Need to find the best garden vacuum or leaf blower for your yard? You’re in the right place.

Here in the UK, it feels as though summer’s gone as soon as it arrives. By the time you’ve had one or two BBQs in the scorching sun, it’s time to pack everything away again and deal with the arrival of Autumn. For most homeowners, that means handling an unreasonable volume of leaves and dry grass outside of their homes.

Keeping your lawn clear will help you to avoid slippery paths and driveways while ensuring that you don’t have to worry about pests creeping around your doorway during the later months of the year. Since raking and sweeping all day isn’t much fun for anyone, the easiest way to keep on top of your garden in fall is to invest in the best leaf blower money can buy.

To save you some crucial time and effort choosing the right tool, we’ve searched through hundreds of garden vacuum reviews to bring you this list of top vacuum contenders.

Our Favourite Garden Vacuums Compared

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Best Garden Vacuum Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Bosch ALS 2500 Electric (Editor’s Choice)

Bosch ALS 2500Why worry about choosing between the best leaf vacuum and the ideal electric garden blower when you can have both in one? This multi-functional gardening accessory from Bosch comes with everything you need to keep your garden clean and tidy.


There’s a variable blowing speed of up to 300km per hour, and a 2500 watt motor power for remarkable performance, too. You also don’t need to worry about dealing with huge clumps of wet leaves, thanks to a fine-shredding feature in the vac.

Lightweight and easy to use, the Bosch ALS 2500 is one of the best electric leaf blower options on the market, great for dealing with messy patios, driveways, and lawns. With the blower mode, you’ll be able to collect all your leaves and debris into a pile, before using the vacuum mode to get rid of stubborn garden waste. The shredder is likewise useful for handy at-home composting.

Switching between the two modes is simple too, with just one flick of a switch. What’s more, the whole machine folds down for easy storage when you’re not using the vacuum. Additionally, there’s an adjustable handle and a padded shoulder strap for more comfortable cleaning experience.

Just note that it can take a bit of time to get used to the functionality of this tool, which can make it a bit complicated for beginners. It’s also quite bulky, so smaller users might have more trouble with it.

  • Blow or suck with dual function performance
  • Excellent shredding and composting capabilities
  • 45-litre bag included
  • Brilliant 2500 watt motor plus variable speed
  • With an adjustable handle and padded strap
  • Works with both wet and dry leaves
  • Quite large and cumbersome to carry around the garden
  • May experience difficulty with initial use
  • Not compact, even in storage mode
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2. Parker PBV-2600 26CC (Best Petrol Option)

Parker PBV-2600If you don’t have an outlet that’s available to support your gardening needs, or you don’t want to worry about tripping over a cord, then the Parker PBV-2600 could be the perfect vacuum for you.


As one of the best petrol leaf blower units we’ve found, it’s excellent for completely flexible garden maintenance, with no wires or outlets required whatsoever.

This garden vacuum delivers fantastic 3-in-1 functionality, with a mulcher/shredder, vacuum and leaf blower in one. It’s also incredibly lightweight and easy to use, so you’ll have no problem carrying it around even larger garden spaces. As a surprisingly affordable leaves blower, the Parker offers exceptional power, with a 1HP output. Additionally, it comes with a collecting bag, so you’re not just depositing mulch onto the floor as you go.

One point to keep in mind is that you will have a hard time using this machine if you don’t read the instructions first. It doesn’t work like standard leaf blowers, so you’ll need to take some time to figure it out before you jump in head-first. Additionally, the suction power isn’t nearly as powerful as the blower.

  • 3-in-1 functionality (blower, vacuum, and shredder)
  • Strong and reliable with 2-stroke engine
  • 1HP power output
  • 2-year warranty included
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Difficult to use without the manual
  • Blows great, but the suction isn’t as powerful
  • Vibration can be painful on your wrists after a while
No products found.

3. Garden Gear 1800W 3-in-1 (Best Garden Shredder)

Garden Gear 1800W 3in1To make the most out of your garden accessories, you need more than just the best garden vac or even an effective leaf blower. You’ll also need something that will help you to compress and mulch the debris and leaves that you collect from your yard.


The Garden Gear 3-in-1 lightweight leaf shredder has some of the most positive garden vacuum reviews we’ve seen so far. It’s great for sucking up wet or dry leaves around the garden, and the large capacity bag (45 litres) means that you won’t have to spend all your time running to the recycling bin.

The powerful 1800W motor makes short work of lengthy gardening jobs. Moreover, there’s a 12-month guarantee included with this vacuum to ensure that you have peace of mind with your investment. Because it’s designed with a push-vac functionality, it feels just the same as using a standard lawnmower. Hence, you won’t have trouble bending over for long periods if you’ve got a big garden to cover.

Although this garden leaf blower isn’t cordless, it does come with a 10-metre wire, which should be more than enough for most yards. One issue is that the blower function on this unit isn’t quite as good as the vacuuming and mulching capabilities. Additionally, the bag has a habit of blowing off when it isn’t full – so keep an eye on it.

  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Lawnmower design makes it great for avoiding backache
  • Fantastic for shredding and mulching leads
  • Long extension cord for the full garden
  • 12-month guarantee included
  • Bag blows away quite easily
  • Blowing function is limited
No products found.

4. Vonhaus 3-in-1 35-Litre (Best Budget Option)

VonHaus 3in1 35-litreThe chances are that you only have leaves and debris to deal with for a few months out of the year. That means that you might not want to spend a fortune on the best cordless leaf blower and hoover. Fortunately, for those with a budget to stick to, the Vonhaus 3-in-1 gives you excellent performance, without asking you to blow your finances.


With 3-in-1 functionality, the Vonhaus 300W is ideal for cleaning up patios, lawns, driveways, and more. It can suck up unwanted debris, help you organise leaf piles, and mulch any of the extra mess around your yard that you need to get rid of. The corded leaf blower has also been carefully designed by the Vonhaus team to be as lightweight as possible, so you shouldn’t have trouble carrying it around. What’s more, the 10-metre cable should be enough to help you handle most garden tasks.

Although there is some assembly required with this electric leaf blower, the reviews we read suggest that the Vonhaus is quite easy to put together. Additionally, customers note that the machine is excellent at chopping leaves up finely for more compact disposal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cope well with wet leaves – so it might not be much good after a rainstorm.

  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Great at mulching with fine shredding feature
  • Easy to use and put together
  • Not great at handling wet leaves
  • Can’t manage too many leaves at once
  • No power adjustment feature
No products found.

5. Q Garden QGBV2500 (Best for Simplicity)

Q Garden QGBV2500If you don’t spend so much time in the garden, then the best leaf blower and vacuum for you will be one that’s quick and simple to use.


Like most of the leaf blowers that we’ve covered on this list so far, the Q Garden QGBV2500 comes with 3-in-1 functionality that includes a shredding, blowing and vacuuming mode. Additionally, this product is very budget-friendly, with a price point that’s sure to appeal to almost any homeowner.

The instructions provided with the QGBV2500 are easy to follow, which means that you can get the electric garden vacuum put together in a matter of minutes. Additionally, there’s a sizeable bag included with the kit, which ensures that you don’t have to spend as much time emptying your collected debris – even in a large garden.

The Q Garden unit doesn’t seem to have a problem with damp leaves either – so you shouldn’t have too much trouble cleaning your garden after a light drizzle. What’s more, it mulches your debris to a microscopic level, making it easier to get rid of compact waste. One issue is that you do have to bend over a lot due to the short nozzle, which can be difficult on your back if you have a big garden. Additionally, the strap holder isn’t very reliable, so the vacuum can end up falling off your shoulder at any moment.

  • 2500 watts of power from an electric motor
  • Strong heavy-duty bag with plenty of capacity
  • Small mulching ratio for compact waste
  • 10-metre cable included
  • Quite easy to use
  • Shoulder strap comes loose easily
  • Lots of bending required (difficult on your back)
No products found.

6. Handy THEV 3000 Electric (Best for Hard Surfaces)

Handy THEV 3000Clearing up your garden doesn’t always mean getting loose leaves off the grass in your yard. Sometimes, you’ll need to clear debris from your patios, pathways, and other hard surfaces, too. Fortunately, the Handy THEV 3000 lightweight garden vac can help with that.


This useful gardening machine comes with a 3000-watt motor, which should give you all the power you need to handle even the most complicated blowing and vacuuming jobs.

Additionally, the variable speed unit features a unique nozzle support wheel. It makes pushing the garden vacuum across your driveway, and other hard surfaces a lot faster just like you would a handheld vacuum cleaner. Weighing around 4.9kg, it’s not the lightest model we’ve seen so far, but it should still be relatively easy to use. The Handy THEV comes with a 45-litre collection bag, so you don’t have to spend too much time at the recycling bin, and 10 metres of cable, too.

This machine picks up wet leaves without a problem and has no issue with hard floors. However, the collection bag can be quite difficult to empty, particularly when you need to do it more than once during a single gardening session. Additionally, the motor is extremely noisy, so be prepared.

  • Powerful 3000-watt electric motor
  • 45-litre collection bag and 10 metres of cord to help cover your whole garden
  • Nozzle support wheel for hard floors
  • Blows vacuums and shreds debris
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Challenging to empty the mulch bag
  • Zip opening on the bag is too small
  • The motor is quite loud
No products found.

7. Flymo 9676591-01 (Best Quick Conversion System)

Flymo 9676581-01Some garden leaf vacuums on the market today are great until the time comes to switch them into blower mode. After which, you need to turn the system off, unscrew accessories, and go through a whole song and dance to get back to work.


The Flymo 9676591-01 gets rid of this complexity with a tool-less quick-change system that allows you to switch from vacuum to blower mode at the press of a button.

With a 16:1 shredding ratio that makes it easy to store a lot of leaves in your 45-litre collection bag, the Flymo makes cleaning your garden a breeze. Additionally, the Flymo happens to offer one of the best electric leaf blowers that we’ve seen in the market, with some seriously strong performance for such a lightweight machine.

The biggest issue that reviewers had with this garden vacuum is that the sucking feature wasn’t nearly as strong as the blower option – which can be the case with many of these leaf blowers. Additionally, the debris bag isn’t quite as durable as it could be.

  • Powerful blower functionality
  • Excellent 16:1 shredder ratio and 45-litre bag
  • Ideal for clearing garden debris quickly
  • Easy quick-change function from suck to blow
  • Not a very strong collection bag
  • Suction isn’t as good as the blower feature
No products found.

8. VonHaus 3-in-1 45-Litre (Best Low Vibration)

VonHaus 3in1 45-litreWhen it comes to finding the best garden vacuum, homeowners often have to choose whether they want a machine that’s brimming with power, or they need something that’s not going to vibrate their wrist into unnecessary agony. The more powerful your leaf blower is and the larger the yard you need to clean, the more exhausting your task becomes. Fortunately, with the Vonhaus 3-in-1, you can get the performance you’re looking for without having to worry about carpal tunnel.


The Vonhaus 3-in-1 features a powerful motor with 3000 watts, which is more than enough to give you all the power you need for mulching, blowing and vacuuming around your garden. However, it also comes with a rubberised handle to absorb uncomfortable vibrations, and an anti-vibration damper, too. The extra features mean that even if you’ve got a vast garden to clear, you won’t have to worry about aching wrists by the time you’re done.

Switching from blower to vacuum mode is a little tricky with this unit, but you will get used to it the more you use the machine. Additionally, emptying the bag provided isn’t as simple and clean as it could be, compared to other leaf blowers.

  • Excellent 3000-watt motor
  • Variable speed options
  • Anti-vibration damper and rubber grip protects your wrists
  • Large 45-litre collection bag included
  • Wheels included for easier use
  • Difficult to switch from blower to vacuum mode
  • Emptying the container isn’t easy
  • Instructions can be hard to follow
No products found.

9. Surreal 2500W (Best for Wet Leaves)

Surreal 3in1Let’s face it – the weather in the UK is unpredictable most of the time. If you plan on dedicating your day off to a couple of hours cleaning the garden, then you can almost guarantee that it’s going to rain the night or the morning before. That’s why it’s so important to track down the best garden vac for wet leaves and dry debris. The Surreal 2500W electric garden vacuum can handle just about anything your yard has to throw at it.


With high-power suction and a vacuum speed rate of 13m per minute, this lightweight yet durable product is fantastic for gardens of all sizes. The unit is quite easy to assemble and use, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting started with it from the moment that it arrives. What’s more, it comes with a fantastic mulching ratio of 10:1.

One issue with this leaf blower is that the storage bag is quite a bit smaller than what you’d get with most units, at only 30 litres. That can mean that you need to empty it more often.

  • Great for handling damp leaves
  • Fantastic high-power performance with 2500 watt motor
  • Compact mulching ratio of 10:1
  • Useful shoulder strap to make it easier to carry
  • Wheels on the suction tube make it great for hard floor
  • 6-metre cord may be too short for some
  • The storage bag is quite small (30 litres)
No products found.

10. Garden Gear 3500W 3-in-1 (Best High-Power Motor)

Garden Gear 3500WFinally, with a 3000-watt motor, the Garden Gear 3-in-1 vacuum will tackle just about any gardening job you can think of, from blowing leaves to vacuuming debris and mulching wet grass.


The 45-litre capacity collection bag makes it easy to gather all the extra mess around your garden in one go. Thus, you don’t have to run back and forth to the recycling bin when you’re still using it.

What’s more, this vacuum is incredibly budget-friendly, making it one of the best garden vacuum options for people who aren’t sure how much they want to spend on a new accessory. Versatile and reliable, the Garden Gear leaf blower comes with an impressive 10:1 Mulching ratio. Additionally, the 10-metre electric cable should give you all the space you need to cover spacious gardens.

This machine comes with a 12-month guarantee included for peace of mind. However, it’s not quite as robust as some of the other tools we’ve looked at on this list. The unit is a little plastic and cheap-looking, but despite this – it still gets the job done. One issue that reviewers had was that the vacuum is quite tricky to unblock if it clogs for any reason.

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • A large capacity (45-litre) collection bag
  • 10:1 mulching ratio for compact waste management
  • 10-metre capable for plenty of reach
  • 12-month guarantee
  • A powerful motor at 3000 watts
  • Cheap and plastic looking
  • Not the most durable or robust machine
  • Challenging to unlock if it clogs
No products found.

Points to Consider When Shopping for a New Leaf Blower

vacuuming leaves in a pathwayIf you’ve read through our leaf vacuum reviews and you’re still not sure which machine is right for you, don’t panic. The first thing you need to do is think about what kind of device you’re looking for. For instance, how big is your garden and how much debris do you plan on clearing?

If you’re one of those people with vast gardens to cover, then you’ll need a lot more power to keep your yard looking beautiful and healthy. Additionally, if you’re going to be mulching small twigs along with leaves, then you’ll need something that can withstand the extra work.

It’s also worth considering how much experience you have handling gardening tools. If you’re not used to spending time in the garden, then the ideal option for you may be a tool that’s simple and straightforward. However, that would mean compromising a little bit of power. You can’t keep your garden clean with a leaf blower and vacuum if you can’t use it because it’s too heavy or complicated.

Once you know the basics of the kind of vacuum you’re looking for, ask yourself:

  • Do you need a 3-in-1 functionality? This includes mulching, vacuum, and blower capabilities
  • How much storage room do you have for your garden vacuum?
  • Will you need to be able to deal with hard flooring just as efficiently as grass?
  • What kind of mulching ratio do you need?
  • How long do you need your cord to be, or would you prefer a gas model?
  • How easy is it to maintain the vacuum that you choose and unclog the nozzle?
  • Are there any shoulder straps or extra features included to make cleaning your garden easier?

Finding Your New Garden Vacuum

a lady using a leaf blower machineGarden vacs and blowers can help with the enormous task of clearing lawn debris, and keep your home looking incredible. The question is, with so many models to choose from, how do you figure out what kind of vacuum you need?

The best garden vacuum for you will be the one that helps you to simplify the job of keeping your yard clean. The garden vacuum reviews above will give you an insight into some of the tools that can deliver the most excellent results on the market today. Our favourite option is the Bosch ALS 2500, which comes with versatile functionality, high-power blowing, suction, and mulching features, and an excellent 2500 watt engine.

The Bosch ALS is budget-friendly and easy-to-use, making light work of virtually any garden – no matter how big or small. Additionally, it’s easy to switch between vacuuming and blowing modes when you’re in a hurry to get your garden work done.

Let us know if you think that we’ve missed the most excellent leaf blower by telling us about your preferred option in the comments below. Good luck in keeping your garden clean!

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