of the screen. The best cordless phones may use a TFT colour display, but LCD colour displays with a backlight are the most common option. You ideally want a screen that is large, and you can clearly see the text and incoming caller number or ID.

Additionally, the buttons of your cordless phone should be ergonomic and tactile. They should also be large enough so you can easily see the numbers. Some DECT phones also have special buttons such as the answer and decline call buttons, or the option to program set numbers to call a specific contact.

Answer Machine Functionality

Next, does the phone has an answering machine? If you are looking for the best phone, it should ideally have an advanced answer machine. This includes a decent recording time of at least 30 minutes – remember that most cordless phones have a limited storage capacity for answer messages although with some you can add an additional SD card.

You should also look at the playback features of the answering machine, and if the base station has any.

Phonebook and Caller ID

The phonebook and caller ID features are also vital. As a minimum, we would expect the best cordless phones to have a contact book feature; a feature where you can add contacts to your phone including their name, and number. Ideally, this contact book should be easy to use, and it should have a large storage capacity.

You should also consider caller ID features. For example, if someone in your contact book rings, does their name automatically display on the phone? Or can you call someone quickly with a single number, or by entering their name into your phone keypad?

Call Blocking Functionality

If you are looking for the best cordless landline phone, call blocking should be a high priority. Unfortunately, landlines often receive unwanted calls – telesales for example, or automated scam phone calls. It can be difficult to block a nuisance call, but many handsets have this feature.

The quality and utility of this feature can vary, however. For example, some phones only have the ability for manual blocking, whereas others have advanced features.

Call Quality, Volume, and Talk Time

young woman using telephone in home officeFinally, you should also look at the sound quality, volume, and talk time. Firstly, the sound quality is vital so that you can hear conversations properly. Also, the volume is important for both the ringtone, but also the call volume. There is nothing worse than struggling to hear someone talking on the phone – especially if you are hard of hearing.

Look at the talk time length too. Generally, these phones have a standby time and a talk time duration. The standby time is how long the charge should last when the phone is stood in the base station – this can last for hundreds of hours. Alternatively, the talk time is usually the charge time when you are using the phone handheld, and not in its charging station.


We hope you have found this guide on the 10 best cordless phones useful. Regardless of if you own a smartphone or not, a landline phone can still be a useful device to have in your home, or in your office. In most instances, you will be paying for a landline already if you have broadband internet – so why not make use of this and purchase a cordless phone for home usage?

Any of the ten best phones we have listed will make a great choice. However, our pick for the best cordless phone in the UK is the BT Premium. This phone has a solid construction and is comfortable to hold. With an excellent set of features that are easy to use, you can block unknown numbers, and sync your mobile phone contacts via BlueTooth. Plus, it can save up to 1000 contacts, record 60 minutes of messages, and redial any of the last 30 calls.

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