Dyson V6 Review 2021 – Is It a Cordless Vacuum That’s Worth It?

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

Cleaning your home is a pain, especially if you are using a low-quality vacuum. We’re all busy enough with life as it is, which is why buying the Dyson v6 makes sense. It saves you a lot of time each week, and so it makes your housework simpler. In this Dyson v6 review, We are going to explain to you why it’s an amazing cordless vacuum and worth every penny.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum

Vacuums come in all shapes and sizes. Though, what is ideal for one person might be a terrible choice for you and vice versa. Before you go shopping, you need to consider how much you want to spend, how big your home is, how much power you need, and what you want to change most about your current vacuum.

You can find models anywhere from £30 up to hundreds of pounds. And as you might expect, the more you spend, the better the vacuum will be. If you have a small apartment in the inner city, a small portable tool might be ideal. Whereas, those with five-bedroom houses in the countryside are likely to prefer an upright vacuum.

Other than the price and the portability, you’ll also need to consider what quality you’re in the market for. Hoovers can vary greatly in suction power, durability and overall performance. And depending on your circumstances in life, you might be searching for a vacuum that will last you for the next decade, while another person might only need a temporary solution. For example, finding a useful vacuum to help get rid of bed bugs.

The Dyson v6 Review: Cordless Vacuum Dyson v6 full

The Dyson v6 is a lightweight, portable vacuum that’s designed to make your life easy. Dyson has been consistently considered the premier provider of consumer-grade vacuums for years, and the v6 is one of their more popular models. Unlike traditional models, the v6 uses a bagless canister and a thin handle which makes it a fraction of the weight of traditional ones.

With a classic hoover, you need to heave it up and down the stairs, while the Dyson v6 is so portable that you can swing it overhead with no effort. It is perfect for homeowners who hate housework, who want to make the process a breeze and for whom quality is more important than price.

Features & Benefits

The v6 is considered by many to be one of the premier models in the world. After reading many other Dyson v6 feedback, We’re confident that it’s true. But what is it that makes it superior? Well, for a start it has tremendous performance. Combined with impressive battery life and its tiny weight, it turns a tiresome chore into an easy task.

1. Excellent Suction Power and Performance

Suction Power

When you’re in the market for a new vacuum, the main concern that many buyers have about portable ones is that they can’t have the same suction strength. While this may be true for some products, the v6 is different. It uses the patented Dyson digital motor to create up to a maximum of 100 AW of suction power, far more than many upright models.

With the Dyson v6, even deeply ingrained dirt in your carpet or heavier items on the ground can be sucked up with little effort. You waste less time going over the same spot again to remove the dirt that was missed. This allows you to spend more time with your friends and family instead of doing chores.

Performance should always be your primary concern. Dyson is popular because of its unique suction technology that generates more suction power while using smaller motors. With Dyson, you can be confident that you’re going to get a superior clean.


But it’s not just strength that matters. You could get the strongest vacuum of all time, and it would be useless if it didn’t have an effective cleaning head and filter. This model comes with a motorised cleaner head, which rather than purely sucking at the dirt, uses a spinning movement to drag dirt up.

This moving cleaning head is particularly important for homes with carpets. It’s easy for dirt to get ingrained in rugs. With traditional vacuums, you’re only going to get the surface level muck instead of the stuff below. But with this spinning action, you can get down to the core of the carpet to leave your home cleaner than ever before.

This moving cleaner head is also useful for hard floors where fine dust can get overlooked. The stiff nylon bristles and soft carbon fibre filaments in the head spin and rotate to pick up everything on the ground, leaving you with a spotless surface the first time around.

2. Adequate Battery Life and Short Charge Time

Other than performance, another common complaint that you might hear about cordless products is that they have a short battery life which prevents you from doing your housework at once. Then, it might take all day for the battery to charge fully, which can be incredibly frustrating if you only have a limited amount of time to make your home cleaner before friends or family come over.

The Dyson v6 is different because the battery runs for about 20 minutes, which will give most homeowners plenty of time to clean their entire house from top to bottom. Plus, its charge time is only a few hours, which ensures that you always have it ready to go whenever you need it. According to other Dyson cordless vacuum reviews, this is a feature that makes it head and shoulders above others.

Particularly, when compared to corded models, it’s difficult not to overestimate the convenience of having a tool that you can power with a battery. Rather than having to unplug it multiple times throughout your home, you can go at full speed from room to room. You never need to worry about the cord knocking over your favourite vase or getting caught on a chair.

If you have pets, you’ll also consider that the Dyson v6 animal review from different users consistently mention how convenient it is. Just grab the v6, suck up some hair, and put it back in seconds. Without a long cord, you can save yourself tons of time. It really makes it easy to keep your home spotless every day of the year rather than just once a week.

3. Can Be Used on Hardwood, Tiles and Other Flooring

The Dyson v6 hardwood performance is exceptional. It also has outstanding power when used on tiles. With grout on tiles, you’ll often find that with regular vacuums there are muck and dirt left. With the v6 all of that gets sucked up the first time around because of the motorised cleaning head.

For maximum cleanliness, you should check out the Dyson v6 HEPA reviews, many home cleaners mention the benefit of having a HEPA filter to provide a superior clean. This is incredibly important for professional home cleaners who go from house to house. It helps prevent the transfer of dirt and bacteria from home to home.

4. Lightweight and Portable to Use

What is it that you hate most about traditional vacuums? For most, it’s the weight. some can still remember dragging a huge hoover up and down the stairs, and God forbid you would have to clean the stairs yourself. Not only is it incredibly frustrating and difficult, but it’s also dangerous. Cordless and lightweight is the way to go. It allows you to clean more efficiently and therefore, you get a cleaner home.

Dyson v6 lightweight

With an old-fashioned vacuum, the stairs would be consistently dirty. Whereas with a tool like the Dyson v6, that would be a thirty-second job. Its portability is a huge selling factor. In much of their advertisements, you’ll see women using it overhead to clean the ceiling, the picture rail or between the banisters.

To put it simply, that’s not just marketing. It’s very light, and this allows you to get to places that would have been impossible in the past. As a result, you can make your home cleaner than before. Plus, your arms and back aren’t aching the next day after you clean.

For somebody in their teens or early twenties, this might not be a huge concern. But after a few more years of doing chores and the last thing you want to do is drag a humungous hoover around your home. Those days are in the past, and without a doubt, cordless and portable vacuums should be the only choice for older buyers.

Particularly for more mature customers, there is no need for you to drag a bulky hunk of metal around your home even if it does have wheels. The Dyson v6 is marvellous because it only weighs around two kilograms, even older users would feel it is easy to lift it around without any effort.

Is Dyson v6 Worth It to Buy?

There’s no way to get around the fact that this cordless tool is expensive, especially when you can get a cheap upright for a fraction of the cost. That’s true, but you don’t get anywhere near the same performance, convenience, and portability that this powerful option offers.

To make a Dyson v6 comparison with an upright vacuum doesn’t seem right. To decide whether the cost is worth it, you need to figure out how much you value convenience. For most, time is incredibly valuable. Therefore, if you want to save time each week, it’s worth it.

Weighing the Amount You Spend vs the Quality You Get

When you measure the effectiveness of the v6 to other similar products, you’ll find that this gives superior performance, has a long run time and has a long lifespan. As with any popular luxury brand deals you pay for the name. With Dyson, they also deliver quality. Their appliances are fantastic, and the Dyson v6 is no exception.

For us, this means that it’s worth every penny. Assuming that you will use it for a long time, you’ll say the same. It’s also worth noting that because it’s bagless, you’ll save some money each year. Admittedly, it’s not a huge amount, but over the years it can add up. In some way, it compensates for the extra price that you pay. If you want to find out if it is worth it for you, you can visit Amazon.

Alternatives to the Dyson v6

Although they are possibly the most famous brand, there are other cordless vacuums which you might consider. These include Shark, Vax, Hoover, and G-Tech. All of these companies have great products that can get the job done. In some cases, it’s for a fraction of the price that you’d pay for the v6.

1. Shark DuoClean Blue Cordless

Shark cordless vacuum

Shark is popular, especially in the United States and Canada. Dyson, on the other hand, is a household name in the United Kingdom. Shark has a more affordable price tag than Dyson. The DuoClean stick vacuum that they manufacture is incredibly similar to the v6 in design and performance but sells for a little over half the price.

When you consider how much money you could save, it’s easy to see why the Shark stick vacuum would make sense. Its performance and power can rival that of the v6, and you’ll also get a couple more minutes of run time from its battery. Although, when it comes to weight, it’s two kilograms heavier.

Shark DuoClean At A Glance

  • Lower price
  • Heavier than the v6
  • Similar performance

2. Vax Blade Blue Cordless

Vax cordless vacuum

Vax is also a well-known brand and like Shark, they’ve emulated the v6’s cordless design. The Vax has a long cylinder tube and a handheld motor. This design means that most of the weight is in your hand. It makes it easy to leverage the head up when you clean overhead.

To start with, the Vax Blade has a significantly longer run time than the v6. It gives you a full 45 minutes run time. When you compare that to the 20 minutes that the v6 gives you, it’s no competition. If you have a larger house, the Vax Blade is for you because you might value longevity over performance and power.

That extra battery life does come at a cost. It weighs in at 4.66 kilograms, over double the weight of the v6. While this doesn’t make a huge difference for most customers looking for great deals, for more mature users, the doubled weight can make it challenging to use. It may be more difficult to lift it up to clean, which is supposed to be one of the advantages of an option with no cord.

Vax Blade At A Glance

  • Over double the weight
  • Over double the battery run time
  • Slightly lower suction power

3. Gtech AirRam Green Cordless

Gtech cordless vacuum

This Gtech vacuum isn’t technically a handheld device, but it is cordless. It’s also incredibly popular which is why we think it’s worth mentioning. If you’ve ever watched television, you’ll notice that the two most prolific advertisers of vacuums are Dyson and Gtech. Therefore, it’s necessary to compare them.

The AirRam doesn’t give you the power to vacuum overhead. Although the AirRam is upright, it’s very light and handy. If you’re looking for something that’s going to give you the performance and power of an upright vacuum but has the lightweight and convenience of a handheld, the Air Ram strikes the perfect balance to make your life easy.

Despite being much bigger, you might be surprised to hear that it weighs less than the Vax Blade or the Shark DuoClean. This model gives you unprecedented convenience for an upright.

Gtech AirRam At A Glance

  • Longer run time
  • Larger capacity
  • Less expensive
  • Not as convenient

4. Dyson v6 vs Dyson v6 Absolute

Shopping for a Dyson can get a little confusing. This is primarily because they offer a wide variety of models with identical names. For example, the Dyson v6 vs Dyson v6 Absolute review from users say that they are similar but priced very differently. The Absolute comes with extra tools and a detachable mini tool that can be handy for vacuuming upholstery and confined spaces.

Our Final Decision on the Dyson v6

v6 motorOverall, for a shopper who is sick of carrying around a heavy and cumbersome vacuum, the Dyson v6 is a lifesaver. It’s incredibly light at around two kilograms, very easy to lift it up to clean all around the house.

For such a small vacuum you’ll be shocked at how much power it has, sucking up the dirt on your floor for up to 20 minutes in a single swoop. Plus, with the motorised cleaning head, you’ll find that it can get more muck out of your carpets than your old-fashioned vacuum. If you liked this Dyson v6 review, you might want to check out this cleaning tool for yourself.

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