Dyson Hair Dryer Review 2021 – Is Supersonic the Quick & Quiet Option?

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

If you’re most women, then you too have a love-hate relationship with your hairdryer. It is difficult to style your hair beautifully without subjecting it to heat damage. Most ladies like to give their frayed tresses some love by going to the salon. During one of those many trips, your stylist might have used a different looking hairdryer. And when she was done, your hair felt silky soft, and it even dried quickly! She might have used the Dyson Supersonic. In this article, We’ll give a Dyson hair dryer review. You’ll get all the information you need about its price range, design and performance. By the end of this article, you’ll have everything you need to determine if it is right for you.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Dyson Hairdryer

Ultimately, it really comes down to three things that determine what you’re looking for in a hairdryer.

  • Budget: First, you need to be sure you can afford it. What is your budget?
  • Convenience: Next, find out if it is quick and simple to use. How long does it take to use it?
  • The Technology: Last, choose which features you need. Does it have what you want?

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

dyson supersonicWhile Dyson is known for its vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, the company decided to take it up a notch and introduce its first hairdryer. The brand claims that it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, the Supersonic will dry it faster. And, it does so without damaging your hair. If you want to find a hairdryer that won’t destroy your hair over time, this may be the answer to your prayers. Here are some tips that can lessen the damage when using tools on your hair.

Features & Benefits

Many consumers who have done a Dyson hair dryer review agree that the design of the Supersonic is unconventional. But, that doesn’t hinder the performance it promises. Before its release, the company spent about 71 million dollars on research, testing, and education. Their goal was to design and produce efficient dryers that would be lightweight while providing the power needed to do the job.

The company went so far as to send engineers to a hairstyling college to learn what it takes to keep tresses from succumbing to damage. It shows that they’re committed to producing the latest technology possible!

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1. Look

dyson supersonic accessories

At first glance, the design is unique. Because of its bladeless technology, you can see right through it. It is very different from how conventional dryers look. There is a variety of Dyson hair dryer colours to choose from. It comes in fuchsia pink, white, black, and purple to name a few.

To protect and neatly store your product, Dyson has several accessories you can avail. These are the presentation case, storage bag and display stand.

3. Feel

When using it, it is very well-balanced. It is because the motor is located in the handle. This aspect doesn’t necessarily make the unit lighter. But, it makes utilising it more convenient.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Dyson cordless hair dryers. But, that would seem like a logical upgrade should they produce a new model. For now, It comes with an eight and a half feet power cord. That’s just enough length to give you room to move around. And, if that’s not enough for length, you can always upgrade to the professional edition which has a power chord of up to nine feet.

3. Attachments

As a bonus, magnetised attachments come with your purchase. Each attachment easily snaps on and off as needed. When you need to change an attachment, you won’t burn your fingers thanks to designs put in place to keep the unit cool even during use.

With your purchase, you’ll receive a smoothing nozzle which smooths out and softens your tresses. It also comes with a styling concentrator that’s angled to focus on more precise styling. Likewise, you’ll receive a large diffuser to help define curls and defrizz hair. A storage hanger and a non-slip heat mat are included as well to keep your product safe.

4. Usability

Operating the Supersonic is fairly straightforward. It has heat and fan settings which need to be adjusted to your personal preferences before you start to dry your locks. While this can be a little inconvenient, it’s worth the extra effort to get the desired result.

It provides up to four different heat settings and three fan settings to choose from. Several small LED lights indicate each level. With its advanced thermometer, the temperature of the air coming out of is measured around twenty times in a second. It ensures that the heat is even and remains where it’s supposed to be.

Below the power switch is a button that will direct a sudden blast of cold air where you need it. It is a feature that comes in many different models. But with this product, you don’t have to hold the button down. Just press it again when you’re done.

5. Maintenance

Dyson made maintaining your product simple. Three flashing white lights alert you when the filter needs to be cleaned out. To do that, use a dry lint-free cloth to wipe clean the outer filter cage. Then, remove it and do the same with the inner filter mesh. For stubborn debris, a clean, dry toothbrush can be used. It is recommended to clean the filter once a month.

If you notice three flashing red lights, then it’s time to contact a representative to determine what’s wrong with your product.

6. Speed

Dyson claims that the Supersonic will cut the time it takes to dry your tresses in half. From what we’ve been able to see, that’s a pretty accurate statement. Many consumers were surprised to discover that the Supersonic didn’t overheat as much as other hair dryers. It also managed to cut down drying time in half.

Not only is it fast, but it’s also quieter than most models. The company changed the design of its motor which allowed it to run at an inaudible frequency.


Buying a Dyson Supersonic

Every Dyson Supersonic review has praised its technology and usability. Most reviewers only had positive things to say about the quality of their locks after they’ve used it. Purchasing a Dyson hair dryer in the UK is easy. You can check out customer comments about the Dyson hair dryer at Amazon UK.

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Alternative Dryers

While it’s packed with great features, justifying such a substantial expense for a hair dryer can be hard to do. If you love all the features of the Supersonic, but you don’t love the price tag, then we have some alternatives that you might find to be worth your money.

1. ghd Auraghd Aura

With the ghd Laminar technology, users will receive more controlled airflow than its competitors. It means that you’ll be given more control over your drying and styling needs without disturbing other sections of hair. Your hair will get shiny and smooth.

Its Cool-Wall technology makes it possible to get close to your roots for more volume. The Aura is quiet too, built with a new generation motor which is smaller, lighter, and energy-efficient. It is easily a direct competitor of the Supersonic if you are looking for something with a cheaper price.

  • Controlled airflow to target specific strands for styling close to the roots.
  • Won’t burn or singe hair.
  • Quiet motor.

2. T3 FeatherweightT3 Featherweight Luxe 2i

This T3 model is well known for its slim and lightweight design. It provides a quieter hair drying experience. It has three heat settings and up to two different fan speeds. Its Tourmaline SoftAire Technology and enhanced ion generator helps to reduce frizz and static while allowing your locks to retain moisture.

Just like with the Supersonic, it works on a variety of hair types, so you’ll have a better chance of getting good results.

  • Lightweight.
  • Quiet.
  • Ions repair hair.
  • Controls Frizz.

3. Smart Ego DryerSmart Ego Touchscreen Dryer

This product from Ego features an LCD touchscreen on the side of the dryer head. You can manage settings such as heat, fan speed, volume, condition, and smoothness of your hair.

You’ll also receive a styling pamphlet that gives detailed instructions on how to style your hair based on its type and its length. It can come pretty handy if you’re not a master at styling your hair or if you decide to try something new.

The dryer uses infrared technology to distribute heat evenly throughout your hair. It keeps it healthier while preventing frizz and split ends from appearing.  You’ll also receive three concentrator nozzles for your unit that attach pretty seamlessly.

  • Unique Touchscreen Feature.
  • Includes Free Styling pamphlet.
  • Infrared technology evenly heats your hair.


When it comes to healthy tresses, you will need a dryer that can handle the demand for fast-drying while preventing breakage. Dyson Supersonic hairdryer might be what you’re looking for to help keep your hair really strong and smooth.

The Supersonic keeps things simple. It has easy to use controls that help regulate temperature settings along with a thermometer that scans temperatures twenty times per second. You’ll never experience wrist fatigue with its balanced weight distribution. And the great part is it’s quiet so you won’t disturb others while you get yourself ready. Isn’t it time to let yourself have beautiful hair without damaging it? If you said yes, then it’s time to buy a Supersonic hairdryer today.

Aside from dryers, you can also use straighteners to style your hair. Check out our best hair straighteners review.

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  1. Be warned. My hairdryer was only 3 years old (1 year out of warranty) when it started to overheat and cut out. Dyson informed me they no longer repair hairdryers and will only offer me a replacement at a reduced cost of £210. After splashing out £300 for something that only lasted 3 years I have declined their offer and am considering my next purchase. Never again will I buy a Dyson.

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