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The average family in Britain has 1.9 children. That means that, at some point, nearly half of all mums are likely to need and buy a buggy that can accommodate two (we’ve done a lot of research, but still haven’t found one which can accommodate 1.9 kids).

Double buggies might seem intimidating. After all, they’ll naturally be heavier with two children seated in them, and they will almost always be significantly larger than traditional prams or single pushchairs. “Larger” also brings concerns about folding them up to fit into a boot or to store at home.

There’s no reason to be intimidated – at least by the prospect of pushing a huge stroller with two children in it. The market has been flooded with a huge variety of duo pushchairs and the choices are endless (new arrivals aren’t few either!); the only thing that’s really intimidating about buying a double buggy is deciding on one out of all of the options available.

We’re here to help with that. In our double buggy reviews we’ve checked out the major brands of duo models (and some of the smaller ones as well) and have categorised them for you, both in terms of their features and their overall ease of use. We also explain how each model works, since you’ll find that some are side-by-side models, some have carriers located behind one another (known as tandems), and some have the ability to convert one or both to prams to accommodate babies. That means the best double buggy for you may not be able to provide for someone else’s needs.

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We’ve already alluded to the different styles of dual strollers that are available, so we’ll examine the details of that choice first.

A duo buggy, with the children sitting side-by-side, is going to have one obvious disadvantage: it will be wider than a normal pushchair, so fitting it through smaller doorways can be an issue. Most are designed to be slightly smaller than the “normal” British doorway of 79 cm, but not all homes or flats have “normal” doorways. There are definite advantages to side-by-side models, though. Each seat usually reclines on its own, so you can put a baby and a toddler, or twins, into most duo buggies. You also won’t have to deal with one child who gets upset when he can’t see around his brother or sister sitting in front of him.

A tandem model, by contrast, is usually as easy to fit through doorways as a single pushchair would be. However, it’s going to be longer than a side-by-side pushchair, so manoeuvring it around corners or over curbs could be difficult. The other issue will be with twins, because most tandems are built so that only the rear reclines flat to become a pram. You normally can’t put two infants into a combo pushchair.

There are also convertible models which aren’t easy to categorise. Some position the carriers at different levels so each can be used as a baby pram if required, others easily accept baby car seats, bases or carrycots in one or both (these are usually described as “travel systems”), there are single baby buggies which let you add a second seat when you need to, and in our reviews we’ll take a look at one model which lets you move the seats all over the place at your discretion. As you’d probably expect, the more flexibility a pushchair offers, the more expensive it is likely to be. Particularly in the case of convertibles that accommodate baby carrycots, that’s a price many mums are more than willing to pay.

The construction of a double pushchair is going to be one of the primary concerns for any mum choosing which one to buy; after all, who wants to put their children into a jogger they don’t think is completely safe? We’ve made sure to only include models that we consider 100% safe and reliable in our reviews, but bear in mind that the more solid the construction, the heavier a pushchair will be. The same caveat applies to how easy it is to fold a double pushchair for transport, since the larger the unit, the more difficult it will be to fit it into a boot or closet once it has been collapsed. On that subject, some models are much easier to fold and some let you do it with just one hand. Those are major advantages, of course.

Then there are the more “ordinary” features you’d want to see on any type of pushchair, which can add to the utility of the baby carriage and the experience of using it. The braking system and suspension (as well as the type or size of the tyres) will determine how smooth the ride will be on bumpy surfaces and how easy it is to control. The padding will affect the comfort of the important passengers (and spare you from constant complaints), and caregiver-friendly features like height-adjustable handlebars, ample storage for baby bags, shopping bags, toys and water bottles are a definite plus.

Time to get specific so read on!

Top 10 Double Buggy Reviews

1. Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair

Graco StadiumGraco is well-known for offering well-made baby products at reasonable prices. And when you look at quality, features and price this may be the best tandem pushchair on our list for parents with two children close to each other in age. This model has a two-position front and a rear seat which can lie flat for a newborn or ababy, and then be raised to serve as a second seat when the child is a bit older. The back can also accommodate compatible Graco baby car seats as well as a buggy board for a toddler on the back. It is the right size to fit through doorways and more manoeuvrable than many other tandems, the brakes are great and the shopping basket is large, and you won’t have to pay a premium price when you buy, either.

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2. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Duo Pushchair For Newborn

Joovy CabooseWe mentioned early on that there are many variations on double buggies. This is a great one for families with children fairly far apart in age, made from lightweight metal that’s still quite sturdy. The front of the Joovy Caboose is a standard size with three recline positions, and is also able to take baby car seats. In the rear, however, there’s a bench with safety harness that lets a toddler sit facing forward or backward, or stand while holding onto strong safety handles. The Ultralight has just about all of the accessories you’d expect, will fit into most boots, and is the best tandem stroller on our list especially if you’re looking for one your baby can use from birth.

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3. Out ‘n’ About Nipper Double v4

Out n About NipperThe Nipper is pricey, no doubt about it. It is also the best double pram we’ve checked out. This Out ‘n’ About pushchair is a side-by-side three-wheeled model, but is one of the narrowest twin pushchair you’ll find, at just 72 cm, and also quite light. Each seat reclines individually (and has its own large sun canopy with peek-a-boo window), and can lie flat so they can serve as prams for newborns as well as pushchairs for toddlers. The Nipper manoeuvres well and rides smoothly thanks to rear independent suspension; the only possible drawback is that while the company says it can take children ages 0-4, your toddler would have to be rather small to fit into one of the carriers. We’d suggest it for ages 0-2.

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4. Kidz Kargo Dual Pushchair

Kidz Kargo DualThe Kidz Cargo model includes a baby carrycot that fits at the top of the assembly, along with a smaller-sized regular pushchair seat down below. Once a baby is old enough to sit, the carrycot comes off and can be replaced with a child carrier up top. One of the best features is that you can face each seat in either direction, and kids love it when they can face each other and still have unobstructed views of the world around them. The front wheels lock for greater control, storage space is good, and the Kidz Kargo model folds down easily. Not for everyone, but definitely cool, and we think it would get the kids’ vote as the best double pushchair.

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5. Graco Quattro Tour Duo Pushchair – Sport Luxe

Graco Quattro TourThis is a higher-level Graco tandem pushchair, with a higher price tag (although nowhere as high as the Nipper) to match. The rear fully reclines to become a pram for newborns or young infants and then can become a normal pushchair seat, while the front (with only two recline positions) can handle kids aged 6 months and up and accommodates Graco baby car seats. There’s front spring suspension for a relatively smooth ride, two hoods with viewing panels, and loads of storage space along with a snack holder for the front passenger. We liked it.

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6. iSafe Twin Optimum Pushchair

iSafe TWIN OPTIMUMThis is a gorgeous duo jogger, with stylish lines and eye-catching fabric. The side-by-side carriers each recline fully so it is suitable for infants and there are three recline positions once they’re old enough to sit in the pushchairs – which are rather small for toddlers, since they’re built to fit through regular doorways. The ride is good, most of the features you’d expect are included (although there are no viewing windows in the dual hoods), but bear in mind that this is a model that places looks and lower price over high-quality materials; it is perfectly safe, but not as sturdy as our higher-rated, more expensive buggies.

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7. Kidz Kargo Duellette 21 BS Combo Pushchair

Kidz Kargo Duellette 21Here’s the higher-level model from Kidz Kargo. The Duellette is designed more like a double-decker than a standard duo pushchair. An included carrycot can go either on the top or bottom, and both  can fully recline for newborns or be used regularly. There are lockable front wheels, an adjustable handle, good suspension and padding, raincovers and foot muffs, and a number of baby car seats or adapters will fit. It is somewhat heavy and not the easiest to fold and fit into a boot, but many mums will love the up-and-down build.

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8. Hauck Duett Combo Pushchair

Hauck Duett TwoKidz Cargo isn’t the only company which has adopted the double-decker approach. The Duett Two features a carrycot with matching cover that converts to a seat, plus a bottom carrier which is removable and suitable for a baby older than six months. A Hauck baby car seat can fit into the bottom level. There’s a good amount of storage, the pushcart rides well, and the design is functional and (in our opinion, anyway) fun. Folding and storing can be somewhat of an issue with the carrycot, but is much easier when only the baby carrier is being used.

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9. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

Chicco Echo 2014Here’s a pretty inexpensive side-by-side jogger that delivers. Even though it’s one of the heaviest we’ve reviewed, that’s because it is very well-constructed. It can fully recline for infants and then adjust to three other positions for children up to about age three. There’s a good amount of padding including shoulder and chest pads with 5-point safety harnesses, the front wheels lock for better control, quite attractive, and while it is heavy, it folds up easily into an umbrella shape for storage. A very nice duo for the price.

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10. Graco Trekko Duo – Sport Luxe

Graco TrekkoWe’ve already looked at upper and mid-range Gracos, and this is the company’s alternative: a double-decker three-wheeled model. The front one can lie flat as a pram and one is removable; an optional baby travel system accessory lets you add a 0+ baby car seat. The Trekko Duo can only accommodate toddlers up to about two years of age and the lower carrier is pretty small, but is built well and definitely worth a look.

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Window Shopping Time Is Over

Now that you’ve read all of the details we’ve assembled, it’s time to stop staring at the many types of duo buggies on the market and online and choose the style which fits your needs. That’s certainly no easy task, since tandems, twins and other configurations like double-deckers each have definite pros and cons and all this can definitely get confusing if you’re new to the game.

However, all of the options listed in our double buggy reviews are safe, sturdy and worth your consideration. Some are heavier and others are lighter, some can be used from birth and others are strictly for older kids, some fold up easily and some may be a struggle. Many of them, though, can lay claim to being the best double buggy for your specific requirements and all of them will be worth your money to buy. After all, we’re talking about your children; there’s no percentage in picking up a cheap model at the stores and throwing it away a month later. Be a smart shopper, let our reviews be your guide, and buy nothing but the best!

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