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Best Fire Pit in the UK 2020

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Fobuy with BBQ Grill Shelf

FOBUY with BBQ Grill Shelf

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La Hacienda 58106 Firebowl

La Hacienda 58106 Firebowl

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Bargains-Galore Square

Bargains-Galore Square

What garden would be complete without a fire pit? There is nothing more satisfying than sitting around a fire pit and watching the wood burn brightly as a warming heat gently washes over you. A fire pit lets you enjoy your outdoor space. The best fire pit in the UK also allows you to brace the unpredictable UK weather!

If you have an outdoor seating area in your garden, a fire pit creates a brilliant focal point. Some fire pits also double as a BBQ grill and, therefore, make great additions for parties and summer gatherings.

Whether you are a seasoned fire maker or want a simple gas fire pit, the list we have compiled has something to suit. We have gathered ten of the exceptional fire pits on the market for your benefit, so you can add one of these brilliant products to your garden – enjoy!

Best Fire Pit Reviews – Top 10 Picks

The La Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl is considered the best fire pit for camping in these reviews due to its small size and portable features. Although this is a compact fire pit, you can still create a good-sized fire for warmth and also for making flavourful BBQs. For those who regularly venture out on campings or take day trips to nature parks, this portable pit is one of the best fire bowls available.


This grill and garden fire pit feature a simple three-legged design that supports the central fire bowl. The legs are attached via hinges and can be folded flat to the underside of the bowl, making transportation easier.

Also, the mesh covering is easy to remove and has a central handle so you can easily lift it off. The standard package comes with two handles, a poker, and a protective carry bag, too.

This La Hacienda product is an excellent choice for camping, but it can have problems. For example, the metal is not fully protected and can rust if left outside in the rain. Always use a cover and store it inside where possible. Also, the legs are relatively short so you have to be close to the ground when using the cooking grate.


  • Excellent portable fire pit for camping
  • Comes with a BBQ grill, and full mesh cover
  • BBQ prongs and a rain cover are also included
  • Made from lightweight but durable steel
  • Finished in heat resistant black paint


  • May be prone to rust if not covered properly
  • Could be higher off the ground
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Fantastically designed, the Fobuy fire pit is one of the most elegant products on our list. The fire pit is enclosed within a square table, and the table surface has a stylish cracked pattern. Aside from its attractive design, this fire pit for garden usage is also multi-functional and can be used as a BBQ or an ice pit. If you want a centrepiece for your garden seating area, this contemporary model is one of the best fire pits that’ll surely catch attention.


The design of this steel fire pit features a central fire bowl that is supported by a large steel frame. The four steel legs provide excellent stability, and the lattice-work in between the legs offer additional rigidity.

Surrounding the pit, there is a decorative tabletop that can be used to place drinks and food on. Also, the mesh lid fits securely onto the pit, but can easily be removed via a central circular handle. The overall size of this firepit is 81 x 81 x 45cm, and the surrounding tabletop is 32″ square. The basic package comes with two different grills, the fire pit, a poker tool, and a free protective bag.

The main drawback of this fire pit is the poor design of the waterproof cover. It doesn’t easily fit over the entire fire pit which is a major design flaw. If you want to cover the fire pit, we advise investing in a separate cover. Also, the paint on the metal can be scratched and peeled off eventually.


  • Stylish table design with ornate tabletop
  • Improved safety with a mesh covering for the fire
  • Durable powder-coated steel construction with heat-resistant basin
  • Can be used as a BBQ grill
  • Comes with full instructions for assembly


  • The waterproof plastic cover may not be easy to pull over
  • The paint on the metal may not be 100% protected
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Next up on on our list is our best value option – the Bargains-Galore Square fire pit. This incredible steel fire pit is highly functional and can be used as both an outdoor fire pit and a BBQ, making it great for social gatherings. It is also stylish and has a fun diamond-shaped design that would fit perfectly with any modern garden theme.


The diamond fire pit sits on a single central leg that is wide and makes the pit stable on flat surfaces. It is also made from durable steel. The overall dimension of this fire pit is 45 x 45 x 34cm which makes it one of the smaller products on this rundown. However, it still produces a decent-sized fire. The standard packages come with assembly instructions, a BBQ grill, mesh lid, and handles to move the grill.

One of the main disadvantages of this fire pit is the quality of the metal. It can be kept outside, but we advise covering it when not in use as the metal can rust. Also, compared to some other fire pits on this list, it is not the largest.


  • Made from durable steel
  • Has a large mesh safety lid for protection
  • Has an included BBQ grill and serving prongs
  • The mesh lid helps direct smoke and prevent embers dispersing
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • Could be prone to rust after prolonged exposure to rain
  • May not be the largest size fire pit
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The Femor Upgraded 3 in 1 firepit for garden has a beautiful design and can be used as a table as well as a sturdy patio heater. It is enclosed within a strong metal frame and the table features a gorgeous patterned surface. Not only it is an excellent decorative piece for your garden but is also tremendously functional and high quality. If you want to add style to your outdoor seating area, this steel fire pit is a suitable option.


You can use this product for three functions. It is primarily a fire pit and has a large central basin where you can easily add fuel. Also, it comes with a large BBQ grill which makes it easy to cook food. Finally, you can empty the pit and fill it with ice to store drinks.

The fire pit is supported by four metal legs and latticework around the outside. Also, it is surrounded by a decorative table that can be used to place drinks and food on. In addition, the feet are heavy-duty and the pit will fit securely onto any flat surface. The overall dimension is 81 x 81 x 45cm. It’s worth noting though that it may not be suitable for use on thin decking, as it is relatively heavy.

This Femor fire pit is a great choice but it is not perfect. Firstly, the inside of the legs is bare metal. This means that water will eventually rust the interior. We advise trying to cap the legs or paint the inside with protective black paint. Also, some customers have received the fire pit without its grill.


  • Stylish design with patterned table area
  • Has a detachable mesh grid to cover the fire
  • Comes with a cooking grill and BBQ prongs
  • Made from powder-coated steel
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • The inside of the legs may need to be painted to prevent rusting
  • May have reports of some customers receiving fire pits with missing grill
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The Harbour Housewares Cast Iron fire pit has a traditional design and makes a brilliant centrepiece for a rustic garden design or campsite area. For fire making and fire safety, it also features a wide bowl that encourages the flow of oxygen and allows you to easily control the fire.


This fire pit has a simple design that features three cast iron legs which are screwed to the cast iron bowl. Also, there are two handles that are screwed to the sides of the bowl so you can easily lift it.

The dimensions of this fire bowl are 75 x 87 x 38.5 cm (including the handles), which makes it one of the larger products on this list. Also, it weighs 15kg. Therefore, care should be given when lifting and moving the firepit. If you want a smaller size, you can purchase this cast iron fire pit in three different diameters – 55.5cm, 75cm, or 85.5cm. For assembly, it is a simple case of screwing the legs to the bowl using the provided Allen key.

Although this is one of our top choices, it does have a few issues. Firstly, the paint on this cast iron fire pit is not of amazing quality and it can be chipped and scratched. Secondly, this firepit has a relatively basic design and is not the most stylish product on this list. If you want a firepit to fit in with your garden furniture, this may not be the best choice.


  • Made from sturdy cast iron
  • A large oversized bowl design to provide exposure to oxygen
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty
  • Delivered complete with all screws and fittings for assembly
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • The paint on the iron may not be the best quality
  • May not be the most stylish or attractive design
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The HH Home Hut Large fire pit has a modern design and offers a decent size fire pit whilst still being portable due to its foldable legs. This multi-purpose outdoor fire pit can be used as a cooking grill for BBQs or as a basic steel fire pit with a mesh covering. It is also relatively simple to use and the plain design makes it easy to create fires or start a BBQ.


This steel fire bowl has a simple design and requires no assembly. The legs are secured via hinges onto the bowl, and they can be folded to make it easier to carry. Each leg also has a metal pin that helps hold the legs in place, or act as an attachment point for carrying.

This is a small fire pit and has an overall size of 40 x 52cm. Due to its smaller size, it is incredibly lightweight and portable. The bowl rests on three legs, and the mesh covering sits comfortably on top of the bowl. Also, you can easily remove the safety mesh cover as it has a circular loophole on the top. The standard package also comes with a poker, grill handles, and carry bag.

Although this is one of the best fire pits on the market, you can experience some minor issues. Firstly, it is not unheard of to receive damaged goods. Also, the metal of this fire pit can rust and we do not advise leaving it outside uncovered.


  • Simple and effective design for camping
  • Includes cooking grill and BBQ prongs
  • Has a large oval mesh cover to prevent ember discharge
  • Comes with a protective carry bag
  • Foldable legs for easy transportation


  • Some customers may have received damaged goods
  • May rust quickly if left outside in the elements
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If you want a multi-purpose fire pit, the RayGar 3 in 1 Round Patio Heater is a brilliant option. This high-quality fire bowl can be used for BBQs, as a fire pit or as an ice bucket for your drinks! It is the perfect product for those who enjoy parties and family gatherings throughout the year. In the summertime, you can have amazing BBQs or serve ice cold drinks, whilst in Autumn and Winter, you can snuggle up next to the heat from the fire pit.


For functionality, this is one of the best fire pits available. Firstly, you can utilise the small metal grill as a BBQ. Alternatively, you can remove the grill to add fuel and use it as a firepit. Finally, you can empty the bowl and use it as a drinks storage compartment with ice.

The standard package comes with a protective cover, fire poker, tongs, and a safety spark guard. This fire pit is also relatively easy to install with clear and well-written materials. In terms of dimension, this firepit is 81 x 81 x 45cm and has a total weight (without fuel) of 10kg. This means it is still easy to move into different positions in your garden.

This RayGar Patio Heater is a brilliant option but it can have a few issues. Firstly, some customers have received damaged parts. Also, the metal is not durable and, if you are not careful, it can become scratched and damaged.


  • 3 in 1 function, can be used as a BBQ, fire pit, or ice bucket
  • Stylish circular design with patterned surfaces
  • Includes a spark guard, protective cover, poker, and tongs
  • Has a protective mesh cover over the fire
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • Some customers may have received damaged parts
  • Its metal may not be the highest quality and can be damaged
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The Decoras Daytona Steel fire pit is highly functional and features a fairly primitive design. This rustic fire pit won’t win any awards for style, but it allows you to create an immense fire and improve your fire-making skills. If you want to create a rustic theme in your garden or even a simple outdoor camping area, this Decoras product is an excellent choice.


The Decoras steel firepit is available in three different sizes – 60 x 60 x 23cm, 70 x 70 x 23cm, or 80 x 80 x 23cm. This gives you greater flexibility and means you can buy a fire pit to suit your available garden space. The design of these fire bowls is pretty simple – it has three sturdy steel legs and a large steel basin. The basin provides ample space for you to make a huge fire or a roaring BBQ.

Stable and heat-resistant, both charcoal and firewood can be used on this steel basin. To use this firepit effectively, you should place it on the fireproof ground. But, it can also be used on grass, terraces, patios, or balconies, too. However, due to the larger size of this firepit and the fire you can generate, it should not be placed near any flammable materials.

This rustic fire bowl is an excellent product but it does have a few potential flaws. Firstly, you cannot call this brazier for garden attractive. It places function over style and may not be the best choice if you want to create an ornate seating area surrounded by your fire pit. Also, the steel is untreated and, therefore, is prone to rust. This could be perfect if you want to create a rustic feel. However, if you want a pristine fire pit, this will need additional treating.


  • Simple and effective design
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Large open bowl for effective oxygen supply
  • Made from durable steel
  • Has two steel handles for easy lifting


  • The untreated steel may rust easily
  • May not be stylish or decorative
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For camping adventures or days out at parks, the Relaxadays Black XL pit is the perfect option. This small fire pit serves as both a fire pit and a BBQ, plus is one of the most portable products in this list. It can easily be transported due to its foldable legs and makes the perfect item if you don’t want to purchase a disposable BBQ.


This fire pit is made from steel and has a decent-sized bowl with a diameter of 56.5cm. This means you can easily make a large fire or BBQ using charcoal or wood. We also like that this portable firepit requires no assembly. The legs are attached to the bowl already and can be folded inwards. Also, the legs have circular metal clasps to make it easier to carry. All you have to do is attach the BBQ grill and safety mesh lid to the bowl.

The standard package comes with the firepit, cooking grate, grate handles, a spark screen, and a poker. Essentially, you get everything you need to immediately use this product – you will only need to buy fuel to get started.

Although this is one of the best fire pits, it does have a few disadvantages. Firstly, if you do not cover the fire pit when not in use, it will rust. It has a cover and we advise not leaving it outside unprotected. Also, the legs are prone to wobbling so ensure that you tighten them properly.


  • Legs can easily be folded for transportation
  • Has a modern and stylish design
  • Includes a BBQ grill and prongs
  • Has a large circular mesh covering to protect the fire
  • Has a spark guard for additional protection


  • May need to be covered when not in use to prevent rust
  • The legs may have to be extra tightened
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The Livivo Lattice Design fire pit looks fantastic and is one of the best decorative fire pits in this list. If you want an ornate fire pit to place in a themed seating area or to complement your garden furniture, this is one of the top options. It has a large square frame that is embellished with a cool diamond pattern and stylish metal trim. It is also highly functional and can be used as both a BBQ and a fire pit.


This elegant firepit is packed full of great features. This includes a removable BBQ grill, spark guard, and metal poker. The main mesh cover can also be easily detached but fits securely on the firepit base.

In terms of overall dimension, this fire pit measures 66 x 66 x 63cm. The bowl can hold a decent capacity of fuel and can keep fires burning for a long period. As the various parts are detachable, this firepit is likewise easy to clean and maintain. The assembly is also relatively simple and there are only four main steps. This includes attaching the legs to the base, and the grill and screen lid to the base.

Although this is a lovely garden fire pit, it does have a few drawbacks. Firstly, the included spark guard could be larger. It is prone to slipping, too, which can cause issues. Also, although the steel is durable, it still feels a little lightweight and could be damaged easily.


  • Beautiful design and ornate decoration
  • Made from durable steel
  • Has a large wood or log capacity
  • Includes a removable mesh lid for extra safety
  • Can be used as a fire pit or BBQ


  • The spark guard may not be as large as it should be
  • The metal may be a little lightweight
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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Fire Pit?

friends toasting mallows

We hope you now have some idea of the different fire pits on the market. As you can see, there is a great range of styles available. It can, therefore, be difficult to choose a suitable firepit for your garden.

Before making any purchase, we advise firstly deciding where you want to position the fire pit. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can then measure the available space. Also, you can see what style of fire pit would fit with the surrounding decor.

To help further, we have created a small buying guide to help you choose the best garden fire pit. Take time to consider these factors.

Type of Fuel

There are two main types of fire pit in terms of fuel – wood and gas. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wood is relatively easy to obtain and you do not have to purchase anything like gas bottles or connect the fire pit to your gas mains. Also, the process of making a wood fire is quite rewarding and satisfying once you learn the art.

On the flip side, creating a wood fire is much more difficult and time-consuming than simply lighting a gas fire! Also, gas fire pits require minimal maintenance and you don’t have to keep tending to the fire. If you are not confident in your fire-making skills, a gas pit is the best choice.

Size and Weight

By now, you should have already measured the available space so that you know what maximum dimensions you can work with. You can then look at the overall dimensions of the fire pit to ensure that it fits.

Also, check the weight of the pit. This is important if you intend to place it on a raised or supported area like decking. You don’t want to overload the decking and potentially damage it.


The style and design of your fire pit are also hugely important. Some fire pits are simply functional and have minimal decoration. Others, however, have ornate decoration and are enclosed in an extensive casing.

What style you choose depends on the purpose and the theme of your garden. You may, for example, have a dedicated outdoor seating area in which you want a central ornate fire pit. Alternatively, you may simply want a fire pit to take for camping – as a result, style may be irrelevant.


Next, look at the functionality of the fire pit and what you want it to do. Do you want a decorative fire pit to create a stylish seating area? Alternatively, do you want a functional fire pit to provide warmth outside when you have parties and family gatherings?

You may even want a fire pit that doubles as a BBQ so you can enjoy outdoor meals and test your skills with the grill. Think carefully about what you want to achieve with the fire pit, and pick one that fits all your requirements.

cooking popcorn over burning logs

Safety Features

Finally, does the fire pit have any safety features? For example, if you opt for a gas fire pit, is it easy to turn off, and is there any regulatory valves to prevent a gas overload?

In addition, what protective elements does the fire pit have? Are there any guards over the fire area to prevent children from potentially burning themselves? Ideally, the fire pit should have features like a safety mesh lid, a spark guard, and a poker tool to make the fire from a distance.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this guide on the best fire pit in the UK. A fire pit is a brilliant garden item that is both decorative and functional. They can add charm to your outdoor seating areas, but also provide much-needed warmth to cope with the unpredictable UK weather!

Any of the products listed above makes an excellent choice. However, our top option is La Hacienda’s 58106 Camping Firebowl. We love its compact size, which makes it a suitable camping accessory, while still offering good-sized fire for warmth and comfort. The fire pit’s legs are attached via hinges which, therefore, can be folded against the underside of the bowl, making transportation easier.

Furthermore, the pit can be used as BBQ, thanks to the included grill, and it also has a mesh covering, which is easy to remove and it features a central handle.

Finally, to make transporting it as easy as possible, this portable camping fire pit with BBQ grill comes with a carry bag.

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