Best Head Torch Reviews UK 2021 – Top 9 Comparison

Last Updated On August 12th, 2021

A head torch is a useful item that can be used for various purposes. For dog owners, it provides a reliable light source for their daily dog walks. Alternatively, people who exercise outdoors could use the best head torch for activities like trail running, hiking, jogging, and camping.

Head torches are also just useful items to keep in the house. For example, you may need to go into your garden or outside when it’s dark. Or a product like this could be invaluable on those cold, dark, winter mornings when you have to de-ice the car!

In this guide, we look at a variety of head torches for your benefit. We have picked ten of the best head torches including a range of rechargeable and battery operated variations.

Best Head Torch Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Aennon Rechargeable (Editor’s Choice)

Aennon Rechargeable

The Aennon Rechargeable LED Head Torch is our top choice for the best rechargeable head torch. If you don’t want to rely on batteries and prefer simple head torches that you can charge via any standard USB port, this is a great option. It also provides a powerful light beam of 220 lumens that reaches up to 150 metres.


This Aennon product has a simple headband design with two adjustable parts at the rear. You can easily adjust the size of the band for a comfortable fit.

The light is secured in a durable housing and the power switch is located on the top. This mount can be tilted up to a maximum of 60-degrees upwards which allows you an excellent viewing range.

It also has a simple charging mechanism – all you have to do is plug in the cable and connect it to a USB slot and it will fully charge in between 4-6 hours.

Although this is one of the best head torches, you could experience a few issues. Firstly, you could find the light settings difficult to cycle through – you have to cycle through the settings to turn the head torch off. Also, this head torch works better as the main beam and may not have a particularly strong floodlight setting for a wider beam of light.

  • Waterproof to IPX4 standards
  • Provides up to 150m of viewing with a 220-lumen range
  • Lightweight and weighs just 70g
  • Can charge quickly from a standard USB port
  • 4 Light modes for different light output settings
  • The light settings may be difficult to cycle through
  • You could find the adjustable beam may not be wide enough

2. Ledlenser 7297 Professional (Luxury Choice)

Ledlenser 7297 Professional

The Ledlenser 7297 Headtorch could be the best head torch for hiking, thanks to its powerful beam. It uses AA batteries and has a decent battery life. It also has an incredibly powerful beam that can reach 160 metres. If you want a reliable head torch for running, this is a sturdy and well-built option.


This Ledlenser product has a built-in digital dimmer and several other settings including a floodlight. It also uses smart-lighting technology and has a myriad of useful programmes.

In terms of operation, one charge should last for up to 30 hours of continuous usage. You can also change the brightness of the light from 250 lumens down to a much dimmer 5 lumens for when you don’t want to overwhelm your surroundings.

The strap is reinforced but can be adjusted to suit various head shapes and sizes.

As one of the best head torches, this Ledlenser product could have a few minor issues. Firstly, the head strap material may not be breathable. Therefore, you could find that you sweat and it feels hot after prolonged usage. Also, this LED head torch does not have a rechargeable battery and you are therefore reliant on AA batteries for power.

  • Has a powerful output of 250 lumens of power
  • Offers a beam distance of up to 160m
  • Has an adjustable beam to change the flood of the light
  • Three light settings with five different light options
  • One AA battery charge should last for up to 8 hours
  • Head strap can get hot after prolonged usage
  • You may be reliant on AA batteries for usage

3. OMERIL LED (Best Value)


The OMERIL LED Head Torch is one of the best head torches and offers excellent value. It is a simple but effective device that provides a lumen brightness of 200 and a visibility range of 100 metres. So if you just want a simple head torch that is easy to use, this is a great option.


For charging, this product has a 1000mHa lithium battery and charging unit. This should last for over 5 hours and takes approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge.

There are also five different settings for the light including white, red, floodlight, and an SOS flashing mode for emergencies. To change the settings you simply press a button on the mount.

For outdoor usage, this product is IPX5 waterproof which means it should be protected against splashing and raindrops from any direction. The elastic headband is also anti-slip and easy to adjust.

This OMERIL LED Head Torch may not be perfect, however. Always check the recharging function as some customers have reported faulty charging units. Also, this head torch does not have a top strap and therefore some may find that it feels a little loose when jogging or running.

  • Has built-in rechargeable batteries (lithium-ion)
  • Can be recharged using a standard USB connection
  • Has five power settings and different lighting settings
  • Provides a max beam distance of 100m from 200 Lumens
  • The beam pattern can be adjusted to different angles
  • It may be worth checking the recharging function as it may be faulty
  • This LED head torch may benefit from an overhead strap
  • Light may easily unclip during extended running periods
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4. APUNOL 2Packs (Best With Motion Sensor)


The APUNOL Head Torch is the best LED head torch with a motion sensor feature. The motion sensor is a great addition, and it allows you to save on battery life if you are walking or running through urban areas with streetlights. It will only turn on at the appropriate time.


When fully charged, this product should have an excellent battery life of up to 30 hours. The charger is also easy to use and all the necessary equipment is included.

This product also has reactive lighting that operates via motion sensors. The motion sensor switch means you can turn the light on and off quickly simply by waving your hand in front of the beam.

In terms of comfort, the headband is wide but made from a stretchy comfortable material. It also weighs less than 2.5oz so should not exert too much pressure on your head, nor will it sag forward. The mount is also positioned at a 45-degree angle which provides an optimum beam on the ground.

This APUNOL product is a great lightweight head torch, but it could have a few small issues. Firstly, there is no single button to adjust the settings and you could find it fiddly to use. Also, some customers have received damaged or faulty items on delivery.

  • Has a built-in Lithium-ion battery
  • The rechargeable battery can last for up to 30 hours
  • Weighs just 2.5oz so is incredibly lightweight
  • You can change the angle of the adjustable beam
  • Has 8 different light modes and brightness settings
  • Power settings may be fiddly to use
  • You may receive faulty products

5. Petzl Tikka (Best Lightweight)

Petzl Tikka

The Petzl Tikka Headlamp is a brilliant lightweight option and an ideal head torch for running. It works well, thanks to its stylish and functional design. And, you’ll barely experience any strain on your head when you are running long distances.


The Petzl Tikka has a long burn time and features an excellent lightweight design with a comfortable strap. There is also a useful emergency whistle integrated into the lamp.

The burn time is enabled by the powerful 200 lumen light, and it also has decent brightness and a wide beam. This means it is great for longer outdoor activities like hiking.

This Petzl product is also operated by a single button and is therefore easy to switch on and off. It is also equipped with a useful phosphorescent reflector which provides additional lighting on your person. For charging, this product can take standard batteries, but it also has a rechargeable battery pack.

This Petzl head torch is a solid product but it may not be without its issues. For example, the strap can be adjusted, but you could find that the light still moves when you are jogging or running. Also, when using the AAA batteries you may find that the charge does not last fantastically.

  • This Petzl headlamp weighs just 86g
  • Offers simple functionality with single button operation
  • Has a wide beam and three different lighting settings with a good burn time
  • Takes three AAA batteries or you can use the rechargeable battery
  • Stylish adjustable head strap design
  • This Petzl strap may allow the head torch to move
  • AAA batteries could provide a longer life

6. Everbeam H6 Pro LED (Best Portable)

Everbeam H6 Pro LED

The Everbea H6 Pro Headlamp is a solid portable product with a lightweight design and a relatively simple operation.


The light source is 650 lumen and has a maximum distance of 126m. It also should have a decent battery life which can last for up to 10 hours on the white setting. On the maximum brightness setting, it should still last for up to 2.5 hours.

The body is reinforced, and the casing is also IPX4 water-resistant. This should mean it can withstand heavy rain and can be used in any weather condition.

At just 2.5oz, this product is also incredibly lightweight and you will hardly notice any pressure on your head. For portability, this product also comes with a stylish travel case.

As one of the best head torches, this Everbeam product could still have a few small problems. For example, this is a dual head torch pack, but it is only supplied with one USB charger – some may find this inconvenient. Also, the rechargeable battery is not fantastic and does not have the best charging time.

  • Great for emergency use with its SOS mode for the white light
  • Has a light output of 650 lumens
  • Provides a maximum beam distance of 126m
  • Has a useful motion sensor switch to easily turn the light on and off automatically
  • Is water-resistant and shatterproof to IPX4 standards
  • You may find that the double head torch pack only comes with one USB cable
  • The rechargeable battery may not last for very long

7. Black Diamond Spot 325 (Best For Camping Trips)

Black Diamond Spot 325

The Black Diamond Men’s Spot 325 Headlamp is a good choice for camping trips and outdoor activities. It has a durable and comfortable strap. With a brightness rating of 325 lumens, this head torch will provide excellent lighting during hiking adventures or whilst you are setting up at the campsite.


This product is available in 9 different designs, each of which has a different colour strap to match your style. The strap is relatively understated but is comfortable on your head.

In terms of power, it requires standard alkaline batteries. However, battery life can last for over 8 hours when used on the lower lumen setting. At the maximum setting, it will still last for around 4 hours.

You can also benefit from several different light modes including high beam, dimming, flashing, and a red light mode. The 325 spot also has a waterproof strap and battery pack. We also like that you can regulate the light simply by touching the casing, but there is also a switch too.

This is a great piece of kit, but it may not be perfect. For example, the different light options may not be easy to use as you have to cycle through the different settings and the touch technology is quite reactive. Also, when trail running or jogging, the strap could allow the light to move.

  • Stylish Black Diamond strap design
  • Measured in lumens up to 325 of white light
  • Three AAA batteries should last for up to 8 hours charge
  • Has various light options and lumen output settings
  • Uses touch technology for settings adjustments
  • Some may find the lighting operation difficult to use
  • You could find that the headband moves too much when running or jogging

8. KINGTOP Waterproof (Best Weatherproof)

KINGTOP Waterproof

The KINGTOP LED Rechargeable Head Light is water-resistant and an excellent all-weather option. In addition, it is suitable for trail running due to its great battery life and the simple rechargeable batteries it uses.


This torch has a decent battery life and is charged via a cable and charger which are both supplied. For operation, it has a simple button on the light mount with which you can cycle through the different light settings.

It also has reactive lighting and you can change it to three different settings – low, high, and blink. The mount itself is also adjustable and can be rotated down to 90-degrees. The light can also be zoomed so you can look easily at different distances.

We also like that this product can last for over 5 hours on one charge, and has a low battery warning light. This activates when the battery is at 20% charge or less.

This KINGTOP head torch is easy to use but you could still have a few problems. For example, some customers have reported that the USB connection may eventually become loose or damaged. Also, other customers have received damaged goods on delivery.

  • Has zoomable LED technology to alter the light distance
  • Rotatable headlamp for multiple light positions
  • Has three different lighting modes and lumen settings
  • Fully rechargeable with a standard USB connection
  • Dual-strap design for additional comfort and stability
  • The Micro USB connection may fail after prolonged usage
  • You could find that this head torch is damaged on delivery

9. Victoper Wesho (Most Powerful)

Victoper Wesho

This reliable head torch offers an impressive power rating of 6000 lumens, making it one of the most powerful head torches on our list. It comes with one central light and two smaller sidelights. If you want a durable option that can be used in various weather conditions and provides excellent night vision, this is an ideal choice.


The Victoper Headlight has a solid build and both a head strap and an over-the-top strap for extra stability. There are three lights on the front – two small sidelights, and one larger central light.

This torch also has water resistance to IPX5 grade which means you can comfortably use it in adverse weather. It does not have any features like reactive lighting, but it does have four different modes for various conditions.

The straps are also fully adjustable to fit various head sizes. For charging, this lamp can be charged via USB and comes with a short charging cable.

This Victoper Wesho product is one of the best head torches but it may not be infallible. For example, some customers have experienced delivery delays and problems with arranging the delivery. Also, this head torch does not have a simple off button, therefore you could find it difficult to switch off.

  • Has a Lio-polymer battery which has a battery life of up to 4.5 hours
  • Has three LED bulbs for improved brightness and night vision
  • The brightest head can be adjusted as low as 90-degrees for lighting closer to your feet
  • The straps are adjustable so you can find a comfortable fit
  • You may experience delivery issues with this head torch
  • You may find the head torch difficult to turn off after usage

How to Choose the Best Head Torch?

two lighting devices on wooden table

As you can see, there is a great range of head torches available. They have many different features and settings and it can be difficult to know which of the best head torches are suitable for you. To help, we have created a short buying guide with some considerations you should make when looking at head torches.

Power Source – Rechargeable or Battery

Firstly, the power source is important. The best head torches will have a myriad of power sources as you can see from the above list. Generally, there are three main types – alkaline battery, USB cable, and rechargeable battery.

Alkaline battery torches just require either AA or AAA batteries. Simply put the batteries in and you are good to go. Obviously, the downside of this power source is you need to continually buy new batteries which is not the most environmentally sustainable. However, it is the simplest and quickest option.

Some torches use a USB cable to charge. This is another simple method as all you have to do is plug a USB cable into the torch and it charges. Also, this is a convenient method as you do not have to buy replacement batteries to maintain power.

Similarly, some products have a rechargeable battery or USB battery that comes with a charging unit. These are also easy to use and the batteries are usually high quality and provide a good power output.

Lighting Power, Width and Distance

The actual beam of light and its intensity is also highly important. You should look at the lumen rating of the light as this will give you an idea of how bright it will shine. Also, most of the products in this list state how far the light should reach in meters.

You should also look at the type of light as some torches have both red light and white light. Also, some have better night vision functionality. This depends more on what you intend to use the light for. For example, if you are walking your dogs you may want a stronger light.

Most torches also have different settings so you can alter the width and depth of the light. Having an adjustable light is useful if you are using the torch in varying outdoor settings.

Ease of Use

You should also look at the controls of the torch and see how easy it is to use. Some torches have a single button operation. You may be able to press the button multiple times to change the light power or mode.

Also, some torches have a button but also a touch feature. These are generally easier to use as you can simply touch an area to turn the power on. This is especially useful if you are wearing gloves. In terms of ease of use, the straps should also be easy to adjust, and the light should have an adjuster so you can change the angle.


miner on duty with complete mining gear

Finally, aside from power and ease of use, comfort is also important. If you are just going on short dog walks, comfort may not be at the top of your list, however, for long hiking trips, camping, and outdoor activities, comfort is vital.

Ideally, the strap(s) should secure the lamp and prevent it from moving. However, it should not be too tight and put too much pressure on your head. Also, the straps should ideally be padded or have breathable material to help prevent sweating and chafing.


We hope you have found this rechargeable head torch review beneficial. Head torches are incredibly useful products. A head torch works well if you regularly venture outdoors – for dog walking, jogging, camping, or running, for example.

Any option mentioned in our head torch reviews would make an excellent choice. They would provide a bright, mobile light source and mean you don’t have to carry a torch with you. Also, they could be useful for emergency use.

However, the best head torch on our list is the Aennon USB Rechargeable LED Head Torch. This is a simple but effective device that provides a strong light in all weather conditions. It has a good power rating and provides adequate lighting. Also, the USB charging feature cannot be understated as this means you do not have to rely on AA or AAA batteries.

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