Best Hair Curler Reviews UK 2023 – Top 9 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Want to get your hands on the best hair curler? Who doesn’t?

The problem is, with an ever-expanding array of new hair styling options on the market, how do you figure out which one will work best for you? Which hair curlers will leave you looking like a celebrity, and which are going to leave you as frizzy as a poodle?

We’re checking out some of the top-rated products on the market to help you make the perfect decision for your hair.

Best Hair Curler Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. BaByliss 210 Tong (Editor’s Choice)

BaByliss 210 TongIf you’ve got extra thick hair, or you’re looking for the best curlers for long hair, then you might need a solution that offers extra heat control. The BaByliss 210 tong comes with temperature zone technology for some of the best high heat performance money can buy. This curling iron helps you curl your hair in no time, whether you’re looking for frizz-free curls or waves.


One of the best hair curlers around for thick and long hair, these curling wands from BaByliss specialise in long-lasting curls. The tourmaline-ceramic barrel protects your hair, even on the highest heat settings. What’s more, the high temperature means that you only have to hold your curls against the styling wand for a few seconds to create your look.

Get through each section of hair easily and create natural-looking curls with this hairstyling iron from BaByliss. In addition, 5 temperature settings from 150 to 210 degrees give you full control over your look. Be cautious though, because the lever can occasionally get stuck in your hair. You may find that it’s a little easier to burn yourself on this curling barrel too.

  • Some of the best hair curlers for thick chair
  • Five temperature settings to suit any style requirements
  • Powerful curling tong performance with no frizz
  • Ceramic hair tool protects against damage
  • Easy to use for loose and tight curls
  • Can be quite easy to burn yourself on the barrel
  • The lever on your curler may get stuck in your hair

2. BaByliss Secret Simplicity (Best Set)

BaByliss Secret SimplicityGet the ultimate all-in-one kit for curly hair with this BaByliss Secret Simplicity set. Perfect for styling your hair in no time, all you need to do is place your hair in the curl chamber, and the curler will begin to create a great look in no time. The kit even automatically alternates curl directions for more natural-looking curls, too.


If you want simple frizz-free curls without the hassle, the BaByliss hair curling tool could be just the product for you. One of the best products on the market today, the Curl Secret has 2 adjustable temperature settings to choose from, between 185 and 205 degrees. There’s a professional temperature setting to help create that classic curl fast.

If you’re looking for professional curl formation that’s quick and easy for anyone to use, this could be the product for you. The set also comes with a compact mirror and a storage bag, so you can take your curler on the move. One slight drawback is that it can take a while to get used to using this curler if you’ve never used something similar before. You can’t curl huge sections at a time, or you may end up stuck.

  • Easy to use curling system for curly hair
  • Multiple temperature settings to choose from
  • Professional design protects hair as it curls
  • May be safer for some than a traditional tong
  • Includes compact mirror and storage bag
  • Takes a while to get used to for some
  • May only be suitable for a small section of hair at a time

3. TONI & GUY Style Fix (Best for Waves)

TONI & GUY Style FixIf you’re more a fan of waves than classic curls, a traditional curling tong set might not be the right product for you. Instead of the best curling wand, why not try this style waver from Toni & Guy? Unlike other curling wands, this hair tool focuses on delivering big and bouncy waves, so you can look your best in no time.


One of the best alternatives to a traditional styling wand, the waver works for people with all kinds of hair type if you want to do more than just curl hair. Just clamp your hair section within the barrel to create natural-looking waves. The ceramic coating on the plates protects your hair, even at the highest temperature.

This is also one of the few products for waves that you can buy which comes with colour lock technology that protects against damaged colour. This is easily the best curler for waves on the market, but it won’t give you tight curls, so be wary. It’s also worth noting that this device takes a while to cool down after delivering your waves. There’s no cool tip to hold when you’re clamping the hair, or cooling mat included.

  • Excellent for creating big waves
  • Negative ions in the ceramic protect against frizz
  • Easy to use design with clamping barrel
  • Great alternative if you don’t want to just curl hair
  • Creates fantastic volume
  • May take a while to cool down
  • May not be able to form tight curls

4. TRESemme Defined (Best Value)

TRESemme DefinedVersatile, durable, and easy to use, this TRESemme wand for quick hair curling has it all. If you’re looking for a convenient hair tool that makes beachy waves easy, then this could be it. The TRESemme Defined hair wand delivers natural-looking curls in no time, all you need to do is wrap each section of hair around the wand at your desired level.


Whether you’re looking for tight curls or a classic curl, the TRESsemme Defined hair curler is one of the easiest products to use. There’s a brush attachment to help when you just want to get a big bouncy volume, and the temperature goes all the way up to 185 degrees for the perfect long-holding heat.

Consistent heat control means that the tong won’t overheat or damage your hair when it’s held against the curl chamber either. This styling tool can even work for shorter hair too! One slight issue is that it’s hard to get a very tight set of curls with this hair curler. The attachable brush may be too fragile for thick hair too.

  • One of the simplest curling wand options you can buy
  • Among the best hair curlers for optimum temperature management
  • Ceramic coated barrel protects your locks during curling
  • Suitable for use worldwide
  • Brush attachment for volume
  • May be difficult to create extra tight curls
  • Brush can be a little flimsy for people with thick hair

5. Remington Flexibrush (Fast-Heating Option)

Remington FlexibrushAnother of the best hair curler options for people who want a simple but effective curling wand, the Remington Flexibrush is a delight to use. This unique curling tong comes with an LED indicator light to show you when it’s ready to start using, so you always get the best hold. The curling wand also comes with a steam function to hold the curl even longer.


If you’re looking for the best hair curler for long-lasting curls, then this could be the styler for you. With multiple heat settings to choose from, this curling tong is ready to use in no time, so you can look your best without spending hours on your hair. The Remington Flexibrush comes with two comb lengths to suit different styles, and there’s even a 2-year guarantee.

To keep you safe while you curl your hair, the Remington hair curler also features a cold-touch tip, so you can grip the curling tongs carefully as you use them. The ceramic-coated barrel promises even heat and consistent curls or waves with every session. If your hair is quite thin then you might struggle with this tong, however, as it can catch in your hair. This also may not be the best curler for people with short hair.

  • Ceramic barrel tong for even heat
  • Can work as a curling tong with or without steam
  • Excellent for waves and curling
  • Cool tip and easy release feature
  • Two combs included
  • May not be suitable for people with thin hair
  • Might not be the best to curl short hair

6. BESTOPE 6-in-1 (Most Versatile)

BESTOPE 6-in-1Why settle for just one kind of hair curler, when you could have multiple curling tongs in one kit? The BESTOPE 6-in-1 curling tong is easy to operate, with a range of different interchangeable barrels to choose from. Each barrel has a ceramic finish, so you can enjoy the best curling experience without harming your hair.


If you’re looking for a versatile tong capable of achieving multiple styles, this could be the styling wand for you. The BESTOPE 6-in-1 stops you from having to buy any other hair tool or curl tong device to create new looks. You can achieve anything from natural waves to classic curls with this device in no time.

The dual voltage design is safe to use in multiple places around the world, so you can enjoy these curling tongs while you travel too. There’s an LCD screen where you can control the temperature of your curler, and the curling iron comes with a protective glove to help keep your hand safe as you use the tong. One slight downside is that this curl tong may be too slim for thick hair. You might also find that you struggle with this curling wand in longer hair.

  • One of the best hair curlers for multiple styles
  • Easy to use with 6 interchangeable barrels
  • Curling wands can deliver all kinds of curls
  • Multiple heat settings to choose from
  • Safe to use with dual voltage system
  • May not be the best curl tong for extra-long hair
  • Could be a little thin for people with a thicker hair type
No products found.

7. Chopstick Styler Heroine (Best for Tight Curls)

Chopstick Styler HeroineThe Chopstick Heroine hair curler should be strongly considered if you are looking to make skinny, tight curls. The Heroine boasts adding twice the normal volume to your hair while making curls that can last for days.


The Heroine features a 10mm wand for super skinny curls. It has a ceramic barrel that is rectangular in shape. Aside from producing longer-lasting curls, this styler’s unique shape is good with all hair types including freshly washed hair.

To make using this curler as easy as possible, it is lightweight in design, has a soft-grip handle, and features a swivel cord. It also heats up in 30 seconds or less, depending on the heat setting you choose.
The Chopstick lets you choose between five different temperature settings to help protect your hair against heat damage. For safety, it has a 60-minute automatic shutoff function, and also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Be aware, this curler is not ideal for making larger curls, is not recommended for long hair, and the cord may be a bit shorter than you would expect.

  • Super skinny curls
  • Rectangular barrel for long-lasting curls
  • Heats up in 30 seconds or less
  • 60-minute auto shut off function
  • Good for all hair types
  • Cord may be shorter
  • May not be ideal for larger curls
  • May not be recommended for long hair

8. Furiden 2-in-1 (Best with Straightener)

Furiden 2-in-1The Furiden 2-in-1 device is a curling tong and hair straightener set in one, so you can create multiple styles with the same device. If you want the best hair curler, but you also know that you like to experiment with different styles, this product will save you time and money. You can buy a single product and use the barrel for curling, while the clamping section is great for heat-based straightening. The MCH wide plates even make straightening quicker than ever.


If you’re looking for the best hair curlers for big curls, but you also want to buy a new set of straighteners, this device gives you the best of both worlds. The flat iron and curling tong combo heat up in fifteen seconds, to reduce your energy consumption, and it’s extremely durable to stand the test of time. The swivel cord means you can move freely for the best curling experience.

Suitable for travel with a dual voltage system, this is one of the best curling wand and straightener options around for people on the move. Just remember that it can be a little difficult to use this device with longer hair. The cord is also quite short.

  • Low energy consumption with fast heat-up time
  • One of the best curling wands and straighteners in one
  • Simple design for a range of styles
  • Curved barrel distributes heat evenly
  • Multiple temperature options
  • Cord may be too short for some
  • Might be less appealing for people with longer hair

9. GHD Curve Creative (Best with Cool Tip)

GHD Curve CreativeFew brands make the same impact as GHD when it comes to creating stunning styles every time. This professional standard curling iron comes with everything you need to create loose curls, bouncy curls, or softer waves. With a quick heat-up process, just wind the hair around the wand to get the ultimate set of perfect curls.


Reliable and easy to use, the GHD curve creative hair curling wand is ideal for delivering frizz-free styles. Whether you have short or mid-length hair, the optimum temperature design creates shiny, long-lasting curls to suit a range of hair types. You can choose from a soft curl or something tighter depending on where you wrap the hair on the tapered barrel.

For extra protection at any heat setting, these GHD styling tools come with a stay-cool tip and an easy ergonomic grip. There’s also an automatic sleep mode that engages after 30 minutes to make sure you stay safe. Unfortunately, this product doesn’t come with any heat mat for when you’re styling. This wand may also be a little too short for extra-long hair.

  • Optimum temperature to ensure your curls stay for longer
  • One of the most reliable styling tools around
  • Tapered barrel to adjust your style
  • Easy wrap-around wand design
  • Extra fast heat-up process
  • Short length may not be ideal for extra-long hair
  • May need to buy a heat mat separately

How to Choose the Best Curling Wand

If you’re new to curling your hair, you might find that it takes a little while to find the best curling wand or tong for your needs. Curling devices are available in a range of styles to suit all kinds of hair and multiple curling options too. For some people, the easiest way to curl will be with a high heat barrel, while others prefer devices that do much of the hard work for them with a rotating system. When choosing your wand, remember to look at:


styling iron with different attachmentsAs mentioned above, there’s more than one way to curl your hair these days. The design that’s right for you will depend on your skills and how comfortable you are using the best curling devices. There are some modern products on the market today that make curling extremely easy, by handling things like twisting the hair for you.

In some cases, you might even decide that the best hair curler for you is a product that can deliver waves, curls, and straight hair, all from the same device. 

Also, consider the product’s weight and if your arm is going to get tired holding it up for each section of hair. You may find that you can use a lighter curler for longer and more comfortably than those that are heavier in weight.

Temperature Options

When it comes to styling tools such as hot air brushes, hairdryers, and curling irons — having multiple heat options to choose from is important. The heat settings have an influence on the styles that you can achieve. You should be able to use higher heat for tighter, more classic curl looks, while a softer heat might be suitable for basic waves or fragile hair.

Switching between heat modes will also ensure that you can protect your hair if you’re worried that it’s too dry and brittle for extreme temperatures. Whatever curling system you choose, ensure that the coating on the barrel can distribute the heat evenly.


young woman doing own hairstyle at homeThe best hair curling system should be able to deliver the look that you want with minimal effort. The last thing you want is to have to fiddle with miniature sections of hair or try and tug your hair out of a section it gets stuck in when you’re getting ready.

A simple device that you can trust to transform the look of your hair without damaging it is an important investment. Look for a barrel that feels comfortable to use, and don’t buy anything that seems overly complicated. If you can find something that works in multiple voltages you can also take your device with you when you travel.

Finding Your Hair Curler

Finding the best hair curler for your needs can be tough, even with these hair curlers reviews to guide you. Bouncy curls and luxurious waves are some of the biggest looks in the hair world right now. Unfortunately, if you weren’t blessed with the perfect beachy wave at birth, then you’re going to need to find another way to recreate that look. The best curling wand or set of curling tongs can transform even the most lacklustre style into something incredibly eye-catching.

Our top choice is the BaByliss 210 Tong – our editor’s choice. This hair curler features a 25mm tourmaline ceramic barrel for bouncy hair and natural-looking curls within minutes. Additionally, it is easy to use and offers five temperature settings to suit your preference.

This BaByliss model works with a range of different hair lengths and types, too, and heats up really fast.

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