Best Hair Catchers Reviews UK 2021 – Top 6 Comparison

After shaving or shampooing, it is not wise to let any hair go down the drain. Human hair clings to rough edges on and around drains, and then these hairs trap even more hair. Over time, this hair attracts bacterial growth and causes shampoo and other shower products to build up. Eventually, you end up with a clogged drain, which can harbor odor-causing bacteria and cause plumbing problems.

You might ask – how serious can hair build-up become? In minor cases, excess hair and gunk are no match for residential drain cleaners or a plumbing snake for tougher clogs. However, clumped hair can get deep into your home drainage system and cause house-wide drainage issues. Severe clogs like these require professional assistance and often days of cleaning and sanitizing where drainage is completely restricted.

A handy solution to this is a quality hair catcher. A hair catcher traps excess hair and prevents it from going down the drain, thus avoiding odor-causing build-up and other inconveniences. These useful gadgets require little installation and fit over your existing drain. With a wealth of hair catchers out there, it may be a little tricky to find one that fits your family and lifestyle. Here is a guide that can help you get started.

Best Hair Catchers – Top 6 Picks

1. TubShroom Tub Hair Catcher (Editor’s Choice)

This silicone hair catcher fits most standard drains and traps human hair, pet hair, and synthetic hair with ease. It features long-lasting color and a unique design that neatly wraps hair around its shaft for a tidy appearance. This catcher needs cleaning just once a month, and trapped hair effortlessly unravels with a few gentle pulls. The TubShroom is easy to remove and re-insert, making it a great option for people with busy lifestyles and large families.







2. Gotega Durable Hair Catcher(Runner Up)

These hair catchers come as a multi-pack in delicate, fashionable colors. They resist product and dirt build-up and do not absorb unpleasant odors. This set is a must for homes with multiple bathrooms, and they work well as drain protectors for utility sinks and kitchens. These hair catchers make an elegant addition to your favorite vanity sink as foundation and other make-up products rinse off easily without staining. 





3. OXO Good Grips Silicone Shower Hair Catcher (Honorable Mention)

This OXO hair catcher features a dome-like design and fits over traditional and self-stopping drains. Its dome design allows the free flow of water at all times and keeps large debris at bay, keeping your favorite bath toys and other essentials safe from accidental falls down the drain! It has a weighted top and a suction ring to prevent unwanted shifting and sports an ultra-modern design that’s ideal for minimalist bathroom decors. 



4. Evriholder Hairstopper (Also Consider)

This hair catcher is ideal for shared showers and features a stain-resistant surface. It has a snug fit and traps fine hair types and dog fur. If you own an older home with outdated fixtures, this hair catcher is a great choice. It is flexible enough to fit small drain holes and offers a generous top for wider openings. Additionally, this catcher forces hair to form a loose ball, making it easy to clean. We recommend cleaning this hair catcher every few weeks for continuous clog protection. 



5. LEKEYE Drain Hair Catcher

This Lekeye hair catcher is another great option for large households. Its studded design traps generous amounts of hair and debris and fits a wide range of modern and old drains. This catcher is ideal for flat surfaces and oddly-shaped drains. Its stainless steel details stay shiny and scratch-free after long periods of wear, and it will not warp when exposed to hot water. This drain protector has a bold look and durable design that lasts for years. 




6. DrainWig Disposable Hair Catchers

This hair catcher has a beautiful floral design and fool-proof installation. Pop the device over any flat drain and allow the stainless steel chain to fall into the drain. It traps hair without restricting water flow and is less susceptible to product build-up when compared to other types of hair catchers. This hair catcher effectively handles moderate amounts of hair and keeps your drain clog-free for up to a month. Dispose of it in the trash when it needs replacing. 




Do I Need A Hair Catcher?

Depending on your lifestyle, you may not need a hair-catching device for your shower. Here are some questions to consider.

Do you have medium to long hair and wash your hair regularly?

If the answer is yes, some of your hair may go down the drain. A drain catcher is an ideal addition to your shower.

Do you bathe your pets in your tub or shower?

If yes, consider getting a drain catcher. Pet hair causes the same problems as human hair, so a drain catcher is necessary if your pets use the shower too.

Do you have a large household?

If yes, a drain catcher is a great way to prevent clogs in high-traffic showers and bathtubs.

Is your shower drain prone to clogging?

Some drain pipes may be narrower than others, leading to an increased risk of clogging. If this is the case in your shower, a hair catcher is essential to keeping clogged drains from happening.


Before choosing a hair catcher, you must think about your current needs and existing shower or tub. Hair catchers come in varying designs with optional features, so it may be tricky to narrow down what works best for you.

Types of Hair Catchers

Hair catchers generally come in two types.

Drain screen catchers fit over your existing drain and act as a removable protective screen. These hair catchers need regular cleaning due to their shallow design.

In-drain catchers replace your existing drain grill and require installation. These catchers are deeper than their screen counterparts and hold a large volume of hair and debris.

Drain Size

Modern plumbing fixtures come in standard sizes, but older fixtures vary in size and shape. Measure the diameter of your existing drain and use this figure as a guide when making your choice. Some hair catchers have adjustable designs or come in varying sizes.

Material – Plastic, Stainless Steel, or Silicone?

Plastic hair catchers are a cost-effective choice and come in many colors, patterns, and designs. These come in fixed sizes and generally do not feature an adjustable fit. For bathrooms with stainless steel fixtures, a stainless steel catcher is a visually stunning addition. They come in flat and in-drain designs and do not become discolored after extended periods of use.

Silicone hair catchers are flexible and come in various fixed sizes and adjustable styles. Like stainless steel, some silicone catchers resist discoloration caused by shampoos, soaps, and sweat. Additionally, silicone catchers use suction pads that stay put and prevent stray hairs from slipping underneath the lip, a common occurrence with some hair catchers.

Your material of choice will affect your bathroom’s overall look and aesthetic. Plastic hair catchers are a hit in kid’s bathrooms as they come in bright colors and child-approved designs like starfish and other animal shapes. Stainless steel is a timeless material that adds chic sophistication to a simple bathtub. Silicone hair catchers come in an array of stylish and simple looks that suit any style preference.

Clogged Drains Are No More!

We hope we helped you figure out the ins and outs of hair catchers. Hair catchers come in various water-resistant materials that feature a combination of beauty and function. These useful bathroom accessories trap debris, pet hair, and human hair. If left unchecked, the build-up of hair leads to unpleasant odors, bacteria, and clogged drains. Hair catchers help you avoid the expense and inconvenience of a badly clogged drain.

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