Eve Mattress Topper Review 2021: A Cloud-like Slumber Made Possible

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

Is your current mattress a little bit past its best? Maybe you’ve been considering to buy a new bed, but you’re not sure if you have the budget for that right now? One option could be to check out this Eve mattress topper review to find out whether a new accessory could revive your old mattress.

Eve Mattress Topper Review

rolled mattress topperEve is a London-based bedding company with a special talent in creating simple, comfortable, and affordable solutions to transform your quality of sleep. The company has earned a fantastic reputation throughout the UK for its bed-in-a-box offering, which provides people with extra comfort at a price that they can afford.

The Eve mattress is probably the best-known product produced by Eve – but it’s far from the only thing they have to offer. If you’re not ready to replace your bed yet, or you travel a lot and want to take your comfy topper with you on the go, then this durable mattress accessory could be a fantastic alternative that you can buy.

In today’s review, we’re going to look at a range of factors to help you decide whether you should invest in your very own topper. We’ll be looking at:

    • Comfort and Performance
    • Design and Ease of Use
    • Breathability and Motion Transfer
    • Sleeping Support
    • Bounce, Smell, and Durability
    • Customer Service

Features & Benefits

The Eve mattress topper is just one of the many products available from the company’s lineup of luxury bed accessories. Remember, when you’re reading through this review, it’s worth noting that everyone tends to have a unique experience when it comes to bedding. Therefore, the only way to truly know if this topper will appeal to you is to try it for yourself.

The good news? It provides a 30-night money-back guarantee that allows you to return the product if you decide you don’t like it.

Now let’s start with our scrutiny of  each feature to give you good insight before deciding to buy:

1. Comfort and Performance

It’s hard to have an informative Eve topper review without paying attention to comfort and performance. After all, mattress toppers are designed to help you get more support back from your damaged or over-used bedding.

Fortunately for those who have a less than perfect mattress, this mattress topper adds luxurious comfort to your sleeping arrangement, as well as a healthy helping of extra joint and muscle support. If, until now, you’ve found your mattress to be lumpy, hard, or generally uncomfortable, the Eve topper contains various layers of revitalizing foam to help.

It has gone the “extra mile” with their topper with 5cm of next-gen foam layer, complete with a 20mm open-cell comfort layer, and a 30mm ultra-resilient layer of base foam. Altogether, you get a luxurious layer of extra support and relaxation when you need it most, in any sleeping position.

One particularly great thing about the memory foam mattress topper is that it’s great for people who suffer from joint pain. The luxurious layer is designed to perfectly distribute your weight across your bedding for a more complete and undisturbed sleeping experience.

If you’re looking for something that will give you an extra dose of sound sleeping when your bed is nearly at the end of its life, the Eve mattress topper will bring luxury back to your bedding. The 5cm of memory foam layer is enough to give you a comforting cloud-like experience on any bed.

2. Design

white mattressThere are many elements of the Eve mattress topper design that make it extra special. For instance, if you sleep with someone who moves around a lot during the night (or you’re a wiggly sleeper yourself), this topper won’t move around. This memory foam mattress accessory comes with elasticated straps to secure it to the edges of your bed.

Those simple but effective straps also come in handy when you want to travel with your topper. Just roll the foam up and use the straps to create an easy-to-transport bed enhancer that you can take with you wherever you go.

Another design perk of the Eve is that it comes with a removable top cover which you can easily unzip and pop in the washing machine whenever you need to freshen up your bedding. The removable cover, as well as the rest of the topper, is also hypoallergenic. That means that if you don’t respond well to germs and dander, you can banish coughs and sneezes from your bedroom.

Underneath the topper, you’ll also find a handy non-slip base layer that makes the topper feel even more robust. Overall, the design of this mattress accessory is breathable, relaxing, and sturdy enough to leave you feeling confident that it will stand the test of time.

3. Breathability and Motion Transfer

When it comes to adding memory foam to your bed, there are two crucial considerations that you may need to keep in mind. First of all, some memory foam accessories can make you feel overly warm when you’re in bed – particularly when you’ve got a full 5cm of foam underneath you. However, Eve isn’t too bad when it comes to managing breathability.

The next-generation foam is designed to keep you pleasantly cool through the night. Although you are slightly more likely to sweat if you’re prone to warm sleeping – the same could be said of virtually any memory foam topper. It is more appealing than most mattress toppers because it comes with a special ingredient that the company claims makes the material 30 times more breathable than standard memory foam.

As well as helping you to avoid overheating, this memory foam mattress accessory also comes with a base foam layer that includes 3cm of ultra-resilient reflex foam. This doesn’t just cover up sags and lumps in your old mattress – it also gives you a firmer level of support, which means less motion transfer. If you sleep with a partner, and you’re worried about waking them up as you toss and turn, then the Eve memory foam mattress topper could be a lifesaver.

4. Sleep Support

a man comfortably lying on a mattressMost of the time, adding extra pleasure to your bed with a memory foam topper will usually mean compromising a little on support. After all, you can’t get the same level of firmness from a topper as you would from a well-structured mattress. However, Eve has delivered something unique with their topper, because they manage to provide users with a little extra support than most manufacturers can offer.

a. Supportive Layer

The layer at the bottom of the topper is the base layer, which eases the weight on your pressure point and joints. This, in turn, helps you to wake up feeling more refreshed. Firmness wise, this base layer prevents the mattress from being as squishy as some other alternatives in the current marketplace.

The amount of sleep support that you get will depend on how you generally sleep. Back and side sleepers will usually get great results with this memory foam mattress topper because it allows your shoulders and hips to sink a little deeper. This means that your spine can align more easily. While those with tummy sleeping position will still get on better with the Eve Mattress topper than a lumpy or uncomfortable bed, a foam topper can make you sink slightly too deeply on your stomach. Thus, you end up with extra pressure on your neck.

b. Mattress Compatibility

Eve has designed their topper specifically for people who want a comfier mattress, but don’t want to invest in extra expense. If your bed isn’t quite as comfortable as it used to be or you suffer from joint and back pain and need some extra help, this Mattress topper has you covered.

One thing worth noting, however, is that most memory foam mattress toppers – including Eve – work ideally with spring beds. Placing memory foam on top of another memory foam can sometimes lead to too much softness or sink-ability. While some memory foam bed owners might be able to upgrade their mattress with the Eve topper, you’ll usually get better results with a full spring or hybrid mattress instead.

5. Bounce, Smell, and Durability

There are a lot of different things that can come together to create an amazing mattress topper, including design, comfort, and support. Some of the other things that you might want to think about when you’re conducting your own mattress topper review include:

a. Bounce

Because this mattress topper comes with a slightly firmer level of memory foam, you get slightly more bounce in your sleeping experience. This means that you can rely on better support if you have aching pressure points or painful joints. It’s thick enough to give you sinkable relaxation and firm enough to protect people with aches and pains.

b. Smell

Most memory foam products – including toppers – come with a weird chemical smell when they first arrive on your doorstep. Unfortunately, that is the case with this mattress topper, but it’s also hard to avoid. The good news is that the smell will air out quickly if you keep the topper unwrapped and open to the air for a while.

c. Durability

All Eve products come with a great dose of peace of mind in the form of a three-year guarantee. However, you can expect your topper to last for quite a while longer if you follow the maintenance guidelines.

6. Customer Service

a smiling female customer service representativeEve Sleep is so confident about the quality of their mattress topper that they’ll even allow you to send your new purchase back if you’re not happy with it after the first few days. You’ll have 30 days to send your topper back without any extra costs if you’re not happy with it. Eve provides a full refund, and shipment is entirely free of charge too. That means that it’s super easy to test out your mattress topper before you decide to buy it.

Aside from the thirty-day free trial, you’ll also get a 3-year warranty in case anything goes wrong with your Eve topper. Plus, you get the benefit of knowing that your product was made right here in the UK. As the company says, it was designed by one of the top designers in London and crafted in the company’s UK-based factory.

Is the Eve Mattress Topper Right for You?

If you’re the kind of person who travels a lot and wants to make sure that they can take their favourite bed topper with them or you want to upgrade your current mattress without having to buy an entirely new bed, this memory foam mattress accessory could be just the product for you. This simple and cosy solution is great for anyone who needs extra comfort in their bedtime routine.

Whether you’re trying to banish the lumps and bumps of your old mattress or you need a bit of extra support and a good base layer for a regular good night’s sleep, the Eve topper is here to help. Hopefully, our Eve topper review will give you a bit of a deeper insight into what you can expect if you try this product for yourself.

However, as we mentioned above, the only way to know for certain whether this product can transform your quality of sleep is to give it a try. With a 30-day free trial available, we can’t see any downside to ordering one, for most customers.

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