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EUREKA Ergonomic

EUREKA Ergonomic

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Trust GXT 711 Dominus

Trust GXT 711 Dominus

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Coavas L-Shaped

Coavas L-Shaped

An essential component in any gaming rig is the best gaming desk in the UK. A dedicated gaming computer desk can be used for multiple activities and is not just for gaming purposes. For example, it could also be used to work effectively from home, or even as a table for modelling and crafts.

Whatever the purpose, whether it is for gaming or for professional work, it is important to remember that the best gaming desks usually have additional features compared to standard office desks. For example, many gaming desks have accessories like a cup holder or a storage system for console games. Additionally, they often have a built-in mouse pad that may cover the whole desk surface.

If you want to invest in a gaming computer desk you have come to the right place! In the guide below, you can find ten of the best gaming desks including large L-shaped models, and wide options that are suitable for multiple monitors.

Best Gaming Desk Reviews – Top 10 Picks

The Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus is our choice for the best gaming desk in the UK. As the best computer gaming desk, it has a fantastic large top surface area providing plenty of space for several large monitors, or a games console and a single large monitor. It is also made from durable materials and has a host of accessories for your game peripherals like a controller or drinks bottle.


The GXT 711 Dominus is a brilliant product with a simple but effective layout. The large desktop is 116cm long and can comfortably fit two 27-inch monitors. It is also made from thick 18mm MDF.

The frame is made from steel and the feet have height adjusters so you can find the best sitting position. Also, the front edge of the MDF desktop is angled to reduce potential strain on your wrists and arms.

This gaming desk also has a cupholder, headphone holder, and a simple cable cutout on the desktop so you can keep your cables organized. It is a comprehensive gaming desk which is ideal for hardcore PC gamers.

The Trust GXT 711 Gaming PC desk is our top choice but may have a few minor issues. Firstly, due to its multiple parts and frame, some may find the assembly difficult and time-consuming. Also, depending on the delivery service, some customers have reported receiving damaged goods.


  • Has a large desk surface area for plenty of space
  • Can accommodate two 27-inch gaming monitors
  • The steel frame is durable and robust
  • Has height adjustment for the legs
  • Also has a cup holder, cable management system, and headset holder


  • You may find the assembly a little time-consuming
  • Some customers have reported damaged packaging on arrival
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If you want one of the best gaming desks that are bold, have cool exterior lighting, and some brilliant accessories for dedicated gaming, the EUREKA R1-S is a superb choice.

It would look perfect in a dedicated game set up, together with a computer that also has LED lighting and a stylish design. It can really help you make a statement.


These EUREKA gaming desks are ideal for complete PC gaming setups. The R1-S has a decent surface area and the carbon fibre top could easily accommodate two medium-sized monitors.

The legs and frame are also highly durable and have balancing features that can keep the desk stable. The overall design is sturdy and this gaming desk is built to last.

With this gaming desk, you also get a controller stand, a headphone holder, and a drinks holder. This means you can game for hours and have everything you need to hand. It also comes with a high-quality large EUREKA mousemat.

We also like the simple but effective cable cutouts that you can use to feed monitor and speaker cables through.

The EUREKA Gaming Desk is a good product, but it could have a couple of issues too. Firstly, this gaming computer desk may have sharp edges on the sides which some customers could find dangerous. Also, some customers have received a gaming PC desk that is damaged on delivery including minor scratches on the frame and desktop.


  • RGB lighting to match your gaming accessories and desktop computer
  • Large carbon fibre top for multiple monitors
  • The four feet are levelling to provide an optimum balance
  • The height can be adjusted via the legs
  • Has gaming accessories like a cup holder and controller holder


  • Some may find the side-edges of the desk too sharp
  • Some customers may have received damaged goods on receipt
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The Coavas Computer Desk is a large gaming desk with an ergonomic L-shaped design. If you want a multi-functional corner desk that can be used for gaming or working from home, this is a top choice and offers great versatility.

It can comfortably fit dual monitors or a large monitor and a laptop, together with space for a host of accessories and shelving units if you wish. This corner desk would look perfect in a dedicated study or home office, but also makes one of the best gaming desks.


This L-shaped desk has two main sections that could be used to fit dual monitors. It also has a corner section that you could place a laptop on, or something like a mobile stand so you can watch your streaming feed or chat.

The L-shaped desk surface is made from durable wood that is also waterproof, fade-resistant, and wear-resistant. You can also freely adjust the leg pads to provide the best positioning and stability.

The design is stylish and this gaming desk looks great. As the metal frame is relatively thin, it also gives ample space to fit a large office or gaming chair. The long and short sides of this gaming desk can also be freely switched which means it can easily fit in different room sizes and corners.

This Coavas gaming computer desk has a beautiful L-shaped design but, as a result, this could make it difficult to assemble. It is a relatively large PC gaming desk, and therefore could also be time-consuming to construct. In addition, the materials of this computer desk are durable, but may not withstand being dismantled and rebuilt several times – if you moved, for example.


  • Ideal for a corner computer with multiple monitors
  • L shape design with plenty of space
  • Made from durable waterproof wood that is also anti-fade
  • Has a height adjustment system for the legs
  • Can put multiple units together to form whole workstations


  • The assembly may be time-consuming
  • May not be suitable to dismantle and re-build several times
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The EUREKA Z1-S is a large gaming desk that has a wide surface area and is suitable for either dual monitors for PC gaming, or a large panoramic monitor. As with other EUREKA products, this gamer desk has a suitable height and functionality but also looks amazing.

It combines ergonomics with style so that you can game for hours at your PC or Xbox in comfort and in a comfortable playing position.


The EUREKA Z1-S is one of the most stylish gaming desks you can find. This is due to the RGB lights, the smooth carbon fibre desk surface, and the minimalistic, but sturdy steel legs.

We also like that you can get numerous accessories for this gaming desk including a controller stand, a headphone holder, and even a stand for your computer tower. At its basic, this gaming desk is well-equipped, however, and it gives you everything you need to create a dedicated gaming setup.

It comes with a high-quality mousepad that has a large surface area and can be used for smooth PC gameplay. The steel legs also have a balancing bracket that joins the legs to the desktop and helps keep the desk at the correct angle. The desk itself is also of excellent quality and made from carbon fibre which means it’s durable but lightweight.

The Z1-S Eureka ergonomic gaming desk is a good option, but this computer gaming desk could present a few minor issues. Firstly, the cupholder only has a few placement options which some could find uncomfortable. Also, the cable management feature is limited and may not be suitable for heavier wire configurations.


  • Has a sleek and durable carbon fibre surface
  • There is also a smooth mouse pad surface
  • The steel frame has a Z-shape design which offers maximum durability
  • Can support multiple gaming monitors or a 40-inch monitor
  • Has plenty of storage including a cup holder and controller hook


  • You may find the cup holder has limited placement options
  • The cable management system may not cope with heavier wires
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If you want a bold gamer desk for your streaming setup or YouTube platform, the EUREKA Ergonomic Z2 is one of the best gaming desk models available. It has a sturdy design with a myriad of accessories so you can store your games and peripherals.

Also, it is functional and comfortable to use and has ample desk space so you can fit a large monitor and keyboard. The LED lights also allow you to match this desk with any LED lights on your PC.


This EUREKA gaming desk is great for PC gamers and gives everything you need to create a dedicated gaming rig. There is a handy mobile device slot so you can easily keep track of social media and gaming feeds. Also, there are holders for headphones and a drinks bottle.

These gaming desks are also highly ergonomic and have several features for comfort. For example, there is a stability bracket that helps level the desktop and keep it at the ideal angle. Also, the carbon fibre surface tapers at the end to reduce hand fatigue.

One of the best features is the bold LED nodes that can be found on the different gaming desk panels. These can change colour, and can be used to create a matching ambience with your computer or mood lighting in your room. This is definitely among the top gaming desks in the UK and great for serious Twitch streamers or YouTubers.

The EUREKA Z2 gaming PC desk could have a few problems despite its fantastic design and RGB lighting. Firstly, this is not the largest computer gaming desk available, and you may not be able to fit two monitors on it. Also, some of the components are made from plastic and may not be the most durable.


  • Has plenty of room with a large carbon fibreglass top
  • Has a mobile device slot so you can keep your smartphone accessible
  • The steel frame has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • The frame also has a Z-shape design for excellent stability
  • It can have an RGB lighting system with LED lights


  • Some may find that there is not enough desk space
  • Some of the plastic components may not be durable
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The Aingoo Corner Desk is one of the best gaming desks due to its large corner design and the ample space it provides for your setup. The larger corner and two straight sections have enough space for complete gaming or home office setup.

This stylish corner desk also has a great desk height and minimal framework so that you can comfortably fit a large office or gamer chair underneath and still sit comfortably without causing leg and back pains.


This L-shaped desk is ideal for PC gaming as it could potentially fit three monitors on the desktop and still leave enough space for a smartphone stand, or even a laptop, for example. The large L-shaped surface area gives you various configuration options, making this one of the most versatile gaming desks.

The L-shaped frame is also durable but still leaves enough space for a large chair to fit underneath. The frame is made from steel, and the desktop is made from E1 class particle board which is robust and resistant to wear.

Unfortunately, this gaming desk is not height adjustable, but it is relatively tall and could even be used as a standing desk. As a minimum, you should easily be able to find a comfortable sitting position even if you are a tall person. The two sections of this L-shaped desk are 128x48cm, and 108x48cm respectively.

This Aingoo PC gaming desk is a good choice but some customers may have small issues. For example, you could find that the bolt holes, screws, and plates may not align perfectly. This shouldn’t compromise the quality, but it could make assembly difficult. Also, the angle brackets may not be 100% at the right angle and could need bending slightly.


  • Has a stylish L shape design for a corner computer setup
  • Can comfortably accommodate 2 x 27-inch monitors
  • The large corner shape desk has ample space
  • Ample legroom to reduce leg pain and cramps when sitting
  • Has a strong steel frame to support the wooden desk surface


  • You may find that some of the bolt holes do not fit perfectly
  • Some may find that the angle brackets need a little bending to fit
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The DOSLEEPS Computer Desk is a large corner desk that has additional underneath storage. This dual-purpose desk could be used as a gamer setup, but it would also make a fantastic office desk if you regularly work from home.

It has a tall desk height and has some extra attachments like a monitor shelf and cable management cutouts on the main desk surface. If you want a large corner desk for either gaming or home office work, this DOSLEEPS product is a solid choice.


This L-shaped gaming desk is made from 1.5cm laminated MDF for the desktop and the frame and shelves are also made from black laminated MDF. This provides a reasonable strong build and the laminated surfaces are also waterproof and scratchproof.

On the right-hand section of this gaming desk, there is one storage unit. This has two spacious shelves that could be used for storing office equipment, or your essential gaming supplies.

The L-shaped design of the top means that you could fit two monitors – one on either side and even a third monitor or laptop in the centre. This could be perfect for a gaming setup where you have a monitor for gaming, and a monitor to look at your streaming information and social media feeds etc.

There is also a free-moving monitor stand that can be placed anywhere on the desk surface – this gives you extra flexibility in how you setup your gaming desk.

This DOSLEEPS gaming PC desk is a good option but it is not perfect. For example, you may have slight issues with the alignment of the holes and screws during installation. Also, some customers feel that the L shape desk could be more durable, and may not be suitable to support larger monitors.


  • A spacious L-shape design for maximum space
  • A great corner computer desk for laptops
  • Has a separate monitor shelf on one side
  • The frame and top are made from laminated scratch-resistant material
  • Has additional storage shelves for gaming supplies


  • You may find that some of the holes do not align 100%
  • Some may feel that the desk isn't the most durable for heavier monitors
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The FITUEYES gamer desk is a simple but effective product that could be used for a small gamer setup with a single large monitor, or a game station like an Xbox and TV screen. If you have limited space in your bedroom, or study, for example, this best gaming desk could be a good space-saving option.

It has great support for multiple peripherals like a printer, computer tower, and speakers, and it also has a separate shelf for the monitor. The height is also excellent and gives enough space for a large gamer chair to fit underneath.


The FITUEYES gaming desk requires minimal tools for assembly, and it does have minimal height adjustment. This is achieved via the legs that can be screwed to either raise or lower the height. It doesn’t offer the same adjustment options as some other gaming desks, however.

The top shelf and main desk surface are both waterproof which is perfect if you have drinks whilst gaming – this can avoid nasty stains and damaging your gaming desk. The desktop measures 700x400mm, and the overall dimensions of this gaming desk measure 700x600x840mm.

The materials this best gaming desk is made from include 15mm MDF for the surfaces, and 0.9mm square tube for the legs and frame. This offers a decent level of stability and support. We also like the different storage trays and shelves this gaming desk has as it gives extra versatility in your setup.

If you want a home office or gaming rig with multiple screens, you may find that the FITUEYES computer desk does not give enough space. It can comfortably fit one large monitor or console on, but you may only be able to fit two small monitors comfortably. Also, you may find the installation process difficult as there are numerous parts and the instructions are not 100% clear.


  • The Z-shape design helps improve stability and give maximum space
  • Has a monitor shelf on the top and speaker shelf on the bottom
  • Also has a cable routing panel at the back for cable management
  • Made from durable MDF and metal tubing
  • Stylish design that will fit with any home office or gaming setup


  • May not have enough desktop space for multiple monitors
  • Some may find the installation process difficult
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The EUREKA Z60 is one of the top gaming desks in the UK and gives a brilliant combination of comfort and style. The style is achieved via an understated Z-shaped frame, and a sleek carbon fibre top, together with strategically placed RGB lighting that you can change to different colours.

The ergonomics are achieved via the durable metal frame, the spacious desk space, and the rounded front edges that allow you to place your wrists comfortably whilst gaming.


The EUREKA Z60 is height adjustable and has a number of other adjustment features so you can find the best sitting position. For example, it has adjustable feet to improve stability. It also has a balancing level at the join between the legs and the top which helps keep the desk at the correct angle for comfortable gaming.

The top is made from carbon fibre and has a smooth finish that is resistant to dirt and scratches. At the sides of the top panel, there’s also a host of cool RBG light sections. You can change the colours of these lights to match your PC tower, for example.

As one of the best gaming desks available, this EUREKA product also has a wide desk surface area. As a result, you can easily fit a large wide-angle monitor on, or two large monitors for your PC gaming setup.

This EUREKA product is a solid choice but it could have a few potential issues. Firstly, the desktop is supplied as two separate pieces that join together. You may prefer a desk that has a single-piece top, although it doesn’t affect the durability at all.

Also, there are cable management options on the top, however, there is minimal cable support at the back of the desk which could mean that some wires hang loose.


  • Has a wide carbon fibre top for a great gaming experience
  • The RGB lighting allows you to match your desktop to your console or computer
  • The steel legs are incredibly durable and can have their height adjusted
  • Comes with a large, high-quality mouse mat
  • Also has a decent cable management system for better organization


  • Some may not like that the desktop is supplied in two parts
  • There may not be enough cable management underneath the desk
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The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is height adjustable and has a large desk space to fit several monitors or a large panoramic monitor. It is also one of the few height-adjustable gaming desks that offer 100% surface coverage for the mouse mat.

If you are a serious PC gamer and require ample surface area and a smooth surface to move your mouse, this gaming desk is a superb choice and one of the best in the UK.


The Arozzi game desk is height adjustable so that you can find the optimum sitting position. Also, it has adjustable feet to provide better stability. The sturdy legs easily support the large desktop and it is one of the most durable designs available in the UK.

The main desk is split into three separate sections but this still provides a solid connection and you should not notice any dip when gaming. The frame and top are also fully metal for extra stability and resistance – you can comfortably place heavy items on the desk without fear of collapsing.

One of the best features is the mousemat surface. This covers 100% of the desktop and is fully machine washable and water-resistant. It has a non-slip underside which means it should never move and provide ultimate stability for your gaming mouse. As far as gaming deals go, this is an excellent option for serious PC gamers.

Although the Arozzi Arena gaming desk is a great product, it may have a few issues. One thing you may notice is that the desktop is made from three separate pieces – some people simply prefer a solid one-piece desk as they feel it may offer greater stability.

Also, when assembling this desk, you may find the instructions difficult to decipher and you may need a dedicated afternoon to create your gaming setup.


  • The mouse pad covers 100% of the desktop surface
  • The gaming desk height and legs can be adjusted
  • Has three cutouts for cable management
  • The legs and desktop base are all made from durable metal
  • Excellent space for a home office or gaming setup


  • Some may not like that the desk is made from three separate parts
  • The assembly instructions may not be the clearest
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How to Choose the Best Gaming Desk in the UK?

You should now have food for thought on the best gaming desks available in the UK. There is a wide selection of PC gaming desk products available, and as a result, it can be difficult knowing which is the best choice for your home or office. To help, we have created a short buying guide, alongside our top 10 recommendations, so that you know what to look for when choosing a gaming computer desk.

What to Look for in a Gaming Desk?

a man playing MOBA gameA PC gaming desk often has a host of additional features and design elements compared to a standard home office desk. As a result, you must understand their common elements, and what features may be beneficial. We have outlined six main pointers to consider in the section below.

Before you make a choice, however, always have an idea of where you wish to place the desk. Also, get help from someone and take measurements of the area, so you know exactly what space you have to work with.

Finally, for installation and assembly, ask for help too and be safe. The best gaming desks are often heavy as they are made from durable materials. Having someone with you during assembly can help reduce the risk of back injuries from lifting.

Size and Weight

Firstly, you should look at the size, weight, and footprint of the gaming desk. Some gaming desks are incredibly wide so that they can accommodate two or three monitors. Others may have an L-shaped design suitable for use in the corner of a room.

As mentioned above, always measure the area you wish to place your desk before you begin your shopping. This ensures you know exactly the maximum dimensions you can work with. You will then avoid disappointment and purchasing a gaming computer desk that won’t fit.

The weight is also an important consideration for safety reasons. We advise looking at the HSE’s manual handling guidelines so that you know what loads one person can safely lift without causing injury.

Desk Surface Area and Load Capacity

a table with curved monitorBuilding on the above pointer, you should also look at the surface area of the gaming computer desk, and what load capacity it has.

Before you do this, think about what you intend to place on the desk. Do you want to put multiple monitors on? Or maybe you want to have a large monitor and your games console?

Consider this and look at the gaming desktop surface to see what it can comfortably accommodate. Also, check the product description to see if a maximum load capacity for the gaming desktop is mentioned. You do not want to overload the desk and potentially break it, nor do you want to receive the desk and realise that it is not big enough to fit all of your gadgets comfortably.

Surface Covering of Desk

Continuing with the actual surface, you should look at the gaming desk type. Generally, there are three types of gaming desk surface. Firstly, there are solid material desktops usually made of wood, laminated material, or carbon fibre. This type of desk may require an additional mouse pad.

Secondly, there are desk surfaces that are completely covered with a mouse pad. The surface is smooth and features the same material that mouse mats are made from. These are fantastic for the serious gamer as they allow you to easily move your mouse without constraints.

Finally, there are gaming desks like the EUREKA range that have a built-in mousemat that doesn’t cover the whole desk surface. These are still great if you are a serious gamer, but always check the size of the mat, so you have enough coverage for unconstrained movements.

Additional Storage Features

Some gaming computer desk designs also have additional storage features. This could be detachable storage like a cupholder, or small racks for storing console games. Oftentimes, the best gaming tables will also have a separate monitor rack, or cable management features.

This depends on how complex your gaming PC or console setup is, and what you want to store on your table. Traditional computer desk designs also sometimes have shelving units stored underneath the desk. These may be fixed to the frame or could be a separate unit that simply slides underneath the desk next to the legs.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics for Comfort

a man with a headphonesThe ergonomic design of the computer desk is also vital. If you are working from home for prolonged periods, or gaming for hours on end, you want to be comfortable.

The gaming desk height should be adjustable so you can create the ideal sitting position. Also, the surface should be wide enough to accommodate your arms and wrists so that you can work or game in a comfortable stance. Ideally, the desk should also have a design that features rounded edges for additional comfort and safety.

Look at your gaming chair and consider measuring this too – you can then understand what desk height you need and what space is required to comfortably fit your chair underneath.


Finally, the style of the computer desk is also important. You ideally want a computer desk that fits in with the style of your office or gaming room. Most gaming desks are usually black or made from dark wood and can easily be incorporated into most room styles.

You may also want stylish features like RGB lighting. Some desks like the EUREKA range come with lighting that you can customize to match the style and colour of your console or gaming PC.


A dedicated gaming PC desk is perfect for a number of situations. It could be used as part of your home office to provide a dedicated work area for your desktop computer or laptop. Alternatively, it could be used to create a setup for your console or gaming computer.

Whatever the purpose, any one of these best gaming desks listed above would make a great choice for your home. However, our choice for the best gaming desk in the UK is the Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus Gaming Desk.

This sleek and stylish gaming computer desk offers a great mix of comfort, style, and ergonomics. It gives ample surface space for dual monitors and a PC, or a large monitor and your games console. The steel legs and body of this PC gaming desk also make it incredibly durable to support heavy monitors and accessories.

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