Best Dog Lead Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Having a dog lead is an essential part of being a dog owner, especially if you do not live in a rural area. Whether you recently got a new dog or puppy or simply need upgrading your current dog lead, you have come to the right place.

There are so many dog leads available that it can often be challenging to narrow down the selection to best suit your needs but don’t worry. We searched through countless products and reviews to find the best dog lead for various specific scenarios.

For our top 7 list, we chose leads for dogs that pull, leads that promote training, leads that vary greatly in length, and more to give you a variety of design options. To determine the right dog lead for you, we compared traits such as durability, clasp functioning, the grip provided by the handle or handles, and additional accessories like waste bags and more.

Best Dog Lead Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Barkswell Bungee (Editor’s Choice)

Barkswell BungeeThe Barkswell Bungee dog lead is an excellent choice for dogs of all sizes. Its bungee style design absorbs shock and deters pulling, making it easier to walk playful dogs. If your dog or puppy does pull, the lead will stretch and absorb some of the shocks that usually would strain the muscles and joints in your arm and shoulder.


This dog lead has several convenient features and is made with strong yet flexible nylon for extended durability. Whether you have a new puppy or an unruly dog, this lead could make walking more enjoyable for you and also less abrasive.

For comfort and maximum control over your dog, this lead features a foam barrel handle with an additional traffic loop handle near the clip so you can hold your dog close before crossing the road or when visitors approach. It also features a sewn-in D-ring to hang accessories like a waste bag.

In order to complement your style, this lead is available in black, yellow, or red colours. It is also reinforced with reflective stitching, making it one of the best dog lead options to use when walking your dog at night. It is designed for dogs weighing up to 60 kgs and stretches from one to one and a half metres in length.

  • Anti-shock bungee-style design
  • Great for playful dogs
  • With two handles for maximum control
  • Could lose elasticity over time

2. YOUTHINK Dual (Luxury Choice)

YOUTHINK DualThe YOUTHINK Dual dog lead makes walking two dogs at one time easier and less of a hassle with its split head design. Instead of needing two separate leads, this dual lead splits about halfway down and has two separate clasps.

By using this lead, you are able to free up one of your hands. It also helps to prevent any tangling, which is common when you hold two different leads in the same hand.


This dog lead features two padded handles, one for regular use and another for a more restricted grip near the splitter. A bundle ring to contain excess lead and a zip-up pouch for waste bags and keys are built-in to the design. The splitter sections are also adjustable in length.

To further prevent any tangles from developing, the clasps that clip to your dog’s collar or harness features a 360-degree rotation swivel. The full rotation swivel easily adjusts as your dogs change direction.

This lead is designed to be suitable for walking two dogs weighing up to 50 kg each. It is made with a durable nylon material with safety in mind, featuring additional reflective stitching for improved nighttime visibility. It is also adjustable and can reach up to two metres in length.

  • Leash with splitter for walking two dogs
  • Rotating clasps prevent tangles
  • Built-in zipper pouch
  • Could be a bit long for some people

3. JBYAMUK Anti-Chew (Best Value)

JBYAMUK Anti-ChewThe JBYAMUK Anti-Chew dog lead is an excellent choice if you are looking for durability and superior strength. It is also a perfect option for anyone with a dog that likes to chew on its lead.


This dog lead is constructed using durable rock climbing rope. The cord is made with nylon featuring a durable anti-bite core that resists shredding or any deterioration if your dog chews on the lead. If you are lucky, the anti-bite core may even deter your dog from biting on it in the first place.

For a soft and comfortable grip that doesn’t hinder control, this dog lead features a thick EVA foam padded handle. It also features an accessory ring with a detachable dog waste bag container in the shape of a tiny bone.

With this option, you can choose between purple, pink, blue, grey, black, and green. Regardless of the colour you choose, they all come with a thick stripe of reflective stitching for high visibility at night. This feature helps keep you and your pet safe on your nightly walks.

This lead is 1.5 metres in length and designed for walking dogs of all sizes and weights. It is also strong and durable enough to handle extra-large dogs weighing up to 68 kgs.

  • Stylish and made from durable climbing rope
  • Detachable waste bag included
  • Anti-bite core
  • The handle may become soggy in wet weather

4. Vivifying Obedience (Best Long)

Vivifying ObedienceThe Vivifying Obedience is our top choice for the best long line dog lead. It measures 10 metres long, making it a great option for training purposes, especially recall training. It is also suitable for use in wide-open spaces. Due to its training capability, we also think this is one of the best leads for puppies.


In order to ensure your dog’s safety, this lead is constructed with strong, flat nylon that is 2.5 cm in width. Its durable yet basic design can easily be wound for storage purposes. Plus, it is easy to care for as you can easily wipe it clean in the event it gets dirty.

To help prevent tangling and promote your dog’s mobility, the clasp on this dog lead features a 360-degree rotating clip that instantly adjusts to you and your dog’s motions. The wide loop handle is lightly cushioned and has an anti-slip interior grip, so your hand stays in place. Thus, you are assured of complete control even if your dog pulls or bolts or unexpectedly.

While this dog lead has a simple yet effective design, it does allow some customisation by way of colour selection. You can choose between blue, red, black, and a yellowish-orange colour. Its overall design and length also make it suitable for different types of dog breeds.

  • Good for obedience training
  • Long 10-metre length
  • Anti-slip grip on the handle
  • Could have more cushioning on the handle

5. TUG Medium (Best Retractable)

TUG MediumThe TUG Medium is our top choice for the best retractable dog lead. We love its sturdy, durable housing and the ability to change your lead’s length at a moment’s notice. It makes a great choice for small and medium-sized dogs weighing up to 25 kg in weight.


This dog lead is easy to use, thanks to its control button. The rolling mechanism allows you to facilitate the locking and releasing functions with a flick of your thumb.

Moreover, it enables instant size adjustments that cater to your surroundings. This allows your dog to roam about and smell its surroundings but also allows you to keep your dog close when crossing the road or when people approach.

Furthermore, this dog lead is made with an impact-resistant nylon and fibreglass housing mechanism, which promises smooth operation, tangle-free retraction, and long-lasting durability.

For added comfort, the handle has a wide ergonomic opening and is padded with a soft, rubberised material. The padding material also prevents your hand from losing its grip in the event that your dog unexpectedly pulls or jerks.

With this choice, you get the option of either a white, orange, red, green, blue, or grey lead measuring up to 4.8 metres at its maximum length.

  • Padded ergonomic handle
  • Smooth retractable design
  • Quick unlock and lock mechanism
  • Not ideal for dogs who chew on their leash

6. Sweetie Rope (Best Weather-Resistant)

Sweetie RopeThe Sweetie Rope dog lead makes an excellent choice for dogs of any size, thanks to the lightweight yet strong and durable design. It does not come with a weight restriction limit of any kind, so even the largest dogs will be manageable without causing damage to the lead.


This dog lead is made with nylon rock climbing rope which has a smooth and stylish finish. The material used is also highly weather resistant making this a great option for people who live in wetter climates that experience a lot of rain or snow. Hence, you can use this dog lead to safely walk your dog in warm and cold weather.

Two separate padded handles, one near the end and one closer to the swivel collar attachment, allow you to command maximum control over your dog from a distance and up close. The ergonomic handles also help prevent strains and rope burns when controlling your dog.

This dog lead’s design also incorporates an O-ring for attaching a waste bag or any other accessories you may like while you are out and about.

This lead features reflective stitching for better visibility on your nighttime walks. It is 1.5 metres in length and comes in either black, blue, grey, or orange.

  • Weather-resistant material
  • Suitable for dogs of any size
  • Reflective stitching for nighttime use
  • Clip quality could be improved

7. Sweetie Bungee (Best for Dogs That Pull)

Sweetie BungeeThe Sweetie Bungee is another fantastic option on our list that is versatile and strong. Its stretchy expandable design makes it one of the best dog leads for dogs that pull. It may even help you train your dog to stop pulling altogether during your walks.


This option is designed with a high quality, thick nylon bungee style lead. The design is intended to easily absorb shock to your arm or shoulder when your dog pulls. It is a combination of flexibility and toughness which helps you achieve and maintain control of energetic and playful dogs that want to lead the way on their walks.

Conveniently, this lead features two handles, a traditional one on the end and a restricted traffic handle close to the clasp for keeping your dog close by your side. Two D-rings are sewn near the handles for attaching accessories.

With this dog lead, you get between 1.2 and 1.7 metres in length depending on whether or not it is being stretched. It features a thick strip of reflective stitching, making it highly visible at night. This feature is incorporated into the overall design to keep you and your pet safe when walking at night.

Also, the handles do feature a smooth surface that is sleek and somewhat soft already. Additionally, the lower traffic handle is reinforced with a plastic sleeve for added control.

  • Flexible and tough bungee design
  • Traffic handle for added control
  • 1.2-1.7 metre length
  • The handle could be a bit softer
  • Traffic control handle may be placed too low for some

What to Look For in a Dog Lead

woman walking two small dogsWhen choosing dog leads, there are important features to consider. Below are some of them:


The dog lead you choose should be of durable material so it can withstand pulling or exposure to the elements. Some dogs tend to toy with and chew on their leashes, so it would be great if you find a product durable enough to resist shredding.

Many dog owners prefer leads made from nylon or leather as these material are likely to be more durable than other materials.


The length of the dog lead should be based on your pet’s size and characteristics. It should be long enough to allow your dog enough freedom to explore. However, it should also short enough to let you guide your pet without him or her getting caught up in the leash.

It is also worth noting that long leads should only be attached to your dog’s harness and not on the collar.

Safety Features

owner keeping pet closeSafety is a very important consideration when buying dog leads. For example, when choosing a retractable dog lead, pick one with a quick lock/unlock feature.

You should also consider a product with a traffic handle for enhanced control, particularly when crossing the street. 

A traffic handle will also help keep your dog close when you’re around strangers or if your pet is prone to leash aggression.

Choosing the Best Lead for Your Dog

Our top pick for the best dog lead is the Barkswell Bungee, our Editor’s Choice. Made from durable yet flexible nylon, this dog lead boasts an anti-shock bungee style design, which is great for playful dogs that often pull. The bungee style design prevents arm and shoulder strain by stretching and absorbing the shock each time your dog pulls.

We also love that it features two large loop handles, allowing maximum control at variable distances from your dog. It also has an anti-slip foam barrel handle which provides your hand with some extra comfort. The added traffic loop handle allows you to keep your dog close when crossing the street. This dog leash even features reflective stitching and a sewn-in D-ring for hanging a waste bag.

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