Best Cork Board Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On February 14th, 2022

A corkboard is an answer to any busy calendar or complicated project. With a few sticky notes and push pins, you can organise your thoughts and strategies into an easily digestible medium. Having the best cork board is the perfect addition to any working household to help boost productivity.

Corkboards are a pretty standard product and don’t have many varieties, but it’s easy to pick out the wrong one if you’re not paying careful attention. For this list, we’ve compiled our top choices for corkboards and considered all the essential qualities to get you the best option possible.

We divided our selection of seven corkboards into different subcategories so you can find the perfect purchase for you and your home.

Best Cork Board Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Amazon Basics Aluminum Frame (Editor’s Choice)

Amazon Basics Aluminum FrameFor our Editor’s Choice, we wanted to pick a product that was as convenient as it is stylish, lightweight, and easy to use. The Amazon Basics Aluminum Frame corkboard will keep all your posting in a neat place. In addition, the thick cork interior ensures no loose pins will fall to the ground.


The first highlight of this corkboard’s features is the aluminium frame. Often with notice boards, the exterior or border will become matted or bent over time. While you can forget about transporting a notice board without a sturdy frame, rest assured the aluminium frame on this model is thick and keeps the board’s shape well.

The cork surface of the board is also self-healing. That means when you pull your pins out, you won’t have any widened-hole landmines to avoid when pushing new pins in. Many boards will have loose cork littered with holes after only a few entries, thankfully, not this one.

You also won’t have to worry about mounting it yourself. It can be a huge hassle to find the correct screws and properly mount the board so it’s not crooked. With the mounting kit already included, this push board comes with everything you need for immediate installation.

  • Aluminium frame
  • Self-healing cork surface
  • Mounting kit included
  • Some users might find it a bit flimsy

2. SPD UK Pinboard (Best Portable)

SPD UK PinboardWhen unravelling our ideas, we can’t confine ourselves to limited dimensions. We need notice boards as limitless as our potential. That’s why a cork roll is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a large notice board. Measuring 600mm x 900mm, the SPK UK Pinboard roll is one of the best choices for large notice boards.


With one roll, you can cover up to 1.85 meters across your wall. The board is also 50 cm wide, making it adaptable to even enormous walls. If you have extra space, you can use this to cover an entire wall with cork, only using four or five rolls.

The options for an entire wall made out of cork fill our imaginations with wonder. There will be no limit to the notifications and schedules you can post. You can even design a gorgeous piece of art based on hanging and arranging pictures on the cork.

If you use flat-tipped push pins, you can even reroll the cork back up for transportation. It is 0.6 cm thick, so you won’t have to worry about dangerous points sticking out the back of it.

  • Rollable
  • Suits large walls
  • Transportable
  • No frame might make it more flimsy

3. Nicoline Self Adhesive (Best Value)

Nicoline Self AdhesiveWho likes hanging things on the wall? No one? Putting frames and pictures on the wall can be challenging. You need to find the correct position, make sure it’s straight, and then put tiny holes in your precious walls. With the Nicoline Self-Adhesive corkboard, you’ll have none of these above-mentioned headaches.


What we really like about this corkboard is the fact that it is self-adhesive. That means there are strips of glue on the back. Once you remove the sticker from the glue, you can hang the board on your wall with no problem. Don’t worry about getting the position right the first time. You can always peel it off and reposition it. It shouldn’t remove any paint when you peel it.

This corkboard is a pack of four smaller boards which adds great versatility to the product. You can distribute the boards throughout your home or use them together to create a giant one for your office. You can even use the different boards for multiple purposes. You could have one for your pictures, another for chores, and another for self-reminders.

These cork tiles are also great for heat and sound insulation too. If you buy enough of them, they can greatly reduce the sound or heat that escapes a room.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Comes in a pack of four
  • Sound and heat insulating
  • Large grain cork might look ugly

4. Bi-Office MC070012010 (Professional Choice)

Bi-Office MC070012010If you’re looking for a corkboard that you can easily move around the house, the Bi-Office MC070012010 is an excellent choice. Featuring a wooden frame, you can transport it regularly, and it is lightweight enough not to limit your mobility. The brown on brown, wood-on-cork design is also stylish. Thus, if you need a handy tool to help organise your day, this corkboard gets the job done.


Another great feature of the Bi-Office board is that it comes in different sizes. If you know anything about scheduling, you know a one-size-fits-all board is not ideal for a diverse schedule. Thus, it is a good thing that Bi-Office has bulletin boards in five different sizes, ranging from 40X30cm to 90X60cm.

This board also has some finely grained cork which benefits the consumer. Not only is fine-grained cork more visually appealing than its large-grained counterpart, but it’s also better at healing. The small space between the grains seals up well even after several visits from a push pin.

These boards are also very lightweight and have some of the thinnest cork in the industry. They’re perfect for assembling a diorama and then placing the board in your trunk to take it off to the fair. Its frame is detachable to make for even easier storage.

  • Wooden frame
  • Fine-grained cork
  • Multiple size options
  • Easy to transport
  • It might not be durable

5. Nobo Rexel Magnetic Personal (Best Dual)

Nobo Rexel Magnetic PersonalThe biggest competitor for the cork bulletin board is probably the whiteboard. It’s faster to use and allows for quit error correction and exchanges of information. However, they also don’t have the permanence of a corkboard as anything written there can be easily erased. So why not get a board that has both with the Nobo Rexel Magnetic Personal dual notice board?


This board is equally divided into two sections of cork and whiteboard. This 2-in-1 bulletin board leaves limitless possibilities for the user. For example, you can post essential reminders on one side and place your notes on the other. You can also use the notice board for inspirational pictures and the whiteboard for motivational quotes to accompany them.

The whiteboard is also entirely magnetic and even comes with two magnets to pin things to it if you run out of space on the notice board. Don’t worry about buying markers either, as one is included with your purchase.

The board will fit in any corner of your home with its sleek design. With this dual board, you’ll have a condensed and friendly design that can fit in even the smallest spaces. It’s perfect for hanging on a door or inside a closet, making it one of the best bulletin board options available.

  • Combination whiteboard and notice board
  • Includes magnets and markers
  • Sleek design
  • It might be too small

6. OfficeCentre Thick (Best Set)

OfficeCentre ThickWhat use is a notice board without push pins? Too often, we hear about people buying the best cork boards to get their life organised only to discover they need to make another trip back to the office supply store for push pins. That’s why we recommend the OfficeCentre board.


This board comes fully equipped with 20 push pins so you can get your life organised right away. They are the classic thumbtack design and come in green, white, red, blue, and yellow. You can use the different colour pins to help with the organisation, assign different colours to various tasks, or post types.

If safety is your primary concern, you can’t go wrong with this board and its rounded edges. If you’ve ever strutted too close to a wall and got hooked on the corner of a notice board, then you know how painful it can be. With rounded edges, you’ll be able to breeze by the board with no danger.

With nine different sizes, these boards are also incredibly versatile. You can get a board for a small bedroom or a big office space. No matter the size, you’ll always get your 20 pins for free.

  • Includes 20 free push pins
  • Rounded edges
  • Nine different sizes to choose from
  • Cardboard backing
No products found.

7. 4 Thought Bulletin (Luxury Choice)

4 Thought BulletinThis notice board from 4 Thought is excellent for information tracking and day planning. It is great for your pictures, notes, and whatnots. This bulletin board is also durable and features a stylish design, making it one of the best cork board options for your home or office.


The first thing you’ll notice about this board is how hardy it is. The outer material is made from pine which blends nicely with the cork and provides excellent support for the board. The cork is high quality, too, and will hold its shape after frequent use.

When imagining a corkboard, you probably picture something similar to this one. The stylish exterior makes the board blend well with a monocoloured wall. This board will help keep track of your notes and schedule professionally.

This corkboard is also great for holiday decorations. The board doesn’t stand out on the wall, and you can pin stockings or paper decorations into the cork to add an extra flair to the festivities. You can simply tie a string of paper angels or even some tinsel.

  • High-quality materials
  • Stylish design
  • Great for holiday decorating
  • It might not blend well with some walls

What to Look For in a Corkboard

When buying the best cork board for your home or office, there are three key factors to carefully consider.


wooden frame of notice boardThe frame of the board you choose is as much a stylistic decision as it is a practical one. Boards with metal frames might not blend well with surrounding material and could stand out more on your wall. Wooden frames will blend better both with the cork and the wall around them.

However, what you gain in style, you lose in durability with wooden frames. Wooden frame notice boards might be easier to break and often less stable than boards with metal frames.


If you plan to remove the board from the wall, you’ll want a model that doesn’t flip and flop around. Some boards will only have a thin layer of cork and cardboard back, making them cheaper but also less stable. This will also affect the board’s ability to hold postings.

Cork Healing

push pins and blank note on bulletin boardCork healing is the most important factor for any notice board. It’s what separates a 3-year board from a 6-months one.

If the board you buy doesn’t have good cork healing, you’ll notice right away. You’ll be routinely picking up thumbtacks (and whatever they were holding) from the floor beneath the board. A good corkboard should keep tacks in any position for at least the first year after purchase.

Choosing the Best Cork Board

We chose the Amazon Basics Aluminum Frame as the best cork board because we felt it perfectly combined all the best qualities in a corkboard. The durable metal frame blends well in most settings and looks very professional. It also has great cork healing, and you can trust it to hold your postings for a long time.

Strongly consider this notice board, but if it doesn’t fit your needs, then the other notice boards on this list are excellent options too. Notice boards are a diverse product, and you should choose what the best fit for you is. We hope you get the helpful notice board you deserve.

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