How Do Breadmakers Work?

A breadmaker is a lovely device to have in the home. For those who want the benefits of home-made bread, but who sadly lack the available time to handle such a task, a programmable breadmaker can be the perfect solution. This is a machine that can sit on your counter, and will be happy to make you your desired homemade bread with the right instructions programmed by you. While each make and model will differ slightly, the main idea and mode of operation is the same, and is described as follows.

1. Select the Desired Kind of Bread You Want

Most breadmakers will have a variety of breads that can be made with the machine. French, wholewheat, sweet breads, and other such options are all very common. Using the selection button, you will select the kind of bread or dough you are hoping to make.

2. Choose the Bake Mode You Desire

The great thing about most breadmakers is that you can select the kind of baking you want done. There are quick modes for when you are in a hurry, dough options, for when you just want the dough formed and raised so you can bake it yourself, or timed modes so you can have it warm and ready at the desired time.

This is also where you choose how you want the bread baked. If you like a harder, more dense bread, then you need the right mode. A sandwich bread will require the more light mode. Each mode will have a different raising process, baking time, and baking temperature. It might take some trial and error for you to find your preferred bake mode.

3. Choose the Right Size

Most breadmakers will come with a few different loaf size options. Small, medium, and large are the most common options, but fancier models will come with other options as well.

4. Put In the Required Ingredients

At this point, you will look over the recipe you have chosen, and put all the ingredients in the dish. Make sure the mixing tool is attached before you do this. Some recipes will want you to add the ingredients in a certain order or fashion, so read the instructions carefully. When this is done, put the dish securely in the machine and close the lid.

5. Begin the Baking Process

Now you just hit the start button and wait for the bread to bake. You will hear a lot of strange noises from the machine as it mixes the dough, lets it raise, punches it down, raises the dough again, and bakes the masterpiece for you. Leave the machine alone during this process. You do not want to open the machine or pause the process once it has begun. This could halt the progress or change the consistency of the final product.

These machines work well, and can save you a lot of time and money as you learn to bake your own bread at home without the fuss of kneading and waiting. You will also enjoy a much healthier product without the preservatives and artificial colors used in many of the commercial bread loaves sold.

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