Flat Garden Hose Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

Keeping your lawn hydrated contributes to greener grass, which adds to its aesthetics. The problem, however, is that regular hoses can take up a significant amount of space. With a flat garden hose, you can easily keep the lawn wet without using as much space in your garage. These hoses come in a variety of design and size options, which is why we decided to do some research on them. We share with you a selection of the top ones that are currently on the market, aiming to make the process of choosing one in particular easier.

Benefits Of A Flat Garden Hose

Easy storage

The greatest benefit of a flat garden hose is its ability to make the process of keeping the entire structure in your garage easier. You’ll find that these hoses generally come with a roll. The purpose of the roll is to help with the organisation of the hose while also ensuring it takes up less space when you are storing it away. Once rolled up, you can simply use a hook on the wall in the garage to store the hose away. 

No tangling

One particularly frustrating issue that people often run into with regular hoses would be tangling. When these hoses tangle up, it can cause damage to their structure. This can result in water leaks and a weaker pressure at the tip of the hose. With a flat garden hose, the roller that comes with the hose makes it easy to avoid tangling the structure. This helps to preserve the hose for longer while also making it easier to work with. 


Another benefit that comes with a flat garden hose is the fact that the structure tends to be lighter in weight than a regular one. The lightweight structure definitely makes the hose easier to handle – whether keeping it in your hand or pulling on the roller to extend the length of the hose. The fact that these hoses generally provides a lightweight design also makes it easier to carry them from and to your garage. 

Variety of models 

Not all of the flat garden houses on the market are exactly the same. You’ll find that there are different models available, each providing a specific thickness, length, and design. This allows you to explore a wider range of options, which also makes it possible to find a hose that is more suited to the specific needs you have in mind. 

1. Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose (Top Pick)


No Tangle Hose

The no-kink design of this hose makes it an ideal option for those who constantly struggle with tangles. The hose itself is made from exceptionally durable materials. The heavy-duty construction of this flat garden hose means it will last for a significantly longer time while also delivering a better pressure output compared to some of the other flat hoses on the market. The hose comes with its own fitting, which ensures you are able to connect the hose to your existing taps with ease. You also get a hose that provides compatibility with the fitting installed, ensuring you have more control over factors like spray patterns and pressure.


2. Avyvi Expandable Garden Hose Pipe (Best Design)

Fashion Hose

One thing that makes this hose quite unique is the fashion elements added to it. This is an ideal option for people who want to add to the aesthetics of their exterior. The flexibility of this hose allows it to easily expand according to your needs. A watering gun is included with the hose, giving you a multipurpose spraying system. The hose also comes with a total of three fittings. This offers enhanced compatibility with various types of tap fittings that you may already have. The hose is available in two sizes, expanding either 50 feet or 100 feet. By attaching the water gun, you also get control over the pressure, allowing for adjustments between three and 12 bars.


3. HOMOZE 50ft Expandable Garden Water Hose Pipe (Best Flexibility)


Adjustable Hose

A multi-piece kit that gives you a hose, spray gun, and multiple fittings. The hose was designed to provide universal compatibility with your plumbing system. With the addition of a spray nozzle in this set, you’ll be able to select between eight different functions and patterns. The hose is made from flexible materials, with a strong and sturdy core. When fully expanded, the hose will provide you with a reach of 50 feet. The hose itself features a black exterior, but alternative colours are also available. The alternative colour variations include green and blue.


4. ICONNTECHS 15M/50FT Expandable Garden Hose (Best Strength)

Dual Core Hose

This hose was constructed with a double core at the centre. The dual design in the construction provides a more efficient solution to ensure the hose can withstand frequent usage. A hose features a non-kink design that focuses on reducing the effort required to constantly remove tangles. Durable fabric is used to cover the double core, which adds superior protection. The core was also developed to provide a leak-proof structure. The fittings that come with the hose are made from solid brass.


5. HmiL-U Garden Hose (Best Latex)

Latex Hose

A latex material has been added to this hose in order to produce a more durable structure. The set comes accompanied by a convenient carry bag. The hose features a complete collection of accessories, including fittings, a storage bag, a clip, and a spray gun. The gun provides a selection of nine different functions. This adds extra versatility when you decide to use the sprayer as a way of wetting the lawn. The hose is available in two sizes, allowing you to obtain an appropriate length to reach all areas of your lawn. At a water pressure level of 6.0kgs, the hose is expected to operate a minimum of 1,000 times.


6. ANSYU Expandable Garden Hose Pipe (Best Length)

Extended Length

This hose pipe features a compact design. The expandable design allows the pipe to expand to a length of up to 100 feet. The unique design of the flexible system allows you to easily expand and contract the hose according to your needs. A hook is included, which is easy to mount on any wall or other straight-up structure. You have three different kits to choose from, allowing you to find an option that is more suitable for your own needs.


7. Running Bulls 100FT Expanding Garden Water Hose Pipe (Best Anti-Leak)

No-Leak Hose

A water hose that comes with a flexible design, along with a protective cover around the core. The anti-leak design ensures there are no worries about water leaking from the hose. Flexibility is a primary feature in the construction of this hose. The hose has an extra-thick cover, which helps to prevent leaks while also protecting the pipe against day-to-day hazards. When contracted, the hose features a compact design that easily fits into small spaces in the garage. The addition of a sprayer gives you seven different spray patterns to help keep your lawn wet, hydrated, and green.


8. AILUZE Garden Hose 100FT (Best Lightweight)

Compact Solution

A hose that provides the perfect combination of portability and a lighter weight. The hose has the ability to expand to three times the length. These hoses are available in two different colours, including black and blue. You also have the ability to choose between a 50-feet and 100-feet size option. A mountable hook provides a system that is easy to mount, providing sufficient space to hang the hose. The set features a spray gun, which comes with an easy-to-use trigger. You can adjust the spray function, including the pressure and the pattern you prefer, for adequate coverage.

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