Best Glue Gun Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Glue guns provide a quick and easy solution for DIY projects, crafts, woodworking, fixes, and more. These portable tools dispense melted adhesives that bond and cool down quickly. These handy devices are straightforward to use, too. You only need to feed the glue stick, and melted adhesive flows out of the glue gun tip.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the seven glue guns on the market, complete with thorough reviews and a guide for what you should look for in a glue gun. Keep reading to find out which device is the best glue gun for you and your upcoming projects.

Best Glue Gun Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Tilswall 50W Mini Melt Electric (Editor’s Choice)

Tilswall 50W Mini Melt ElectricThis mini melt hot glue gun is small in stature but powerful in its abilities. The glue gun comes with 75 reloadable glue sticks and built-in, bright orange kickstands to minimise mess and possible damage. It features an overall design that’s stylish and makes the tool easy to use and maintain.


This hot glue gun features a short, silicone-wrapped nozzle to prevent possible burn risks. Right near the nozzle, you’ll notice one of two thick kickstands which provide optimal stability when not in use. Having a stable stand for your glue gun means a decreased spill and burn risk.

Designed with safety in mind, the glue gun also comes with an on and off switch. Instead of pulling the cord or plugging the glue gun in to heat it up, you can control the heating power from the switch.

When you flip the switch on, the device reaches its 165-degree Celsius temperature within three minutes. The high temperature paired with the reinforced trigger gives seamless glueing ability without bothersome bubbles or drips. The temperature also promotes a highly liquid flow to reduce clogging when the glue cools.

  • Anti-drip nozzle to minimise mess
  • Clog-free nozzle
  • 3-minute heating time
  • The shorter nozzle might make it more difficult to reach tiny spaces

2. Beeway Compact 100W with Case (Luxury Choice)

Beeway Compact 100W with CaseUnzip the compact carrying case to reveal the sleek white Beeway hot glue gun and accompanying glue stick package. This glue gun makes all project types easy for the user, from fun crafts to intensive woodworking, because of its comfortable design, safety features, and high-quality materials.


This hot glue gun doesn’t just look good; it’s made from a thick, hard shell to contain and accommodate the high temperature it reaches to melt the glue stick.

At the device’s tip, you’ll notice a slender, copper nozzle. The copper material is incredibly durable to maintain consistency and reduce clogging. It can also withstand high heat. Additionally, the nozzle’s length also makes it easy to reach tiny project spaces with accuracy.

When it comes to glueing, the glue gun has a large trigger designed with comfort in mind. Instead of straining a single finger to activate the gun, you can comfortably grip the entire trigger and apply light pressure during use.

Moreover, the device has a built-in fuse that automatically maintains the internal temperature to prevent burning the glue or overheating. It also has a front-end kickstand to reduce mess and prevent damage. Also, the handle has a flat bottom to provide stability when you need to set the glue gun aside.

  • Adjustable cord to accommodate distances
  • LED light displays when powered on
  • Automatically maintains temperature
  • A thin front-end kickstand might not provide the best stability

3. GoFriend Mini Aluminium Nozzle (Best Value)

GoFriend Mini Aluminium NozzleSometimes, the best things come in small packages. This mini hot melt glue gun is a prime example of that saying. The device comes in two cute colours and packs a lot of power into its small frame. The mini hot melt glue gun provides the same capabilities as a full-size hot glue gun and more.


Firstly, this hot glue gun comes equipped with a narrow, cone-shaped nozzle to fit into tiny, hard-to-reach spaces for your projects. The nozzle’s metal frame helps maintain the glue’s hot temperature for consistency. As for temperature, the device only takes between three and five minutes to reach its maximum heat, meaning you don’t have to wait too long to start glueing.

As you use the glue gun, you can comfortably gauge your control with the large trigger. The propulsion trigger also makes glueing for long periods bearable because it provides a comfortable grip and doesn’t require too much pressure.

When you turn the glue gun on via the on/off switch on the device, a tiny LED light will illuminate. The on/off switch and accompanying power light makes use more convenient than having to plug it in every time you have to use it for a DIY project.

  • Size is ideal for portability
  • Extra-long cord
  • Flexible cord support for easy manoeuvring
  • Size may not accommodate large scale projects

4. Bosch 603264503 PKP18E (Best Long Nozzle )

Bosch 603264503 PKP18EThis home and garden hot glue gun looks like a power drill and has the durability to match. The full-size device makes complex projects easy with its long, slender nozzle, comfortable grip, and versatility.


The nozzle, unlike the standard narrow cone shape, is a long cylinder. The length makes it easy to get into intricate details and tight spaces. The nozzle comes with a heat shield to minimise risks. Besides accessing hard-to-reach areas and ensuring reduced risk from burns, the nozzle gives you optimal control too.

This glue gun also comes with an automatic glue retraction feature. When you’ve finished using the glue gun, the device automatically retracts the glue stick to reduce dripping and prevent clogging and drying out. This feature also makes cleaning up effortless.

  • Works with different glue stick sizes
  • Glues almost every material
  • Durable materials to withstand outdoor projects
  • The bulky design might not be ideal for crafts

5. Voyaux 50W with Sticks (Best with Carry Case)

Voyaux 50W with SticksYou might want to look into a hot glue gun with a carrying case for a storage solution or if you plan to take your DIY crafts and projects with you on the road. This hot glue gun comes with a sturdy, black carrying case for storage, portability, and convenience.


Besides the portability and storage that the carrying case offers, the glue gun provides a safe way to hot glue. The device’s nozzle comes wrapped in a silicone shell to prevent burn-related injuries. Below the nozzle, the thick front-end stand set up to stabilise the gun when you don’t use it.

Within the device, the heating gauge accurately and consistently maintains an adequate temperature to reduce overheating. The temperature gauge also prevents drippage and leaks. Based on glue gun reviews, the gauge doesn’t delay the glue gun’s speedy warm-up time, either. Overall, it takes one to two minutes for the device to reach its maximum temperature.

When you need to put your hot glue gun away for the day, you can pack it and the glue sticks into the organised carrying case for efficient storage needs.

  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Leakage proof design
  • Durable build
  • Latches on the case may break easily

6. Stanley Heavy-Duty STA0GR25 (Best Fast-Heating)

Stanley Heavy-Duty STA0GR25If you need a quick fix in a pinch, you might want to consider this high-quality glue gun. It is multifunctional, making it ideal for individuals with many different projects going on and plan to glue various materials. It also heats up in the blink of an eye.


More specifically, this hot glue gun heats up in under a minute, nearly eliminating your warm-up wait time. Similar to its short warm-up time, the device itself is relatively small. The glue gun’s size makes it easy to hold, manoeuvre, and transport with you as you see fit.

Plus, this glue gun comes with high and low-temperature settings to accommodate various project needs. You can use either standard .45 glue sticks or dual temperature sticks for projects requiring lower temperatures.

  • Under a minute heat-up time
  • Versatile temperature settings
  • Lightweight composition
  • Short nozzle might not work well for intricate details

7. Cobiz 60/100W Full Size (Best Heavy-Duty)

Cobiz 60:100W Full SizeYou can use this bright yellow, heavy-duty hot glue gun for more than complex projects. Despite the name, you can use it to complete minor projects and crafts too. The glue gun is full-size and is equipped with durable materials and protective safety measures.


This hot glue gun has an internal fuse that gauges temperature to maintain consistency and prevent overheating. It also has an internal ceramic thermal heating system to maintain a stable temperature. If the device starts to overheat, the fuse will cut off to reduce injury and damage risks.

Since the glue gun is full size, it’s comfortable to hold. For even more comfort, the device has a textured grip surface, which prevents your fingers from slipping too. The glue gun features a newly designed front-end kickstand to maximise stability.

For safety, the gun’s copper nozzle stays cool during the glueing process to reduce potential burns, and the glue stick holder has a rubber ring to prevent the glue stick from oozing out. It also has a power switch on the side for more control.

  • Rubber ring stabilises glue sticks and prevents melt-back
  • Ceramic thermal heating to increase the warm-up time
  • Textured grip surface for comfort
  • Short cable could impede during large scale projects

What to Look For in a Glue Gun

Here are the most important factors to consider when purchasing a glue gun.


teen using tool that liquefies hot-melt adhesivesWhat do you plan to use the glue gun for? Glue guns serve many different purposes, from simple arts and crafts to more complex constructions, and you want to purchase the best hot glue gun for your intended use. Similarly, you want your glue gun to last for as long as you plan to use it.

If you run a handmade jewellery business and need a glue gun often to attach decorations to the earring posts, it would be best to look into the best glue gun for crafts with a long lifespan. If you only plan to use the glue gun from time to time for minor repairs around the house, you probably want to invest in a functional yet reliable glue gun.

Determine what you will be using a glue gun for to purchase the device that fits your needs.


If you plan to rely on your hot glue gun for years to come, you want to make sure the device is made with durable, reliable materials such as copper, nylon, aluminium alloy, and others. These materials are less likely to break down or deteriorate over time.

If you purchase a hot glue gun with high-quality design and construction, you don’t have to worry about replacing the device frequently or at all. If you don’t need the glue gun for frequent use, you might be better off purchasing an entry-level device because it won’t matter if you need to replace it in a few years.


man glueing pieces of woodNo matter what type of DIY tool you have set your sights on, you should always consider size before buying, especially hot glue guns.

If you want to take the device with you when you travel, want to take it to different rooms in the house without difficulty, or want to reach hard-to-reach areas, you might want to consider a smaller design.

Opposingly, if you need the glue gun for stationary projects, or if you have larger hands and want something comfortable to hold for long periods, you might want to purchase a full-size device.

The Right Glue Gun for Your Projects

With all of the choices for hot glue guns out there, we’ve narrowed down the options not only to seven but to the top choice. The best glue gun should include lasting materials, versatility, and safety.

The Tilswall 50W Mini Melt Electric is our top choice because it is equipped with high-grade materials and has a comfortable design built for ease of use and safety. It is also small enough for transporting but large enough for various projects. Additionally, it has a drip-free and clog-free nozzle and boasts a rapid heating time.

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