Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews UK 2023 – Top 9 Comparison

Last Updated On January 24th, 2022

Heart rate monitors are advanced devices that can accurately read your body’s vital statistics such as heart rate, pulse, and even how many calories you have burnt. Generally, there are two styles of heart rate monitors – wrist straps/watches, or chest straps. Also, some are full-fledged smart devices, whereas others are simple fitness trackers that send data to other devices.

In this guide, we find the best heart rate monitor in the UK and provide nine other suitable devices that you could use in your daily fitness regime or sporting activities.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Garmin HRM (Editor’s Choice)

Garmin HRM

The Garmin Run heart rate monitor is a brilliant product for dedicated runners. Whether you are training for a marathon, or simply enjoy running on a regular basis, this is a good choice. It has advanced tracking and can provide detailed stats about your running sessions.


The Garmin HRM-Run is built for running. It offers real-time data including your resting heart rate and a host of advanced running statistics. If you are an athlete or training for a specific event, this could be the perfect option.

It also has a great battery life and is compatible with multiple devices such as the Garmin Forerunner watch. We also like the strap design as it is comfortable and should not put too much pressure or strain on your chest.

This Garmin product is great for heart rate tracking, but it could have a few minor issues. Firstly, there is no screen and you must pair it with a secondary device. Also, over time, you could find the strap and monitor deteriorate.

  • Provides real-time tracking and accurate monitoring
  • The strap is adjustable for various body sizes
  • Measures various stats such as vertical oscillation and stride length
  • Has a relatively simple and comfortable design
  • Can easily pair with compatible Garmin devices
  • May not be ideal if you do not want to use a second device
  • This Garmin heart rate monitor may deteriorate over time

2. Polar H10 (Best Waterproof)

Polar H10

If you’re looking for a premium heart rate monitor, the Polar H10 won’t disappoint. Of the heart rate monitor reviews, this product stands as an ideal choice. It offers fantastic precision and is often recognized as one of the most accurate heart rate monitor available.


The Polar H10 heart rate monitor is a great luxury option and is incredibly durable. This device also gives precise readings and is highly accurate.

For connectivity, it has Bluetooth, but also Ant+ and 5KHz. The sensors of the strap have also been improved from previous designs and feature improved electrodes.

This device is also waterproof and it has sufficient internal memory to last for approximately one training session.

This chest strap is a great product for hours of training, but you could find the chest strap size descriptions are inaccurate. Also, you could find the data is difficult to transmit to your smartphone and connected app.

  • Gives accurate readings and excellent ECG readings
  • Has a strong Bluetooth and Bluetooth Ant connection
  • A comfortable strap that can be adjusted easily
  • Useful for a variety of activities such as rowing, swimming, and training
  • Fully waterproof and durable
  • The strap sizes could be inaccurate
  • The data could be difficult to transfer to your smartphone

3. TEMINICE High-End Fitness Tracker (Best Value)

TEMINICE High-End Fitness Tracker

The TEMINICE Fitness Tracker is a great wrist-based model that has a clear LCD display and great battery life. It is one of the best value options available.


This device can be used for a myriad of purposes such as sleep tracking, heart rate zones, step counting, and calories burned. It is much more than just an HRM.

It features 14 specific exercise modes that give you a better understanding of what you are doing and how it helps your fitness.

Also, it has a good battery life and the LCD screen can receive notifications from apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This Bluetooth heart rate device may not be perfect, however. Firstly, eventually, you could find that the strap breaks. Also, the screen has brightness settings, but you could find it difficult to read in darker conditions – when running at night, for example.

  • Has GPS tracking capabilities to show your movements
  • Can be used for various activities aside from heart rate reading
  • Has an advanced chip that has a low power consumption
  • Can show notifications from your smartphone
  • IP68 waterproof which makes it great for swimming
  • The strap may be less durable
  • The screen brightness may not be enough in darker conditions

4. Garmin HRM-Dual (Best in Versatility)

Garmin HRM-Dual

The Garmin HRM-Dual is our pick for the best chest strap heart rate monitor. These premium chest straps offer accurate readings and advanced tracking statistics. For fitness enthusiasts and those who want to get in shape, this is a great option.


The HRM-Dual transmits data in real-time and uses a low energy Bluetooth connection. The battery life lasts for 3.5 years based on an average usage of 1 hour per day.

It is also compatible with a wide range of fitness watches and third-party apps to enhance your workout. It can also work with compatible gym equipment. The strap is also made from premium materials and is comfortable to wear.

The Garmin HRM-Dual is one of the best heart rate monitors but it could have some small problems. Firstly, you may simply not want to wear a chest strap and prefer a wrist strap. Also, some customers have received damaged packaging on delivery.

  • Transmits data in real-time using Ant and Bluetooth
  • Has a long-lasting battery of up to 3.5 years
  • The Garmin strap is made from premium materials
  • Compatible with a range of fitness apps and workout machinery
  • The strap is fully washable and easy to clean
  • You may not like the chest-strap design
  • The packaging may be damaged when received

5. HUAWEI Band 4 Smart Band (Best Battery Life)

HUAWEI Band 4 Smart Band

The HUAWEI Band 4 is a great product and the best continuous tracker available. It combines advanced monitoring together with smartwatch functionality.


For its display, the Band 4 heart rate monitor has a 0.96″ TFT-LCD touchscreen. This is high-quality and displays your stats in great detail.

Also, it has a USB port meaning that you can charge it with any standard USB plug or even via your computer.

If you wish, you can also purchase different faces for this heart rate device.

This is a great running watch, but it may have some minor issues. For example, you could find the truesleep function is not 100% accurate. Also, the USB port may not be infallible and could stop working eventually.

  • Wrist-based band with an adjustable strap
  • Made from water-resistant and sweat-resistant materials
  • Has a high-quality TFT-LCD touchscreen
  • Has a built-in USB port for easy charging and connectivity
  • Can monitor your heart rate during the daytime and nighttime
  • The truesleep function could be inaccurate
  • The USB port may stop charging over time

6. Polar H9 Sensor (Best for Women)

Polar H9 Sensor

The Polar H9 is a great device that is ideal for those who regularly work out at the gym. This chest strap has a simple but effective design and pairs with multiple devices and apps. If you work out at the gym weekly, this could be the perfect fitness aid.


The Polar H9 heart rate monitor is a great product and could be the best heart rate monitor for women. It is a simple chest strap heart monitor that can be adjusted to fit various body sizes.

The tracking functionality is also advanced and provides accurate data. It can also be connected to various devices including compatible gym equipment, smartwatches, and Garmin devices.

This device also has excellent battery life. It offers a staggering 400-hour battery life which is much more than most devices. It is also waterproof up to 30m and the strap is machine washable.

Although this is a good product, the Polar H9 may not be perfect. Firstly, this fitness tracker may need rebooting to remain accurate. Also, some customers have reported damaged packaging when receiving their delivery.

  • Has standard Bluetooth and Bluetooth Ant connectivity
  • Works with multiple fitness software such as Polar Beat, Polar Club, and Nike+
  • Offers real-time tracking and heart rate monitoring
  • The Polar strap is machine washable
  • Provides a range of useful heart rate data including calorie burning
  • May need to reboot the heart rate monitor periodically
  • The packaging may be damaged when received

7. EZON Digital Sports Watch (Luxury Choice)

EZON Digital Sports Watch

If you do not need advanced connectivity and want a device purely for monitoring your statistics, the EZON Heart Rate Monitor is a great choice. It is a stylish watch that is also durable and perfect for outdoor usage.


This EZON product is a digital sports watch and monitor. It has a large digital display that clearly shows your heart rate readings and other information. Also, it has other functions such as a stopwatch, calendar, and daily alarm.

The design of this watch is stylish and it has a stainless steel face. It is also waterproof up to 50m which makes it ideal for various outdoor activities in any weather.

This heart rate monitor also has an easy-to-replace battery cell. It does have a long battery life, but if the battery does run out it can be switched out quickly for a replacement. It is also relatively lightweight and the strap is comfortable to wear.

Although this is a great heart rate sensor, it could have a few problems. For example, you could find the calorie burn feature is inaccurate. Also, this fitness tracker may not have the best choice of connectivity options.

  • Fully waterproof up to 50m
  • Has a stylish and durable design including a stainless steel face
  • Calculates your calorie burn based on smart data
  • Has a comfortable fabric strap
  • Has a large and easy to read display
  • The calorie burn calculator could be inaccurate
  • This wrist-based optical heart rate sensor may have limited connectivity options

8. CooSpo Bluetooth (Best Multi-App Compatible)

CooSpo Bluetooth

The CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor is a versatile chest strap that connects with a multitude of devices. If you do not want to be tied to one app or service, you can use this device freely with devices and apps like the Garmin Fenix 3, Zwift, and Nike+.


These chest straps offer real-time heart rate tracking and can also utilize GPS technology. It also uses Bluetooth Ant technology which makes it one of the best Bluetooth heart rate monitor models available.

Using this device you can track stats such as your resting heart rate, running dynamics, and even sleep tracking. It also works with multiple third-party devices and apps like the Garmin 235, Garmin Fenix 3, and Samsung Gear Watch.

It also uses a coin cell battery which has great battery life.

This CooSpo optical heart rate monitor may not be perfect, however. Firstly, over time, you could find that the Bluetooth connectivity stops working. Also, for smaller people, you could find that the chest strap is not tight enough.

  • Compatible with multi-sport apps and third-party software
  • Equipped with a powerful Bluetooth connection
  • Provides accurate data tracking and real-time heart rate monitoring
  • Waterproof to IP67 standards
  • Can also connect to gym equipment and bike computers
  • Bluetooth pairing may stop working over time
  • The strap may be too lose for smaller people

9. Polar OH1 + Waterproof (Best for Swimming)

Polar OH1 + Waterproof

The Polar OH1+ heart rate sensor is a top product and is one of the best choices for monitoring your swimming and water-based activities. It can be connected directly to your swimming goggles and is fully waterproof. It does come with a strap, but the monitor has a simple clip that can be attached to virtually anything.


The Polar OH1 can be used in various scenarios such as swimming, running, and workouts. It has a soft armband that should be comfortable to wear and there is also a swimming goggle clip included.

It connects primarily to the Polar beat app, but you might want to use it with third-party apps from companies like Garmin, Apple, or Nike.

It has a good battery life too and can be recharged. Also, it has built-in memory so you don’t have to continually have your smartphone or smartwatch with you when exercising.

This Polar unisex product may have a few small issues, however. For example, you could find the power switch is difficult to turn on and off and has minimal feedback. Also, you could find if your connected phone goes into sleep mode, the rate monitor will disconnect.

  • Can be attached to various items such as swimming goggles
  • Has a soft-textured armband for a comfortable fit
  • Uses Ant and Bluetooth for a quick and reliable connection
  • Works with a range of third-party heart rate monitoring apps
  • Has built-in memory so you can transfer data after your exercise
  • The power switch button may not have enough feedback
  • The Polar unisex heart rate monitor may disconnect if your smartphone goes into sleep mode

What to Look for When Choosing a Heart Rate Monitor?

It is clear that the design and functionality of the best heart rate monitors varies. There is a lot to consider when purchasing fitness trackers but we can help. In the section below, we have created a small buying guide listing the main considerations to look at. This should help in your pursuit of the best heart rate monitor in the UK.

Wrist Strap or Chest Strap?

woman using smart watch on treadmill

Firstly, you should look at the style. There are two main designs – wrist strap/watch or chest strap. Typically, wrist monitors have built-in memory and an LCD screen and offer advanced functionality.

Alternatively, chest straps are usually simply monitoring devices and you must pair them with another device or your smartphone. The upside is that chest straps are usually more accurate at detecting heart rate zones, calorie-burning, and other data.

Accuracy of the Heart Rate Data

Next, the accuracy of the heart rate device is vital. What is the point of using a device that doesn’t give accurate data? The whole point of wearing such a device is to track your bodily functions and help improve your fitness!

The accuracy depends on the type of sensor used, it’s positioning, and also the reliability of the battery. To fully understand the accuracy of a device, we advise checking customer reviews.

Connectivity and Compatibility

You should also look at what connectivity the device offers, and its compatibility with other apps. Most heart rate monitors utilize Bluetooth connectivity. This is a reliable connection and in most instances, you will have your smartphone close-by so data can be transmitted easily.

Whilst Bluetooth is the main type of connection used, different devices are compatible with different apps. Most products will have a native manufacturer’s app like the Polar beat app, for example. However, some devices also work with other third-party apps which could give you greater functionality.

Tracking Features

The actual tracking features of the monitor are also important. Aside from giving heart rate data, can the device offer any additional info? Some monitors give detailed readings including your resting heart rate, sleep tracking, ground contact time, stride length, and vertical oscillation.

What features you need depends on how you intend to use the real-time heart rate data. For example, if you are preparing for a marathon or running events, you may want to know advanced data like ground contact time and your resting heart rate. Knowing this data could help improve your running technique, for example.

Additional Features

man connecting smart watch data to mobile app

Finally, also consider any additional features the heart rate device has. The top heart rate monitors often have additional functionality like a smartwatch. For example, some devices can connect to your smartphone and show notifications from apps like Whatsapp, Skype, and Messenger. This again depends on what you want to use the monitor for and how often you will use it.


A heart rate monitor is a handy device to have if you are keen on fitness or regularly play sports. These are great devices that can help you optimize your fitness regime, and improve your well-being. As you can see, there is a great range of heart rate monitors available and any one of the ten best heart rate monitors we have listed above would make a great choice.

However, our top pick for the best heart rate monitor UK is the Garmin HRM. This highly reliable device serves a range of purposes and can provide precise heart rate readings, especially for athletes. It features six running dynamics metrics and can easily be paired with Garmin sports watches. For ease of use, it comes with a soft adjustable strap and a lightweight design.

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