Are Electric Showers Expensive to Run?

Are you contemplating undertaking major refurbishment to your bathroom, but not sure which type of energy would be well suited and cost effective to run? The following tips gleaned from home energy experts, will bring to fore many details about electric showers, ultimately helping to answer the question: are electric showers expensive to run or not?

  • Experts aver that power showers that utilize the gas option to heat the water cost almost the same, as electric showers to run.
  • The usage of an electric immersion heater to warm up water is highly discouraged due to the exorbitant costs of operation.
  • There are instances where both a power shower and bath costs the same, for example in the case of a medium sized bath. This is because a medium sized bath utilizes an equivalent of 150L of water, where else, a power shower lasting for 10 minutes, will consume the same quantity of water.
  • When it comes to water heating, electric showers have been proven to be quite efficient because they only heat the water needed for showering, at any given time.
  • Because water flow rate in electric water showers is low, the resultant net advantage is in savings in water bills. Such savings realized gladly answer the question: are electric showers expensive to run or not, in the affirmative!
  • It has been established that the cost of running a bath is way higher than the cost of taking a shower on a daily basis. According to, changing from a shower power to a water-efficient head, contribute in helping save up to 77%!

The Cost of Running a Bath versus a Shower

Plenty of folks will agree that they thoroughly enjoy themselves, taking that cosy warm bath, especially after a hard day work.

The question is: How much does it cost to run a bathtub? Depending on the efficiency of one’s boiler, experts estimate the costs to be in the range of 30p to 90p for 150-liter bath. In a scenario where one is taking a shower twice in a day, the uptake would be an equivalent of three hundred litres of water per day, at the cost of £1.20.This is in turn translated into an annual cost of £438!

What about taking a shower? On the other hand, taking a shower registers much lower expenses. A typical eight minutes shower would cost between 20p and 30p while using only 50 litres of water. For those taking at least three minutes in the shower, the price is lower than 10p. Moreover, environmentalists will tell you that saving at least 100 litres of water each time you take a shower, is a big boost to our environment.

Because electric showers are suitable for homes and family units whose supply of hot water is limited or erratic, their most outstanding value is the convenience afforded by their readiness and availability to use anytime, whether night or day. Moreover, Based on the above statistics, taking a shower twice in a day at the cost of 50p per day, is translated into a yearly cost of £161.We are saying that by choosing to take a shower instead of a bath, you could be saving more than £250 annually! So, are electric showers expensive to run or not? The answer according to the facts adduced above, is an emphatic NO!

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