Can Hair Straighteners Damage Hair?

Last Updated On September 10th, 2019

Whenever any form of heat is applied directly to your hair, there is the potential for damage to be caused because the heat removes moisture from your hair which keeps it naturally conditioned. Hair straighteners are no exception to this and the damage that they can cause could be irreversible. However, there are a number of ways that you can reduce the amount of damage that occurs when you use hair straighteners to style your hair.

Never Straighten Wet Hair

If straighteners are applied to wet hair then you may actually burn the strands of your hair which can cause significant damage that is difficult to repair. You should always wait until your hair is completely dry before you start straightening. It is also recommended that you towel dry your hair rather than blow drying it to minimise the amount of heat that is directed at your hair.

Do Not Straighten Every Day

It is recommended that you only wash your hair every two to three days so that it does not lose all of its natural oils. You may also choose to only straighten your hair after is has been washed rather than every day. You can use products such as mousse or hairspray to keep your style in place on the days when you are not using a straightener.

Select The Right Temperature

Unless you have very thick and curly hair, there is probably no need to use the highest temperature setting. The lower the temperature that is used, the less the damage there will be to the hair. You should also take care not to hold the straighteners over the same section of hair for too long. You should also apply some kind of heat protection product to your hair before straightening to give extra protection.

Use Teflon Coated Straighteners

Teflon coated straighteners may be more expensive to buy initially but they are the best choice for your hair. They may also last longer which makes them more effective overall. Teflon coated straighteners glide over your hair a lot easier and so less damage is caused because your hair is not in contact with the heat for such a long period of time.

Deep Condition Your Hair Once A Week

You should apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair at least once a week to try and repair some of the damage that has been done. This can be done with the conditioner that you would normally use and so there is no need to buy a separate product. The easiest way to do this is to wash your hair as soon as you get in the shower before applying the conditioner. You can then leave it on under a shower cap until just before you are ready to get out.

These tips will not prevent all the damage to your hair that straighteners can do but they will certainly go a long way to reducing it. These tips can help keep your hair looking healthy and when you feel good about your hair this gives a real boost to your confidence.

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