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With improvements in battery life and general performance, cordless vacuum cleaners are now a better choice than ever before. However, finding the best cordless vacuum can be a difficult task with so many models, brands and types to choose from, not to mention the huge variety of features.

To make sure you get the right one for your needs and budget, it makes sense to do your homework and to read through plenty of cordless vacuum reviews first.

We’ve carefully selected ten of the most popular choices on the market, so read through our list to find out which model suits your particular needs. Also, our article will allow you to compare cordless vacuums from a range of manufacturers. Read on to find out which is the best handheld vacuum for your home.

Our Favourite Cordless Vacuums Compared

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Best Cordless Vacuum Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Shark Cordless Stick (Editor’s Choice)

Shark IF200UKOur top cordless vacuum and editor’s choice is the Shark Cordless Stick. The Shark is unbeaten in its ability to effortlessly clean both hard and carpeted floors, allowing you to switch from one to the other without having to change heads.


Thanks to its Flexology design, the wand folds for easy storage as well as bending to allow you to easily reach those hard-to-reach areas under furnishings. It also quickly transforms into a small handheld vacuum, useful for small spaces, stairs and your car. With a 22-minute of runtime, a five-year guarantee and multiple accessories included when you buy it, the Shark makes an excellent all-rounder that is undoubtedly the best stick vacuum cleaner around.

On the downside, although this makes it a great choice if you have both hard and carpeted floors, you might find that its 22-minute runtime is a little restrictive if you have a large house to clean. In this case, you may want to buy spare batteries. Like most stick cleaners, the waste container is very small and if your house tends to get dirty very quickly, you may find yourself having to frequently stop to empty it. This isn’t terribly practical, as there’s no easy empty function and in some cases, you may need to put your fingers in to manually pull out bits of dirt. However, these issues being common to stick cleaners in general, don’t detract too much from the Shark’s excellent performance.

  • 22-minute runtime
  • Cleans both carpets and hard floors effectively
  • Flexology – wand folds for compact storage and bends making areas under furnishings easier to reach
  • Converts into a handy small handheld vacuum
  • Comes with multiple accessories and a 5-year guarantee.
  • Small waste container
  • No easy empty function
  • Short battery life
No products found.

2. Dyson V7 Motorhead (Most Powerful Option)

Dyson V7If you’re looking for the best cordless handheld vacuum and need one with plenty of power, then the Dyson V7 Motorhead could be just what you’re looking for.


The Dyson digital V7 motor provides great power suction on both carpets and hard floors. However, if you have wooden floors, you will need to buy an additional soft head to prevent scratching. If you have a lot of carpeted rooms, then this Dyson model makes a great choice as its direct-drive motorhead deep cleans carpets for a thorough and efficient clean. Even microscopic dust and dirt is captured, thanks to the vacuum’s 15 small cyclones.

The Dyson V7 quickly and easily transforms into a handheld for cleaning furnishings and any tight spaces. However, the emptying mechanism is not quite as simple to use and can result in you emptying it all over the floor rather than in the bin.

While the Dyson has a 30-minute runtime is sufficient for most housekeeping tasks, you may find that its battery life shortens and loses power capacity over the years, reducing its runtime considerably. However, in spite of its downfalls, the Dyson V7 is still the most powerful cordless vacuum and the ideal choice for mainly carpeted homes.

  • Up to 30-minute runtime
  • Dyson digital V7 motor for great suction power on carpets and hard floors
  • Quickly transforms into a handheld
  • Direct drive motorhead deep cleans carpet
  • 15 small cyclones capture microscopic dirt for a thorough clean
  • Soft head for wooden floors available at additional cost
  • Battery life noticeably shortens and loses power capacity over the years
  • Awkward emptying mechanism
No products found.

3. Gtech AirRam MK2 (Value for Money Option)

Gtech AirRam MK2Looking for the best value cordless vacuum? The Gtech AirRam offers exceptional performance at great value for money.


With up to 40-minute runtime, it lasts longer than many other cordless vacuums and its AirLoc system ensures excellent suction on both hard and carpeted floors. Thanks to its ultra-low profile, it fits easily under furnishings, where its full-width LED lights make sure you don’t miss an inch.

The AirRam MK2 is not difficult to empty thanks to its Clean Eject dirt system that makes it fast and simple to use. Another great feature is its 4-stage LED battery level display, so you can tell at a glance how much power is remaining.

On the downside, the plastic construction is a little flimsy, so you’ll need to take care when using and storing this cordless cleaner. Furthermore, while it offers fantastic cleaning power, it is not very good at cleaning corners. So if you don’t live in a bungalow or a one-level apartment, then you will need to invest in an attachment to properly clean your stairs.

  • Up to 40-minute runtime
  • Ultra-low profile with full-width LED lights for cleaning under furnishings
  • Clean Eject dirt system
  • 4-stage LED battery level display
  • AirLoc system for enhanced suction
  • Hard to use in corners
  • No attachments included for stairs
  • Plastic construction a little flimsy
No products found.

4. Hoover Freedom 2-in-1 (Ideal for Pet Hair)

Hoover FreedomWith a look that is similar to the Dyson, the Hoover Freedom 2-in-1 Pets is the best cordless vacuum cleaner for any home with pets thanks to its motorised mini turbo brush attachment that has been designed specifically with pet hair removal in mind.


Whether you want to quickly remove dog hairs off the sofa in handheld mode, or tidy up the whole house, the Hoover Freedom makes pet hair removal much easier. For longer housekeeping sessions, simply flick it into a continuous mode to save tiring out your finger from pulling the trigger. Emptying out the waste container is also made simple thanks to the easy-open flap-top.

While the Hoover Freedom is the best cordless vacuum for pet hairs, it does have a few areas where it could improve. If you have a lot of pets or a long-haired pet, you may find that the small waste container is just a little too small and you’ll have to empty it frequently, although this is an issue that’s common to most stick options. It can also be rather difficult to fit attachments if you don’t have quite a strong grip, you may struggle with the stiff locking mechanism.

Also, some cordless vacuum cleaner reviews mention that it does not feature any sort of low battery life indicator which can be an inconvenience if you haven’t just taken it off a full charge.

  • 25-minute runtime
  • Motorised mini turbo brush for pet hairs
  • Continuous mode – no need to hold down the trigger
  • Transforms into a handheld
  • Not difficult to empty flip-top bin
  • Stiff locking mechanism for attachments
  • Small dust container
  • No warning when battery life is low
No products found.

5. Vytronix 3 in 1 (Budget Option)

Vytronix 3-in-1The Vytronix 3-in-1 is our best budget cordless vacuum choice. It is handy at just 2.3 kilograms and is not difficult to manoeuvre.


Much like the Dyson, it can be used as a stick vacuum or a compact handheld, making it suitable for cleaning around all of your house including the stairs and hard to reach spaces. However, it can be a little tricky cleaning into corners when you’re not using it as a handheld. Additionally, unless you’re pushing it in a straight line, the head does tend to swivel rather a lot. With a 35-minute runtime, you shouldn’t struggle for time to complete any housekeeping and the handy battery life indicator lights let you know when it’s time to recharge. Its motorised brush bar is suitable for use on both carpeted and hard floors. However, if you have pets, it doesn’t really have enough power to fully remove fur from carpeted areas.

While it is not quite at par with some of the more expensive, more powerful models out there, it is the best cheap cordless vacuum available. So if you need a cheap cordless hoover or want to test the waters with your first cordless vacuum, then this model makes an excellent choice.

  • With a 35-minute runtime
  • Lightweight – only 2.3kg
  • Motorised brush bar
  • Battery life indicator lights
  • Use with wand or as a compact handheld
  • Head swivels a lot
  • Not very effective at removing pet hairs from carpet
  • Doesn’t do well in corners
No products found.

6. Vax Blade Cordless (Lightweight Choice)

Vax BladeThis is another option that looks very similar to the Dyson. The Vax Blade is our favourite lightweight cordless vacuum which comes with a superior 45-minute runtime and optimal cleaning results.


Vax’s Direct Helix Technology allows for exceptional performance in any orientation, so whether you’re using it as a handheld on the sofa or with the wand on the stairs, you’ll still get maximum power. For extra dirty areas, especially if you have any children or pets, the boost mode is extremely useful. It has a Smart Control Dial that shows you just how much battery life you have remaining, making sure that you know when you need to recharge with plenty of time to spare.

The company has designed the blade to bring you the performance of a corded vacuum with the freedom of a cordless one. Although the blade is not difficult to use and manoeuvre, the handle is not very ergonomic and is slightly uncomfortable. In order to maintain maximum suction, make sure that your regularly wash the filters as the Direct Helix Technology relies upon a direct air path from the floor to the cyclone.

Unlike most others, this rechargeable vacuum cleaner features an integrated battery, so you cannot detach it to store and charge separately. Moreover, when it meets its end of life, you will not be able to replace it.

  • 45-minute runtime
  • Boost mode for pet hairs and extra dirty areas
  • Smart Control Dial battery level
  • Direct Helix Technology – optimal performance in any orientation
  • Use with wand or as compact handheld
  • The battery cannot be replaced
  • Need to frequently wash filters for maximum power
  • The handle is not very comfortable
No products found.

7. Morphy Richards 2-in-1 Supervac (2-in-1 Choice)

Morphy Richards SupervacThe Morphy Richards Supervac is our best 2 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner choice. Use it as an upright to tidy up large spaces or in its compact handheld format to get into corners and on your furnishings.


The Supervac is simple to manoeuvre thanks to its swivel head. It is suitable for use on all floor types, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your wooden or laminate floors. Its 35-minute runtime should be enough for an average-sized small home. If you have limited storage space, its collapsible handle makes it easier to find a place to store it.

It would make a good choice if you are looking for a lightweight, easily convertible secondary cleaner. While it gets the job done, its suction could be better with a lot more power, which makes it better suited to fast in-between cleans rather than full-on weekly cleans, especially if you have children or pets. It also tends to get frequently blocked up by long hairs and carpet fluff.

To keep it in good working order you will need to wash the filter after every use. However, if you consider its low price and use as a secondary vacuum, this model is a decent option to consider.

  • 35-minute runtime
  • Collapsible handle for easy storage
  • Use as an upright or a compact handheld
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Swivel head for manoeuvrability
  • Need to wash the filter with every use
  • Not very powerful suction
  • Blocks very easily with hairs and carpet fluff
No products found.

8. AEG Cordless 2-in-1 (Ideal for Carpets and Hard Floors)

AEG CordlessWith a 45-minute runtime, if you’re looking for the best cordless hoover then the AEG Cordless 2-in-1 is most definitely one to consider. It also benefits from a four hour charging period which is up to two hours quicker than some of its competitors.


Suitable for both carpet and hard floors, this cordless vacuum cleaner can also be used as an upright or a compact handheld unit. When attached as an upright, you’ll need to pay attention and set it down carefully or else it can fall over pretty easily when not in use.

Designed for homes with pets, it comes with a pet hair turbo nozzle that ensures maximum removal of hairs from your carpets. The brush roll cleaning function prevents hairs from tangling up the brush roll, so even if you have long-haired pets, you won’t have to waste time frequently detangling your hoover. Another useful function is the dust-spotter headlights that allow you to make sure that you’ve got up any stray hairs or dust for a thorough clean.

Like most choices on the market, this AEG model has a small dust compartment which requires regular emptying. While the battery is fast to charge and lasts longer than most, you should bear in mind that it is integrated, so you cannot simply swap it for a spare one.

  • 45-minute runtime
  • Charges in four hours
  • Comes with a pet hair turbo nozzle, motorized brush roll nozzle and charging stand
  • Dust spotter headlights
  • Suitable for carpets and hard floors
  • The integrated battery cannot be replaced
  • Small dust compartment
  • Falls over if not placed carefully down
No products found.

9. Gtech Pro Bagged Green (Large Dust Bin Capacity)

Gtech ProThe Gtech Pro Bagged may just be the best cordless hoover for you if you are still undecided. Its 40-minute runtime, large dust bin and AirLoc technology all add up to make this a great all-around vacuum cleaner.


As this model is bagged, you will need to buy replacement bags. Using bags also means that the Gtech Pro has three times the capacity of other bagless, cordless vacuum cleaners. You won’t have to frequently stop to empty it while ensuring that dust and debris are kept hygienically within the bag.

With a fast four hour recharge time, the Gtech Pro is one of the best rechargeable vacuum cleaners. Its built-in AirLoc technology ensures enhanced suction on both hard floors and carpet for superior results. You can also use it as a handheld compact machine for tight spaces or as an upright.

However, note that the attachments can be pretty difficult to remove and when used as an upright, the unit feels pretty heavy to move around. If you’re looking for a bagged option, then the Gtech Pro makes a great choice.

  • 40-minute runtime
  • Large dust bin
  • AirLoc Technology for enhanced suction
  • Four hour recharge time
  • Versatile – use as an upright or handheld
  • Need to buy replacement bags
  • Attachments can be difficult to remove
  • Fairly heavy
No products found.

10. Deik Cordless Stick (Great for Quick Housekeeping)

Deik CordlessThe Deik cordless stick vacuum cleaner provides a 40-minute runtime with a choice of high or low suction settings.


Its continuous mode is a good choice for long housekeeping jobs which will prevent your fingers from tiring. Like the Dyson, you can use it as a compact handheld in small spaces or for tidying up your sofa and as an upright for mopping floors. Like many stick vacuum cleaners, this model only has a fairly small dust container, so you will need to regularly empty it out.

For the price, it works pretty well and although it is not quite as powerful as some of the others on our list, it does cost quite a bit less. It would make a good secondary vacuum cleaner to top-up on your housekeeping throughout the week.

Unfortunately, according to some handheld vacuum cleaner reviews, there have been some durability issues with this product. If you are looking for a low priced, secondary option for occasional quick cleans, then this model would be a good choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for superior performance or one unique vacuum cleaner for all your household needs, then you would be better off looking at another more durable model from our selection.

  • 40-minute runtime
  • Two suction settings – high and low
  • Can be used as an upright or a handheld
  • Easy storage with included wall mount station
  • Continuous power option saves tiring fingers
  • Not very powerful
  • Small dust container
  • Some durability issues
No products found.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Vacuum for You

hoover on wooden floorJust like with any home cleaning equipment like window vacs, carpet cleaners or steam cleaners and mops, getting the best handheld vacuum for your needs is a big decision. Below, we take a look at some of the most important things to consider before making your final choice.

1. Research the Brand First

Cordless vacuums are lightweight and can be stored almost anywhere, which makes them a true godsend for just about any household. That convenience, unfortunately, has a downside. It’s relatively simple to make a “standard” vacuum, so many manufacturers cut corners and sell handsticks that fall apart or break down quickly.

What’s In A Name?

Unless you know someone who’s had a good experience with a product from a no-name company, it’s better to stay with brands you know and trust like Hoover, Dyson or GTech. You can also check out the cordless vacuum ratings of the ones we’ve reviewed and recommended here. Otherwise, be ready to replace yours regularly.

2. Think About the Power, Capacity & Usage Period

Two of the most important considerations when shopping is the power of the batteries and charging time of the vacuum cleaner.

Running Time and Charging Time

Some models are only good for a 15-20 minute quick sweep while others are able to do your housekeeping for nearly an hour. These largely depend on the type and size of the batteries used. Large lithium-ion batteries are the option for longer running time and shorter charging periods, but it is likely to increase the selling price.

Power and Bin Capacity

These are also major factors to look at. A model with better power will be more effective at picking up dirt and a larger capacity means you’ll have to empty the collection canister less often. The majority of today’s stick vacuums can hold anywhere from 0.2 to one litre of dirt, compared to the 2-3 litre capacity of most standard cleaners.

3. Decide If You Need Any Other Considerations

cleaning the sofa with a handheld hooverThe accessory packages included with any model can be a determining factor in whether the model is right for your needs.


Many of the latest higher-level cord-free units like Dyson and Vax are able to do more than sweep up tracked-in dirt or spilt food. Some of the new two-in-one models also have detachable handles which allow you to use the body as a handheld vacuum to tidy up cars or cupboards.

A Variety of Special Attachments

Other brands like Dyson and Hoover have special tools designed to get those stubborn pet hair which eludes most standard and wireless models. And just as with canister or upright models, you can get an option with all sorts of tools designed for nooks and crannies and for scrubbing hard surfaces or delicate areas.

4. Consider The Weight

Weight will naturally come into play when deciding which cordless hoover is right for you. Nearly all, regardless of brand and make, will be significantly lighter than their corded counterpart but you can still find varying weight difference between models.

5. Test Its Usability

You’ll want to make sure that whichever model you choose, you get one that is simple and intuitive to use. Otherwise, if you pick a cordless vacuum with awkward settings, you’ll find cleaning up a frustrating experience. Also, check how simple it is to empty out the vacuum when full. Emptying these canisters always has the potential to get a bit messy, but still, they eliminate the expense and hassle of buying an endless supply of dust bags.

5. Avoid Very Cheap Models

You will see many vacuums on sale for ridiculously low prices. However, those are the units likely to break down or fall apart soon after you buy them – so we haven’t included them in our cordless vacuum reviews.

Of course, you’ll still find a variation in the costs of our reviewed models. This is largely based on their capacities, power and features – we simply don’t believe any of the super-cheap units on the market are worth the expense.

It’s A Clean Sweep

woman using Shark at homeAll of the cordless vacuum reviews we have featured in this article would make fantastic options for your home – but if we had to pick our overall winner, it would undoubtedly be the Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

We were very impressed with its efficiency in cleaning multiple surfaces, and its simplicity to switch between hard floor and carpet settings with little hassle. These features allow you to get your chores done faster, without having to compromise on the results. Because it is handy and not difficult to use, it also makes it our choice for the best handheld vacuum for effortless cleaning those awkward areas. Its Flexology design means you won’t struggle to store it, even if you are tight on space. Lastly, it has an excellent 22-minute runtime which means you’ll be able to finish tidying up your home before needing to recharge.

Overall, if you’re looking for a lightweight, simple to use and powerful cordless vacuum, we think the Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the best cordless vacuum on the market right now.

Which is your top cordless vacuum cleaner? Would you go for Shark, Dyson, Gtech, or any of our other picks? Let us know in the comments section.

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