Are you thinking of getting involved with tropical fishkeeping for the first time? Maybe you just love the idea of being able to watch fish swimming around in your living room or garden at home. As any fish enthusiast will know, there are a lot of different things required to care for fish properly. You’ll need the right food to keep your fish well-nourished, as well as a good filter to keep their tank clean and fresh. Of course, the most important purchase of all comes with finding the best fish tank.

Your choice of aquarium impacts more than just your fish’s home. It also influences the way that your house looks. After all, a stunning fish tank can add some beauty and elegance to a bedroom, living room, or even your bathroom. Of course, there are a lot of components that you’ll need to consider when choosing your aquarium. For instance, how large do you want the tank to be? What kind of fish are you going to be storing in it, and what sort of added extras will you include to improve your fish’s quality of life?

With so many things to think about, it’s easy to see how people could get overwhelmed when looking for the ideal tank. Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’ve scoured through countless stylish, spacious, and modern fish tanks to bring you a list of some of the most incredible homes for your friends with fins. By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you’re sure to find something that suits you and your aquatic pets.

Our Favourite Fish Tanks Compared

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Best Fish Tank Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Blagdon Affinity Octagon Weave Pool (Editor’s Choice)

Blagdon Affinity Octagon Weave PoolThese days, there are fish tanks out there to suit any taste. If you’re looking for a beautiful garden feature that will make your yard look amazing while providing your fish with a fantastic habitat, then you’ve got to consider this Blagdon Affinity Octagon Weave pool. The aquarium is designed to fit perfectly into almost any garden space, with an interior that’s large enough for even the most exotic fish.


If you’ve ever dreamt of having a koi pond in your garden, or your indoor aquarium just isn’t large enough for your growing collection anymore, then this could be the ultimate upgrade that you’ve been waiting for. The Affinity Living Feature pools give you access to the stunning sight of aquatic creatures enjoying their natural habitat. There’s nothing remotely fake or industrialized about this tank. However, the aquarium does come with a few added features for convenience. Some of these include 5-watt UV clarifiers for a crystal-clear view of the water and stunning LED night lights.

To help you add more mystery and magic to your aquarium, the Blagdon Affinity pool also comes with baskets where you can plant water lilies and other water-thriving plants. There are also three fountain displays, and a step-by-step set-up guide to get you started. To give you some extra peace of mind when it comes to making a substantial investment, the Blagdon affinity pool kit also comes with a fantastic 3-year guarantee included.

With extra planting baskets available for those who want to make the most out of their pond, and plenty of features to love, the Blagdon Affinity pool is a great choice. However, it’s not exactly easy to put together. You’re going to need some help setting this fish tank up, but you’ll love the outcomes when you’re finished.

  • Huge outdoor pool large enough for tropical fish
  • Easy to maintain
  • Illumination included for night-time viewing
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Stunning fountain and plant displays
  • Not easy to put together
  • Instructions are a little tricky to follow
No products found.

2. Fish R Fun Deco O Aquarium (Most Stylish)

Fish R Fun Deco OIf you’ve been searching for one of the most stylish fish tanks that money can buy, then it’s hard to go wrong with this fantastic Fish R Fun Deco O tank.


Designed specifically for indoor use with smaller aquatic life, this unique tank is made from clear glass. Thus, you can get a complete view of your finned friends at any time. There’s also the option to choose between white and black colouring for the surrounding portion of the tank. So, you can select the option that fits with your décor.

The filtration kit is cleverly hidden within the tank itself. You won’t have to worry about that getting in the way of the product’s design. Additionally, there’s built-in state-of-the-art lighting, which helps to create an impressive range of shimmering ripples across the surface of the water. That’s quite ideal for when you want a truly relaxing home environment.

The art deco design of this fish tank is sure to suit anyone who likes the minimalist style. Plus, there’s enough space for multiple fish, too – depending on the kinds you choose. Unfortunately, there are no instructions included on how to use it or set up the filter, which is a bit of a problem for some people. Additionally, the filter is quite loud in the evenings, which is quite annoying when you’re trying to get to sleep.

  • Beautiful, stylish design
  • Magic touch-lighting feature
  • Advanced lighting for night-time relaxation
  • Excellent hidden filtration system
  • Multiple colours available
  • No instructions included
  • Quite loud in the evening (filtration feature)
  • Slightly awkward to clean due to the shape
No products found.

3. Playlearn Jelly Fish/Sea Turtle Aquarium with Mood Lamp (Most Beautiful)

Jelly Fish_Sea Turtle AquariumFor the most part, people looking for beautiful fish tanks are those who want somewhere stunning to store their live fish. However, if you want all the beauty of an aquarium without the constant pressure of having to feed your pets, then you could always look into this option from Playlearn instead.


Designed to give you everything you need for a stunning fish tank (including the fish), this decorative aquarium is sure to improve the appearance of virtually any room.

It’s an LED lamp cleverly disguised as a fish tank complete with sea turtles and jellyfish that swim through the water – thanks to motor propellers. This is an excellent option for someone in search of an easy way to entertain those with ADHD and autism, as the combination of lights and colours are fantastic for stimulating the senses. The Jellyfish tank is also a great choice if you’re just looking for something to help you relax before you go to sleep.

To make this piece of home décor even more appealing, it comes with a safety mode that automatically turns it off after four hours of constant operation. What’s more, if you’re looking for a fish tank for beginners, this is a great option, as it’s easy to use. You can simply fill the aquarium with water, insert the jellyfish and turn it on. There’s always the option to add your own fish and filter if you want to as well.

According to some of the reviews that we read, this tank kit can seem a little tacky to some. Likewise, setting it up is more cumbersome than you would expect, as the jellyfish tend to group towards the corners of the tank. Additionally, you might need some patience to get everything running as you like.

  • Great if you don’t have time for live fish
  • Stunning decorative display
  • Ideal for visual and sensory stimulation
  • Easy enough to use
  • Safety mode included
  • Cumbersome to set up
  • Not actually for live fish
  • Noisy motor
No products found.

4. Ciano Black Aqua 60 LED Aquarium (Best Tropical Design)

Ciano BLACK AquaFrom fake fish to something slightly more demanding. The Ciano Black Aqua fish tank is a stunning piece of home décor that also happens to be an excellent habitat for fish.


Complete with an internal filter, plastic plants, and even a 50-watt heater to get you started, the Ciano Black Aqua kit comes with everything you need for a fantastic indoor aquarium.

If you’ve been planning on keeping tropical fish for a while now, and you think you’re ready to jump in at the deep end, then this tank will start you on the right foot. It comes with all the equipment you need to look after your fish with confidence, no matter what their requirements might be. There’s also a high-quality built-in filter to ensure that the water remains fresh for as long as possible.

While you might need to do some research into the kind of atmosphere that you need to create for your fish first, once you’re done with your homework, you should be able to get most of the must-have tools you need from the Ciano tank. The included plants and unique backdrop also help to give this aquarium a wonderfully exotic and professional appearance. With all its fantastic features, we’re dubbing this piece as the best tropical fish tank of this rundown.

Just keep in mind that the instructions provided for setting up this tank weren’t as great as they could be. Additionally, some of the reviewers suggest that you might have to replace the filter on this aquarium quite regularly, particularly if you’re keeping certain kinds of fish. Keep that maintenance factor in mind if you’re looking at this for your new tropical tank.

  • Plenty of extras included such as plastic plants
  • Lights and heater included
  • Biological filter provided
  • Beautiful design for tropical fish
  • No instructions provided for certain parts of the tank
  • Filter needs replacing regularly
  • May need to upgrade parts of the tank as you go
No products found.

5. JBA 65L Nano Starter Aquarium (Best for Beginners)

JBA 65L Medium Nano Starter AquariumWhen it comes to finding the best home fish tanks for beginners, it’s often wise to focus on the options that are simple, easy to use, and brimming with benefits. The JBA Medium Nano Starter aquarium is designed for people who have never kept fish before but want to make sure that their aquatic friends have the most excellent home to live in.


The high-quality curved front tank looks stunning in virtually any space. With a 65-litre capacity, you should have no problem fitting multiple fish into the tank.

Available in a range of colours to suit your home design, the JBA 65L nano benefits from a compelling minimalistic design. A feature that’s great for people who are looking for something attractive but not too high-tech or challenging to use. What’s more, to ensure that you can adequately see and care for your fish at all times of the day and night, there’s high-quality LED light built into the hood of the tank.

Speaking of the hood, the lid opens up easily to allow for quick and simple feeding. You can remove the entire top of the fish tank to make cleaning and maintenance easier. One added benefit of this tank is that it comes with a filter pump with a spray bar that feeds the tray filtration system underneath the back of the hood. This keeps the tank cleaner and healthier for longer.

Easy to set up and use in a matter of minutes, the JBA aquarium is great for starters who just want to add fish and water to get going. One issue is that there are no instructions included. Moreover, you may need an extra filter if you’re caring for multiple fish at once.

  • Simple and stylish design
  • LED light in the hood
  • Filtration system included
  • Available in a range of colours with a bow glass front
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Need another filter for multiple fish
  • No instructions included
No products found.

6. Fish R Fun Hexagonal Aquarium (Best Budget Choice)

Fish R Fun Hexagonal AquariumIf you’re looking for the best fish tank to make your home look amazing, keep your fish happy, and make sure that you don’t bust your budget, then this could be the aquarium for you.


The Fish R Fun hexagonal aquarium is a stylish and sophisticated tank with plenty of features to delight you and your friends with fins. One of the coolest fish tanks that we’ve seen on the market, the unique shape of this product means that it’s sure to be an attractive feature in every room of your home. It’s definitely an eye-catcher when it’s filled with colourful plants and tropical fish.

Importantly, this is a relatively small tank, so it’s not intended for some of the bigger fish on the market. You should be able to get about 21.6 litres of water into it according to the manufacturer. However, though it might not be too massive, this tank is fine for those who just want to look after a few smaller fish and guppies. This aquarium also comes with a filter that’s been conveniently built into the hood. Thus, it’s hidden from sight and doesn’t detract from the style of the tank.

There’s also a modern energy-efficient lightbulb included within the tank. Therefore, you can easily see and care for your fish at all times of the day – even when it’s pitch black. However, you may need to replace that bulb somewhat regularly. According to the reviews that we read, one issue is that it takes closer to 35 litres to fill than 21. Additionally, some of the edges of the glass seem a little tacky, as you can see where the silicon is glueing them together.

  • Unique hexagon shape is beautiful
  • Energy-efficient lightbulb included
  • Filter is hidden within the hood
  • Easy enough to clean and maintain
  • Not big enough for some fish
  • Poorly put together in some places
  • Need to replace the filter and bulb regularly
No products found.

7. Tetra Cascade Globe Black (Best Small)

Tetra Cascade Globe BlackA tank doesn’t have to be huge to look incredible and provide an incredible home for your fish. That’s something that this Tetra Cascade globe aquarium kit proves.


The LED light filtered glass aquarium only holds about 6.8 litres of water, which is just enough for a few very small fish. However, it’s unique appearance is sure to make it a fantastic centrepiece in your home, whether it’s placed on a corner table next to your favourite sofa or on a bookshelf.

Available in a range of colours to suit your personal sense of style, the Tetra cascade globe aquarium comes with a filter included to keep the water fresh for as long as possible. It’s LED light also means that you’ll get a good view of your fish at any time of the day. Designed for simple use and convenience, this is an ideal kit for beginner fish keepers and people with a passion for style.

Ultimately, it’s a great-looking fish tank that doesn’t take a lot of time to set up. You can use it with plants, although we’d recommend having lesser gravel and accessories as that will leave a lot of space for the fish. Additionally, you’ll need to let the filter run for about 24 hours before you add the fish and let it get accustomed to its new home.

While this is a very attractive tank, it’s not always very easy to clean according to some of the reviews that we read. Furthermore, the pump tends to attract dust. Some people also complained that they wished the aquarium was available in a bigger size. Nevertheless, this is the best small fish tank we’ve come across on the market today.

  • Ideal for people with limited space
  • Stylish compact design
  • Filter included
  • LED light included for great visibility
  • Plenty of colours to choose from
  • Not big enough for some fish
  • Slightly difficult to clean
  • Attracts dust on the pump
No products found.

8. 30L Small Starter Nano Aquarium (Best Square)

30L Small Starter Nano AquariumIf you’re new to the world of collecting and caring for cold-water fish, then you’ll love this 30-litre small starter tank kit from the Series X company.


A high-quality fish tank that combines a stunning modern design with functional features like LED light and a built-in filter pump, this is an excellent piece of equipment. The aquarium is large enough for a small tropical aquarium. Also, the ease of use and maintenance means is great for both children and adult beginners, too.

As one of the best small aquarium options we’ve seen, this square tank comes with LED light built into the hood to help you view your fish easily through all times of the day. Additionally, the tank comes with a filter pump and spray bar that feeds the filtration system located in the rear of the hood. The system is set up to keep your water clean and your fish healthy for as long as possible.

Because the entire lid can be removed from the top of the tank, cleaning and maintaining this aquarium is a breeze. You’ll be able to get around all of the glass in no time. What’s more, for those who are interested in making sure that their square fish tanks match the style of their home, the kit comes in two colours – black and white – to suit your needs.

One point to keep in mind is that according to some of the fish tank reviews we read, this tank isn’t as close to 30 litres as it claims. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this aquarium is quite a bit noisier than some of the other items we’ve listed so far.

  • Attractive design with a square finish
  • Bowfront glass
  • LED light integrated into the hood
  • Kit available in different colours
  • Filter/pump supplied
  • Quite noisy compared to other tanks
  • Not big enough for some fish
No products found.

9. Diversa Standard Aquarium with Guardian Glass (Best Professional)

Diversa Aquarium ProfessionalFinally, if you’re looking for something simple and effective, like the tanks that you’ll see in most standard pet stores, then you can’t go wrong with the Diversa Aquarium.


Designed to support a range of different fish requirements, these tanks come in a wide variety of sizes all the way up to 300 litres. There’s also the option to purchase additional covers and cabinets for your tank, too, so you can design the aquarium that’s ideally suited to your needs.

The Diversa aquarium range includes float guardian glass throughout, which provides excellent transparency for viewing your fish. Furthermore, its state-of-the-art durability is guaranteed to stand the test of time. What’s more, you can rest assured that your tank has been manufactured according to the highest European safety standards. The double silicone joints prevent leaking, while the slightly blunted edges of the tank reduce the risk of any injuries or accidents.

Although this tank might not come with any special bells and whistles like filters, pumps, and even LED light to help you view it all through the night, it’s great for beginners who want to design their own aquarium from scratch. If you’d rather take the DIY approach in finding the excellent components for your aquarium, then this tank will give you the durability and stability you’re looking for, and for a great price, too.

One point to note is that the glass is a little thinner than you might expect, which can worry some people who are storing rare and exotic fish. Additionally, the silicon looks a little bit messy in the corners, although you can cover that up with gravel.

  • Budget-friendly simple design
  • Excellent range of sizes available
  • High-quality transparency in glass
  • Strong and reliable performance
  • Blunt edges
  • Glass is quite thin
  • Silicon seems a little messy in the corners
  • Some people complained of poor packaging
No products found.

Choosing Your Ideal Fish Tank

a boy transferring some fishes to an aquariumFinding the ideal home for your fish isn’t easy. There’s more to it than deciding you want a 20-gallon fish tank, or that you want your aquarium to be square in shape. You also need to think carefully about what kind of fish you’re going to be caring for, how much space your tank is going to take up, and even what added extras you might need.

If you get your choice of tank wrong, then you won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of your fish anywhere near as well as you could. Additionally, choosing the wrong aquarium could increase the chances that your fish will suffer from health and growth issues, too.

So, how do you choose the right aquarium for your home?

Sizing Up Your Fish Tank

The first and most obvious thing you’ll need to consider when selecting your aquarium is how big it needs to be. This is a decision that will be driven by the kind of fish you’re going to be housing and the number of finned friends you need to look after.

You’ll also have to think about where you’re going to place your tank. For instance, if you’re building an outdoor tank, then you’ll probably have a lot more room than if you’re working with the space you have on your living room table.

Keep in mind that there are different kinds of tank on the market depending on your species of fish, too. For instance, some are designed to hold up well to the abrasive factors of saltwater when you’re looking after saltwater fish. On the other hand, a freshwater tank won’t require nearly as much durability or maintenance.

The size and species of your fish will have a massive impact on the kind of tank you need to choose. Remember that the more fish you have, the more potential pumps and filters you’ll need to invest in, too. Thus, you can keep their water clean and clear. Another point to consider is that your fish tank can come in different materials. Some home fish tanks use acrylic and allow you to access a wider range of shapes, like globes and domes. On the other hand, cheaper tanks are usually made of glass, which typically provides a more attractive appearance.

Importantly, acrylic tanks can sometimes be more robust than their glass counterparts, because they’re less likely to fall victim to cracks and overheating.

Shopping for Home Fish Tank Accessories

a little girl holding a fish tank with a plantAnother thing to keep in mind is whether you’re going to want extras inside of your tank to improve its appearance and make your fish’s home more appealing. Many tank owners love filling their aquariums with plants, gravel, and other toys.

It’s not just gravel and fake plants that you’ll be thinking about when choosing the accessories you need to care for your fish either. For instance, you’ll also need to look into pumps and filters that keep the water of your tanks clean and fresh. Some fish species also need their water to be heated to a specific temperature. So, you’ll need to keep that in mind, too. You might also want a stand that can hold and display your aquarium.

Do some research into precisely what you need to care for the species of fish that you have chosen and allow the information you find to guide your decision when you’re picking the perfect aquarium.

Finding Your Ideal Fish Tank

Finding the best fish tank isn’t easy. Different fish have unique requirements, which means that you’ll have various factors to keep in mind when making your choice, from size and material to the type of water you’ll be using. Think carefully about the fish that you’re caring for before you begin your buying journey.

If you’re thinking about looking after tropical fish in your garden, then we recommend the Blagdon Affinity Octagon pool. This unique tank is more of an outdoor aquarium than the standard bowl you’d see on a kitchen table. If you’ve ever dreamt of creating the perfect feature for your yard, then the Blagdon Affinity could help you do just that.

However, this probably won’t be the ideal tank for someone in search of a small home in which they can store their goldfish or someone who doesn’t have a garden to take advantage of. Remember, your choice of the ideal fish tank will depend on your personal circumstances. Fortunately, with the reviews and guidelines we’ve covered above, you should have everything you need to get off to a swimming start.

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