Are Electric Showers Noisy?

Electric showers are great for having a quick hot shower without requiring too much water to be heated, a reason many find it useful. However, users of different brands of electric showers have one common complaint – their showers are too noisy.

It often does not matter which electric shower you own – even showers from reputable brands are noisy, and users have compared sound levels with that of a jet plane. Often, though, you can reduce the noise considerably by following a few tips.

Why is your electric shower noisy?

There are several reasons an electric shower may turn noisy. You need to diagnose the cause before you attempt to stop the noise. We will guide you through some common causes that can result in a noisy electric shower. You will also find suitable solutions to address the causes.

1. Limescale deposit

Most of the times a noisy electric shower is caused by deposits of limescale on the shower head. Lime in water gets deposited in the shower head and restricts water flow over time. The best way to deal with this problem is using a descaler.

You can even soak the shower head in Harpic and rinse it thoroughly to remove lime. This can stop the noise if it is caused by lime deposit.

2. Faulty motor

The motor of the electric shower can be the reason of noise. It can wear out due to use or malfunction due to some issue. Sometime brushes of motor are worn off and cause the electric shower to make noise. It is best to call a professional and replace the motor or any part that needs changing.

3. Scaled up heat cylinder

There is a small cylinder or heat exchanger inside the electric shower which makes the water hot. Sometimes limescale forms around it similar to the shower head. You can call your plumber to descale the heating unit though it is not a long term solution.

You can also buy some specific models of electric showers which let the water drain away from the heating cylinder after it is switched off. This prevents any water from remaining inside the cylinder and deposit lime scale.

4. Loose pipe connection

Sometimes, the noise is not caused by your electric heater, but other sources are responsible. Loose fitting pipes that supply water to the shower can be the cause of the problem. Inspect your pipes and make sure they are secured and not causing any vibrations.

Also, check for the water flow and see if there is any restriction. The flow of water to your electric shower should be free from any blockage.

5. Unsuitable water pressure

Water pressure can be influenced by many factors. Your plumbing system may be the cause of inadequate water pressure.

Sometimes, use of water from other sources also causes changes in water pressure. This may lead your electric shower to make weird noises. You can install an electric pump to maintain water pressure in your house.

In case you have a noisy electric shower and cannot detect the cause, it is best to call a plumber and get it inspected at the earliest.

4 Responses

  1. I have a Triton shower installed in September 2016 which is operating well, however recently, within the last few weeks, the sound it produces is becoming increasingly loud. The noise appears to be coming from the internal tank which I would describe it as a sort of water gurgling sound not what I would expect from an electric motor. As I live in the west of Scotland where we have soft water so limescale build up is not the culprit. I have spoken to Trident but they haven’t been able to suggest a solution other than to have a shower installer inspect it. I have declined this on grounds of cost as I could purchase a new shower for less than the inspection.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Our shower screams with a terrible high pitch noise (you can hear it all through the house) and the pressure is terrible. We’ve had an electrician look at it and a plumber, who changed a valve.
    No difference! Ran perfectly for ten minutes and then straight back to the way it was before. Just don’t understand it!

  3. My triton amber 3 shower makes a buzzing noise when I tap the cold water inlet pipe the noise calms down for a while.

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