Best Dog Toy Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Looking for toys that will occupy your dog while you’re out at work? Or perhaps you’re searching for a way to become closer to your pet. Whatever the reason, the best dog toy can satisfy aggressive chewers and help puppies unwind. They can also be an interactive way of obtaining food and stimulating your furry friend’s mind. Here’s our list of dog toys every owner needs.

Best Dog Toy Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Nina Ottosson Brick Puzzle (Editor’s Choice)

Nina Ottosson Brick Puzzle

This dog toy will keep your dog entertained and active. Featuring interactive puzzles and additional obstacles, your dog will have to search and sniff out tasty treats, helping to keep them mentally stimulated.


This dog toy includes three different types of compartments where you can hide treats. It aims to test your dog’s skills and keep them entertained. The flip lid opens and slides to present two hiding spots and the brick bones conceal the third section to create a puzzle that keeps dogs occupied for hours. Furthermore, this dog chew game is durably made for a long-lasting design.

Unfortunately, it might be difficult to clean as crumbs from chews, along with dog saliva, can fall into the cracks.

  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free with food-safe materials
  • Helps dogs to remain patient and charged to get their treats
  • Includes scent holes for hours of fun
  • Blocks easily slide to make this puzzle great for playing with
  • Fits small to large treats in each section
  • Might be difficult to clean pieces of food out of the interactive game
  • Your pet might pull apart some plastic pieces

2. Youngever 6-Pack Rope (Luxury Choice)

Youngever 6-Pack Rope

These rope dog toys are a great alternative to a tennis ball and allow you to play tug of war and feel more connected to your dog. They’re a simple, yet effective chew toy that can also help with teething.


Your purchase includes toys of a variety of colours, styles and sizes, allowing your dog to experience with their favourite rope toy before you purchase another pack of one type.

On the other hand, these dog toys may require your participation as they’re not designed for solo use, making it unideal for those with a busy lifestyle. You may also need to remain careful when playing tug of war because these dog toys aren’t long enough to avoid close contact with a dog’s mouth.

  • Includes various thicknesses and colours
  • Great for dogs who love tennis balls
  • Ideal for large dogs
  • Made from 100% natural materials
  • Great for a teething pup
  • May require your supervision to avoid chewing
  • May require owners’ participation to play with these rope toys

3. KONG Wild Knots Bear (Best Value)

KONG Wild Knots Bear

A common issue with a dog chew toy is the amount of mess and destruction it leaves behind. Fortunately, KONG comes with minimal stuffing for less mess on your carpets.


Boasting a soft, yet tough material, this is one of the best dog toys for aggressive chewers because it’s virtually indestructible while dogs love how it feels in their mouth. There are no pieces that can easily fall off, making it ideal for a puppy that loves chewing things.

On the other hand, this plush toy may not provide hours of play if your dog loves to be stimulated, and there’s no way to customise it, e.g. by adding treats inside or a squeaky toy.

  • Available in four sizes to suit all dog breeds
  • Soft material that’s gentle on a dog’s mouth
  • Durable construction, making it one of the best dog chew toys
  • Knotted rope section is great for dogs that love to chew
  • No dangerous elements that can fall off and put your dog in danger
  • May not stimulate a dog for hours at a time
  • Might not feature enough textural differences to entertain dogs

4. Nina Ottosson Tornado Treat (Best Interactive)

Nina Ottosson Tornado Treat

Encourage your dog to exercise their mind and work for a treat with this interactive dog toy. This treat-dispensing toy keeps your dog mentally and physically challenged so they can earn every treat they eat.


Featuring 12 hidden compartments and three dog bone covers, this interactive dog toy provides a variety of difficulty levels to satisfy and excite your dog. It’s also easy to clean by hand with soap and warm water, and its material is BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.

However, this dog toy might be noisy during use if your dog is sniffing around at the components and nudging each section to locate their treat.

  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free materials
  • Keeps your dog mentally challenged for hours
  • Features 12 hidden compartments
  • Fits dog bones
  • Encourages your dog to earn their treats
  • Might be noisy when your dog nudges each section
  • Toy might encourage dogs who love to chew to gnaw at the toy itself

5. KONG Extreme Chew (Best Durable)

KONG Extreme Chew

If your dog seems to destroy all of the toys they own, you need this dog toy. Made of durable rubber, Kong combines your dog’s two favourite things: food and playing.


Place a delicious treat, multiple treats or peanut butter inside the KONG for your dog to have fun getting it out. This rubber dog toy will soon become a game as they learn to move angles to obtain any goodies inside. Furthermore, it’s one of the best dog toys for entertaining your dog while you’re out of the house or if they’re in need of chew toys.

Unfortunately, KONG might be difficult to clean since the entrance whole is so small for dogs to enjoy their goodies all day.

  • Great for dogs that love to chew
  • Encourages your dog to earn their food
  • Can be frozen for an added challenge for your dog
  • Available in six sizes to accommodate all dog sizes
  • Can also be used for games of fetch
  • Might be difficult to clean the inside
  • Might require only small goodies as some can get stuck inside

6. HETOO Indestructible Chew (Best Multipurpose)

HETOO Indestructible Chew

If your dog is ultra-smart at ripping up their playing dogs, you need HETOO. This indestructible chew toy is made of 100% natural rubber and is environmentally friendly and bite-resistant while remaining safe and kind on your dog’s gums.


Not only is this dog toy ideal for those who are environmentally conscious, but it features a milk flavour of chew sticks that will satisfy their cravings. Furthermore, this is one of the best dog toys to encourage healthy dental habits because it’ll get your dog to remove plaque from their teeth without requiring a harsh toothbrush.

On the other hand, this dog toy includes a squeaker, which might quickly become annoying for pet owners. Plus, the dog doesn’t feature a round shape, which may make it difficult to throw and play catch with your dog.

  • Milk flavour satisfies dogs
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Encourages good dental hygiene for your dog
  • Bite resistant and great for dogs who tend to chew everything in sight
  • Internal squeaker might become irritating after a while for humans
  • Might not be suitable for using to play catch

7. Zellar IQ Ball (Best Treat Dispensing)

Zellar IQ Ball

Designed for small- to medium-sized dogs, this Zellar Treat Ball stimulates your furry friend’s mind and encourages them to work for their snacks.


Its large egg shape prevents excessive chewing on the toy and its firm shape prevents dozens of treats from falling out at once. Additionally, it’s made from high-quality ABS and polycarbonate to keep it strong and non-toxic while also making it easy to maintain. In fact, you can easily remove sticky food paste from within the ball. And it boasts a translucent design, so your puppy can see the food on the inside while allowing you to keep track of how much remains.

Unfortunately, some intelligent dogs might be able to work out how to open the toy at the top, resulting in them gobbling all of the goodies in one go.

  • Can hold around 300 g of snacks
  • Uses ABS and polycarbonate materials for a non-toxic finish
  • Large top opening makes it easy for owners to insert the food
  • Easy and convenient open and close design
  • Translucent design allows you to see how much food remains
  • Your dog might be able to open the release top and eat all of the treats
  • Your dog might accidentally close the feeder completely

8. Chiwava 3 Pack 9″ Squeaky Latex (Best Latex Option)

Chiwava 3 Pack 9in Squeaky Latex

For dogs that prefer toys with a squeak, this teddy features an interactive soft, squeak without any stuffing to keep your house mess-free.


It’s made from non-toxic latex rubber and makes for long fetch sessions, and its 9″ design makes it suitable for a game of tug of war without getting too close to your dog’s mouth and teeth. Plus, it’s suitable for small and medium dogs.

However, this dog toy might not be made of a tough material as dogs can chew off parts of the toy—especially if they’re an aggressive chewer. Furthermore, this may then pose a risk of your dog swallowing some parts.

  • Made from a non-toxic material
  • No stuffing on the inside to discourage destroying the toy
  • 9″ design provides lots of fun
  • Suitable for small and large dogs
  • Includes three toys in your purchase
  • Might be easily ripped apart if your dog is an aggressive chewer
  • Pieces of the toy might come off, encouraging your dog to eat the loose pieces

9. FONPOO Boredom Set (Best Set)

FONPOO Boredom Set

Some dogs can become anxious and unhappy when they’re alone, which is why the FONPOO Boredom makes a great purchase. It features a variety of dog toys to keep your furry friend entertained all day—all of which use safe and non-toxic cotton material.


This dog toy set includes a variety of items that your dog will love, including puppy toys, rope toys, chew toys, and interactive toys. So you can focus on reducing tartar and cleaning teeth stains from your dog, use a ball launcher with them or allow them to have some alone time with the plush toys.

On the other hand, this toy set might not include any treat-dispensing toys, and it lacks a tennis ball, so you may still need to make additional purchases.

  • Uses cotton material for a non-toxic design
  • Includes a wide variety of toys for entertainment and interactive use
  • Suitable for puppies to senior dogs
  • Includes a variety of materials to stimulate your dog
  • The small items make the set convenient for storage
  • May not include treat-dispensing toys
  • May not be suitable for dogs that can easily untie rope toys

10. KONG Dragon Knots (Mess Free Choice)

KONG Dragon Knots

Choose a toy that’s suitable for playing while also providing comfort for your dog with the KONG Dragon Knots. It features an internal knotted rope to satisfy your dog’s natural instincts and provide a more fun texture than balls.


Moreover, this pet toy comes with a squeak that makes a noise when your dog bites the toy. Best of all, if your pet loves to rip open toys and make a mess, you’ll love this purchase because it contains minimal stuffing to keep your puppy entertained without easily breaking the toy.

Although this dog toy is ideal for a puppy, unfortunately, it might not be as fun for adults dogs with larger teeth that can cut through the soft exterior.

  • Durable design that’s not easy to destroy
  • Squeaky inner provides a fun puzzle for dogs
  • Minimal mess
  • Internal ropes provide satisfaction for a teething pup
  • Great for puppies that are teething
  • Adult dogs might be able to bite through
  • Lots of small components that your dog might be able to chew and rip off

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog or Puppy Toy

Take these factors into consideration before buying the best dog toy—no matter what breed you have.


golden retriever

If you have a pup, avoid a small toy that they can rip apart and swallow. Although pet companies do their best to avoid any accidents, it’s your responsibility to ensure you choose the correct size for your pet. Furthermore, opt for a larger dispensing toy if you have a big breed to ensure that there’s enough capacity for lots of goodies and prevent you from having to take it off them to refill.

Your Dog’s Personality

Every dog is unique in its own way. Consider your pet’s personality before making a purchase. Do they get scared easily by loud noises? If so, avoid a plush toy with a squeaky inside. Maybe you’ve got an active dog and you enjoy it when you’re interacting with them. In which case, choose toys that encourage your participation, such as balls and throw toys.

On the other hand, if your dog enjoys ripping things open, ensure that you choose durable materials, such as PVC, nylon and rubber rather than sofer materials like cotton. Look for toys described as “indestructible”.


Look for toys that are suitable for your dog’s age. There’s a reason why dog toys are tailored towards a puppy or senior dog, and that’s because the toys might need to be plush for senior dogs who have weaker jaws and teeth compared to younger ones. And if you have a pup, the best puppy toys are those which aren’t too durable. Materials that are too hard can cause damage to their delicate teeth while they’re still growing.

Plush Toys

Cuddly teddies can look cute and make you think that they’ll help with separation anxiety. However, soft toys aren’t suitable for every dog. Avoid dog toys with lots of stuffing, which can encourage a dog to rip apart and leave a mess around your home. Also, choose a soft toy that’s a suitable size for your dog to carry in their mouth. You should also check that the teddy doesn’t contain any elements that can become loose—such as buttons, rippable ears, etc.—and cause accidental swallowing.

Interactive Play

golden retriever playing on the grass

If you want to stimulate your puppy or dog’s mind, look for the best dog puzzle toys in the UK that gives a reward, such as treat-dispensing toys. These are designed to get your dog to solve a problem in order to be rewarded with a tasty snack. The hide and seek chew toys are great for getting your dog up and moving, and a ball is a must-have to encourage movement while being able to interact with your furry friend.

What Are Your Go-to Dog Toys?

These fun and interactive toys will keep your pet entertained while giving you peace of mind that you’re helping to stimulate their mind. Whether you’re looking for a stimulating puzzle, a stuffie for your puppy, an interactive game or more, all of the toys on our list are great choices for any dog.

The best dog toy for us is the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound. It provides interactive gameplay while making it a fun experience for your dog by being rewarded with treats. Furthermore, its durable design means it will last you a long time.

Now that you’ve read our review of the best toy selections, we’d love to hear any recommendations you have. How do you keep your pet calm and entertained? Share your go-to toys in the comments.

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