Dyson AM09 Review 2021: Performance and Style at Its Finest

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

Welcome to your ultimate Dyson AM09 review.

Here, you’ll learn all about the Dyson wonder fan that changed the way homeowners managed their heating and cooling forever. Unlike other conventional fans, the Dyson Fan AM09 stands out as one of the most advanced models on the market, providing the option to heat or cool small spaces rapidly around your home.

Dyson AM09 Review

dyson am09 hot + cool fanNot only does the Dyson AM09 hot/cool air blower offers incredible power and functionality, but it’s also a surprisingly stylish home accessory. Because an expert in vacuum manufacturing designed it, it’s easy to see how this hot and cool Dyson fan can deliver exceptional blowing power through a unique airflow system. The AM09 is Dyson’s first fan designed with “Jet Focus” air. A solution that provides a second level of airblast to a room and blows hot or cold air in a more precise way.

While it might not be the cheapest fan that you’ll see on the market today, the Dyson Hot+Cool device is undoubtedly one of the most innovative. Offering a unique combination of style and state-of-the-art technology, Dyson’s cool AM09 can transform the atmosphere of any room in an instant. What’s more, its elegant curves and impressive aesthetic is sure to make it a talking point when people visit your home.

So, is the Dyson fan heater the right device for you? That’s what we’re here to find out. To further uncover the favourable traits, as well as the downside of this product, we’ll be looking at:

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Noise
  • Energy Efficiency and Safety
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Features and Benefits

1. Dyson Hot + Cool Design

Since the appearance of this Dyson hot and cool fan is sure to be the first thing that captures your eye, it’s worth looking at this Dyson model’s design first. While it isn’t easy to make something as simple as a fan look exciting, that’s precisely what Dyson has managed to do with the cool AM09. Available in both black and white, this unique solution looks fantastic in virtually any room – even if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

A Blade-Free Dyson

LED display for temperature settingThe most appealing thing about the Dyson air propeller is the fact that it features a bladeless central cavity. This means that there are no whirring fan blades, just a blank oval that propels hot and cold air at incredible speed. The blade-free design doesn’t just make the Dyson look amazing, but it’s also a lot safer than having a set of spinning blades in your living room or next to your bed. Additionally, even when this Dyson is blasting out hotter temperatures, it doesn’t feel warm to the touch if you decide to move it.

Beyond the bladeless cylinder at the heart of the Dyson AM09 Hot and Cool fan, you’ll also find a few other fantastic design perks. For instance, the rotating and adjustable base comes with a series of air vents to help with the precision of the airflow. There’s also a small LED display to show you which mode the Dyson fan is running on, and a single power button, too.

Home Device and Décor in One

The whole machine stands at the height of around 60cms. Although it isn’t the smallest fan available, it is compact enough that you should be able to fit it on your desk. In most cases, however, this Dyson air blower will look a lot better standing on the floor, somewhere in the corner of your room.

Overall, the Dyson air propeller is as attractive as it is practical. The chrome accent and robust build let you know that you’re dealing with a device that’s brimming with excellent quality. While it’s sure to catch your eye when you first walk into a room, this Dyson model doesn’t capture all of your attention in a space. It can just as easily blend into the background with the rest of your furnishing, too.

To maintain this Dyson blower’s amazing looks, all you need to do is wipe away any smudges and dust with a damp cloth.

2. Functionality

Probably the most crucial part of our Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 review involves looking at the functionality of the device. The first thing you should know is that this AM09 Dyson unit is quite easy to use. Switching between hot or cold mode is as simple as pressing a button. The buttons are even coloured with red or blue to prevent you from getting confused.

The remote that comes packaged with the Dyson Hot + Cool also provides control over the intensity of the air that pumps through your fan – with ten distinct airflow levels to choose from. Additionally, there’s an oscillation option if you want to direct the air around the room, and a sleep timer, too. In case you want to hit a precise temperature, you can choose that also, and it will show on the unit’s LED display.

Remote Control Dependent

However, the only downside of this Dyson’s controls is that it leaves you with just a single functional button on the unit itself. This means that if your remote goes missing, you’re going to have a serious problem. We’d recommend keeping the remote control secured to the magnetic area at the top of the fan when you’re not using it. Thus, you can avoid any issues.

One neat thing about the Dyson machine’s remote device is that you can also use it to adjust the width of your air stream from the fan. This means that you can choose to fill an entire room with hot or cold air. Likewise, you can opt to send a direct and narrow blast to a single place. For instance, if you’re freezing one night and your partner isn’t, then you can direct the heat to you. In this way, the change in temperature won’t bother your companion.

3. Dyson Hot + Cool AM09 Performance

bladeless designOne thing we noticed straight away with our Dyson AM09 review is how amazing this machine works. Whether you want to stay cool or to warm up, this two-in-one device will have you covered. As a fan heater, the Dyson Hot + Cold is excellent for pumping out cooling air at record speed or warming up your room in an instant. In fact, this is one of the most effective space heaters we’ve seen. It can raise the temperature in your room from cold to cosy in minutes. If you’ve ever tried using other small models before, you’ll know how valuable this can be.

The Hot + Cool blower from Dyson can deliver air at any temperature between 0 and 37 degrees Celsius. Another fantastic thing about this Dyson hot/cold air blower is that it can adjust its output based on the ambient temperature of the room. The temperature that you’ve chosen is the one that the Dyson fan aims to reach and maintain. This means that it will measure exactly how it feels in your room at any given time and will program its settings accordingly.

No Burning Odour

With Dyson’s brilliant performance, you don’t have to worry about your rooms getting too hot or too cold if you leave the device alone for some time. Additionally, Dyson has also taken extra steps to prevent you from horrible smells by ensuring that the heating components don’t rise above a maximum of 200 degrees. This means that it’s not going to burn any dust and leave you with a toasty odour when you walk into your home.

All you need to do to start making the most of the Dyson Jet is set the temperature on your remote, then let the fan do the rest. Once the room is at the right temperature, your fan will shut itself off automatically. While your Dyson might not replace your central heating entirely, it’ll do a better job at keeping your rooms warm on cold days than most small heaters.

4. Noise Level

Decibel levelNoise is often a significant consideration when it comes to choosing the perfect fan. Most traditional products come with a considerable amount of noise to contend with. Consequently, you either have to wear earplugs if you’re trying to sleep or turn the volume way up on your television if you’re relaxing in front of Netflix. Although the Dyson heater is quite loud on its highest settings, it does have a habit of fading into the background after a while.

Additionally, though the Dyson AM09 isn’t exactly whisper-quiet, it’s a lot less loud than most of its counterparts on the market that deliver the same amount of power. In fact, this tool was awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation by the Noise Abatement Society when it was released.

Dealing with the Dyson’s 64dB Noise

When the heater is off and the fan is in direct mode, it’s quite hushed. Hence, you won’t get too distracted if you’re trying to stay cool at work. The more you turn the fan up, the louder it becomes. Though this can be annoying for some, it’s a problem that you would likely have to deal with when using just about any fan heater.

The good news is that the noise doesn’t carry too far either. Therefore, moving the device further away from you and your television can be an excellent way to cut down on distractions.

5. Dyson Fan Heater Energy Efficiency and Safety

While a robust, highly functional, and useful fan is terrific – it’s also worth knowing how much money you’re going to be spending on energy when you use such a device. The Dyson air multiplier is designed to be a solution that homeowners can use all year round, to keep toasty in the winter and remain cool throughout the summer. However, you’re going to have a hard time keeping the fan running if you’re worried that you’re going to end up with a huge electricity bill at the end of each month.

Thanks to Dyson’s efficient engineering, this particular model comes with an A Energy rating. In heating mode, the intelligent thermostat in the machine also monitors the temperature of the room. That means you’re not wasting energy on just making the space hotter and hotter.

At its peak performance level, the cool AM09 from Dyson will draw about 2,000 watts of power in total. That’s when you’re heating at the absolute maximum level. In other words, you’ll be spending about 30p an hour to raise the temperature in your home at a rapid pace. This might seem like a lot – but it’s pretty similar to other products on the market. You can also set a timer to make sure that you don’t heat or cool for too long if you forget to switch the machine off.

Auto-Power Off Feature

Another point to note is that this Dyson heater is designed with a safety system for you and your family. The Dyson brand has implemented an automatic failsafe which causes the machine to turn off if it is tipped over. This trait reduces your risk of fires and other dangers.

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The Verdict: Is It the Right Dyson for You?

Hopefully, this Dyson AM09 review has given you a useful insight into the benefits of the hot and cold heater from Dyson. As one of the most reliable and effective small fan heaters available, we think that this is an excellent piece of equipment for any homeowner. It’s great for warming up your room quickly or cooling down rapidly if necessary. What’s more, it’s quite easy to use with a remote – although it’s essential to make sure that you don’t lose this piece of kit.

As well as performing fantastically, the Dyson hot and cold air blower also has the benefit of looking amazing, too. You’re sure to impress friends and family when they come to visit. The fan will slip well into any décor and ensure that you can get any room feeling “just right” in no time. However, you do need to pay a little extra to acquire this kind of functionality. The Dyson might be a great piece of device, but it’s definitely too expensive for people in search of budget-friendly products to manipulate the temperature in their homes.

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