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Trading Innovation

The best dog bed is one of the most important things you can buy for your precious pooch. Your four-legged friend is there for you whenever you need them, so the least that you can do in return is give them a good night’s sleep.

On average, a dog spends around half of his or her life asleep. They’ll snuggle up on their dog bed when they’re exhausted after an afternoon walk or curl up to snooze while you’re watching television. Whether they’re conking out for the night, or just taking one of their many naps of the day, a comfortable bed is a must-have.

As today’s dog owners know, however, buying the right dog beds can be a challenge. There’s no one-size-fits-all here, particularly when our canine friends come in so many shapes and sizes. A good doggie bed for a puppy might not be the same as the ideal option for a Great Dane.

It’s also worth remembering that every dog has it’s own unique requirements. For instance, older dogs might benefit from a memory foam mattress if they suffer from joint pain and other sources of discomfort. A dog that prefers to curl up and rest their head on a raised side might want something different from a dog that likes a totally flat surface.

If you’re struggling to find the best place for your pooch to lay his or her head, we could be the perfect companion on your journey. We’ve looked at a wide selection of reviews and product descriptions, to bring you some of the top performing dog beds on the market.

Best Dog Bed Reviews – Top 10 Picks

One of the most stressful things for dog owners is buying a bed that you think is perfect for your dog, just to see them sleeping on the floor instead. Even if you were keen to invest in quality dog beds, your pooch might prefer to snooze elsewhere if the bed is too warm. That’s why it’s important to get something that’s breathable and cooling.


The Veehoo cooling and elevated dog bed is a high-quality pet bed that removes the need to sleep on the floor. This cosy bed is cleaner and healthier for your pooch than sleeping on your rug, and it’s great for regulating temperature too. The unique design will keep your pooch cool in the summer while ensuring that they’re still warm during the winter.

The core of this dog bed is a breathable centre made from mesh. This allows excess body heat to escape from beneath your dog when they’re snoozing, contributing to a cool and relaxing evening. Remember, this comes in handy not just in the summer, but after long walks too.

It is even waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about moisture and smells ruining the bed. All that, and you get a bed that’s portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble. If you’re going on a camping trip, then you can take it with you, without having to worry about wrenches and screws. This dog bed will even hold a maximum weight of up to 150 pounds.

Offering excellent stability and amazing load-bearing performance, this bed comes in a range of colours. Unfortunately, some reviews suggest that this bed is a little smaller than you’d expect.


  • An excellent alternative to sleeping on the floor
  • One of the most lightweight and portable doggie beds around
  • Great for camping and outdoor use
  • Water-resistant and breathable
  • Convenient elevated dog bed


  • No memory foam or cushioning
  • A little smaller than expected
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With a host of colours to choose from to suit your style, you’re sure to find the orthopedic bed that’s perfect for your home. Ideal for older dogs and those with joint or muscle pain, this bed features luxurious materials throughout, and it’s big enough for a wide range of breeds too. The orthopedic memory foam, which covers the 10 cm base of support foam, provides a firm yet comfortable experience for your pooch.


Ideal if you’re looking for a waterproof foam dog bed, this Orthopedic solution is easy to use, and durable too. The memory foam coating is a good choice for breeds that are more likely to be predisposed to bone and joint conditions. 

This therapeutic bed provides excellent relief and comfort to dogs with various ailments, such as arthritis as well as elbow and hip dysplasia. This might also be the best bed for your dog if they’re recovering from surgery so that they can sleep soundly and get a better night’s rest.

Offering effective management of discomfort, this bed is a great all-around choice for all kinds of dogs. You even get a set of removable quick-dry covers that are easy to wash. The waterproof mattress protector will also reduce the problems caused by dogs with incontinence.

One possible issue with this bed is that the stitching can come apart quite easily. What’s more, the bed is quite lightweight, which means that it’s more likely to move around on the floor when your dog flops down or rolls over.


  • Great memory foam dog bed
  • Orthopedic materials for dogs recovering from surgery
  • Excellent for bone and joint pain
  • Removable covers that are washable and quick drying
  • Waterproof mattress protector included


  • Stitching comes apart easily in some places
  • Lightweight design means the bed moves easily
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When browsing for the best dog bed, most fur parents tend to go for options that are machine washable. What’s more, it has to have a thick enough filling so that any pup will feel comfortable while they nap. This simple Trading Innovation dog’s bed has all that and it comes in a variety of amazing styles, too.


One of the best dog beds on the market for people who don’t need memory foam, this dog bed will look great in any home. Thanks to a machine-washable design, the cover is easy to remove and clean. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of patterns to suit your home. Though not memory foam, the filling is thick and full.

The comfort levels of this bed are extremely high, thanks to a soft and plush interior that cushions your dog’s whole body. There’s a choice of both large and extra-large to choose from, which is convenient if you have larger or smaller dogs. Additionally, the zipped cover is non-allergenic, so you can reduce the risk of having a sniffly pup.

Although this dog bed isn’t as advanced in terms of features and materials when compared to the other doggy beds we’ve looked at so far – it’s an excellent choice for those who want a bed for dog use that’s simple and straightforward to use. A possible downside is that the material on the cover is quite thin, it doesn’t feel as though it would be waterproof.

You might need to cover the bed with a towel after giving your dog a bath since the stuffing and cover don’t resist moisture well.


  • Range of patterns to choose from
  • Fluffy and reliable base, great for all kinds of dogs
  • Brilliant comfort with a removable cover
  • Cover is machine washable with a zip to make it easier to remove
  • Fits a wide range of pet breeds


  • Not the most-high quality material
  • Not water-resistant like other high-quality options
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Since dogs like to sleep almost as much as they like to run around and cuddle with their owners, the best dogs bed will always be one that can withstand regular use. A durable bed with a memory foam filler is a good start. However, you’ll also need to make sure that you can wash and maintain the bed easily. That’s exactly what makes the Rosewood jumbo cord stand out.


Brimming with features for your pooch, this dog bed is a great choice for those who don’t want a memory foam dog bed, but still want to give their four-legged friend plenty of comfort. The padded sleeper comes with a luxurious plush interior which makes it perfect for your dog to snuggle up into on cool evenings.

Not only does this dog bed feel great for your pooch, but it also looks great. Often, when you’re searching for the best bed for dogs, you need to ensure that you’re getting something that’s going to look great in your home too. The Rosewood Jumbo Cord has a modern aesthetic design that’s sure to look fantastic in any room.

The ultimate pet bed for today’s pooch parent, the Rosewood is machine washable at 30 degrees. You don’t even need a removable cover here; you can just throw the entire bed in the washing machine at once. This means that you can avoid any annoying smells or stains for longer. There’s also a range of size options to choose from.

One possible problem with this dog bed is that it’s difficult to choose the right size. The sizes listed on the product description apply to the entire bed, but the inner portion is quite a bit smaller.


  • Wide range of comfort features for your dog
  • Luxurious plush interior
  • Great alternative to memory foam
  • Looks great in any home
  • Machine washable design


  • Quite small compared to product listings
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One of the best dog bed brand options on the market today, Hound has an excellent reputation for being durable, reliable, and aesthetically stunning. The hound range is a good choice for anyone who wants a dog bed that looks fantastic and feels great at the same time. You can add a touch of old English charm to your home in no time.


Easy to clean and packed full of cushioning, this high-comfort dog bed will make sure that your dog gets a good night’s rest. Versatile and durable, this is a bed that’s made to last. It’s also available in different sizes, so you can find the option that’s most suitable for your pooch. The handy sizing chart will help you to make the right decision if you’re not sure.

With raised sides for dogs that like having somewhere to rest their heads, the Hound Comfort bed is a brilliant choice for those with a vintage or traditional style. Stylish and charming, this bed will give your pooch plenty of warmth and relaxation when he or she is trying to calm down after a long walk or run.

Unfortunately, sizing is a little bit of an issue here, as the measurements don’t just apply to the flat area of the bed, but the raised sides too. You may need to consider going for a slightly larger version of the product just in case. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of information available here on how to wash and clean the bed. You do need to hand-wash, rather than machine clean.


  • Great comfort thanks to plush raised sides that act as a cushion
  • A style that dogs like and humans love
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Works well for any pet


  • Sizing is a little difficult to understand
  • Hand-wash, no machine washing available.
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As we mentioned above, some dogs will need specific features in the perfect bed. If your dog is a little older than most, or he or she is predisposed to joint and bone problems, then it might be worth looking into the best orthopedic dog bed UK companies have to offer. The dog beds from JOYELF could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.


The ultimate dog beds for pooches with joint problems, the JOYELF orthopedic beds feature a solid memory foam base to mold to your pet’s body perfectly. Offering maximum comfort and safety, the memory foam is flame retardant, to give you more peace of mind. Additionally, the memory foam base has it’s own non-slip rubber backing to avoid sliding.

To help your foam dog bed last longer, this product comes with a removable cover that’s machine washable – however you can’t put the foam itself in the washing machine. There’s also a waterproof liner and protector included to prevent accidents.

Not only does this dog bed look great, but it feels great too. The higher density memory foam gives your pooch a better level of comfort without causing them to overheat when they’re relaxing each evening. The padded arms on the sides allow your dog to rest their head gently, without causing any excess neck strain or fatigue.

This memory foam dog bed even comes with its own Squeaker toy included as a gift. That means that you have another way to lure your pet into the bed when it arrives. A possible problem, however, is that the bed does feel quite hard, which might be a problem if your dog is used to a softer bed. Additionally, there’s no way to clean the foam base.


  • Brilliant memory foam dog bed design
  • Excellent for a range of different breeds and dog sizes
  • Removable washable cover
  • Waterproof liner included for extra protection
  • Arms for neck support


  • Can be a bit hard for dogs used to softer beds
  • Crinkly sound due to the protector
  • No cleaning option for memory foam​
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Another fantastic option for homeowners that want a dog bed that’s attractive, easy to clean, and comfortable too. This elegant design is sure to look amazing in any home, no matter what your interior décor style might be. With premium quality materials throughout, you can rest assured that this pet bed will feel great when having their afternoon nap.


The Pecute deluxe pet bed is a dog’s dream come true. The classy design includes quality micro suede throughout, and a corn corduroy interior. The soft polyester fabric in the cushioning will wrap your pet up in comfort, with silky soft support throughout. This fantastic bed is sure to blow both you and your four-legged friend away.

Since all dogs are different, Pecute ensures that you have the freedom to adjust their beds according to the needs of your pet. You can remove the padded cushion and wash it separately, or just get rid of it if your dog doesn’t like it. The whole bed is easy to clean and wash. You can throw the whole bed in the machine with a cold water cycle. It’s suitable for tumble drying too.

Aside from a cushioned central part, the bed also comes with super soft padded sides for your pet’s neck and head. This allows your pooch to stretch out properly and remove any unwanted pressure or tension. All that, and there’s a money back guarantee for extra peace of mind too.

Unfortunately, the sides don’t have as much strength as they could, which means that they go flat quite quickly.


  • Lovely design fits well in any home
  • Comfortable micro suede fabric and cushioned interior
  • Removable cushion and soft arms for extra support
  • Fully machine washable and suitable for tumble drying
  • Range of sizes


  • Takes a while to fluff up after delivery
  • Sides of the pet bed are too soft, and often go flat
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A great pet bed needs to do a lot of different things simultaneously. First, you’ll need to ensure that the bed you get is comfortable and supportive for your pooch. After that, it’s important to choose something that looks good in your home. You also need a product that’s easy to clean too! That’s exactly what you get with the Muswanna Plush Donut bed.


This plush donut bed really stands out in the pet bed environment, thanks to a range of features. First, you’re sure to notice the faux fur style that instantly makes the bed stand out as luxurious and comfortable. For a winter bed, it’s sensational faux fur donut design is perfect for cuddling up and avoiding the cold. The surface even continues to feel soft and smooth over time too.

Thanks to the round sleep, the luxurious donut cuddler is ideal for a pet that loves to curl up. Some experts even believe that this ultra-cozy bed might be ideal for reducing a pet’s anxiety after a long day too. The raised rim around the bed creates a new sense of security, while offering support for the head and neck.

The fluffy round cushion is self-warming to keep dogs cool in winter. Additionally, the whole bed is safe to put in the washing machine. However, you will need to fluff the bed up again on your own. What’s more, you may need to shake the bed regularly to bring it back to life.

The non-slip waterproof bottom on this dog bed is a nice extra touch too. The last thing you want is your dog bed sliding around the room. Unfortunately, the bed sizes are very small, you might not be able to find the right size for a larger dog.


  • Brilliant fluffy design that’s reassuring for your dogs
  • Looks great in any house, and for any pet
  • Easy to clean with a machine washable design
  • Excellent self-warming performance to keep your pooch happy in winter
  • Non-slip and waterproof bottom


  • Takes a long time to fluff back up after washing
  • Very small – not ideal for bigger dogs
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We’ve covered everything from the best memory foam dog bed, to the best washable dog beds so far. Now it’s time to look at the best bed for a slightly younger pooch. Your puppy will need a specific level of support from the right dog bed. Fortunately, SONGMICS can offer that. Ideal for smaller dogs and younger ones, this plush bed is a delight!


The SONGMICS dog bed is brilliant because it comes with a reversible cushion to suit the season. You don’t need to use the extra soft and fluffy side in the summer, as this is more likely to lead to overheating. That means that you can ensure you’re keeping your pooch comfortable no matter what. This bed offers the ultimate comfort all year round.

The high-quality material of these dog beds means that you can rest assured it will stand the test of time too. The premium polyester fabric is durable and cosy, while the interior lining has an artificial lamb down feeling. The base of this dog bed is anti-slip and water-resistant, so you can avoid accidents when your bed is dropping down to sleep.

Wonderfully designed with delicate workmanship throughout, this soft and fluffy puppy or pet bed is a great choice for any household. There are even raised sides to give your dog’s neck a greater level of support. One issue is that your dog is likely to grow out of it very quickly.


  • Ideal for small dogs and puppies
  • Brilliant level of comfort with flappable cushion
  • Raised sides for extra neck protection
  • Dog beds come with a non-slip and moisture resistant base
  • Good design for any household


  • Small, so it won’t last forever
  • Cushion loses its bounce over time
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Bedsure has delivered one of the best dog beds for large dogs with this amazing Bolster product. If you’re looking for the top calming pet bed UK companies can offer, and you need something that suits a larger dog, this could be it. The Bedsure Bolster dog beds offer a fantastic sleeping experience, combined with durability and reliability too.


Promising a better sleeping experience for any dog, this is one of the best dog beds on the market, complete with premium materials throughout. The Bedsure dog bed is extra roomy, so your beloved pet can stretch out as much as they like without running out of space. The bolster sides mean that you can create a den-like alcove for your pet’s sleeping sessions.

One of the best dog beds around for pups that like 360-degree support, this Bedsure dog bed has it all. The manufacturer even recommends buying a size larger, so your dog can take their favourite toys to bed with them. The high-quality fabric also stands the test of time, with microfiber softness and a fantastic level of durability throughout.

The non-slip bottom removes the problem of skidding. However, there aren’t any easy cleaning options here, which is a shame for many homeowners. It’s also worth noting that the edges aren’t as high as you might think.


  • Great for a larger dog or multiple dogs
  • Durable materials with premium comfort throughout
  • Extra roomy with space to spread out
  • Excellent bolster sides for neck and head support
  • • Non-slip bottom


  • No washable cover
  • Sides aren't as high as they appear
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What Makes a Good Dog Bed?

a girl lying downTo choose your new dog bed, you’ll need to consider your dog’s needs carefully.

There are a lot of different dog beds out there that the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. The first thing you want to do is measure your dog, and make sure that you know how big the bed should be. Ideally, your bed should be slightly larger than your dog, so that he or she can fully stretch out and move into a variety of positions.

Other Points to Think About Include:


Are you looking for a dog bed with the best memory foam? Dog bed in the UK comes in different materials like polyester too. Knowing what is right for your dog is incredibly important.

Unique Requirements

As a dog owner, you know whether your dog has any specific requirements. Just like when you get a vacuum for your home to avoid allergens, you might want the same thing for your dog. In this case, you can choose a raised dog bed that allows them to stay cool without lying on the floor. You can also try an orthopaedic bed if you’ve got an older pooch.

Extra Comfort Options

A cotton fabric cover that you can easily throw in the washing machine to keep your dog bed fresh is often a good idea. Raised sides can also offer a better napping spot for a dog that likes to have their head elevated.


It’s worth remembering that your dog bed needs to be easy to maintain too. Pet or dog beds can get messy pretty easily. You’ll want to be able to wash the cover and the bed itself regularly to prevent against dust mites and stains. Since accidents happen, it’s worth looking for a bed that’s resilient enough to handle a quick clean when necessary.

What is the Best Dog Bed on the Market?

a sleeping puppyChoosing the best dog bed isn’t always easy. Just like choosing a sleeping station for yourself, you’ll find that every dog has their own preferences when it comes to snoozing comfort. A good dog bed can’t just look good – it needs to feel great for your pet and provide an excellent level of support for their muscles and joints too.

Our favorite bed out of all the options above is the Veehoo cooling and elevated dog bed. It’s a great option for dogs that often like to sleep on the floor to stay cool. What’s more, unlike most of the chunky beds on the market today, you can easily take this bed apart and travel with it when you need to.

Like many of the best puppy beds, this bed is also extremely durable and easy to maintain and clean, so you can rest assured that it should stand the test of time too! Good luck finding the perfect bed for your pooch!

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