Best Green Screen Reviews UK 2023 – Top 9 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Green screens are used for video production of all types and are often viewed as an essential component of any video and photo studio because they allow you to add special effects. Whether you are a professional, just looking to get a video studio started, or simply want to add some variation to your home office video conference calls, choosing the best green screen for your purposes will be easy with our help. We compiled this list of the top 9 best green screens and paired it with a handy buyer’s guide so you will be able to easily make the best decision for you and your specific video needs, no matter what they happen to be.

Best Green Screen Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Neewer Collapsible (Editor’s Choice)

Neewer Collapsible

Our top Editor’s Choice is the Neewer Collapsible green screen. We love its pop-open design that is great if you plan to video one person, it is super easy to set up, and is even resistant to wrinkles.


This green screen is made with a dense muslin cloth material that absorbs light really well. It features a reversible style with a chroma green screen on one side and a chroma blue screen on the other. This product features a durable steel spring frame that instantly pops open for use. When collapsed, it forms a 63cm flat disk that makes for easy and lightweight transport.

The design of this green screen is also naturally wrinkle-resistant thanks to the spring frame which stretches out the creases when open. This green screen is rigid enough to be leaned against a wall but also has built-in loops for easy hanging or clipping to a stand. A zipper carry bag comes included for added protection during transport and a black and white reversible option of this product is also available.

At first, it could take some time to figure out how to properly fold the Neewer collapsible until you get the hang of it and the zippers on the bag seem to be less durable. However, we still really like the convenience and practicality of it overall.

  • Rapid set up and fully collapsible
  • Reversible green and blue screen
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Dense muslin
  • Steel spring frame
  • Can be tricky to fold at first
  • Carry bag may be less durable

2. Neewer Studio (Luxury Choice)

Neewer Studio

This Neewer green screen is our top luxury choice. It comes as a complete setup with all the studio equipment you need to start filming or taking photos, minus the camera of course.


The Neewer Studio green screen also comes with a white and black backdrop for added studio versatility. All of the screens feature finished edges and a rod pocket allowing them to either be draped, hung, or clipped for use. It comes with 2 tripods, a connecting support beam, and 3 clips for mounting purposes. The larger size of the backdrops makes this product good for video with multiple subjects and allows for some camera movement as well.

It also comes with a Continuous Lighting Kit that includes four additional tripods, 2 single headlight holders, 2 light umbrellas, 2 softboxes, and four 45 watt Daylight bulbs that simulate natural light. All of the stands feature an aluminium alloy and plastic construction that is durable and lightweight. Two zip-up bags also come included to help keep it contained and more easily portable.

While this green screen offers luxury quality overall, there are reports of the bag’s zippers sticking. Also, the two light bulb holders are plastic and could be less durable in the long run but they can easily be upgraded just in case.

  • 2 light umbrellas
  • 2 bonus backdrops
  • 2 light softboxes
  • Green screen support system included
  • Professional quality and setup
  • Bag zippers may be less durable
  • Plastic bulb holders may be less durable

3. Emart Muslin (Best Value)

Emart Muslin

If you are looking for a chroma key green screen that comes at a great value and is large enough to facilitate some minimal camera and subject motion, the Emart Muslin could be just the thing.


This Emart option features a hanging design with a rod loop or 4 backdrop clips for variable hanging options. The clips also feature velcro loops that allow you to roll and store the screen in a compact manner. This green screen backdrop is made with muslin material that absorbs light and doesn’t reflect. It has hemmed edges to help prevent premature fraying or tearing.

Emart Muslin chroma key green screens are lightweight and easy to fold if you choose not to roll them. These green screens can be machine washed or dry cleaned and to remove wrinkles and creases you can use an iron or steamer. A white backdrop option is also available.

The Emart green screen does not come with a stand included and tends to crease fairly easily so make sure to keep a portable steamer on hand. Also, the less dense weave is not ideal for backlighting and some light may shine through with the wrong lighting configuration.

  • Hemmed edges prevent fraying
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great value
  • Machine washable
  • 4 advanced backdrop clips
  • Backdrop stand may need to be purchased separately
  • Less dense weave may let some light through
  • May crease easily

4. Neewer Hanging Kit (Best Kit)

Neewer Hanging Kit

Next up on our best green screen list is the Neewer Kit. This green screen with a stand comes with all of the accessories needed to hang and transport it with ease. Its size makes it a good choice for single person filming with minimal subject motion.


The Neewer Hanging Kit features a hemmed muslin green screen with additional white and black backdrops for added studio versatility. Two aluminium alloy tripod stands with a supporting crossbar make hanging your green screen or backdrop easy. Three clamps are also included for stretching and added versatility.

The Neewer Hanging Kit features quick and easy assembly that is also easily portable with its carry bag. All three screens are also machine washable. If you wish to enable more camera motion or filming with more than one person, the Neewer Hanging Kit is also available in two larger sizes.

If you are narrowing in on this choice it may be good to know that the clamps provided are a bit weaker and could be less durable. Also, you may need to steam it before use as it tends to crease and the less dense weave of the white and black backdrops could allow some light to shine through if you don’t set up your lighting correctly.

  • Lightweight
  • 3 backdrop colours
  • Hanging kit
  • Quick assembly
  • Carrying bag included
  • Light may shine through the white backdrop
  • Clamps may not be strong enough
  • May need to steam before use

5. Elgato Mountable (Best Wrinkle-Resistant)

Elgato Mountable

The Elgato Mountable is a high-quality choice on our list that is super easy to use and superbly wrinkle-resistant thanks to its self contained unravel design.


The Elgato Mountable comes in a hard case containing a pull-down green screen with a variable locking and automatic rewind function. The green background screen is made with dense professional-grade chroma green fabric containing premium Dacron fibres that don’t reflect, are highly opaque, and are the perfect shade of green to enable the cleanest key possible. The size of the green muslin backdrop makes it ideal for single-person video with minimal motion like video conference calls.

The Elgato Mountable features convenient hooks on the top of its protective metal casing that allow it to be hung from a wall or ceiling. When it is is retracted, the case has a slim profile and is easily stored in a horizontal position. To protect the screen vertical storage is not recommended.

This green screen backdrop does not come with the mounting hardware required for hanging so make sure to buy it separately if you don’t already have a place to hang it in your video or photo studio. Also, the width of the screen doesn’t allow for much camera or subject motion.

  • Highly wrinkle resistant
  • Dense Dacron fibre
  • Easy mount hooks to hang from a wall or ceiling
  • Automatic rewind
  • Easy to use
  • Mounting hardware may need to be purchased separately
  • May have a limited range of motion

6. Neewer Pro 1 Person (Best Durable)

Neewer Pro 1 Person

Neewer’s Pro 1 Person green screen makes a great choice if you are looking for a screen only. As you may have guessed, it works well for filming a one-person video with minimal motion inside the frame.


The Neewer Pro 1 Person is comprised of a high-quality green muslin backdrop that you can unfold or roll down. It has a sewn-in rod pocket for hanging and hemmed edges to prevent fraying and help maintain a consistent background for easier editing.

The Neewer Pro 1 Person green screen backdrop can be hand or machine washed in the event it gets dirty or needs to be refreshed. While the fabric used to make the screen is not naturally wrinkle-free you can easily steam out wrinkles and creases. Just keep in mind that Neewer recommends doing this from the rear side. Neewer also makes a blue, grey, black, and white muslin backdrop if you wish to complete your photo studio background setup.

Be aware, this is a screen only and requires a separate mount unless you hang it from a wall and does not support a lot of camera motion. Additionally, Neewer does not recommend dry ironing their screens so you may want to buy a steamer to go along with the Neewer Pro 1 Person.

  • Hemmed edges
  • Rod pocket
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Expansive size
  • May require a separate mount
  • Dry ironing may not be recommended
  • Smaller size may not be suitable for all

7. Neewer Pro 2 Person (Best Large)

Neewer Pro 2 Person

The Neewer Pro 2 Person is a great basic choice that comes with only the screen. Its extra-large size makes it good for filming videos with, that’s right, two people and also facilitates getting their feet in the frame.


The Pro 2 Person green screen backdrop is made with dense muslin fabric. The chroma key green fabric can unfold or roll down if you choose to wind it around a pole for storage. It has a rod pocket for hanging and hemmed edges on every side.

This Neewer chroma key green background is also available in blue, grey, black, and white colours if you wish to curate a more complete and professional studio. Neewer recommends approaching the screen from the backside when it comes to steaming out wrinkles and creases. In the event the Pro 2 Person becomes dirty you can easily machine or hand wash the cloth screen.

Keep in mind, just like its smaller counterpart, this green screen backdrop requires a separate mount if you wish to hang it and you should not dry iron the screen. However, its expansive size is more than enough to make us overlook these minor considerations.

  • Extra large size
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact storage
  • Rod pocket
  • Finished edges
  • Mount may not be included
  • Dry ironing may not be recommended

8. Utebit 1 Person (Best Rod Hole Design) 

Utebit 1 Person

The Utebit 1 Person green screen is a great basic choice that is best used for making videos with one subject who won’t be moving around very much, like video conference calls or gaming.


The Utebit 1 Person green screen is made with 100% polyester material which is inherently wrinkle resistant and durable which is great for a green screen background as it makes it easier to chroma key with precision. Four photography clips come with this green screen and a convenient rod pocket is sewn into the top edge so you can hang it from a support bar.

You can easily machine wash this green screen in case it gets dirty. It is also ironable and steamable in the less common event it gets some minor wrinkles. A black background and a white background are also available if you wish to buy the complete set.

Utebit’s 1 Person green screen does not come with a stand included. Also, this option is not the best product for videos with a lot of motion or multiple subjects. Lastly, the polyester fabric may reflect a small amount of light if you are using a bright flash.

  • 4 clamps included
  • Great for video conference calls
  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Great for single person videos
  • May not be ideal for a lot of motion or multiple people
  • Stand may need to be purchased separately
  • May reflect with a strong flash

9. Neewer Pro Tall (Best Lightweight)

Neewer Pro Tall

Another great Neewer product on our list is their Pro Tall high-quality green screen. This option is great because of its extra-long dimensions that facilitate head to toe coverage in the video frame and make more involved videos, like tv shows, more easily accomplished


The Neewer Pro Tall is a large and long chroma key green muslin cloth. The high-quality material is non-reflective, opaque, and its design allows it to be either unfolded or rolled down depending on how you choose to store and use the screen. The fabric features completely hemmed edges with a rod pocket on one side making it easier to hang with a stand support system.

The Pro Tall green screen by Neewer comes with 3 clips to either help you hang it, or to help make it more wrinkle-free once hung. You can easily steam out wrinkles from the backside of the screen or machine wash it when necessary.

Keep in mind, the Neewer Pro Tall is only a screen and 3 clips, no stand is included if you buy this product. Also, it should not be dry ironed and may not be the best choice if you are looking for a compact option that only needs to film a video of one person who won’t be moving around very much.

  • Large size
  • Easy to use
  • Rod pocket or clip mounted
  • Non-reflective
  • Consistent chroma key green screen
  • Stand may not be included
  • Dry ironing may not be recommended

Green Screen Buyer’s Guide

That concludes our 10 green screen product reviews. Now it’s time to explain some of the more nuanced aspects of green screens in order to help you find the best option for the videos you wish to produce using your new green screen.

What to Look for in a Green Screen

Finding and using a green screen can be easy if you know what to look for. The following subsections explore the top traits to look for when choosing a new green screen.

Mount Style and Portability

mounts and accessories on photoshoot

How a green screen is mounted is a great place to start when looking for a screen to suit your needs. Some of the most common mounting options include a stand consisting of two tripods and a support beam, a stand-alone structure with a rigid frame that is collapsible, or a hanging mount with an unravel design. A collapsible green screen is generally the most portable because it doesn’t require any extra equipment and it folds in on itself to be more compact for travel. Tripod mounting systems are also highly portable and don’t require a wall or anything for the background to lean on. An unravel backdrop that hangs can be portable but you will have to make sure to bring hooks along with you and install them before use.

Size and Usage

Size is another important trait to pay attention to when choosing a new green screen or even a projector screen. This is because the dimensions of a chroma key green screen largely determine how many people and how much motion you will be able to include in your videos.

Generally speaking, a smaller green screen about 2 x 2 metres is good for videos with one person and not a lot of motion, like with video conference calls and gaming. Larger green screens can accommodate more motion and more subjects in the frame without interrupting the chroma key process. A longer backdrop makes for easier head to toe coverage which is good for more involved videos or professional production.

We included sizes that will work well for all kinds of scenarios, amount of subjects, and video motion on our list.

Lighting and Extra Accessories

Some green screens come as a complete set with lots of added accessories to create a full studio effect right off the bat. Common accessories include mounting systems, photography clips, tripod stands, shadow boxes, reflectors, light umbrellas, different colour backdrops, and even bulbs for instant continuous lighting.

Easy to Use

Video production often includes a lot of moving parts and requires a lot of setting up and breaking down time. With this in mind, we think it is important to choose a green screen that is also easy to use. Eliminating complications in one area can make your video production more efficient while also leaving you to focus on other issues.

Cleaning Ease

If you want to use your green screen for a long time it is a good idea to make sure it can be easily cleaned. Fortunately, most muslin and polyester green screens can be machine washed, which we think is the easiest option. However, some recommend dry cleaning instead so pay attention to this if you want to be able to clean your green screen from home.

Green Screens Explained

The following sections aim to answer any lingering questions you may have about green screens and better explain some of the basic concepts associated with them.

Types of Green Screen Material

The most common types of material used to make a green screen background are paper, paint, and cloth. All of these materials can be non-reflective and absorb light which is ideal for a chroma key screen.


All of the green screens on our list are constructed using fabric. Almost all of them are made out of muslin cotton, which is the most common type of green screen, but we also included a polyester option. Muslin or cotton green screens are the most popular choice because they are easy to fold, transport, and absorb a lot of light. Polyester or nylon green screens also make a good choice for video because of their inherent wrinkle-resistant properties. However, they often tend to reflect some of the light which can detract from the overall chroma key effectiveness.


Paint green screens are highly consistent and great for large spaces. Paint can also work well if you have a permanent location with enough space to dedicate a specific wall to green screen video filming. Many professional studios utilize chroma green paint for their screens. The main drawback to paint is that it is not portable.


Paper is less common for green screens because it tends to wrinkle and crease easily over time but they are still an effective option used in many green screen videos.

The Importance of Colour Consistency

photo studio set up

One of the most important aspects of a green screen is possessing a consistent green, or blue hue. This makes the chroma keying process as clean and easy as possible. While the screen itself is the largest contributing factor to a consistent colour hue, the lighting you are using can also affect this.

The Best Choice for You

With all of your newfound knowledge and a list of potential choices, finding the best green screen for your video needs should be easier than ever. Now let’s quickly review our number one Editor’s Choice before you make your final decision.

The Neewer Collapsible screen is a great choice for filming a single-person video with minimal subject motion. It features a reversible design with a dense muslin chroma key screen that is blue on one side and green on the other. Its steel spring frame instantly springs open and naturally stretches out the wrinkles for a quick and easy setup.

However, if you require a larger screen or this just isn’t the best choice for you may be one of the other great options on our list that will be better suited to your video and camera needs.

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